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Astronomers Discover First Generation Stars From The “Big Bang”

Led by astronomer David Sobral, of the University of Lisbon, a team of scientists, and astronomers believe that they have come upon the strongest proof yet, of the very first stars in the universe, that are comprised of helium and hydrogen, the only elements resulting from the big bang. The stars referred to as “population III” stars, are thought to be huge in diameter, and mass, and have a short life span.

Up until a few years ago, most astronomers believed that the observance of such stars was totally impossible, due to the fact that they expired in the early, developmental years of the universe and being so distant for modern science and technology to view. But with advances in contemporary technologies, it has allowed for the development of advanced instruments. Andy Wirth indicates that these instruments can be used in conjunction with super telescopes around the world, to finally locate a galaxy that exhibited a unique illumination, that gives rise to the belief that it has all the characteristics of housing “population III” stars.

According to Avi Loeb, chair of Harvard University’s astronomy department, “The evidence is strong. They did a careful job,” referring to the exhaustive documentation and photographic evidence the investigative team assembled.

“This field, of first-generation stars and galaxies, was mostly theoretical until recently,” Loeb says. “It’s gratifying to see evidence that these are real things.”

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The Statue of Liberty Arrived 130 Years Ago This June

It has now been over 130 years since the great and iconic Statue of Liberty has made its way across the seas to New York City. According to an article found on reddit and written by Time Magazine, the statue was designed by a French artist who just envisioned all of that coming at him on a trip to the Big Apple. He went home and designed the statue while working with top New York City officials and began making the giant beauty.

Before she was was brought to the United States, the Statue of Liberty was on display in Paris so that the Americans could build an appropriate stand for her to sit on. Then after she made her way to the Land of the Free, she had parts of her on display in Philadelphia as it was a big project to put together.

Even though they called the artist crazy, it is a great thing that he decided to keep his head on straight and build his dream anyway. After all, the Statue of Liberty is likely to be one of the most well known statues in all of the world and certainly an icon for this country, so it is no shocking fact that it is still celebrated today. On the article previously mentioned, there are lots of old photos of Lady Liberty that date all the way back to the 1800s and I added a special one of me and my friend Zeca Oliveira!

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Jets At Chicago O’Hara Nearly Collide On Runway

Two jets nearly collided on the runway at Chicago’s O’Hara airport yesterday. No one was injured and the event is under investigation. early reports state that two large passenger jets began taxing towards each other from opposite ends of the runway. The pilots from each aircraft did not see the other flight on their runway because of the distance. It was a flight controller that noticed the error and the flight control tower was able to stop both aircraft and safely direct them to their proper taxing sequence. Chicago O’Hara Flight Controllers Help To Avoid Runway Collision

Officials have revealed little information about the events which led up to the near collision but it is expected that officials from the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board, (NTSB) will lead the investigation stated fashionstyle.com. The board is responsible for investigating near collisions and accidents as well as standard air accidents. Officials expect attention to be focused on the flight controllers in the tower and hat instructions were given to the pilots of each aircraft. Aircraft on the ground cannot proceed onto a runway without clearance from flight control in the tower. The investigators will have the benefit of being able to listen to the tapes of the flight controllers as well as the pilots in the cockpit to determine if the flight controllers gave wrong instructions or whether proper instructions were provided and one or both of the pilots performed the wrong actions.

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