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Forethought is a Talent and an Art.

We had a very serious discussion in our art class about the significance of labels in art. The question was if impressionistic art impressionistic to the artist, or is that how the artist actually visualizes the world? In other words, is impressionism more realistic than realistic forms of art? I agree that sometimes my own work feels impressionistic to some people. It always throws me back a bit that a large number of the people that view my art consider it to be impressionistic. For me, it is totally realistic because I understand that each second that you view a subject, it changes. This change is reflected in many ways including the way the light hits the subject and things like wind. If I do not reflect the changes, then I am not being realistic, and even still it is referred to as impressionism.

I do not like this because I think the great masters of impressionism have sucked all of the wind out of the genre. All impressionistic work will be compared to those masters, and few critics will admit that any current work is better even if it is true. We also discussed the dilemma that is taking place in the contemporary art world. We got into this subject because a mindless official at a juried show labeled all of the art that had no category as contemporary art. To add fuel to the fire, she exclaimed that she placed them together because they were recently done. This was her definition of contemporary art. Of course the artists were upset, but it really was not her fault because contemporary art as a genre began in the early 1960’s. Additionally, it does not reflect the type of art that is being produced currently.

Contemporary art as a genre is hard to explain, but it does exist, and there are consistencies throughout all pieces just like any art genre. However, these things are different in contemporary art. The ambiguity of the term was intended when it was coined. This drew more interest to the works of the artists that produced contemporary art. It is equivalent to furniture from the 1950’s being called modern.

Contemporary art as a genre reflects the contemporary art that was being reflected during the 1960’s and 1970‘s when the most iconic pieces and artists were flourishing. We were also discussing it because mega investor Adam Sender recently released hundreds of the most iconic contemporary art pieces in existence. This savvy investor had the gall to gamble on the viability of this art as an investment. Currently, he is reaping the benefits of his forethought. The famous works that he re-introduced to the market have been all the news in the art world for several years now.

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Brad Reifler Opens Financial Market to New Investors

You don’t have to know who Brad Reifler is to benefit from the work his company, Forefront Management Group, is about to do. Brad Reifler is a financial investor and the CEO of Forefront Capital Management. For the better part of the last decade he has been working in the financial market, helping accredited investors get their feet wet with investing. Now, as reported by Reuters, it appears that he is changing the paradigm of financial investing for the bulk of the middle class.

The Security Exchange Commissions defines an accredited investor as someone who possesses more than $200,000 in annual salary or over one million dollars in net worth, not including their home. It is these investors that receive priority attention and it is these investors who have access to the truly life changing forms of investments that are out there in the financial world. Brad Reifler wants to open those same doors for the ‘99% who are overlooked’.

Reifler’s stance comes from a personal journey when his father in law came to him for investment help. His father in law trusted Reifler with his life savings and asked that he invest it appropriately into the market. Reifler soon realized that his father wasn’t considered ‘accredited’ by SEC standards and was thus incapable of investing in the truly transformative ways that were available to him. So Reifler decided to start Forefront Management Group.

Forefront Management Group aims to help any investor who can put together the minimum amount of $2,500. It is a public fund that does not rely on the stock market and is thus much more stable as a result. Of course no investments are sure thing,s but Reifler is aiming to create a safe place for lower threshold earners to invest their money and create a bigger fund for later in life.

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FreedomPop Hotspots Are The Absolute Best

I use wifi a lot when I’m on the road because I don’t have a data plan on my cell phone. I also have a tablet that I bring along with me, and I need wifi for both of them to work. I used to go into different stores or restaurants and use their wifi, but I’ve been hearing that there are hackers looking to get into our personal information. Although I didn’t take it serious enough to stop using wifi, I had to take it seriously when a friend of mine had her computer hacked. She brought her laptop to the same restaurant I always go to, and her information was compromised.

I don’t know if anything bad came out of the hack, but she knows that someone had gone into her computer, even though her password had never been entered. I got scared enough to where I knew that I needed to get my own wifi service. I looked around for a wifi service provider, and did a little searching on Wikipedia to find something that really caught my attention, FreedomPop. FreedomPop has many different wifi hotspots that I can take with me when I’m on the road, and I no longer need to use the free wifi I find in different stores and restaurants.

I knew it would be better for me to use the FreedomPop hotspot because at least they would be secure, and I wouldn’t have to worry about someone hacking my personal information. I contacted the company to see what the cost would be, and I was very impressed at how low the cost was to get a wifi hotspot. After signing up for the hotspot, I received a very small hotspot that was tiny enough to fit right into my pocket. I love the hotspot because no one knows that I’m using it.

It’s great to know that I can go anywhere in my city, and I’ll still have wifi that goes with me. If I’m sitting in the car underneath the tree, I can still get on the Internet, without having to worry about going to a store to get Internet connection. Anywhere that I go, my Internet goes with me, and it has helped me to get a lot more work done. I can bring my Internet absolutely anywhere, and this means that I can use the Internet someplace completely private, and no one can get onto my network. Thanks to FreedomPop, I now have my own wifi service.

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Sky-High Airfares Have DoJ Investigating Airlines

Airlines in the US facing high fuel prices thanks to the triple-digit prices of oil passed those rising costs along to consumers in the form of increased airfares. When oil prices began dropping in 2014, car drivers saw decreases at the gas pumps. But air travelers continue to pay high fares.

Those higher fares appear to be uniform across the US airline industry. That raised alarms with the Department of Justice, resulting in the opening of an investigation into possible collusion between carriers. The DoJ confirmed this in a statement noting they are looking into “possible unlawful coordination by some airlines.”

Keith Mann mentions that higher airfares could also be the result of deliberate efforts coordinated by the airlines to limit the number of available seats to the flying public. Constricting supply increases demand and enables charging of much higher prices than one might believe possible considering lower current fuel prices.

Members of Congress also shared their concerns about higher airfares. New York Senator Charles Schumer said, “It’s hard to understand, with jet fuel prices dropping by 40 percent since last year, why ticket prices haven’t followed.”

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Department of Justice Questioning Several Airlines

The Department of Justice has a few questions about several airlines. The main question is, are they working together to keep airfare prices high? One reason this question is being raised is due to the fact that fuel prices have fallen by 40 percent. Yet, ticket prices remain the same or higher.

They are also wondering if airlines are limited available seats in order to keep the demand and the prices high stated Christian Broda. It’s believed that the number of flights available is intentionally kept low in order to be able to command more for each ticket.

Airline mergers are one thing that has led to the ability of airlines to cooperate with one another. Doing so benefits all of them since they can charge more. It is more lucrative for the airlines to work together, than it is for them to compete with one another.

As long as people are willing to pay the higher prices, airlines will continue to raise them. The cost of flying has gone up almost 20 percent in the last five years.

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Vacation in Cuba?

It is no secret that ever since America became involved with Cuba, there has been bad blood between the two countries. Thanks to sanctions, no can can leave Cuba and no one can enter Cuba from the United States. As of lately though this has all been changed. The sanctions are being lifted, and the U.S. is now putting a hand out to shake the great nation of Cuba for the purpose of reconciliation.

The new friendship is beginning with the fact that the embassies will finally be opened. The U.S. embassy will be opened in Cuba and the Cuban embassy will be opened in Washington D.C. This new transition will renew the diplomatic ties that Cuba once had with the United States before the United States took control over Cuba. Soon, both President Obama and Secretary of State, John Kerry, will address the public to state that there will be two embassies in each of the country’s capital.

this new act will be done for the first time in over half a century. told that these sanction lifts were made when Obama had met with Raul Castro and had discussed the conditions. The two diplomats had met in Panama. It was the first time two diplomats from the two countries had spoken in over 50 years. Obama not only wants to continue developing their relations, but he also hopes that in the future, Cuba will once again be that great nation.

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