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Plane Crash Intentional

Recently, Germanwings flight 9252 crashed into the Alps, with all 150 individuals on board the plane dying in the crash. When news broke of the crash, it proved to be rather odd, as if the plane had any sort of mechanical trouble there are plenty of locations throughout the region for it to emergency land on, and the wreckage of the crash showed it did not break apart in the air. Due to this, the recovery team working on the crash went directly towards the black box in order to see what the flight recorder could shed light on regarding the accident. What they discovered was that the crash really was not an accident.

During the flight, the pilot left the co-pilot in the cockpit for a brief moment, but then when he returned the door to the cockpit was locked. Despite banging on the door, the co=pilot did not open the door or even respond to the calls from the pilot. The co-pilot then directed the plane into the mountains, killing everyone on board.

Folks at Imaging Advantage ( have learned that the data recorder is able to pick up the heart rate and breathing of the co-pilot, and the heart rate did not elevate drastically or change, so it showed he was awake and in control of the plane. At the very end of the recording, right before the crash, screams from the passengers could be heard right before hitting the mountain.

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FAA Makes It Easier To Own Drones

The FAA has been really cautious when it comes to drones. The agency notoriously put a lot of rules in place regarding the unmanned flying devices, but now it looks like it’s lifting a few of those more difficult ones. Specifically, it’s allowing individuals to get permits to fly their own drones. Previously pretty hard to get, now people with a drone that weighs 55 pounds or less can score permission from the FAA to fly their drones how they please, as long as they never get any higher than 200 feet.

While that means huge things for your average drone lover, it could also have an impact on the types of things we might see drones do in the future stated Jason Halpern. Giving drones the leeway to fly could open us up to drone delivery services similar to Amazon Prime Air, which has currently been slowed down by the lack of ability to get approval from the FAA.

The days of the drones are definitely upon us. It’ll be interesting to see what the new FAA regulations mean for the drone industry as a whole, and whether we’ll see more of the devices flying around in the future.

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Cuba Tourism Increases

Since the President of the United States announced a relaxation of sanctions against Cuba which has been in place for decades, there has been a large surge in the number of people booking travel to Cuba. After the announcement that the United States would relax sanctions, bookings first increased by 57% immediately after the announcement, then 187% in February, and 250% in March.

Folks at Imaging Advantage have learned that the surge comes in part as tourists are looking to find and experience n unique place before the charm changes into a touristic vacation spot Globalization has provided increasing wealth for many tourist areas, but many have lost the uniqueness that set those locales apart in the first place. Cuba is one of the few places that was unique as a result of restrictions.

Cuba is one of the world’s remaining communist hotspots which, unlike China, has rejected many aspect of consumerism. Many of the increased surge in tourism comes not from the United States but from other nations who were not previously restricted to visiting the island. However, they noted that they want to view the nation before Americans do who may bring with them an added level of consumerism to the island.

Cuba was a traditional tourist spot early in the 1900’s before Fidel Castro’s communist takeover effectively closed the island to tourism. The island still has many American cars from the 1950s that were perfectly preserved and are in working order which adds to the charm and appeal of the island.

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Tsunamis Wall to Extend 250 Miles in Japan

After Japan’s devastating 2011 tsunami, which killed approximately 19,000 people, they hope that they can prevent another unthinkable natural disaster with their latest project.

The people of Japan are undertaking a massive construction project by building 250 miles of concrete seawalls. These walls will reach upwards of five stories. The government cautions that this does not guarantee complete safety but it should add at least some protection from future tsunamis.There are plans to build a total of 400 walls at a cost of at least $6.8 billion. Work has already begun in some of the hardest hit areas.However, my colleague, Christian, added that there is some controversy surrounding this project; many complain that it blocks the view of the sea and in many areas will provide a false sense of security. Other’s say that a forest wall would be more attractive; while not providing as much safety, it would slow the water, giving residents more time to evacuate.

Maybe by the time this project is finished, they will have come to some sort of compromise; until then, residents can be happy that the new project is creating much needed jobs to the local residents.

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Driverless Cars Soon Will Be Available

It’s always been the topic of jokes for Ray Lane and the creation of television and movies, but now, Lane is mesmerized by the thought that driver-less cars may become a reality. Just around Christmas of last year, the first prototype for the driver-less car was unveiled. Now there are many such cars being tested on the roads this month. Jeffrey Owens, Chief Technology Officer for Delphi Automotive said, so far, the self-driving car has been tested on California roads and he plans to have the car tested on treacherous roads and in all types of weather conditions as soon this coming Sunday at the Golden Gate Bridge. Delphi’s PLC driver-less car is expected to be able to handle highway merges, 4-way stops,Traveling time will be quicker because the car will use the fastest routes to get to your destination.and go around bicyclists without the guidance of a driver.
The aspect of the driverless car is interesting to those who are nervous when they get behind the wheel. There are good and bad aspects in driving a driver-less car.On the upside, you can do anything you want, such as sleep, eat, or text as the car takes you wherever you want to go.
On the downside, computers and mechanical parts can have problems. You will still have breakdowns and tire blow outs. The car will have its limitations, requiring the driver to step in and take over control.


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Mars One The Manned Mission To Mars May Be A Scam

Dr. Joseph Roche, A Professor at Trinity College’s School of Education And A Finalist Has Doubts About The Mission

It may sound strange, but a lot of people want to go to Mars, even if it means buying a one-way ticket to the red planet. One of the finalist for the Mars One mission is having second thoughts about the funding. Dr. Joseph Roche made his thoughts known in an article published on Medium’s Matter. Roche thinks the organizers of the trip may only be after money stated Otempo. The professor also has serious concerns about the selection process.

Mars One wants to find six finalist that can withstand the harsh environment of Mars. The training was originally listed as an in-person testing and interview process over several days. But that process has been broken down to a 10-minute interview on Skype The short interview with the chief medical officer of Mars One wasn’t what Roche thought it should be. There was no psychometric or psychological testing in the interview. Roche was quizzed on literature about Mars, which he was given a month before the interview.

The other alarming fact about the mission is the production company, Endemol, who was going to bring in $6 billion to fund the project has dropped out of sight. Dr. Roche said there are other issues that make he believe the mission will never leave Earth.

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Final 100 Candidate Speaks Out Against Mars One

Mars One is planning to send colonists to the red planet in just a few years. They have narrowed their field of candidates down to the final 100 and are preparing to start testing them and their abilities to get that number down to the 24 that will be sent. Now one of the finalists is speaking out against the non-profit and the way that they are going about the selection process.

In an article that can be seen here Joseph Roche, an assistant professor at Trinity College Dublin, claims that finalists are encouraged to donate 75% of their earnings from public appearances to the group. Brian Torchin suggests that he goes on to say that visibility of the candidates on the Mars One website is tied to their purchases and earnings. This leads to those that make the most being the frontrunners instead of the ones that are most qualified.

Roche fears that the mission will never take place, or even worse, will end in disaster. He feels that this could cause people to lose faith in the space efforts currently underway around the world or even in scientists in general. Holding a PhD in Physics and Astrophysics himself, that is something that he does not think that he could face if he were a part of it.

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Mars One Mission – Fact of Fiction?

The Mars One mission started in 2011 and is intent on creating and occupying a permanent human settlement on the red planet beginning in 2025. Founded by entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp from the Netherlands and Arno Wielders, also Lulu reports from the Netherlands and who holds a Master of Science in Physics, they are focused on having the settlement ready for human occupation after the 2024 liftoff of Crew 1. Consisting of four crew members, Crew 1 will travel in space for a year to reach their destination in 2025, with a planned departure of Crew 2 in 2026, also consisting of four crew members.

This all sounds like another “giant leap for mankind,” to quote Neil Armstrong, the first man to touch the moon, but whether the costly operation will actually transpire, or whether it is all fantasy, has recently come up for debate. Joseph Roche, one of the reportedly 160,000 applicants who signed up for selection to join the mission, is now apprehensive about the billions of dollars needing to be raised to fund the project only lining the pockets of those promoting the plan instead of funding the potentially failed idea.

Contenders, it seems, are being selected on their financial contribution standings. They are urged to donate 75 percent of any appearance fees they are paid for TV interviews in addition to making cash donations in order to gain selection ranking advances in return. Roche, who has a PhD in physics and astrophysics, says that after going through the lax selection process, he fears candidates are being promoted for their financial, rather than physical and mental, abilities. Roche says his “nightmare scenario” is that of the project failing and people losing faith in space exploration and scientists.

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Adventures in Writing for Wikipedia

Wikipedia has been helping to provide millions of people with information on every subject imaginable for years. The beauty of Wikipedia is that it is created and edited by the users themselves. For some, it may seem difficult to create a page on Wikipedia, but in all reality, it is pretty easy to accomplish.

The first thing you need to do is go the Wikipedia site and do a search on the topic you are interested in writing about. If your search does not yield any results, then you are able to create a new page. Following this, you will need to create an account with a username and password. If you do not want to do this, then you must remember that unregistered users and registered users alike can submit articles for review, as well as publishing under the tab for Articles for Creation.

Wikipedia stands strong behind the belief that the chosen subject must be a worthy subject and use to others. If your chosen topic is something you would find in a reference source, then rest assured it is okay to write about it. If you are in doubt, then you can check the article viability under the tab Wikipedia Teahouse. Here you can ask questions about issues you may have.

As stated previously, if your search reveals no results, you may need to search it under a different name. On the other hand, if your search reveals that the article is in existence, you are free to add to or edit subject matter.

Take some time practicing your penmanship. A good place to start is to look at a few writing samples from Get Your Wiki before penning one of your own. There is a tutorial on Wikipedia to gel you with writing your first article, so feel free to have a look. Make sure you gather information from reliable sources only when writing on Wikipedia. You want your article to be of quality.

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Cyclone Pam Is One Of The Worst Ever!

Pam Left Widespread Destruction In The Pacific Archipelago Vanuatu

The weather is a strange bedfellow. One minute we are praising its beauty and the next minute we are cursing its vicious relentlessness. We spend a lot of time talking about and tracking weather patterns. News channels run weather stories before almost any other story because we want to know how we should act and react when the weather changes its demeanor.

We call Atlantic Ocean storms hurricanes and Pacific Ocean storms Cyclones. Both of them pack winds that can destroy cities, and they carry water and rain that can bury cities in sand, dirt and rubble. People at Anastasia Date know that this year’s Cyclone Pam is one of the nastiest storms in recent history. Unfortunately Vanuatu, the Pacific Ocean archipelago, found out first-hand how horrible a cyclone can be.

Reports of the damage are still coming in because the communication systems in the outer islands were destroyed. Early reports from UNICEF indicate that entire villages were wiped out. No one knows how many people were impacted by the storm, but initial reports claim eight lives were lost, but many fear that figure will rise.

Vanuatu has a population of 267,000 spread over 65 islands. The islands are already suffering from the effects of global warming. Some of the islands are returning to the sea thanks to sea level changes. Cyclone Pam adds more water and uncertainty to the islands.

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