Investment by Christopher Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch is a successive entrepreneur, having invested in businesses like technology, real estate, and fashion. He began his career at Ithica College, where together with his brother, they established Eagles Eye apparel at a cost of $ 2000 and later sold when valued at $ 165 to Swire Group. He then later invested in the Internet Capital Group.  Additional article here.

He was a member of Guggenheim capital and The Continuum Group. His entrepreneurial success has been realized due to the link he exercised in innovation and implementation as well as the understanding of the consumer behaviors.

Mr. Burch has invested much in real estate both at local and international level. Some of the investment includes the establishment of superfluity homes in Nantucket, Florida, Palm Beach and Southampton.  Have a glimpse to the entrepreneur’s getaway in Southampton,  check   Recently he as refurbished Nihiwatu, in the Indonesian Island of Sumba, a luxury resort that he acquired.   Read more about Nihiwatu in this link on

He has been always dedicated to the power of branding, he is currently supporting the development of marketing and sales to business ranging from apparel, financial services, and technology, hospitality, and consumer products.

In 2011, Mr. Burch established C. Wonder that was later acquired by Xcel Brands. Then in 2014, Mr. Burch partnered with Ellen DeGeneres that helped to launch her lifestyle brand. During the same year, he launched Cocoon9, a superfluity prefab homes.  For an overview of his creative output, hop over to

Mr. Burch has served as the president of The Pierre Hotel Co-op Board and on the board of Rothman Institute Orthopedic Foundation. He has also contributed to the philanthropic work towards the Mt. Sinai Hospital in the New York, The Henry Street Settlement, The China Association of Social Work and NYU Langone.

According to Chris Burch, you can create a magical work for your clients while at the same time avoiding mistakes by following tips like communicating throughout the process. This is where you and the client are required to have the knowledge of the work to be produced. Then if you are handling a number of projects, you have to learn how to prioritize them so as not to miss on deadlines. Another step is doing research basing on your earlier communication with your client. Knowing your limits is also an important aspect, you should just only accept the clients offer if only you are able to deliver. And lastly leaning on your resources, this is whereby in case you are provided with a job that you might not be able to complete, then you better hand it over to your partners who are good at it.

Read his views on business-related matters on


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Award Winning Sussex Healthcare Provides Families With Peace Of Mind

Sussex Healthcare is a support home in the UK that provides care for those with dementia, neurological injury’s, learning disabilities, and the elderly. Sussex healthcare has been around for over 25 years providing healthcare to those in need. Sussex Healthcare’s care for elderly provides people of age with a supportive and respective place to live where they still have their own freedom to live a completely normal life.

Due to experience Sussex Healthcare can take care of elderly people who have complex health issues and even those who do not. Due to all of Sussex Healthcare’s homes having programs with many activities to keep the elderly busy they will be exposed to as much social interaction as they want. Activities include handicrafts, music and movement, art therapy, cookery, quizzes, and reminiscence sessions. Along with the many activities that Sussex healthcare provides for the elderly they also have experts in all different types of therapies including but not limited to reflexology, occupational, and physiotherapy. Sussex healthcare provides the elderly with precise mealtimes with food made by experienced chefs.

Along with elderly people Sussex Healthcare also specializes in providing care for those with dementia and dementia related conditions. When it comes to Dementia patients they use a person-centered care approach and all staff of Sussex Healthcare can receive training in dementia care. 24-hour nursing care is one of the many perks at Sussex healthcare with their dementia care program. This means no patient will ever be alone when they need help. Care is personalized on a person by person basis after Sussex Healthcare staff gets to know each patient to make sure that everyone feels special and cared for. Just like the elderly care program the dementia care program also provides a great deal of programs and activities for patients to enjoy. Sussex Healthcare’s many different home choices based on care needs are widely ranged so every family can find the right place for their loved one to go to be cared for.

Sussex Healthcare gives families peace of mind by taking such good care of people in every way possible. Sussex Healthcare has won many awards for providing outstanding healthcare to patients in need of some extra help or love. They also train their staff beyond the means of many other homes out there so you know the people working with your loved one are trustworthy and caring to them.

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Neurore Produces Natural Changes In The Brain Making Life More Livable

Neurocore has treatment centers in Michigan located at West Bloomfield, Sterling Heights, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Livonia and Holland and Florida, located at Boca-Raton and Palm Beach Gardens/West Palm Beach.

Neurocore employs a neurophysiological approach in the treatment of disorders, such as anxiety, depression, Bipolar disorder, ADHD, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), sleep disorders, stress, and migraines, whose origins and symptoms are diagnostic of a brain disorder. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

A baseline of brain activity is obtained using Neurofeedback brain performance training, which results in a brain diagnostic assessment. After this evaluation, two procedures are used to assess further and treat the brain disorders.

Thirty sessions of treatment are recommended by Neurocore using such procedures as neurofeedback brain performance training. A customized program is developed employing such therapies, which include biofeedback training and neurofeedback training using the EEG to determine biofeedback.

Each neurofeedback and biofeedback session lasts for forty-five minutes in length. Breathing exercises, which are a relaxation technique, begin each session. It is reported that at least twenty percent of each breath serves the brain. These methods relax the brain and the body.

The immediate changes would be that the clients will be able to control their breathing pattern, breathing more deeply and will also be noticed that their heartbeats will slow down, which is indicative of an improvement in the capacity of the brain and heart, representing the neuroplasticity of the brain. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

In other words, the brain can change its structure and organization as a result of the biofeedback sessions, which should result in changes in behavior. These changes are drug-free and noninvasive.

It is noted that neurofeedback training which varies the heart rate:

* Improve your focus and attention

* Improve the sleep experience

* Will Increase energy level

* Will result in improving recovery of muscle and releases

emotional distress and anxiety (mental recovery)muscle and

* Will reduce the rate and the intensity of headaches, improve

mood and less intense migraines

Any disorder related to stress will be less intense as a result of the biofeedback treatments.


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Successful Journey of Karl Heideck as an Attorney

Karl Heideck is a famous Philadelphia lawyer with great experience in the legal industry and has been working with the area’s corporations and other employers with the aim of providing both legal professional guidance when it comes to observing various legal statutes. He attended the famous Swarthmore College and graduated in the year 2003 with a bachelor’s degree in law.

He further proceeded to the University of Beasley School of law whereby he attained his JD in the year 2009. Being a determined lawyer, education is usually the very first step of entering the field. This helps the students understand how the court proceedings work and also the litigation process. At the school, they can develop various skills in communication, dispute resolution, negotiation skills and also passing the famous state bar exam. This has been the trend all through, and Karl Heideck has been able to pass through all those challenges of dispute resolution and other major challenges.

Karl Heideck during his time as an attorney in Philadelphia has received a lot of experience in the field. He has been in a position to file complains on behalf of his clients and has also responded to them through great expertise. He has a lot of experience when dealing with these cases and has been able to go through a completely legal process. His experience ranges from obtaining jurisdiction, pretrial and also post trials. He has been able to take great legal actions against organizations and individuals on behalf of his clients and has also been able to defend them when the law is brought to them. He is a certified and a licensed attorney authorized to practice law in Philadelphia. This general law practice is very broad and comprises of business, real estate, litigation, family, insurance and also criminal laws. He has practiced in the fields for more than six years now and keeps on doing great. Karl Heidecks experience is as a result of maximum research and commitment and never tires doing the right thing.

Karl Heideck’s journey of becoming a great lawyer has been extended to the great Pennsylvania and considering his expertise, and he has been able to be trusted by so many people seeking for various services. He is, however, one of the leading lawyers when it comes to matters litigation and has been on the frontline updating companies on the best legal practice terms.

Karl Heideck’s Social Media:

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Mike Baur on tech startups business in Switzerland

Tech startups industry in Switzerland has been on a massive growth. Many businesses are popping up in the country than in any other place in the worlds today. Switzerland is the global leader in tech startup industry. Zurich and other cities in the country are leading the way in embracing tech businesses. The environment in Switzerland has been good for business to thrive. The government has facilitated a conducive environment for businesses to grow. The infrastructure development in the country has been up to the global standards. Infrastructural development is key in a country that wants to have a conducive business environment. Switzerland is leading the way in this area. Another thing about Switzerland is that the level of development in the country regarding access to good education has also played a part in the development that we see happening right now. Many young people are coming from institutions of higher learning who are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to come up with innovative business ideas.



Switzerland is leading the way for other countries in Europe in tech business development. Then environment in the country is conducive to allow startup business to thrive without being subdued by large corporations. Many people usually ask themselves what makes Switzerland a hub for technology development.



There is a factor that contributed to development of startup businesses in Switzerland that many people do not pay attention to. In Switzerland, there are many business incubators that are meant to grow business ideas into full business. These are incubators that offer young entrepreneur a chance to know what is needed for one to run a business profitably. The thing with most business is not that the idea is bad; what fails most people is the failure to have access to the right information that will enable them to know how to run a startup business.



In the ideas of supporting the startup entrepreneurs, the Swiss Startup factory was developed by a man known as Mike Baur together with his friend Oliver Meister. The two creates the biggest independently startup incubator that offers the best services regarding startups development. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, startup entrepreneurs now have access to training and mentoring. They are now able to know what they should do to make their businesses grow. Mike Baur offers startup entrepreneurs, training, mentoring, and access to business funding as well as free office space to open up their workstations.



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Losing Chris Burch Is a Bitter Bill for American Express

Having run the American Express as the Chief Executive Officer for the last 16 years, it is time for Mr. Kenneth Chenault to step down and pass the mantle to another person. His tenure has seen the card company grow despite the unending competition. Taking offers as the Executive Chief Officer will be Mr. Stephen Squeri. However, as he sets in, he will be confronted with the reality of stiff competition from other major companies and having lost major clients such as Chris Burch. The Forbes list American millionaire has been with the company since 1979 but shifted goals to JP Morgan this year.

Losing such a great client is a bad image for the company. Now it will be the task of the new CEO to ensure that he regains such customers. In his first task, he has to prove how he is up to the task by building the card giant’s momentum in the card business has faced stiff competition and the loss of its major clients.

Mr. Chenault is one of America’s most powerful African-American corporate leaders. To fit in his shoes, Mr. Stephen Squeri has to work extra harder in order to match his work. Mr. Squeri has been with American Express Co. for over three decades now and has served through different positions. He previously ran the company’s division in charge of AmEx corporate cards. He has spent more time meeting with shareholders and hence has a wide skillset on how to manage the company and increase shareholders portfolio.  Click this to learn more about his entrepreneurial skills.

About Chris Burch

Mr. Christopher Burch is a serial entrepreneur and founder Chief Executive Officer of Burch Creative Capital. He is an active entrepreneur and investor in different industries. He has been influential in the development of many technologies and luxury brands including Faena Hotel+ Universe, Poppin, Jawbone, and Voss Water.

His entrepreneurial skills span over four decades and have made a great fortune. In 2014, he made it to the Forbes list of America’s richest individuals. He formerly served on the boards of The Continuum Capital Group and Guggenheim Capital.

Mr. Chris Burch’s entrepreneurial success dates back to 1976. Together with his brother, Bob, they invested $2000 in a startup company, Eagles Apparel. Over time, they grew the company from the mere $2000 to $165 million. They then sold the company to Swire Group.   Related article on  Burch used the funds he got from the sale of Eagles Apparel to buy shares in Internet Capital Group, during its IPO.  Read more about his awesome resort investment on,

In 2011, the entrepreneur founded C. Wonder, accessories, apparel and home décor retailer shop which he later sold to Xcel Brands. Over his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Burch has contributed to the rise of over 50 companies. His company, Burch Creative Capital, is involved in the development of various consumer brands across different industries.  To read more about the diversity of his business, hop over to

Know his latest cool contribution to the market, visit

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Mighty Fortress Church Provides A Spirited Sunday Service

MFI changes lives through authentic worship services and meaningful Biblical messages. One is encouraged to come as you are, believing all have something to offer. MFI is a multi-dimensional ministry, aided by band, choir and worship team, that believes the primary reason to worship is to receive God’s blessings through His Word.

Having attained a ministerial degree from Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, a BA degree in Mass Communications from North Central University in Minneapolis, a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, as well as two Honorary Doctorate Degrees, Bishop Thomas R. Williams brings a 30 year history of ministry to Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams founded MFI, located in Minneapolis, as a fundamental, Bible-teaching church which looks provide encouragement and empowerment to todays’ Christians. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

There are many churches in Minnesota. Highway Highlights has determined the 25 most beautiful churches in Minnesota. Among them are the three that follow.

With a mix of dark red, blue and yellow tiles scattered among the typical brick colored tiles, and a band of aqua just under the tower cross, the roof of St. Andrews Catholic church in St. Paul adds a unique touch to the brick church. Now serving as an art academy rather than a church, St. Andrews is a mix of Spanish Mission Revival and Romanesque architecture.

Near Mankato, in St. Peter, is the Church of the Holy Communion. It is a simple A-frame construction with three gabled eye dormer windows on either side of the sloping roof. Built in 1869, it was designed in Gothic style and built of local Kasota limestone. The door is a medieval-Gothic design and is painted a cheerful red. The building also has an open air style bell structure. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Atop Summit Hill, above downtown St. Paul, is the ornate Cathedral of St. Paul. Designed in French Renaissance and Classical styles, the cathedral was fashioned after Parisian churches and boasts a center dome reaching 186 feet. Having been built in the early 1900’s, the Cathedral of St. Paul is the third largest church in the States.


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A Look Into Personalized Merchandising And Its Impact On Sales

Personalized merchandising is a marketing tactic that can have a big impact on sales. Many studies corroborate the idea that personalized merchandising on online stores can dramatically improve conversion rate optimization. It will also boost sales substantially.

So, what is personalized merchandising? It involves providing customized product suggestions and offerings based on a customer’s unique browsing habits, geo-location or demographics. Personalized merchandising can even take external factors into play such as the weather. For example, an online store can suggest customers buy umbrellas, rain coats or jackets if the weather in their location is currently rainy.

The idea behind personalized merchandising is to give the customer products that he or she may be more inclined to buy based on certain information that is gathered about them. Analytics software is often used in this process. The software gathers data about them and then tries to show similar or relevant products that it thinks the visitor will be likely to buy or consider buying.

A big part of personalized merchandising has to do with cross-selling. If a person buys a t-shirt for the beach, they will most likely need some shorts as well. If you have personalized merchandising software in place, then the program should automatically suggest that the customer consider adding some shorts to complement their t-shirt purchase.

So, does personalized merchandising work? The answer is yes. Conversion rates can increase by two or threefold for retailers that incorporate personalized merchandising in their online stores. Conversion rates refer to visitors becoming buyers when they visit a site.

Not only will you get more buyers with the use of personalized merchandising software on your online store, but you should also be able to sell more stuff as well. This is because personalized recommendations greatly increase the number of items you can cross sell. Up-selling can also see a major increase with personalized recommendations. You can suggest upgrades or premium services to customers and chances are some of them will agree.

The use of personalized merchandising software can be an excellent investment in conversion rate optimization. It also almost always provides an excellent return on investment as well. One major retailer in the UK saw hundreds of pounds in additional sales from every pound they spent on the merchandising software.

It is easy to implement personalized merchandising in an online store. The return is often many times more than what is put in. Many of the biggest online retailers have been using such software for many years now and smaller retailers are encouraged to follow suit.

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Greg Secker Giving a Clear Lead on How a Calendar Help You

Greg Secker was born in 1975, and he is based in London. He is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, international speaker and a master trader. He is also a proud father. He founded the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003. This particular group is incorporated of many global trading giants. In the year 2009, this team won a finalist spot during the London Excellence Awards. In 2010, the Sunday Times Fast track 100 awards included this group on their list and clarified that it’s among its top 50 companies of their choice. He is also the Founder of Greg Secker Foundation. This is a non-profit organization that works to upgrade the lives of the disadvantaged people all over the world. He is a philanthropist dedicated to change as many lives as possible for the less fortunate and the underprivileged.

As a master trader, Greg Secker has shared a lot to save all those interests in doing forex trading. How can a calendar help me? This has been a general question that Greg Secker addressed. Forex traders finally got the realization that forex trading financial market reaction is quite unpredictable for shock news rather than regular reports. For instance, a massive decision from US Federal Reserve Committee in 2016 result to a spike in interest rates. The introductory Brexit Decision of the year 2016 resulted in volatility of the Pound. The fact is that such kind of issues is quite hard to forecast and predict in the absence of the economic calendar helps. You will have a head start to establishing more profitable trading decisions with the help of a financial calendar. The economic calendar helps the trader to plot such problems easily and as, a result, they won’t be a surprise to them in case they tend to happen. Despite all this, you should be aware that there will still be a currency impact if this happens.

Greg Secker emphasized on one thing, whenever I make a recommendation that people need to engage in forex trading is due to the benefit of being able to make money whether the market is on an upward or a downward trend. Even though there are currency drops, you will always be a victor if you happen to be short on that specific dropping currency. Learning forex trading is not such a nightmare as people tend to think. With time dedication and technology, all you need is to invest some of your efforts and have a great determination towards it.

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What to Know About Rocketship Education Charter Schools

Being able to send your kids to a better quality school is something that most parents strive for in their lives. Unfortunately, California does not necessarily have a lot of great Public Schools available to Children living in different low-income areas. If you have been struggling to send your child to a great quality school, it is nice to know that Rocketship education is there to jumpstart their education in a way that you never thought possible.

Rocketship education has been around for quite some time and is the leading charter school system in the country. They are able to match you and your child with a great quality Charter School throughout the state of California that is not going to cost you a penny in order to enroll your child and get their education started. Charter schools are free of any type of tuition, as they are federally funded and openly available to low-income families throughout the country. Rocketship education also makes it easy for you to find a great quality local charter school that is going to be an ideal match for your kids no matter what their current grade or educational level happens to be.

There are a lot of kids right now who are making good use of charter schools all throughout the state of California, so it is important that you take a look at Rocketship education to see what they are able to do for you in terms of finding a great school that works for your budget and your children’s needs. Now is the time for you to take a look at the Rocketship Education website to learn more about this amazing company and what they have done for kids all throughout the state of California and other states throughout the country as well. There is a reason so many parents are currently using Rocketship education for their kids, and it is important that you take a look at the website to learn as much as possible about this amazing company and see if it is going to be the right choice for you and your kids future educations as well.

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