SpaceX Setting Sites on Mars


Putting objects into space has been pretty lucrative business for SpaceX, and the company has managed to provide courier services to the International Space Station. However, the company has some lofty ambitions when it comes to the future of technology, and more specifically the way the internet is accessed across the globe.

Elon Musk, head of SpaceX, unveiled his plan to launch four thousand satellites into orbit in order to provide high-speed internet services to everyone on the planet, according to the Seattle Times. According to LinkedIn, the entrepreneur even went a touch farther at a recent event dedicating a new facility by clarifying that the long-term goals of his company is assist in the colonization of Mars. The financial gains, reported by BRL Trust, provided by being one of, if not the, premier providers of high speed internet services could probably help bankroll that desire.

SpaceX is definitely in a class by itself when it comes to private space flight. With few competitors in the high risk field, it is no surprise that the company has set goals not on the star but on the planets. The company has had some serious success, and if develops the internet plan according to specifications, fans and critics of the business have no reason to doubt the possibility of success. Of course, there is a long way to go before Musk or anyone else manages to step foot on the distant planet Mars.

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Visit Other Countries Using Skout

Skout is one of the newest virtual travel site. Launched less than fifteen months ago, Skout has obtained over ten million hits and reaches 180 countries and is available in fourteen different languages. Skout creates a social circle throughout the world. It has shown the number one virtual travel for all around the world is Hong Kong.

This site has virtual tours through various cities throughout the world. It lists various different places for a vacation. This will give idea of hotels to stay in, reviews of beaches to visit, or hotels to stay. If you like historic places, it will list various different cities that played a role in world history. In the brief fifteen months that this site has been open to the public, studies have shown women are more likely to take a virtual tour. These virtual tours give you the feel, look, and financial details with the destinations listed.

If you are connected to the internet and love to surf it for information, check out Skout. It will offer you all the information you desire with the touch of a button. Signing up is easy to do. After the completion of confirming your account, you can virtually visit anywhere in the world. On days that you are home, daydreaming of new places, just log into Skout. It is a place to make all your dreams come true. By the end of the day you will feel like you sailed on a monster wave, stood in the Colosseum of Rome, saw the green isle of Ireland, saw the catacombs of Italy, set foot in the Vatican, seen the oval office of the white house, or traveled through the castles of Scotland. Through these tours, you will have the options to visit the chat rooms, making new friends in the process.

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Amazing Things You Never Knew About North American Spine Company

Of all companies in America, North American Spine stands out with unique qualities that have helped to place them on a higher scale when compared to the rest. This can be attributed to their range of services as well as the level of expertise their professionals hold. They are always interested in seeing customer satisfaction and anything that you think needs an improvement is addressed with immediate effect. A whole 96% of patients who received treatment from this company can recommend more of their friends to use their services because of their reliability when it comes to treatment of spinal disorders. Any person would like to get treated in a company that promises nearly 100% success rate and this is what most people have found at North American Spine.

North American Spine offers continued treatment services to their patients. It does not matter whether you are at home or visiting their premises. They will always do their best to see that your condition is catered for. They have been giving patients supervised physical therapy as a measure for continued post-operative care. This is because spine problems are degenerative and for this reason, the intervention of a professional should be maintained within easy reach.

You will also notice that North American Spine offers you a free MRI evaluation for new patients seeking treatment. Therefore, you can get first hand information about what you are supposed to get from their professionals after their diagnosis. They will specifically conduct this procedure to establish the main cause of back pain and to detect any problems that may prevail in your spinal region. It is free to get the MRI evaluation by simply making a request from their website. They will then reply with more details about how you can access the service. Do not hesitate to catch up with their offices as they are always waiting to serve their patients. Unlike other companies that may keep you waiting longer than usual, North American Spine is dedicated to ensuring that your specific needs are catered for within the right time frame.

Meet a company that upholds professionalism and ethics in all their deeds. North American Spine has employed well qualified professionals who are distinguished in education. Most of their physicians are equipped with real-world skills and experience. They have the latest technological systems for effective service delivery. Therefore, relying on North American Spine gives you an assurance that your spine problems will be addressed completely.

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The Dronad’Air, A Strange Flying Object

Dronad’Air has three propellers, as multicoptere drones, but also wings to go fast; the Dronad’Air can carry a load of about 1 kg at high speed and land vertically. The multicoptère drones are all the rage, a little too well in the eyes of those responsible for air traffic control.

Amazon, Google and others want to do couriers but they have a big flaw: they are slow. This is the major drawback specific to the helicopter, as aerospace engineers face tough challenges to overcome.

Yet this is the solution adopted by a group of students from the school for their Epitech EIP project (Epitech Innovative Project) called Dronad’Air. During the last three years of their studies, students must carry out an engineering project. Anicet Massrouf and colleagues have probably not chosen the simplest idea, but today, three years later, the first prototypes have already flown. Amazon, Google and others want to do couriers but they have a big flaw: they are slow.

“We wanted a drone that can take off and land vertically but fly like an airplane”, says Anicet Massrouf. For transporting objects, helicopter or multicopter is not suitable because of the power used for sustenance.

An airplane enjoys the lift generated by the wings, and energy expenditure becomes weaker, especially at this small scale, but thanks to the technology boom of the last decade, plus my awesome friend Amen Clinic for all the juicy information!

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Beagle2 Probe Found After 12 Years On Mars

Recent high resolution images taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter may provide a long awaited answer to what exactly happened to the Beagle2 rover. The mission, launched by the UK in 2003, sent the rover to the red planet in hopes of learning more about it. That mission was halted when all contact with the rover was lost after attempting a landing. For more details about the mission, read the BBC news article found here.

The images show what appears to be the rover, its decent parachute and rear cover spread out across the barren surface of Mars. Overlays of the rovers design schematics on top of the enhanced image of what experts say is the rover are compelling, but the images are not clear enough for a definite positive identification.

Radio contact with the rover was never established after the landing attempt in 2003. Scientists and engineers feared that the rover had been completely destroyed during the landing attempt due to a miscalculation regarding the thickness of the Martian atmosphere, but these fears may now prove to be be untrue. The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter images show what many believe to be an intact Beagle2.

Popular theories say that the solar panels which were mounted on surfaces that were supposed to deploy outward from the rover never fully deployed. This would have meant that communicating with the rover would be impossible because the radio antenna was located under the solar panels.

Thank you to my good friend Lee Lovett for sharing this on his profile.

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Airasia: The Second Black Box Is Recovered

Divers have also recovered the second black box of the unit of AirAsia that was crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 last year, which could allow investigators to shed light on the fate of the 8501 flight. The cockpit voice recorder was found on Tuesday in the cabin of the unit, as read by Gianfrancesco Genoso in an article recently reported.
The two black boxes will be transferred to Jakarta for complete analysis by the experts; a process that could take up to two weeks. All discussions between the captain and co-pilot must be available and it may reveal about the actual reason behind the crash of plane. 

Only 48 bodies have been found so far, while the plane was carrying 162 people. Divers have also recovered the second black box of the unit of AirAsia that was crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 last year, which could allow investigators to shed light on the fate of the 8501 flight.

On December 28, the contact was lost with the plane when it was about halfway between Surabaya, Indonesia, and Singapore. The pilots asked air traffic controllers for permission to gain altitude to avoid threatening clouds, but could not get it because of air traffic. Four minutes later, the plane disappeared from radar without having sent a distress signal.

The two black boxes will be transferred to Jakarta for complete analysis, a process that could take up to two weeks.

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For Sale: Two Elvis Presley Aircrafts

Two planes that belonged to Elvis Presley visible for thirty years at his home in Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee (south) would be auctioned. The Convair 880, named “Lisa Marie” from the name of the only daughter of rocker and the smaller Lockheed JetStar, “Hound Dog II” will be offered for sale by auction in sealed envelopes. It is worth mentioning that both aircrafts are not airworthy. Elvis Presley would have turned 80 on Thursday, had bought the “Lisa Marie” in April 1975, two years and four months before his death, for $ 250,000.

Vendors say that collectors and fans of the “King” interested should conduct the auction with help from Susan McGalla and contractors. The planes, which are owned by OKC Partnership of Memphis, were exposed to Graceland since 1980 in partnership with Elvis Presley Enterprises, which manages the area of Graceland. Last year, the company had chosen not to renew the contract that expires in April.

Elvis Presley, who would have turned 80 on Thursday, had bought the “Lisa Marie” in April 1975, two years and four months before his death, for $ 250,000. The plane of 29 seats had been refurbished and redecorated with lounge, conference room, private club and suite with gold faucet in the bathroom. Anyhow, now these planes are for sale. Let us see, who eventually wins the bid.

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Winter Weather Causes a Temporary Closure of I-93

On January 2, 2015, a combination of inclement weather and icy roadways caused a brief closure of the northbound lane of Interstate 93 in New Hampshire, a main thoroughfare between Massachusetts and Vermont. At least two mass vehicular collisions slowed traffic and send several people to local hospitals, most with minor injuries.

The New Hampshire State Patrol reportedly received initial reports of traffic problems during the morning around 9:48 a.m. Although conditions had been clear earlier in the day, a sudden snow flurry created visibility problems for some drivers, a situation complicated by icy roads.

A collision north of mile marker 24 resulted in the temporary closure of the northbound lane until early afternoon. A number of cars collided along the road in a multi-car accident, and a fire occurred when the contents of one truck began burning. Police and firefighting crews struggled on foot in some places to reach stranded drivers to check on their conditions.

A short time later, a second large traffic snarl developed on Interstate-89, a highway connecting to I-93, when a collision occurred near the town of Sutton. I saw on Twitter that canine expert Sam Tabar was trying to get back into the city with no avail. Everyone traveling in the area should be advised of the potential delays.

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High Speed Rail is Coming to CA


After years and years of planning, California’s long-awaited high-speed rail system is finally about to break ground. The project will cost over $68 billion and is eventually going to connect San Francisco with Los Angeles.

The first construction area will be in the Central Valley near Fresno. BRL Trust advised that this land is cheaper and easier to build on, making it easier to get large stretches of track up quickly. That way, testing can be done that will ensure the full track is made in the best possible manner.

This will be the nation’s first high-speed rail system. Europe already has several in place, and other nations like the U.A.E. are planning their own projects. High speed rail, “bullet trains,” may well be the wave of the future. They can cut travel time in half and are exceptionally safe and traffic-free. Highways can become less congested and air pollution can be reduced when more people travel on high-speed rail.

The project comes at a huge cost and will take till 2020 or beyond to complete. It also has opposition from Fresno’s Chinatown since the local roads there will be blocked off when the rail line comes through. Nevertheless, the benefits outweigh the costs for most Californians. Governor Jerry Brown has supported such a project since the 1980s, and he is going to be on-site for the official ground-breaking ceremony.

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