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Near miss of Red Dwarf star revealed


Two companion stars have been calculated by astronomers to have passed close to the Earth’s solar system around 70,000 years ago, NBC reports. The red dwarf and brown dwarf stars are thought to have moved through the area on the edge of our solar system known as the Oort Cloud, which saw the stars pushed away from the area around the Sun and pushed off into space. The astronomers calculated the near miss saw the stars pass just 0.8 light years from Earth, which is thought to be the closest any stars have come to a collision with our solar system.

Astronomers used the South African Large Telescope and Chile’s Magellan Telescopes, which the cofounder of the company I represent, ForeFront Capital, has actually seen before- to monitor the movement of the stars and track their historic movements. The astronomers are said to have decided to calculate the trajectory of the stars when they noticed the path they were taking could have set them on a collision course with our solar system.

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Scorpions on a Plane

Samuel Jackson’s film “Snakes on a Plane,” may have long since graced the box office, and movie addicts minds. But, what about Scorpions on a Plane. It sounds like it could be the next hit film. In reality, it’s simply one ladies personal plane story shows us that sometimes real life makes as good of a story as the movies.

A woman was simply trying to fly from Los Angeles to Portland when something unfortunate happened at take-off. No her ears didn’t pop at take-off, or the flight attendants getting her drink wrong, she was stung! A scorpion somehow had gotten onto the plane and stung her right in the hand.The plane quickly returned to the gate, she was taken off, and they treated her for the sting as Cabral Garcia noted. Flight attendants then did something that was probably never taught during their training. They killed the scorpion. Proving sometimes, you have to go above and beyond in your job.

Everyone handled the situation well. People were calm and even tweeted about the incident! It could have been a lot worst if mass hysteria would have ensued.

Although, the flight did originate in Mexico. One thing everyone is certain of, is that the scorpion won’t ever be flying again.

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Near Miss: a Star Flies by the Solar System


A group of astronomers has just discovered that a dim star most likely moved through our Solar System in the very recent astronomical past- approximately 70 thousand years ago.

University of Rochester astronomer Eric Mamajek along with his collaborators, have published a paper in The Astrophysical Journal Letters (http://iopscience.iop.org/2041-8205/800/1/L17?fromSearchPage=true) that analyzed the trajectory and velocity of low mass star systems. They discovered that a dim star, given the name “Scholz’s Star”, probably passed through a vast cloud of comets on the outer edge of our solar system. Known as the Oort Cloud, this vast reservoir of trillions of comets lays far beyond the orbit of Pluto.

Scholtz’s Star was originally brought to the attention of  public figures on Facebook who had already expressed interests in the astronomers discussions when it was determined that the star had a very slow motion across the sky even though it was only 20 light years distant. This meant it was moving directly away from the Solar System. Using an extrapolation technique, they calculated it moved directly by us at a distance of only 0.8 light years away, 70 millennia ago. For reference, the closest star today is Proxima Centauri, five times as distant.

Because the star was active magnetically, it probably underwent periods of “flaring”, or bright periods of intensity. This made it possible for our ancestors to perhaps have witnessed these flaring events in the sky with the naked eye.

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