Meet the Change behind Healthcare Industry: Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a reputable icon in the healthcare sector and an accomplished expert in bundled payment sector. Today, she works with the Camden Group as their vice president in Los Angeles, California. The transformation Baggot has brought to the healthcare industry has given her an international recognition.

The academic accomplishments of Deirdre Baggot are admired by thousands of people across the globe. She has a bachelor of science in Nursing from the University of Southern Illinois University. She later went to Loyola University where she pursued her Masters in Business Administration course. Within some time, she went ahead and pursued a Doctor of Philosophy degree. Very few people have such an amazing academic journey and this is the reason why many admire Ms. Baggot. Connect with Deirdre Baggot by visiting her linkedin account.

The career journey of the amazing Deirdre Baggot started in 1997. Since then, the construction of her career has been an inspiration to many especially most women from all over the world. She kicked off as a resource coordinator, a staff nurse, and a hospital administration at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. After her services to the organization for almost six years, she proceeded to work at the Ann Arbor-based in Michigan. Here she worked as a business analyst and an administrative manager.

She has slowly become the most notable icon in the entire field because of her impressive performance in all the organizations she has worked in. In 2006, she went to Denver in Colorado where she worked as a senior administrator at the renowned Cardiac and Vascular Institute. This is a subsidiary to the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth health.

Within four years, Baggot had secured another position at the GE Healthcare Partners based in California, Los Angeles. She left a remarkable legacy from her expertise in the entire payment consultancy and processing in organizations. She grew the company’s revenue to over $6.6 million. In her entire career, she has implemented and designed more than 200 hospital establishments.

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An Entrepreneur Jason Hope ventures in Research against Aging

An Entrepreneur Jason Hope ventures in Research against Aging

Jason Hope, a renowned online entrepreneur, has donated more than half a million dollars to the SENS foundation. This donation is aimed at boosting the undertakings of the SENS foundation in attempts to fight age-related ailments. Boiled down, currently, the scientific community is paying more attention to the role that is played by the rejuvenation biotechnologies, when it comes to addressing issues that relate to old age. To this end, Jason Hope has donated $500,000 to one of the non-profit organizations that is based in California, SENS foundation. More about of Jason Hope at City Scene.

This way, SENS foundation will be able to boost its primary operations that include promoting and developing rejuvenation biotechnologies that seek to address the age-related challenges the best way possible. This great venture will also allow this entity to develop and equip its laboratories including the Cambridge SENS plant. Similarly, this venture will enable implementation of a new research program that is meant to break down some of the end products in the body tissues like the advanced glycation. SENS foundation is focused on establishing various aspects that make your body age at a fast pace than it should. To this end, they are taking a different and enhanced approach when addressing the age-related issues.

Jason Hope and the Internet of Things

Jason is a businessperson, a futurist, investor and above all a devoted philanthropist residing in Scottsdale, Arizona. Similarly, he has had a particular interest in the technological advancements and giving back to the community that he serves. To this end, he often conducts researches and writes various pieces that he publishes on the internet of things. Being an Arizonan citizen, Jason Hope was born and brought up in Tempe. Later on, he enrolled at the Arizona state university.

He has a master degree in business administration acquired from the Carey school of business. Besides his entrepreneurial and charitable courses, he is also interested in politics and its related matters right from his motherland, Arizona all the way to the national levels. Jason is confident that the role played by the technology in various aspects cannot be overlooked, and that is why he is so devoted to ensuring that he is part of its growth.

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Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: Protesting the Pardon of Joe Arpaio

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have been one of the most successful journalists in the state of Arizona. They established the Phoenix New Times and the Front Page Confidential, among others. They are known for their assistance to the migrants who are coming from the south, helping them to get a stable job and process their documents to become a legal immigrant.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin also head the Frontera Fund, which has more than $3.75 million in cash. The fund is used to support migrants who need financial assistance, and they are also using it to fund organizations that are aligned with their beliefs. Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have experienced a lot of persecution from the authorities, and one that they would never forget was when Joe Arpaio arrested them.

Joe Arpaio is known for his moniker as the toughest sheriff in America. He gained notoriety after he became the county sheriff of Maricopa County in 1992, and he imposed harsh rules and regulations against the migrants and the illegal immigrants. Joe Arpaio and his men apprehended suspected illegal immigrants, and if they found out that the person they are questioning does not have any documents to show, they are being deported back to where they came from. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Larkin and Lacey Fruntera Fund | Crunchbase

However, most of the people they arrested are taken first inside his very own tent city, which is a prison complex made for the criminals who are roaming around Phoenix. The media have described Tent City as a place of horror, and several human rights activists have called upon Joe Arpaio and told him to stop the operation of the tent city.

He never listened to his critics and continued his ways of dealing with the migrants, arresting anyone he pleases. Later on, he was apprehended by the county attorney’s office because of the mounting complaints against him. He was warned not to do any violation towards the rights of the migrants, but he seems to ignore the warnings and continued threatening the minority groups residing in his city. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

He was later picked up by the authorities, and he was sent to jail. However, he kept on believing that he will be pardoned if Donald Trump becomes the president. He was delighted knowing that Donald Trump won, and as promised, he was later released inside his prison, and he is now considering a position in the US Senate.

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How Michael Hagele turns a typical day into a productive day

When it comes to general counsel look no further than Michael Hagele to get the job done. He serves as a general counsel for aerospace, biotech, internet and defense companies including a founder and investor of firms in the hospitality and restaurant industries. His wide amount of experience includes everything from licensing distribution, Read more about Michael Hagele at

Productive habits

To be as productive as possible Michael Hagele will put the customer first. As an attorney, it’s important for a client to know you are there for them, that you put them first and they understand you have their best interests in mind. This creates a very effective habit and helps ease the pressure with clients.

Productive days

Turning a typical day into a productive day for Michael Hagele includes starting the day by working on everything related to his technology clients. This can be anything from general legal counsel to technology license agreement. Mid-day adding in a bike ride which often times will allow him to be the most creative and bring a new approach to a client’s issues.

Tips for Entrepreneurs

It’s important to keep your body moving with physical activity which in turn helps keep your mind sharp. You don’t always have to ride a mountain bike, even something as simple as going on a short walk can give you the boost or stimulation needed to move forward. Learn from your mistakes, put the customer first, look for red flags and always try to offer the best service possible.

Growing your business

In today’s digital world it’s nearly impossible to ignore social media. It allows you to connect and interact with your customers or potential customers. To answer questions, tell them about products and services and get it give a better overall experience of interaction with your customer. It allows them to see you on a more eye to eye level.

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Michael Lacey

Michael Thoreau Lacey is a graduate of University of Illinois as a PhD in Mathematics. After graduation his most important work would touch on 3 branches of statistical Physics which were: harmonic analysis, ergodic theory and probability.

Notable Works and Mentions

While at University of North Carolina, he worked with Walter Philip and soon published their proof on central limit theorem. In 1996 he joined Georgia Tech and the Guggenheim and the Simons Foundations have both recognized his research with awards. He plays a valuable role in student grants for undergraduates, post-graduates and postdocs. Two of these grants include VIGRE and MCTP out of NSF. Learn more about Micheal Lacey: and

His Mentoring

What’s most impressive is his mentoring. He is on record for mentoring at least 10 post docs and has also mentored undergraduates who successfully undertook graduate programs. His mentoring has also resulted in PhD students’ successful entry into industry and academic employment.

The Math Alliance

The goal of the Math Alliance of which Michael Lacey is an affiliate, has a notable goal. This goal is to bring access to doctoral degrees to those groups that are largely underrepresented. This is breaking what has been traditionally put in place to exclude these groups.

One of the over arching reasons for this organization and an integral part of the Math Alliance is the promotion and preservation of diversity in the mathematical academic community. Read more: Michael Lacey | GAtech and Michael Lacey | Wikipedia

This would bring more extensive doctorate and PhD programs to areas that would ordinarily not be considered or would be overlooked. This builds a stronger mathematical community.

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Bruno Fagali Knows How to Help Clients with Legal Issues

Working as a lawyer is the place where Bruno Fagali feels the most comfortable. He knows he can help clients out since he’s an expert at different legal opportunities. He also knows he can make people have a better understanding of all the options they can use in different situations. Since he knows a lot about the legal opportunities that help him make positive decisions, he believes he can give back to the clients he works with. It’s his goal to always show others they have someone who knows how to handle different situations and different opportunities with the situations he looks at. Fagali knows what it means to be a good lawyer and tries to show his clients he cares through the opportunities he creates for them. There are times when he has to show people the right way to do things. Know more about Fagali at Jusbrasil.

Thinking about the right way to do things always allows Fagali the chance to help his clients. He doesn’t want people to worry about how they’re going to get help or what they’re going to be able to do to help other people. He always felt good about giving people positive opportunities as long as he could make things easier for all the clients he worked with. Based on his experience, he could show more people the right way to try different things. It was his goal to show people how they could get help in different situations.


No matter the situation Fagali dealt with, he knew he could make things easier. He also felt things would keep getting better as long as he made things easier for his clients. Bruno took a long time to build up his expertise but that’s what made him the best lawyer he could be. He hoped he would be able to show other people he was helping them with the issues they dealt with. Since he became so good at helping people and giving back in different situations, he felt there were positive opportunities that came from the industry and came from helping people with various legal issues they might have to deal with. Read more about Fagali at Crunchbase.

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Plastic Surgery is a field that is as dynamic as the people who offer the service. The demand for plastic surgery has been soaring up since the turn of the century. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has been a plastic surgeon for over a decade now, and patients have been going to him to receive the changes to their body augmentation since he’s a certified plastic surgeon with board certification and membership of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is based in Dallas, and he specializes in plastic surgery relating to the nose, breasts, body, face and even eyes. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s affiliations span over several hospitals in Dallas. These include the Dallas Medical Centre and Pine Greek Medical Centre.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has years of experience in the field, and his expertise comes from the knowledge he got while he was at Michigan University Medical School. There, he received his medical degree which has given him, not only the skills he needs to operate on his patients, but also the confidence he has while doing so. This and the experience he has gained over the years has earned him the position of plastic surgeon in Pine Greek Medical Centre alongside nine other specialists like him. In Dallas Medical Centre, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar works alongside six other plastic surgeons to deliver the services that they all specialize in.

The patients who have been operated on by Dr. Sameer Jejurikar have given testimonies about the services they received from him. According to these patients, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is ranked amongst the top physicians in Dallas based on the reviews that they have given. In 2012, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was awarded the Compassionate Doctor Certificate from Patient’s Choice because of the reviews that were posted by his patients. After this recognition by Patient’s Choice, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was added to the Registry of Business Excellence by American Registry.

This recognitions show the passion that Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has in his field of specialty and his dedication to giving the patients that choose to be operated on by him nothing but his best. His rating has been very high in the Binary Fountain as a result of this.

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Gareth Henry and LGBTQ People

Gareth Henry who is a gay refugee spends most of his free time helping lives of Jamaican LGBTQ people in who require help to escape persecution including death. Jamaica is one of the 76 nations that have criminalised consensual same-sex marriage. Gareth who is 39 years old stays in Toronto. He is an outspoken activist who formerly comes from the small island nation of Jamaica. He was advocacy group Jamaica Forum of All-Sexual and Gays (J-FLAG) and Lesbians’s former co-chair. He often helped other individuals to report hate crimes against gay people to police. He argues that his 13 friends were attacked and killed in homophobic situations in Jamaica.

All these incidents took place without being reported, as they go unnoticed and unheard because violence against the gay group is a regular thing in Jamaica Gareth Henry told NBC. The violence is so intense that fear has polarised most people. The gay people live every day in fear with the hope that better days will soon come. His efforts to bring change in the society led to police officers targeting his life. Gareth Henry claims that in 2007, a group of police officers beat him up in front of a mob in a pharmacy. This was the third time police officers were attacking him. Later he went into hiding. Henry goes ahead to say that later that year while he had was at a traffic light, a police officer came to him and claimed that they had found him and they were going to kill him. This led him to flee his home and seek asylum in Canada. He states that moving to Canada was between death and life opportunity.

In Canada, Gareth Henry began working with Toronto People with Aids Foundation where he still works as an interim director. During his free time, he loves to volunteer for Rainbow Railroad which is a Canadian non-profit that focuses on Underground Railroad to help find LGBTQ people who are facing persecution across the world. Gareth Henry no longer has pride for his country. Besides, working with Rainbow Railroad has enabled Gareth has help him to assist 60 refugees to relocate to new nations in 2016.

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How Alex Hern Wants To Change Board Rooms

The idea of virtual reality in the office is hard to understand. We don’t go to work to play games or entertain ourselves. For Alex Hern, virtual reality is the future of doing business. We’ll talk to each other and exchange ideas within a virtual world with the ease of real conversations. Many businesses today use messaging apps to communicate remotely, but something is lost in the process. You simply can’t talk with the same power when two people aren’t in the same room. With this new software, people will do just that. Read more about Alex Hern at

Virtual reality provides an experience you can’t have with any other form of media. Many people report their memories of virtual reality experiences are like parts of their actual life. Communicating with others through virtual reality apps will give businesses a new way to organize themselves. Most businesses need to keep their employees in the same building, but VR eliminates this burden. When we can talk to other people living in another state, all we’ll need are the VR headsets. Our boardrooms are going to be unrecognizable a decade from now. The relationship between co-workers and their desks will change as the office becomes virtual. Follow Alex Hern on Linkedin.

We already have examples of remote employment currently available. If virtual reality takes off, we’ll be able to further increase the availability of remote work. Alex Hern isn’t trying to push a gimmick the tech world is going to forget in a few years. Virtual reality is going to become more popular, and that popularity is going to change how we think about it. When smartphones were first released, nobody thought they would become important. Now, businesses use mobile apps for every aspect of their operations. Technology changes no matter what we try to do. All we can do is shape its trajectory.


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Bruno Fagali Is A Reliable And Reputable Lawyer

Need a powerful lawyer to advise or represent you? Looking for a lawyer who is committed to providing excellent guidance to clients? Perhaps you are thinking about contacting Bruno Fagali. View Bruno Fagali’s profile on linkedin.

If you are serious about getting a lawyer in Brazil, you need to consult Bruno Fagali. There are many law practitioners in Brazil but it is crucial to choose one that has been rendering top notch legal solutions to clients. People come from many parts of the country to get advice and guidance from Fagali.

Anyone who is dealing with a legal matter related to Administrative Law, Urban Law or Regulatory Law should consider getting in touch with Bruno Fagali. Bruno is also an expert in Ethics and Compliance and is well known for providing outstanding service to clients.

Bruno is a leading legal practitioner and he takes the time to look into his client’s situation before deciding how to resolve the matter. Numerous entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations turn to Bruno for effective legal representation. Bruno is highly reliable and he, has the expertise and resources to meet the needs of his clients.

A litigation process involves several steps and can be handled properly by a knowledgeable lawyer. Your case doesn’t have to end up in court. All parties involved in a dispute or other legal situation can decide to resolve the case even before it ends up in trial.

Depending on the urgency or complexity of the issues the client is dealing with, a lawyer can negotiate on his client’s behalf, fight for his client in court, and take a different approach to resolve the matter. Once you hire the services of an experienced attorney like Bruno Fagali, the professional will guide you throughout the legal process and ensure that you are satisfied with the outcome.

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