Rebel Wilson: From Fat Amy To Jennyanydots

Rebel Wilson is a 38 year old actress, writer, and producer from Sydney, Australia. She is best known for her character Fat Amy in the Pitch Perfect film series. That character earner her an MTV Best Breakthrough Performance Award, a Teen Choice Award, and numerous other awards and nominations. Her first roles after moving to the United State was in Bridesmaids, where she played Brynn. Over the past few years she has been seen in several musical productions. This includes:

  • Ursula I’ve the Hollywood Bowl concert version of The Little Mermaid
  • Miss Adelaide in the musical Guys and Dolls
  • LeFou in the Hollywood Bowl concert version of Beauty and The Beast

The future brings several more productions with Rebel Wilson. One of which she is co-producing and working along side actress Ann Hathaway. That movie is titled The Hustle. Remakes of Private Benjamin and Ditry Rotten Scoundrels will also have Wilson casted. Learn more about Rebel Wilson: and

Cats is a long time favorite musical on Broadway, it is the fourth longest running show in history. It now will get to reach the cinema screen. The production is set to take place in the United Kingdom. An anticipated release date is set for December 20, 2019.

The production will be directed by Tom Hooper, the same director of Les Miserables. Cat will be a musical film starring several celebrities from the music industry, including Jenifer Hudson and Taylor Swift. Rebel Wilson has been casted as Jennyanydots, a character from the poem of the collection by T.S. Elliot, “The Old Gumbie Cat”. Read more: Rebel Wilson Isn’t it Romantic First Book and Rebel Wilson Joins Cats Movie Musical

T.S Eliot wrote the collection of works titled Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats, where the musical is based on. The storyline is about a tribe of cats, called the Jellicles. At night the cats decide who will go to the Heaviside Layer so they can begin a new life.

Jennyanydots is a lazy cat that likes to find the warm, sunny spots so that she can sleep her day away. Although, Jennyanydots is perceived to be a lazy cat at night she begins her work. She teaches many skills like dancing, crocheting, and tatting to mice and roaches. Trying to help the mice and roaches to be productive and have a purpose. Jennyanydots is very protective of the kittens and will not allow any one of them to touch Grizabella when she reappears. Eventually she accepted her back into the tribe.

Jennyanydots is not the typical comedy role that Rebel Wilson is known for. It will be interesting to see how she adapts the role. She is known to put her own touch on characters and adapting them to belong to her.

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Career Achievements of Peter Briger

Though many investment companies have been lately established, a significant number of them have not made it in the profoundly competitive market. Firms with executives that possess impeccable leadership qualities have, however, outdone a large number of upcoming ones. Fortress Investment Group is one of the largest investment firms in the world. The company has been rising fast, and it offers investment advisory services to people besides helping them handle their investment issues. Among the leaders that have facilitated growth in the company include Peter Briger, who serves as the firms principal and co-chairman. He has been serving in the firm for a vast number of years, and this has enabled him to understand the node of operation of the latter. Through this, he has sufficiently identified the various challenges that the Fortress Investment Group goes through and thus worked on ways to solve them. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Peter Briger

Peter Briger joined the firm in 2002, and as an expert in the credit and debt managed, he oversees that the companies activities in the field run smoothly. Besides, he has also striven to share his expertise with other members of the firm to ensure that they carry out their operations with the aim of achieving a common goal. Through the Fortress Investment Group firm, he has also created job opportunities for many people. The companies team comprises of over 300 members, who flaunt different skills in various sectors.

Peter Briger also flaunts many years of experience in the sector of entrepreneurship. Before joining the Fortress Investment Group, he worked at the Goldman Sachs firm for 15 years. Peter became a partner of the firm in 1996, and he uses his experience in investment to develop other companies. Peter Briger has taken the Fortress Investment Group to another level, and his excellent leadership skills have contributed to his successes. The successful entrepreneur believes that a great leader should be passionate about his endeavors by engaging his team in both the decisions making process and entire firm important activities. His supportive attributes as a leader have also played a huge role in helping him handle the complex emerging issues in his specific field.

Visit their website:


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Flavio Maluf’s Career as CEO of Eucatex

Flavio Maluf is the Chief Executive Officer of Eucatex: the first company to offer eco-friendly goods to The Home Depot. He and his family have been pioneers in the eucalyptus tree world of South America for decades. His grandfather owned and operated the single largest piece of machinery for their industry in the entire southern hemisphere. Flavio Maluf and his family have rubbed shoulders with South America’s elite as one should expect. But perhaps the most interesting thing about Flavio Maluf is that he decided to keep the family business alive instead of just riding the coattails of the great people who came before him.

Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

Eucalyptus oils offer many benefits themselves, and are used widely in aromatherapy around the world. However most people do not know that even the wood itself is prized for its sustainability and durability.

Flavio got his mechanical engineering degree and then starting in 1987, Flavio entered the trading side of Eucatex to get his feet wet, and naturally evolved into the industrial side of things. Flavio’s uncle then invited him to join the executive side of things in 1996, of which he accepted. In 2005 he became president of the company. Part of the reason for this is most likely because of his dedication to the environment and his understanding that environmental sustainability is not only his mind, but on the minds of millions of people worldwide also. Incorporating this into his business model surely did not hurt the growth of the business since 2005 when he became the president.

Another thing which has helped Eucatex is Flavio’s understanding of the governmental kickbacks or incentives for locating his company plants in areas which the government needs in order help stimulate more destitute local economies. By cooperating, Flavio was able to more fully be embraced by the local governments of Brazil and the country at large.

Read more:,21991ecd7b49587604a2d972ecada3b6lz1vsqwr.html


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How Gulf Coast Western Delivers On Its Promise To Investors And PartnersHow Gulf Coast Western Delivers On Its Promise To Investors And Partners

Dallas, Texas, is home to the oil and gas drilling firm Gulf Coast Western, LLC. this firm explores for oil and once it finds a promising patch of land with the right geological and geophysical attributesv it buys that property and sets up drilling operations. They take a conservative approach as they only select properties that meet their stringent criteria.

The goal at Gulf Coast Western is to provide financial successv for their partners. They were founded in 1970 and over the past nearly 50 years they have built open and transparent relationships with their partners to mutual benefit. Their Linkedin page has multiple posts from their partners attesting to this firm’s open communication policy and establishing relationships built upon mutual trust and respect.

They seek to educate their partners about the field of oil and gas. They explain things on their social media accounts such as the difference between ethylene and ethanev, the industry terms used in the field of oil and gas, and just what the horizontal drilling process is, start to finish, when an oil and gas company engages in the technique of fracking for oil.

Gulf Coast Western owns land in five states, each with high potentialv for drilling significant amounts of oil and gas. A large number of their properties are located in Louisiana but they also own land in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Colorado, and Oklahoma. They are active in 15 Parish’s in Louisiana while in the other states they have operations in one to three Counties.

The team at Gulf Coast Westernv knows how important it is to support the broader community. To that end, they provide financial assistance to a broad range of local, state, and national charities. This includes Shriners Hospital for Children, The Family Place, Smile Train, and the American Cancer Society.

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Papa John’s CEO Apology

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of the Papa John’s franchise, has issued a public apology after a previous incident involving racial slurs and conflict due to declining sales blew up and created a lot of controversy. Two letters were written, the initial letter failing to provide empathy or much of an apology, and wasn’t well-received by the public as hoped. However, Ritchie was quick to make adjustments to this letter. He made sure to speak with more empathy, show a little bit of vulnerability, and provide a direct apology for what had happened. A version of this letter still remains on the opening page of the Papa John’s website. Ritchie wanted to make it clear to customers that the offensive words that were recited are in no way representative of his views or the views of the company and will not be tolerated in any way. He stated that the company was bigger than just one person, and one person cannot speak for an entire company.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s continued his apology by stating that words weren’t enough, so they’re taking action to ensure things are being done about the issue. He wishes to remain transparent with the public and for the public to hold the company accountable for their actions. They will be bringing in experts from the outside to audit the culture inside of the company, looking at diversity and inclusion, and discussing strengths and weaknesses in order to set goals to improve. He said that aside from that, the company’s senior management team will be taking the time to visit franchisees and get feedback employees to help set a positive path for the future. Ritchie stated that his goal is to regain the trust of the public and that he will be personally leading this effort in order to do so.

“As the leader of Papa John’s, I’m sorry”, Ritchie announced.

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Drew Madden is an entrepreneur who understands the challenges facing the healthcare industry

One of the most critical factors that contribute to the success of an entrepreneur is how he can understand a problem facing the industry and solve it. Those who have succeeded in entrepreneurship identify a problem that many people face in society and try to come up with an idea to solve such a problem. The healthcare industry has been facing various issues, but top entrepreneurs are working to ensure they solve everything. Drew Madden is one entrepreneur who is working to ensure that clients do not miss out on opportunities. He has been in business for many years and has acquired the experience that he uses to help in revolutionizing the healthcare sector.

Not many entrepreneurs are willing to enter the healthcare industry. They are not sure of succeeding in the sector because most of them do not understand all the problems and challenges experienced in the industry. They also do not know where to start when it comes to solving problems. The healthcare industry is a sensitive one, and a simple mistake can lead to extreme consequences. Not many people are willing to take the risk and try to understand the challenges facing the sector and solve them. But Drew Madden is different because he has been using his skills to improve the healthcare sector. His approach is different because he is an entrepreneur who tries to come up with innovative ideas.

Drew Madden is concerned with the aspect of technology in the healthcare industry. For example, he has been trying to figure out how to help when it comes to record keeping in the health sector. Medical records are critical for healthcare experts when it comes to their provision of services. They help in following up their patients for treatment. Using paperwork to search for a particular patient is a tedious task that can take too much time. Also, some patients may have an illness that may get worse, and without quick search, some patients may never wait for treatment. That is why Drew Madden has been working hard to make the process efficient. His primary goal is to improve the healthcare sector.

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Clay Hutson: Three Steps Ahead of the Others

Most people would not want to put their name on a nationwide or worldwide product if they knew that said product was not of the best quality imaginable. In that instance, a person’s name becomes a ‘brand’, so to speak, and branding is important, for it helps spread a product by word of mouth. It is also important when a product is seen briefly, and one begins to recognize the brand. And when a person recognizes a brand, you would want that brand to mean quality.

Such a person is Clay Hutson. He will work literally all day and all night and strive for perfection in just about everything he does. He does not want something to be simply ‘good.’ He wants perfection when his name is attached to the outcome.

He worked with the Reverend Billy Graham in the sound management field, always striving to make his work without errors, without problems, without a break in perfection. And he always succeeded.

Clay Hutson is a sound engineer, and his work is well known among people who have been on stage to perform or address an audience.

Having worked with some of the best of the best, such as Kid Rock Guns ‘n Roses, and Pink, and Lady Gaga, he has always striven to be the best he could be. Second best would not do, not if his name was going to be on the finished product.

What has helped him along in his career is the fact that there are new technology advances that not only make his job easier, but also provide new challenges for him and his work. If a technology exists that can be worked into a performer’s work, he will try to use it and come up with something newer every time.

Clay Hutson explains that the music that is produced in a concert is not just the music itself; there is an art form in the presentation of the music. That is what he strives to do: make the art flourish along with the music.

He tries, he says, to think ahead of what’s going on upon the stage, and tries to be several steps ahead of the performer, measuring what the performer will do and act accordingly.

His advice to others is take your dream, what you want to do, and work at it and perfect it until you are sure you can manage it. In other words, know your song well before you start singing!

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The Oil Boom And Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is one of many companies that is taking part in the oil industry in the United States. Over the years, big oil booms have led to the development of business operations in various parts of the United States. One of the most famous areas for oil is Texas, though there is also oil in California, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Mississippi, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota and Louisiana. Gulf Coast Western does business in the states that border the Gulf Coast, though they also try to branch out into other parts of the country to do their oil-related business.

The oil industry is very exciting and has provided jobs to massive amounts of people. In a time when the economy was not great in the United States, the domestic oil industry was hiring people. The economic downturn of 2008 made getting and keeping a job very difficult for a lot of people across America. However, at that time, the oil boom in North Dakota was in full swing. There were plenty of jobs in that industry, though it was a matter of getting there, staying safe and having transportation. A lot of people across America did not know about it, did not want to move out of their regions, did not feel secure going to a new place like North Dakota and/or did not have the transit to get there.

The oil boom of Texas happened in the previous century and resulted in a massive explosion in population The reason why there are now massively populated parts of Texas is because of the huge oil booms from the previous century. There are also other states near Texas that have oil reserves. Some people may be surprised to hear that there is an oil industry in Pennsylvania. The oil there was found in the middle 1800s.

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Harry Harrison: Tips For Entrepreneurs

Previously the leader of Barclays Non-Core based in London, Harry Harrison recently left his post of trading and investing, which he held for over 20 years. Now his life is filled with family, physical activities, such as golf and yoga, and consulting venture capitalist.

Harrison has learned what creates unique experiences are a combination of diverse knowledge, new ideas, coupled with various thoughts and opinions. He understands from his decades of experience that the banking industry has many innovative ideas. The new theories are out of the ordinary, but this is why they can create massive advancement if put into place. Companies that grab hold of the latest creations will emerge as the most efficient and sound.

Some tips Harrison can give to rising entrepreneurs is to handle events and disruptions as quickly as possible. Otherwise, you may end up with an endless list of things to do that probably could have been delegated or minimized at the beginning. The goal is to move ahead, and one clear way to do that is to organize projects into manageable pieces, and use a timeline to get them done.

If you are looking to grow the face of your company, a system that Harrison found to be useful was using innovation. This often meant going out on a limb and doing things that the marketplace had never seen before, but taking calculated risks can make your business the leader in its field. Communicating with staff members, managers, and other players in the field will also help you get ahead. This is something that Harrison admits he did not master until late in life, but new professionals should learn from him and work on their ability to communicate with others.

Along with tackling new work, Harry Harrison also advises taking time to stop and smell the roses. Grinding through employment and life to keep hitting goals is not necessarily the best way to live. Harrison recommends taking some time to do physical activities, meditate, and enjoy family and friends.

Harry Harrison continues to improve himself by reading, taking care of his health, and family. He is proud to practice what Carnegie Dale preaches, by noting that life’s real pleasures are enjoying what you have.

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The Professional life of Matthew Fleeger

Among the names listed in the International Who’s who of Business Professionals is the name, Matthew Fleeger. Gulf Coast Western placed him as the CEO and President whereby has high regard and ranking in the oil and gas industry. He is well recognized for his competence and ability to plan, strategies, negotiate and build a team all of which are criteria of an able leader. His expertise lies primarily in waste management, oil and gas, and tanning industry.

Before his current role, Matthew founded MedSolutions, a Company that specializes in the disposal, treatment, and transport where he was the CEO for more than a decade. After taking his time to develop MedSolution, he then sold it to one of the leaders in the field Stericycle which is a market leader in this industry. Besides this, Fleeger achievements can also be seen in the Tannin having taken part in the foundation of two of the major enterprises in this field which include the Palm Beach Tan. Fleeger helped the company grow from a basic small store operation to one of the largest tanning organization in the Company. Mystic Tan which is the other Company he helped build is now one of the most renowned sprays and tanning enterprise in the world.

Matthew Fleeger has one of the most extensive resumes that is yet to be seen. He has a lot of experience in sales, marketing, and finance all resulting from the time he took to work in various organizations. He also boasts of bachelor’s degree in business administration which he gained from the University Southern Methodist. After graduating, he has gained remarkable experience in running joint ventured, mergers and acquisitions and corporate structures.


All these good qualities about Matthew make him the most natural leader choice for the Gulf Coast Western, the position that he holds today. The Company was founded by his father who worked to ensure its success. He goes ahead to use his comprehensive knowledge to show that he has what it takes to lead the Company to great achievements.

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