Safe and Secure: Making Inmate Communication Something to Enjoy

In a world where crime is constantly rising, we often times forget about the loved ones of the incarcerated. Regardless of the crime, those inmates are someone’s husband, wife, or child, and being able to stay in contact with them is not always easy nor is it cheap. “Securus Technologies is the leading provider of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring.” (“Securus Adds Sales Executive”, 2016). Serving more than 3,450 agencies and over 1,200,000 inmates, Securus Technologies has found a way to make the experience better for everyone. 

Based in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies has multiple platforms including: Securus Online; Securus Video Visitation; ConnectUs; Secure Call Platform; Investigator Pro; and SecureView ( all of which have recently been updated to resolve defects and provide additional patches. This is the first upgrade of 2016, and is expected to be a huge improvement. 

According to the New York Times, an average cost for inmate phone calls in a state or local prison is about twenty cents per minute before the fees. After fees are included, your call could reach upwards of $1.22 per minute, and with a typical call lasting about 15 minutes, that’s $18.30 for one 15 minute phone call. Using the Securus call platform however they keep the cost affordable at $3.99 for a 15 minute phone call.

Along with the calling platform you can also take advantage of the Video Visitation platform. You simply need to download Securus’ app, or visit the website from your computer, and you are able to have a video visit with your loved one from your home. This is also a much more affordable option when you have quite a distance between you and the facility your loved one resides at. A 10 minute visitation costs $5.00 and a 20 minute video visitation costs $10.00. It is important to remember that not all services are offered at all facilities. So be sure to check with your facility ahead of time. 

From my experience, Securus Technologies has been not only a more convenient option, but has alleviated some of the stress of an already stressful situation. I have been in the unfortunate circumstance of having to use these services in the past, and before I knew they were available, I spent almost $300 in just the first few weeks. Using Securus Technologies, I cut that bill what seemed like almost in half (still a lot of money, I know!). I was able to manage life without my loved one, and without completely losing communication. Letters are great, but because of Securus we were able to be there for each other on a much more personal level, at not break the bank in the process. 

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Sergio Cortes, State Health Secretary visited the areas most damaged by the massive flooding. Also, he toured shelters created for the displaced people as reported by
To cope with the flooding, the government has created a Dengue Fever Hydration facility in Xerém, which was opened at 3 pm on Sunday. The facility is equipped with a sitting capacity of 12 enabling it to serve a maximum of 300 people on a daily basis.


While addressing the media, Dr. Sergio Cortes stated that the government was prepared for the worst case scenario from the flooding, even though they were hoping for a better outcome. He has a range of experience in both private and public sector in the medical field as can you can see on LinkedIn. He further pledged that the government would work with the municipal leadership, to help remove the garbage that has accumulated to dangerous levels in the city, increasing the possibility of dengue mosquito thriving in the area.


During the visit, he met with the coordinator of the National Health Taskforce, Conceicao Mendonca and with the National Healthcare Taskforce head, Mr.Conceicao Mendonca, where they stated their willingness to send an extra calamity kit to Caxias. To cope with the spread of leptospirosis, they agreed to deliver an additional 3000 tablets in the area.


The (SES) State Department of Health from Thursday last week, has been taking a raft of measures aimed at stopping the spread of water diseases like hepatitis A, diarrhea and leptospirosis and dengue fever. Other epidemics that are easily spread in congested areas like meningitis and chickenpox, the government has created an action plan to deal with them too. To learn more about what the government is doing, you can follow Dr.Sergio Cortes on Twitter.


In gauging the scale of the problem, a study was done to measure the quality of the drinking water in Xelem by the Central Laboratory (lacen). Results of the study showed that the water samples collected in seven shelters the State Department of Health were highly contaminated. To deal with the current challenges the government has promised to give 10,000 bottles of sodium hypocrite in the area.

Sergio Cortes has been pleading with people of goodwill to ensure that as they give food stuff and shelter to the people affected by the flooding, they also give bottled water.

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More of Captain Phasma In Star Wars 8

Star Wars 7 – The Force Awakens has done well to awaken and even unite many science fiction fans who loved the past Star Wars movies. Some characters in the Star War movies aren’t likely to ever be forgotten, such as Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Chewbacca, C3PD and R2D2 are also worth mentioning. Captain Phasma, a newer character seen in Star Wars 7 has become well liked by many people including Jon Urbana, and some fans already wish they could’ve seen more of the military leader.

Gwendoline Christie has made it known to others that she will once again play the role of Captain Phasma in the Star Wars 8 movie that’s expected to come out in 2017 on December 15. She has spent a lot of time and effort in trying to secure the part, which might have been more challenging for her because the part was originally intended for a male actor. In Star Wars 8 Gwendoline Christie believes that there will be more screen time for the great Captain Phasma.

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How George Soros Changed The World

George Soros is a titan in the financial market watch. When he speaks, many listen because he is a voice of reason in the financial industry. George Soros has the authority to speak on matters finance thanks to his background in the financial world. He has built a reputation as a master trader with a Midas touch. So good is he at trading that he belongs to the 30.30 club. It is a club shared by the legendary investor William Buffet.

It is a breed of traders who have averaged 30% returns in 30 years.

Many analysts have tried to explain the success of George and Buffet by saying they took advantage of the technological gap. But whatever explanation they use, it is impossible to discount the reality that these two have worked wonders in the stock market.

They have been called the .400 hitters in the stock exchange. It is a baseball analogy for a successful pitcher in a baseball pitch who runs the entire field. It is a near impossible feat, and George Soros has attained it.

Many experts have put out forward a theory saying getting the likes of Soros is impossible in the current market conditions. Years of accumulating wealth have brought highly educated players into the stock exchange. These players have turned it into a hobby and have developed highly sophisticated trading models that are operated using computer software. These fast switching algorithms mean only the best can trade successfully.

It all started in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union. The military industrial complex could no longer accommodate the thousands of highly educated mathematicians and physicists. They were forced to move on and found a handy place in the stock market.

Here they have developed complex trading software’s that have changed the market. It has made companies that make billions on the tiniest of the inefficiencies. Companies like Renaissance Capital are legends in this arena.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930.It was an unfortunate time when the Nazis were gaining power in Germany. In 1941, they invaded Hungary. Being of Jewish Origin, Soros and his family had to flee to London to avoid the Holocaust. Here Soros embarked on a self-improvement career which saw him join the London School of Economics.

Soros later left for New York to start a career as a stock analyst. In 1969, he started Soros Fund Management. It is a firm that till 2001 registered 30% average returns. The record was broken in 2002 but still averaged 12 % returns.

In 2011, Soros retired from hedge funds and silently retired in his home. His son currently runs the firm. He has big to shoes to fill given the legacy his father leaves behind.

George Soros is an avid Democrat. He believes Hilary Clinton will win hands down in the upcoming election. Soros has also heavily criticized Donald Trump for his call to deport Mexicans and bar Muslims from the USA.

George currently runs the Open Free Society and Open societies foundations. They are meant to spread democracy and human rights ideals all over the world.

Recap from Market Watch.

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Crystal Hunt: Shaking Up The World Of Reality TV

If you ever wondered what happened to One Life to Live’s Stacey Morasco the answer is simple – real life personality Stacey Hunt has taken on the task of creating and pitching a made for TV drama, and the footage of all this was captured and turned into a reality TV show. Sound like a lot? The girl makes it look simple. Come on…the soap opera princess takes on the world of reality television. That’s entertainment!

Crystal and five other actresses of soap shows are live on location filming the steps to make their drama series creation turn from pitch to picked up. Dark haired lovely Lindsay Hartley – you may remember her as Theresa from the show Passions is one. West Coast cutie Vanessa Marcil – played as Brenda Barrett on General Hospital is also on. African American heart throb Chrystee Pharris – Simone Russell on the Passions soap and girlfriend of Zach Braff aka Dr. Dorian on Scrubs is another. Sizzling hot Hunter Tylo – also known as Dr. Taylor Hayes from the show The Bold & The Beautiful has still got it. Donna Mills – most of us know this ageless beauty from the night time drama Knott’s Landing,is in full effect.

It’s exciting to see the camera crew set up their tripods, crew using the cameras, action charts, light blocking screens and professional equipment being used. You actually get to see the girls during the writing process and even see them read the lines during rehearsals. Watching the wardrobe their stylists selects and seeing how the whole team works together makes you feel like you’re actually there on the set with them.

Seeing these former soap characters that we tune in to during prime time TV hours, keeps you on the edge of your seat. We used to sit with baited breath waiting for the next scene and now get to see these ladies work together in real life. It’s phenomenal.

Although acting is her first love, Crystal Hunt decided to expand her repertoire and add producing to it. For Queens of Drama to be her first reality show, she’s doing a terrific job.

As this interview captures, Crystal’s acting career goes beyond One Life to Live, she’s even played on Guiding Light, and with Zac Efron in the movie The Derby Stallion. For someone as young and gifted as she is, Crystal sharing talent with us is wonderful.  Make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her career as she goes along.

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The Epitome of Professionalism Ross Martin Abelow

In the competitive legal world, it is always best to speak with others before hiring an attorney. Sometimes word of mouth is the best advertisement for any attorney, especially in New York City. With a plethora of attorneys at your fingertips it may be hard to decide which one is the best fit for your needs and your pocketbook. Whichever attorney you choose, they will need to be well versed in their area of specialty, whether it’s criminal defense, matrimonial, family or the world of entertainment. Your lawyer will need to know about contracts, division of marital property and criminal defense practices. You want the best you can afford, ensuring you receive the best technical and strategic advice available. Due diligence will also be necessary, educating yourself on the best attorney for your needs. You want someone whose personality suits you, as well as providing all of their clients with prompt, courteous service. You do not want an attorney who takes your case, only to find out months later nothing has been done on your case. This is a great source of frustration as well as a waste of money. You want to look at their win vs loss records. If they have lost more than they have won, you may want to rethink your decision to retain their services.

In the fast pace legal arena of New York City one attorney stands out among the rest. Ross Martin Abelow’s legal aspirations began when he studied political science at State University of New York in Albany, New York. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science, English and history, Ross went on to attend the Brooklyn Law School where he got his Juris Doctor. Ross was admitted to practice in the state of New York in 1990 where he had to pass rigorous character evaluations. Ross also had to adhere to strict codes of conduct and professionalism. Failure to adhere to the required Rules of Professional Conduct could result in his disbarment and losing his license to practice.

Ross’ chosen field of practice; matrimony, family, entertainment and corporate law, has given him the ability to communicate effectively with his clients. These oratory skills have helped in alleviating their fears and anxiety regarding their cases. Mr. Abelow knows his way around the courts of New York City. His 27 years of experience provide his clients with the best possible representation an attorney can provide. Mr. Abelow is also an honored member of the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism. His father Lee Abelow also sat on its board.

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Exploring A Well Rounded Professional

Sam Tabar has led a successful and diverse career in New York city. Not only is he known as a prominent attorney in the city, but he is also a capital strategist. After graduating from Oxford University with Honors, Sam attended Columbia Law School. Here, he worked for their publication, the Columbia Business Law Review, as the Associate Editor.

His website shows that Sam’s career began in 2001 as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP, prior to its flourishment. During his three years at Skadden, he worked with clients on hedge fund structure and formation, side letters, investment management agreements, employment issues, private placement memoranda, and regulatory and compliance issues

Following this position, Sam left the legal field. He moved onto bigger roles in business development as well as capital strategy. Sam worked at an investment adviser firm called PMA Investment Advisers, which is based in Hong Kong. He acted as the Managing Director & Co-Head of Business Development. While at PMA Investment Advisers, he managed a $2 billion hedge fund by working on all of its facets of investor and relations. shows that Sam also worked on a proprietary marketing plan that earned the business over 2000 potential clients. In this plan, he targeted institutional investors, global high net worth clients, and large family offices. Sam also assisted in the firm’s acquisition of $1.2 billion in assets while working with their CEO. Sam was clearly a strong asset to their team.

Sam moved on with his career to join Bank of America Merrill Lynch, working for their Asia-Pacific Region as its Director and Head of Capital Strategy. Tabar was similarly successful here while working on business development and client acquisition. His counsel to clients about their hedge funds and investments helped the company gain and retain over 1200 investors.

After his venture away from a career in law, Tabar later joined Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a Senior Associate. Here, he continued to cater to hedge funds, compliance issues, fund formation and structure, and regulatory issues.  Sam is also all about helping others, as his GoFundMe efforts have shown.  So he’s really become a philanthropist in his own right, in addition to being the new CEO of FullCycle Fund.

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Are Kyle Bass’s Economic Predictions True?

There are many things that are going on in the stock market that has many people worried about their investments and the way things are going worldwide. Kyle Bass who is the Hayman Capital Management Founder recently sat down with the CNBC Halftime Report to discuss the market outlook for 2016 and how China my affect our economy.

Bass believes that the root of China’s problems in the Chinese banking system. He said that it is similar to what happened with the European crisis with the banks outgrowing the GDP very quickly. Unfortunately, according to Bass, we will see a 10-20% downturn by the end of the year. He does not think that this will be as bad as the global financial crisis but the lack of growth is concerning. Marc Lasry who was also on the show with Bass believes that the Chinese banks have lent too much money and that there could be a problem in the future.

With all this, you are probably worried about your stocks and investments but Bass may not be correct. First let’s take a look at who Bass is. He founded Hayman Capital Management in 2006 and it is located in Dallas Texas. He made his fortune with that company and made headlines all throughout the world by predicting the 2008 mortgage crisis. After correctly predicting this crisis, he gained in popularity and was highly regarded in the financial field.

However in recent years, most of Bass’s predictions have been wrong and he has been tied up in several different problems. One of subordinates at Hayman is being accused of severe unethical behavior by Chris Kyle’s widow, and UsefulStooges had a report that backs up Kyle Bass’ character. He has also been tied up in many different controversial and unethical situations that has led many to question whether or not he knows what he is doing. Recently he has been involved in several different pharmaceutical ventures where he has made tons of profit and people needing medication have been left with increasingly high bills for their prescription drugs. When GM’s cars were faulty, he made the statement that the passengers and not the faulty equipment were to blame. Bass also has been praising and working with socialist Cristina Fernadez de Krichner. Argentina’s recent economy and economical outlook has been horrible but he still continues to sing her praises and work with her. Bass has been predicting since 2010 that the Japan stock market will fall and it has not.

As you can see Bass has several issues and is not a soothsayer so his opinion on the Chinese stock market may be completely wrong and his predictions have no basis at the moment. Stock markets fluctuation all the time and the Chinese stock market will continue to fluctuate all the time.

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Beneful Makes Your Dog Drool As He Waits

Beneful dog food offers moist flavors such as roasted chicken and simmered meals for your dog to enjoy. Their foods are made with wholesome ingredients and tasty ingredients that your dog will love. the dog treats are made with delicious flavors such as bacon and cheese. These two flavors your dog will love no matter how he or she gets them. Dog treats like the Beneful dog treats on amazon are baked and delicious to your dog. They help you to train your dog because your dog will always be happy to receive one of them. Beneful dry dog food comes in different tastes and nutritional values. There is the dry for the overweight dog that is made of chicken. The regular dog food is made of chunks of beef and real salmon. Your dog will be drooling as he or she waits for you to fill their bowls with this delicious formula. How hard it is to improve on flavors for dogs when you are not a dog. You know you will have to taste the food yourself to know if it is good enough for your pet to eat. That is exactly what one man did. Heiger, the manufacturing chief from Pet Fresh was the first one to take a taste of the turkey dinner that was coming off of the production line. The tasty morsel was good enough for him to respond about the delicious taste. He comments on how good it taste and how it reminds him of a Thanksgiving Turkey dinner. Dogs will be very happy to receive these foods as they are some of the new dog foods to be coming out on the market soon. According to the Premium dog food sales that are expected, dog food producers are expecting to earn millions in their new healthy lines of dog and pet foods. The wikipedia article talks about the mergers in some dog food companies and the new lines they are introducing to the consumers soon. Dog food is a large market and is expected to continue to make big money this coming year according to the article in the Daily Herald,

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Spend Your Money On Quality Dog Food From Beneful

What Types Of Dog Foods Do You Buy?
You should know what type of dog food to buy for your dog. You can spend money at the pet store on a multitude of different types of dog foods. They have cheap brands that may seem like a bargain at first, but the dog will eat them quickly, so it will still feel hungry when the bag is empty. I always buy the more expensive brands. I buy the premium dog foods for my dogs, and they thank me for it all the time because it is tastier than the cheap foods. I did a lot of research on facebook on dog foods, and I found this interesting article from the Daily Herald. The article actually profiles some of the leading dog food manufacturers. I was skeptical before reading it, but the information is informative, and I believe it is accurate. Premium dog food companies, like Beneful, pay manufacturers for a variety of different reasons. They pay them to put the best ingredients in their products. This raises the price of premium dog foods, of course. They also maintain high standards for their foods. That is why Beneful actually looks good enough for people to eat. The hearty pieces of meat and vegetables in their wet food is the best thing I have found at the pet store. My dog loves it, and I feel good about buying Purina Beneful Chopped Blends for my dog. I usually mix it in with his dry dog food, so he gets a nice blend of ingredients and textures. Texture is important, too. Chopped Blends has a great texture to it, almost like a thick soup. My dog does tricks for his Beneful dish. He will stand on his hind legs and jump up and down. We even trained him with Beneful Dog Treats, which come in a variety of flavors. They even have some that are good for the dog’s teeth. My research lead me to this article from the Daily Herald. You can see the whole article if you go to this website : here.

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