Philip Diehl US Mint Entrepreneur

Philip Diehl is currently the president of the US Money Reserve. Before that he served as the U.S. Mint Director. Diehl has made a solid track record for himself as an entrepreneur and, as such, has been making the rounds recently. He has appeared on business oriented news shows, forums, and discussion panels to share his experiences at both the U.S. Mint and U.S. Money Reserve. He recently appeared on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio. The show describes itself as a platform for successful entrepreneurs and business men to share their projects with others. On this particular episode, Diehl has a lively discussion with the shows host, Eric Dye.

While there Diehl elaborates on his experiences and describes how he turned an outdated government agency into a thriving entrepreneurial venture. For example, Philip Diehl headed successful initiatives like the popular 50 States Quarter Program. He also was responsible for the minting of the US government’s first official platinum coin.

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Many of his most successful enterprises involved recognizing and appealing to the highly active collectors market that surrounds the minting of US coins. This is a market with an economy all it’s own where seemingly outdated or low value coins can command a considerable price based on their make and year of production. After being appointed to the US Money Reserve, Diehl employed similar tactics. He increased availability of gold, silver, and platinum coins and encouraged them as a more stable currency alternative. Their popularity rises steadily as traditional markets continue to suffer recession and general instability.

By showing initiative and focusing on customer serviceof US Money Reserve, Diehl turned the U.S. Mint into one of the most successful government agencies around. His performance at US Money Reserve has been highly lauded by leaders in both government and business. His success shows what can be accomplished with an innovative mind and proactive business strategy.

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The Diligent and Compassionate Marc Spark

Positive attitude, focus, tenacity and an outrageous sense of urgency are essential characteristics of go-getters and success minded people. Marc Sparks has an unmatched character which has seen him spearhead many startups and mentor dozens of entrepreneurs. The Dallas business person, venture capitalist and entrepreneur has a compassionate heart and has started several philanthropic programs.

Marc Sparks Philanthropy.

Marc Sparks believes in fairness and advocates for treating other people as we would want to be treated. He runs The Samaritan Inn a program that feeds over 200 people daily. The program also offers children’s camps and lessons. Those who graduate from the program have testified of being successful in their lives.

The Sparky Kids is a program that seeks to provide new Dell computers to the less fortunate children to assist them in their education. He also helps educate 8,000 students each year in their high school education through the America Can! Academy.

North Texas Getaway Apartments gives a chance to low income earners to live in a safe and secure place for five months as they undergo counselling, job placement, financial education, healthcare and family service programs. The Carpenters for Christ seek to eradicate dangerous housing in Dallas by providing safe havens for residents. Habitat for Humanity is also another program that aims to provide decent, safe and affordable places to live for the poor.

Marc’s Business Ventures.

Since 1975, Marc has started businesses where some have been highly profitable and some have not. He has several that he has sold and some that he still manages up to date. Read more: Who Is Marc Sparks? and What a Venture Capitalist like Marc Sparks Wants From a Presentation

The companies that he no longer runs are GlobalTec Solutions, Reliant Health, Agency Matrix and Boxstar LLC. Splash Media offers media marketing services and specializes in programming services and video production. Cardinal Telecom LLC is a company he runs that distributes cell phones nationally.

Blue-Jay Wireless provides low or non-income earners with prepaid telecommunication services. Recently, he started Uncle Marc Food Delivery, a food delivery service for the local restaurants.

The Timber Creek Capital LP is a private equity organization that transforms ideas of passionate entrepreneurs into revenue generating products and services. The entrepreneurs are assisted through capital providence, banking, sales and marketing, office space, equipment, web development and legal and accounting services.

About Spark Tank.

Spark Tank is a program that seeks entrepreneurs who will bring social benefit to the community. The Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge is an ongoing program that is offering grants to social service executives who present ideas that will yield success socially. Dogs Matter is the winner of the first round challenge.

Those in the human services, animal services and faith-based initiatives for non-religious purposes are encouraged to participate in the coming rounds.

Marc has authored a book “They Can’t Eat You'”, which is a story of his personal life that seeks to encourage others to succeed. The book tells of his failures and successes and the lessons he has learnt in all circumstances.

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Choosing from the Best Ski Resorts in Lake Tahoe

The Best Ski Resorts

For a person looking to go skiing for a vacation one of the best places to go is that of Lake Tahoe. This area offers some of the best skiing that you will find especially at the ski resort Squaw Valley located near Lake Tahoe. Here you will find some of the best skiing that the area has to offer. There are also a number of summer activities that you can do as well. We will take a look at the ski resort Squaw Valley as well as its sister ski resort Alpine Meadows.

Winter brings to the area rich skiing as the area seems to get ample amounts of snow. There is also an awesome spa as well as some of the best dining that the area has to offer. If you are into yoga or are looking for an area that you can go and get some of the best shopping done, then you will be in luck. But don’t think that all there is to do id ski, shop and get pampered. In the summer there are a number of activities that you can take part in.

Alpine Meadows is another resort that you will want to make sure that you look at for your next vacation. One of the summer activities that you can take part is an aerial Tram ride that overlooks the area and provides riders with a breathtaking view. Roller skating is another activity that many people will want to take part in. This is often one of the more popular activities that the kids will want to enjoy. Even the kid at heart will want to take part in these activities.

A couple of the other activities that you can partake in is that of the pools and hot tubs that the resorts offer. For the adventure seeker that wants adventure in summer, there is sky jumping as well as wall climbing to help and satisfy your adventure needs.

The overall opinion is that if you are looking for some of the best activities that the Lake Tahoe area has to offer, then you will want to make it a point to plan a stay in the area and to visit Alpine Meadows as well as Squaw Valley at Lake Tahoe. This is one of the premiere areas for a person to go on a skiing vacation. No matter what you and your family is into, there is something for everyone to fit the entire family.

Alpine Meadows

Squaw Valley

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Mike Baur Starting a Business

There are some people who are born to start companies. Some people simply have a higher level of risk tolerance than others. Mike Baur is passionate about bringing value to people across the country through his business investments. Over the course of time, he has done a great job of starting and managing companies in a wide variety of industries. He is one of the most well-known people in his industry, and he has recently announced that he is planning on starting up another business of his own. Starting a business takes a lot of capital and hard work. Thankfully, Mike Baur has plenty of experience in doing both successfully over time.

Mike Baur

Few people have the passion and work ethic of Mike Baur. Since an early age, he has had a burning passion for success in business. This is something that separates him from other people in his industry. He has the experience of starting up companies and running them successfully. Mike Baur knows what every small business needs to succeed, and he plans his business ventures with a lot of hard work. Anyone who is looking for small business help should go to Mike Baur. With his recent announcement, he is going to start up a company to bring value to customers.

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What Does it Take?

Starting a business is not easy for anyone. There are a lot of variables to consider, and a lot of people simply cannot handle the stress. Over the long term, anyone who wants to start up a business needs to make sure they have cash in the bank. Every business will take more time and money than you realize in the beginning. Even someone as experienced as Mike Baur will run into issues with starting a company. The good news for him is that he is financially in a good position. This means that even if his business venture fails, he has other sources of income to fall back on. Mike Baur knows that he will be able to take his company to new heights if the market responds to his product or service. As a business owner, he is aggressively marketing his products to other people in the industry. Understanding the market is key to owning and operating a small business. Anyone who wants to start a company needs to understand all of the work that is required on the front end.

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The Memorable Life of Stephen Murray

Investor and Philanthropist Stephan Murray was born on August 2, 1962 and he died on March 12, 2015. He lived a remarkable existance. He accomplished much during his entire life – Read more – Stephen P. Murray, 52; Financial Executive; Stamford Resident; Vice Chair Boston College Board of Trustees.

He was an educated man who worked hard within the private equity investment area. He had much more to offer to the world than just his investor skills and knowledge.

It ought to be noted that Stephen Murray was a philanthropist who believed in giving back to the world and society. Stephan Murray left an amazing legacy – read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52.

He contributed in many ways to the world through his philanthropy endeavors. He was a man who accomplished much in his 52 years on earth. He had a remarkable career as a Private equity investor. When he died he was employed at CCMP Capital.

Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP:

The Educated Man Stephan Murray worked hard at everything that he attempted. This includes his education. He was a graduate of Boston College. He obtained his degree in the year 1984. He continued learning and then he was able to earn his master’s degree. This was in business administration. He had moved onward to Columbia Business School.

A Generous Man Stephene Murray was a generous man. This is apparent because of his legacy of philanthropy. He had offered financial assistance to New York Metro’s Make-A-Wish Foundation. He was dedicated and committed to philanthropy.

He is known to offer assistance to the following organizations:

* Lower Fairfield County’s Food Bank

* the Stamford Museum

* he sat at Boston College trustees board

* he supported several initiatives at the institutions where he studied Stephan Murray was generous in so many ways.

He made a great impact on the world. He was willing to give his time and glad to offer financial support. A Family Man Stephene Murray was also a family man. He was married to Tami Murray. Together they had four children. Stephen Murray lived a very full and impressive life.

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Dick DeVos Leads Lauderdale Yacht Club Race the Gold Cup

Business tycoon Dick DeVos is currently leading the Lauderdale Yacht Club race known as the Gold Cup. He is currently ahead of the current champion and looks to be in good position to win this event. With a number of junior sailors, the total number of participants in the race is now 32 and therefore this looks to be the most competitive race to date. Despite the high level of competition, DeVos is holding his own and has a one point lead ahead of everyone. If he is able to keep pace he will have the opportunity to became the new champion of this exciting event.

While DeVos participates in sailing events, he is also an active member when it comes to charitable causes. With his charitable causes, DeVos helps a number of different types of organizations. These include educational, free market economics and artistic. With these philanthropic activities, Dick DeVos is able to help make a difference in his community. The differences he is able to make help companies become more successful, artists and artistic institutions enhance their abilities and also help individuals expand their education and become more knowledgeable professionals. As a result, the community will be much better off in the long run with DeVos’ charitable contributions.

One of the main charitable activities of Dick DeVos is artistic. He regularly donates millions of dollars to artistic institutions in order to help them with professional development and more programs. With a competition known as ArtPrize, DeVos helps artists compete for certain prizes by performing a number of artwork tasks. This gives them incentive to measure their abilities as well as look for ways to improve and assess their progress. The organization also helps managers of artistic institutions improve so that they can make artistic organizations much better.

Another charitable cause that Dick DeVos contributes to is educational. Over the years, DeVos has donated money to help business students get the funds they need in order to attend business school. This funding is in the form of a scholarship and therefore allows business students to get what they need to help get through this very beneficial educational program. With the scholarships, people can get the educational credential they need in order to enhance their career and obtain a considerable amount of professional development. As a result they will likely become more knowledgeable and skilled workers that will be able to lead companies to the next level.

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Thor Halvorssen Discusses The Pitfalls Of Democratic Socialism

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders’s political agenda is the subject of much speculation. Running on the Democratic Socialist platform that promises free college education, free healthcare and overhauling the election system, Sanders is making promises that his detractors say he may not be able to keep.


On a recent episode of Fox Business News’ Intelligence Report with Trisha Reagan, Human Rights Foundation front man Thor Halvorssen explained the pitfalls of socialism and why it would never work in the United States. As Halvorossen explains it, certain countries such as Sweden and Denmark have governments that can function under socialism because human rights violations do not exist. However, under authoritarian governments, socialism will quickly collapse because the government will be looted and citizens will not receive help.


Halvorssen went on to say that many people don’t know the difference between a socialist country and a socialist government. Halvorssen says his main objection to socialism is what happened in Venezuela. The price-setting by the government caused massive shortages, which led to a humanitarian crisis.


Halvorssen went on to say that despite Sander’s position, he gave money to his campaign. When asked why by Trish Reagan, Halvorssen responded that Hillary’s campaign is supported by a number of countries that have many human rights violations. It is his opinion that the better option would be Sanders. He also stated that Republican front-runner Donald Trump has many of the same issues.
Halvorssen goes on to reveal his own personal history with Venezuela, which shaped his viewpoint. He stresses that Democratic socialism is not a bad idea as long as the installed government is working in the best interest of the people and not using it as a ruse to take advantage of the system. He also says that ending poverty can only be done by creating wealth not re-distributing it. Follow Thor on Twitter @thorhalvorssen to keep up with his news and events.

Additional Information:

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The Aspire – New Luxury apartment complex by Boraie Development LLC seeks to improve downtown New Brunswick’s reputation

On January 13th, 2015, the NJ Spotlight published an article detailing how the once downtrodden downtown New Brunswick was taking strides to improve its reputation. For decades, it had faced struggles such as declining property values, increased immigration, and general neglect.

Numerous attempts were made to help the city out of its rut. The most major attempt was made by Johnson and Johnson in 1975, who insisted on keeping their company headquartered there. This decision restored people’s confidence, and gradually, the city began to improve.

However, that was 40 years ago, and sadly the city isn’t in much better shape than it was then. There are still some notable upscale attractions downtown on, the majority of the city is inhabited by a low-income population.

There is potential for change, however. Rutgers University, the mayor, the New Brunswick Development Co. (Devco), as well as numerous other private firms such Boraie Development are collaborating to transform the city. By building off of previous successful urban renewal projects, they aim to add some new utilities and attractions all may benefit from.

Among the developments are new college dorms and residency for Rutger’s university and housing on four acres of land near the train station. The most notable project however, is the new luxury complex by private contractor Boraie Development LLC.

Named the Aspire by Boraie Development, the new complex aims to improve the overall impression of the once downtrodden city. The new high rise is 17 stories tall, easily distinguishable within the city’s skyline. It contains 238 comfortable and spacious apartments, available in studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom sizes. Residents are conveniently located near downtown’s best attractions, and in the hotel have access to amenities such as wife, a resident’s club with a full kitchen and dining area, a fitness center, a library, and green roofs with comfy furniture to enjoy the majestic view of the city.

Each room has a modern design, made with beautiful, yet high quality materials. The rooms additionally offer balconies with great downtown view. An efficient concierge system on will give residents instant access to services, by letting them pay rent online, receive messages and deliveries, and keep up to date on the latest local offerings. Rent starts at $1650 per month for studio apartments, $1,800 for one bedroom apartments , and $2700 for two bedroom apartments.

Without a doubt, the Aspire by Boraie Development has great potential to brighten the city’s future. It is already bringing in new tenants who also want to improve the city. Already, it makes the once bland skyline unique, and perhaps someday everyone will recognize the skyline of New Brunswick. 

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Billionaire George Soros Suggests The Coming Of A Second Financial Crisis

Individuals that were privy to the goings on of the global economy in 2008 and beyond can probably remember what it felt like to see national economies large and small fall victim to the “contagion” that originated in America’s housing markets and unregulated financial services sector. The spark that lit the flame of the global financial crisis left many workers jobless, some homeowners penniless and even left the economy of middle income Nordic country Iceland completely devastated. 

After several years the global economy on has mostly recovered from the damage wrought by the financial crisis. But while some countries like the United States for instance have experienced sustained modest economic growth since the end of the financial crisis it is possible that the world could undergo a similar phenomenon to the one that occurred in 2008. But this time the crisis might originate in economic difficulties that China is having.

In January Bloomberg news reported that billionaire businessman and philanthropist George Soros suggested that a second global financial crisis might be on the horizon. At a forum in the South Asian nation of Sri Lanka Soros reportedly noted that investors should exercise caution because international markets were experiencing a crisis. Perhaps one of the most important parts of Soros’ comments is his opinion that the financial environment in January looked very much like the state of the market in 2008.

According to Bloomberg the Chinese economy on is under a period of transition. The economy is moving away from its past focus on manufacturing to an emphasis on services. Chinese currency, the yuan, had also experienced a drop in value. Bloomberg reported that international equities had dropped by more than $2 trillion earlier in the year. George Soros believes that the trouble that China is experiencing as it transitions its economy has all the makings of a crisis. In 2001 he also pointed out that a crisis could be eminent due to the Eurozone’s debt issues involving Greece.

It would seem that metrics that measure financial volatility coincide with Soros’ predictions about the fate of the global economy. The Volatility Index has jumped by a measure of 13 percent while the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index has jumped by nearly 50 percent. All in all these numbers along with the fact that one of the planet’s wealthiest nations is undergoing a period of economic weakness may not be a good sign for what is to come for the future of the global economy.

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Andy Wirth Fierce Opposition Against Olympic Valley Incorporation Force Backers To Retreat

So Olympic Valley incorporation backers have finally retreated, a Reno-Gazette Journal news release recently reported. This means Andy Wirth and the entire Squaw Valley community are now enjoying restful nights, right? Well, while they’ve overcome this hurdle, there’s a lot left to do. Surely, Squaw Valley Holdings CEO and president, Andy Wirth hasn’t denied this fact. In fact, he’s optimistic about the recent revelation and has a slew of developments underway to improve life throughout the region. With several obstructions, particularly the slew of natural disasters that enveloped along the North shore districts within the Lake Tahoe zone; survival of small business venture and winter escapes was uncertain for a moment.

The majestic Olympic Valley landscape is instrumental to the entire Squaw Valley community and surrounding areas. In fact, it’s home to some the most popular winter sports topography. Luckily, it has supporters like Andy Wirth who believes in preserving the natural beauty of this picturesque landscape. Surely, it was an expensive political battle on both sides. Wirth invested a generous fortune fighting in preserving Olympic Valley. His reasons for doing so was a thoughtful gesture since the incorporation would’ve had the meanest effect on businesses and residents alike. It would’ve resulted in higher taxation for the entire Lake Tahoe district.

Wirth strongly supports a greater vision of a more efficient Squaw Valley. He’s launched a mini-documentary series aired on CBS, which takes viewers on a virtual tour as he and his committed restore Lake Tahoe. Sierra Sun reported on Andy Wirth’s appointment as RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority) chairman, a revelation which happened in 2013. Two years into chairing the RSCVA, Wirth has embarked on numerous projects, which have greatly benefitted the entire constituency. With superior expertise as a directorate of international resort operation and management, Wirth is capable of success.

Powder, an online media house released news about the long-rumored gondola Andy Wirth promised. According to stories, this extension should link two pivotal ski areas. It’s rumored that it’ll include an air-lift connection, however, Wirth hasn’t remarked on the idea. The base-to-base gondola will connect Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows, which are two of Lake Tahoe’s most prestigious ski resorts.

Wirth has remained committed to restoring prestige to the prominent Lake Tahoe circle. He’s an active catalyst encouraging the preservation of the natural environment, community resources, and transportation services. He’s fixated on improving quality life throughout the region for residents, visitors, and businesses. Wirth launched the Wounded Warrior Support initiative after surviving a near-fatal accident while skydiving. In an effort to advance rescue efforts, he launched this fundraiser to support the NSF (Navy Seal Foundation). With this organization, reuniting families with a stranded relative(s) is imminent.

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