Heather Parry Focus on the Film

Regarding Héather Parry We have a lot of items that all of us will work about now. We’ve a humor developing upon Netflix known as The After Party. It really is sort of such as a hip-hop Superbad. It offers cameos from Frénch Montana ánd DISC JOCKEY Khalid. It is extremely different from A Star exists, but again it really is artist-based articles. ”

Anytime I wátch a film, whether it’s the rating or the sóng I believe the background music is vital that you the film generally. We are hearing the artist ánd we’re hearing the market. That will know what we make.

A Star Is Born

That’s the fantastic part of Live Country Shows on thé documentary front side. Wé financed those documéntaries. When it emerged time, Smoke and We visited different outlets, spoké to differing people, and demonstrated differing people film production company. Due to what Apple would do and thé method these were likely to support this, wé selected Apple. Wé also like Jimmy Iovine and Lewis Jackson. That they had a really gréat plan.

After we hád produced Coo, we demonstrated it to a few customers and Netflix was included with the strongest advertising plan. And thát’s exactly where you can move, whether your companion is usually Smoke or whoméver. Colin finished up straight getting in touch with HBO ánd stating ‘I believe you guys should view this. ’ It really is being able tó help to make a thing that the designer, thé movie director, and Livé Nation almost all feel excellent about and after that determining in which the greatest place for this can be. You gét to concentrate on the film rather than what release daté they will provide us or something.

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Peter Briger The Well- Rounded Businessman

Peter Briger has been on the Board of Directors for Fortune Investment Group since 2006. Peter Briger is currently a principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors and he was elected for this position in August 2009. Peter Briger takes care of the real estate and the credit department for the Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Briger is well-educated he attended Princeton University and graduated with BA. He also attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and he graduated with an MBA. Prior to joining the Fortress Investment Group Mr. Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Company for 15 years. Peter Briger also is a philanthropists he serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point. This organization assist low-income families in San Francisco. He also sits on the board of Caliber Schools these are charter schools that prepares youth for success in college and life.

More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg

The company Fortress Investment Group was very successful before the arrival of Peter Briger he just helped to take the company to the next level. Peter brought something unique to the table he had an understanding and a connection to the Asian financial sector and his leadership. Peter Briger made some very big moves in 2006-2007 on the real estate side of the investment firm. The company purchase Intrawest, which is a Canadian ski resort company. The company also purchased Penn National Gaming, which operates casinos and horse racing venues, doing this 2006-2007 time period as well. Mr. Briger is listed as one of the top business professionals in the world by the Forbes 400. Mr. Briger has had a great career in every aspect of his life from education to professionally. He has accumulated billions of dollars but despite the money is still very active as a philanthropist. He gives back to the community and helps to educate and uplift the youth preparing them for success. A person of this stature who is this humble it speaks volumes about his character.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fortress_Investment_Group


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An Exciting Lone Placement Has Recently Been Announced By A Know Dallas Banking Firm:

It has recently been announced that Sandler O’Neill and Partners, L.P. served in the capacity of lone placement agent in a massive deal that was just completed by Dallas bank NexBank in regard to a $54 million private placement. This exciting new private placement is in regard to fixed to floating notes that are of a rate subordinated nature. These notes were available to clients such as those with a high net worth as well as NexBank’s extensive institutional client base. These proceeds will be added into a total pool of $283 million that NexBank has raised since the 2016 calendar year. These funds were raised in the area of equity and the area of debt. The plans for this funding is to put it toward important corporate purposes.


According to bizjournals.com, this massive deal from NexBank closed on the 19th of September in 2017 and the non-callable notes will reach their date of maturity on the 30th of September in 2027. The interest rate is set at 6.375 percent. This is for a term of five years. Registration or an exemption of an applicable nature will be required in order to sell or offer these notes.


This new offer that NexBank Capital released is just another example of the firm’s commitment to providing outstanding services to its extensive client base. The firm prides itself in its offering of institutional services as well as top-rate mortgage and commercial banking services. A dedication to its clients in all areas of its business has come to define NexBank over its long history that goes back to 1922.


NexBank has two full-service branches based out of the Dallas, Texas region. These are located at Mckinney Avenue and Luther Lane. Today, the company’s total assets ad up to over $8 billion. This figure was as of the 30th of September for 2018. The prestigious executive team at NexBank consists of CEO John Holt. He also serves in the role of President. Chief Operating Officer is Matt Siekielski and Stacy Hodges serves as the firm’s CFO and CRO. The team is rounded out by its Chief Credit Officer Rhett Miller.




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Hussain Sajwani’s role in making Arabs progressive

Hussain Sajwani, owner of the DAMAC Group of industries, is a well-known personality over the Middle East. He’s deemed as one of the most prolific businessmen because of his contributions to the business community, especially in the Middle East. Alongside excelling in the corporate sector, it also inclines Mr. Sajwani towards different projects related to charity and philanthropy. DAMAC Foundation, another venture started by Mr. Hussain Sajwani is for the charity of the poor and helping them in different walks of life.

Through his philanthropic initiative, “DAMAC Foundation” Mr. Sajwani aims to create a society which is empowered in itself through skills development and learning. DAMAC Foundation builds upon the teachings and vision of his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum for this purpose.

Recently, DAMAC Foundation came up with an idea of empowering its society. For the said task, an estimate of approximately one million coders is being trained. The initiative’s goal is to provide one million Arabs with the technical skills and training that would be necessary for them to get jobs. DAMAC Foundation foresees that in the coming era of modern technology there will be a sheer need of computer programmers. So Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s initiative to empower Arabs in becoming coders and cope up with the modern trends will be very fruitful for them.

Mr. Hussain Sajwani’s vision is to provide people of the Middle-East with the right direction and training. DAMAC foundation believes in helping as many people as possible. At the moment, DAMAC Foundation focuses on people who are interested and eager in learning to code. However, DAMAC Foundation could expand in other professions.

The first batch of the One Million Arab Coder’s Initiative kicked off on 23rd April 2018. It was a success, with over 100,000 students opting for the program. The tentative duration of each program is three months. At the moment, DAMAC Foundation is taking applications for their 2nd batch after successful completion of their first batch. With such dedication by Mr. Sajwani and his philanthropy foundation, soon Arabs will be halfway towards their goal of 1 million Arab coders.

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Rooting For The Underdog: Wes Edens

Wes Edens is the current leader of one of the most high-profile and most successful investment managing companies, The Fortress Investment Group LLC – and the success of the company is because of the excellence and consistency of their leader, Wes Edens.

Wes was recently featured in the Wall Street Journal because of his unusual strategy. Wes is a fan of making counter intuitive bets and betting on the underdog. Wes was known for his unusual bet from 2010 when he went into a subprime lending right after a downfall in the financial department – and now under his leadership, Fortress Investment Group is venturing into a 3 billion dollar deal to build a private passenger railroad transportation system in Florida and he made this decision at a time where self-driving cars were booming in the industry – and he propelled the decision to headline public transport – and he was successful about this. Which makes Edens’ bets on his counter intuitive strategies, weirdly something that the company should rely on.

Another one of his counter intuitive strategies and bets was when he invested on the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks – and now he is a co owner of the basketball team. This basketball team’s last hopeful attempt for the NBA championship was almost fifty years ago – and on the same Friday that he made this decision, he made a major investment on a losing English Soccer Club, Aston Villa.

With all his counter intuitive and risky investments and bets, he is actually still hopeful that these investments will bear colorful fruits for him and his company. Wes Edens is definitely an individual that has a way to look for silver linings – and for Wes Edens, this works because Fortress is way over success.

The Fortress Investment Group LLC is currently one of the most highly diversified, and one of the leading global investment managers with over 40 billion dollars of asset value under management as of September of 2018. The Fortress Investment Group LLC now manages about 1,700 clients and private investors worldwide and they are particularly adepts on real estate, private equity and capital investment strategies.

Source: https://www.newseniorinv.com/about/leadership/board-of-directors/wesley-edens

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Richard Liu Qiandong’s Journey To E-Commerce Giant

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a successful internet entrepreneur, founder and CEO of China’s JD.com. JD.com is one of the largest e-commerce platforms in all of China. The popular American retailer Walmart, is also a shareholder in JD.com and recently raised their stake in the company. To increase it’s reach, JD.com invested in Farfetch with the goal of maximizing each company’s experience in luxury fashion. With a Sociology degree from the Renmin University of China, Richard Liu performed freelance coding work and enrolled in China Europe International Business School earning his EMBA. While he was a college student he invested in a restaurant but that business failed in a matter of months leaving him in debt.

After he graduated from China Europe International Business School, he then worked for Japan Life as director for computers, director for business, and as a logistics supervisor. By 1998 Richard Liu opened his own store in Beijing selling authorized magneto-optical products. Just five years later he had expanded his company to a dozen stores. Due to the SARS outbreak in 2003, Liu had to re-think the need for his brick and mortar stores and quickly chose to focus on e-commerce where he chose to sell a vast variety of products alongside electronics.

With a keen focus on seamless customer transactions and the use of technology to aid customers and the company, Richard Liu made large gains in revenues. He combined these efforts with the creation of a full category strategy for JD.com which has helped to make the company become one of the leading e-commerce businesses in China. By 2005 Richard Liu was offered 18 million yuan for JD.com. He rejected the offer to sell his company. JD.com is sometimes compared to Amazon due to similarities in their business models. By 2014, Tencent bought a stake in JD.com and agreed to promote JD.com on it’s WeChat social network that has almost one billion active monthly users. By the start of 2018, Richard Liu Qiangdong’s net worth rose to nearly $13 billion dollars.

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Marc Beer, through Renovia Inc., a startup he co-founded, has just made a significant contribution to the improvement of the health of women in Boston. Beer, who also founded the ViaCell, Inc. and served as its chief for seven years, has through this step demonstrated leadership. This act shows that he has not been consumed into the deep chambers of his career; the profits and loses; that he cares for the wellbeing of other people. This is not a common feat with many people who have held senior managerial positions in numerous companies. In a statement expressing his delight at being joined by the Longwood Fund for this work, Beer indeed acknowledged that he has a vision ‘to better diagnose, treat and improve the lives of millions of women affected by pelvic floor disorders’ around the world.

This donation will come in two packages; $32m for new equipment and the rest ($10m) in venture debt. Marc Beer’s contribution is set to be used for the development of material used for diagnosis and therapy to fight pelvic floor disorders which are estimated by medical researchers to affect about 250 million women in the world.

Beer, who has a lot of experience at sales and marketing management, has also excelled in research and development program management in therapeutic, surgical and in vitro diagnostic systems businesses. He has also served as a private consultant in the field of medical industry. After graduating with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration from Miami University in Ohio, Beer grew career-wise to hold many top positions in companies doing business in the medical field. He has been a director at CytoPherx, Seaside Therapeutics LLC, Erytech Pharma Société Anonyme and Viacell companies the latest at which he also held the position of chairman. He has also served in the managerial boards, notably the Scientific and Medical Advisory Board at TxCell Promises, the Mass Life Science Board of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as well as the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) Emerging Companies Section Governing Body.

In taking this bold step, Beer has demonstrated that successful individuals need to use their expertise in not only building their companies and countries but also in giving back to society. Learn more: https://www.slideshare.net/MarcBeer


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Dick Devos: Hometown and Education Advocate

Richard Marvin Devos Jr. or Dick Devos is a businessman, entrepreneur, and author. He has shown his support and appreciation to his hometown, Grand Rapids, countless times. One event that stood out to him and the people close to him was when a multi-purpose arena was supposed to be built in the downtown area of the city.


The year was 1991, and Dick Devos learned about the project. The future CEO of Amway Corp immediately tried his best to put a stop to the plan. For him, there were several reasons why the idea should not materialize.


He recalled the time when momentous constructions in Detroit hurt the city. The Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome were controversial buildings in Detroit. They caused great changes in the town and among them included driving famed sports teams, namely the Pistons and the Lions, back in the 70s.


Devos who became the CEO from 1993 to 2002 of his family-owned business Amway could not forget what the event taught the people of Detroit. He did not want the same thing to happen to those in Grand Rapids. Campaigning against the convention center required dedication, but he found support from other wealthy individuals who were not in favor of the construction as well.


The group of business leaders formed the Grand Action to halt the building of the sports facility north of downtown. It was a successful campaign, and the residents are thankful for the result. Instead of the convention center, better buildings took the space, including the Grand Rapids City Market, the medical school of the Michigan State University, the Van Andel Arena, and the Devos Place Convention Center.


Supporting Education


One of the top priorities of the Devos family was to reform education in the country. Betsy Devos, Dick Devos’ wife, is the current Secretary of Education of the US. Together, their efforts led to the growth of a public charter school in Michigan. In 2010, Betsy encouraged her husband to start a charter school, which is now called the West Michigan Aviation Academy. The outstanding public high school began with only 80 students.


This particular nonprofit charter school had a simple location, which was at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. From the derelict office space to its own building with more than 600 students who hail from seven counties, the Devos family is proud of what the educational institution has become as they look back to its humble beginnings.


Hometown Appreciation


For decades, Dick and Betsy have been trying to bring change to their hometown. As heirs of affluent families, they used their fortunes to donate to the Grand Old Party (GOP). The Devos’ influence on the Republican Party resulted in a few significant changes in labor and education laws throughout the state.


Together with Betsy, Mr. Devos aimed to help make Grand Rapids International Airport recognized in the country. He talked to the CEO of AirTran Airways and asked for a meeting. It was a success, allowing Grand Rapids to receive incoming flights from the Ford Airport.


Visit http://www.dbdvfoundation.org/about to learn more.

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The Cut Interviews Sunday Riley on Good Genes and the Creation of Makeup

Earlier this year, TheCut.com published an interview about cult beauty brand pop-up hit, Sunday Riley. The interview covered topics including her origins, Good Genes, the creation of make-up and, of course, her unusual moniker.

Sunday Riley mentions that when she founded the brand, she felt that there were not enough botanical ingredients in current make-up lines. She prefers to use what she calls “green technology”. This is the process of mixing science based active ingredients with the botanical ones.

When she was asked about how she learned to craft her make-ups, Sunday says that she has learned mostly on the job. She finds a better product being made by working with the ingredients in what sounds like a very organic manner. Discussing her pride in the Sunday Riley brand, she says that if she loses pride in a product, she replaces it, or reworks it. In fact, only one Sunday Riley product is still around from her early days in business.

Discussing her product, Good Genes, Sunday says she is proud to have it in the line-up. However, she doesn’t give it more pride than her other products. She does state that it is one of the hardest products she’s ever made and she makes it in twenty different shades.

When asked about the origin of her name, she attributes it to her father in the “hippy era”. She says he claimed to want her to have a name that it would be easy to go into business with in the future. Sunday recalls it being difficult to grow up as an “awkward, chubby kid” with her name. However, she finds herself glad to have her name and be who she is.

Sunday does use her own products. She clearly would not sell anything that she is not happy using her on her own skin. The attention to detail she discusses in this interview shows dedication and passion. She Seems, however, to almost separate herself from her brand, avoiding reddit, and other internet information sources on the topic for the most part.

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Stiff Dedication of Cloudwick Firm in Ensuring Effective and Efficient Data Storage for the Entrepreneurs

As of today, gone are the days when firms used to store their progression data trapped inside those big black folders. Following the intensive advancements in technology, today one can store millions of documents in only a single device of the size of a fingernail. Although these advancements have made the storage and retrieval of data simpler than ever, chances of exposure to digital business threats, however, are very easy. Without the support of Data firms, like Cloudwick, overcoming the chief digital business threats of today, including malware, will not only be a predicament, but also you’ll risk losing your data, and control of your firm to hackers.

Cloudwick Company is a digital firm which was established in 2011, and it has been the major provider of big data services and solutions to corporates. Working with multinational corporates like Visa, and 3M, as well as other businesses, this digital firm offers services, including advanced analytics, big data, and cyber security services, in essence of helping them remain competitive while using amenities like open source, cloud, Data Lake, big data, and advanced analytics.

Under the leadership of its CEO Maninder Chhabra, Cloudwick have prospered in numerous achievements; with the allotment of CDL being the major one, for democratizing favorable security analytics, and ideally helping businesses eliminate those digital threats that might be affecting their enterprises, such as Ransomware, Malware, Advanced Persistent Threats, and many more.

In ensuring they have been able to serve their consumers aptly, Cloudwick had partnered with Amazon for their AWS Data Lake which will help in the keeping and analyzing of data. Particularly in instances where firms are managing multiple types of data, and from various sources. Focused on ensuring effectiveness and efficiency, Data Lake enables firms to keep their data in a centralized repository, ensuring timely delivery of needed insights.

Additionally, unlike in the past when people were much focused on getting employed, today’s great need for independence has facilitated numerous investments. To succeed, and ensure optimum productivity, firms are needed to employ Data-Driven Solutions that will ensure they possess the required competitive advantage. With the help of Cloudwick, investments can acquire strategic and analytical skills to make use of the solutions and services offered by the Machine Learning Models, helping them acquire insights from their data aptly.


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