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Omar Boraie sheds more light to genomic science research


Rutgers Cancer Institution of New Jersey is America’s only National Cancer Institution dedicated to improve detection, treatment and care of patients with cancer and also serve as an education resource for cancer prevention. Physician-scientists at the Institute engage in translational research by transforming the discoveries made in their laboratories into clinical practice. Rutgers University has the ‘18 Chair Challenge’ campaign in which an anonymous donor in 2011, made a pledge of 27 million dollars to create challenge grants for establishment of 18 new endowed chairs. For every 1.5 million dollars raised for a chair meeting the donor’s criteria, the donor will match the gift with an additional 1.5 million dollars needed to endow it. The Omar Boraie Chair in Genomic Science was established and named after the New Brunswick developer Omar Boraie made a 1.5 million dollars to support it. This will help propel research in the field of precision medicine at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey.
Medical professionals are changing how they approach cancer diagnosis and treatment thanks to the field of genomic science and precision medicine which involves analyzing and treating tumors on a genetic level thus allowing oncologists to prescribe individualized therapies. This results in better outcomes. President Obama even launched a national Precision Medicine Initiative focused on finding a cure for cancer and other diseases in his most recent State of the Union Address, showing how important it is.  Precision medicine enables scientists to classify cancer into groups with similar characteristics but different genetics so as to predict patient outcomes better and also come up with individualized cancer therapies.
Omar Boraie who has a background in chemistry and an interest in cancer research hopes that his pledge would motivate others to come forth in the support of precision medicine. He believes the physician-scientists at Rutgers Cancer Institute are making significant advances in the field for those patients whose cancers are no longer responsive to the cancer medication available. Rutgers Cancer Institution Director, Robert S. DiPaola thanks Mr. Boraie’ s generosity and recognizes him as an integral part of the development of New Brunswick as a ‘Healthcare City’. Robert also notes Boraie’s desire to support an endowed chair will have an impact on cancer research and treatment of patients within and without New Brunswick.

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Clean it Up in a Hurry

Are you in need of a cleaning service who can come to your house in just a matter of hours? Maybe you have a big date coming up and you just are not prepared for. Perhaps you found out the in-laws are coming to the house and you are tasked with cleaning the house. Whatever the reasoning or however soon you need your house cleaned, wouldn’t it be nice if you could just power on your smart phone and have a professional cleaner at your doorstep a moment later? Well good news, because that is finally a possibility with the Handy application. Now, someone isn’t just going to arrive the moment you turn the device on, but it does allow you to have rush jobs performed, all while bringing in the very best professional cleaning professionals in the area. You just need the app.

The Handy app is one of the fastest growing applications on both iOS and Android. Think of it as the Uber for home cleaning. You just download the free application, create an account and connect a form of payment to it (such as your credit card). Once all of it is set up, which takes just a matter of minutes, you are ready to go and can schedule a cleaner to show up to your home and do as little or as much as you need. With the connected form of payment there is no need to have cash sitting around or to swipe your credit card on a portable card reader. The amount is automatically withdrawn from your credit card.

When you book a cleaner, you open up the application and select a time and date for when you need the cleaner set to your home. When you submit the order you are good to go. Of course, you probably want to know if the person is going to be trustworthy or not. After all, you don’t want to open your home to just anyone. You probably want to have someone you know is a top of the line cleaning professional who also has a solid background. Not to worry as Uber performs all of the background searches for you. After all, just one back experience can derail a company like this, so it doesn’t just perform a background and criminal check, but also a credit check, it requires references and job experience as a professional cleaner. Less than five percent of everyone who applies to become a cleaner with Handy actually become a cleaner. Due to this, you know whomever comes to your house you can trust.

The next time you are in need of a cleaning, whether it is just some basic chores or you need the house cleaned top to bottom, you are able to have someone come to your house. You just need to download the Handy application and set up a cleaning. Then, you can kick back and relax or work on other chores while the professional cleans your home.

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Brazilian Lawyers Are Trying To Stop The Rise In White-Collar Crimes

Tosto also said Brazil is on the verge of imposing stronger accounting rules, and there is an effort to increase corporate transparency as well. But that will take time, and in the meantime lawyers in Brazil that deal with white-collar crimes are very busy. Brazilian lawyers are busy because white-collar crimes are increasing in spite of the fact that there are new rules on the horizon. Some lawyers say the new rules are the reason for the increase. More than 300,000 anti-fraud operations were carried out in 2015, and that is an 112 percent increase over last year.
A couple of Brazilian law firms are getting a lot of attention because of the operations that are underway against a large investment bank and wealth management company. When the media released the news that the company was under investigation, clients withdrew $616 million from the company, and that kept the bank’s lawyers busy, according to Ricardo Tosto.
The Brazilian lawyers that handle financial crime in Brazil think Brazilians believe they will not be successfully prosecuted if they are caught. One reason is the judicial system. Brazilian lawyers tend to get their clients off because of the ineptness of the Brazilian judicial system.
Ricardo Tosto believes white-collar crimes in Brazil are greater than the white-collar crimes in the United States, but they are in line with the crimes committed by other emerging markets. Corporate executives commit crimes because investigating a white-collar crime takes time and money. The situation in Brazil is in such turmoil that it’s hard for prosecutors to identify all the crimes that occur in Brazil. White-collar crimes are low priority and executives know it. Lawyers that do represent executives that are accused of crimes have a leg up on the system, according to Tosto, and he said it will stay that way until the government can get its act together.

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Hawks Under New Management

Businessman Bruce Levenson is a former Hawks Atlanta owner a family man and a philanthropist who lives in was born to a Jewish family in Washington DC but later moved to Chevy Chase, Maryland where he grew up. He has actively served as a Hawks representative into the NBA Board of Governors since he acquired the team in 2004. To add to this, he founded United Communication Group in 1977 as well as being a board member in the founding of Tec h Target, which has interests in it and media sector. Levenson is a scholar and a philanthropist who has supported many causes in North America. Levenson joined Washington University, St Louis and later joined American University Law School. While at the American University law school, He developed interest in journalism and started attending evening classes to make true one of his dreams, being a renowned reporter and writer. He completed his studies and got his first job in the journalism career with Washington Star, a local magazine.

Time’s Bruce Levenson had a childhood friend Ed Peskowitz, who they had even studied together in college. In 1977, they co-founded United Communication Group in Levenson’s apartment as the office in Gaithersburg, Maryland. The apartment was right above his father’s liquor store. The company started by publishing a newsletter named Oil Express, which informed on developments in the oil industry. UCG grew and expanded by acquiring other newsletters in the industry and went ahead to launch a database Price information service. Currently, the privately owned company specializes in new and analysis in healthcare, mortgage banking, energy industry, technology, telecommunications and data.
Levenson and Peskowitz were the majority owners of Atlanta Hawks that bought it in 2004 from Turner Broadcasting Corporation. They bought it as group Atlanta Hawks LLC alongside the rights to operate Philips Arena, a purchase that include Atlanta Thrashers basketball team which was sold in 2011. Being a professional basketball team that competed in the competitive league, it needed a good coach. Levenson hired Danny Ferry as the general manager and the president of basketball operations who will oversee the running of the team and Philips Arena. Prior to his appointment, Ferry had been a successful Cavaliers player, and when he quit, he became Cavaliers’ general manager as well as being the president of operations for San Antonio spurs. In 2014, Levenson felt the need to leave Hawks ownership and decided to sell his stake. Bids were submitted from prospective buyers, and one lucky group was successful to acquire the stake. Anthony Ressler’s group which includes a former NBA player Jesse Itzler and Grant hill. This was after negotiations that lead to striking of a deal to sell Hawks at $850 million, Levenson missing his target by $50,000. This was not bad after speculations sighted that the sale would be around $ 1billion.

Levenson is a philanthropist and is active in many causes which include Hoop dreams foundation that is based in Washington DC. He founded Holocaust Museum and has continued to support it through donations to support holocaust survivors. Levenson has three sons who with his beloved wife.

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Stockpile Pictures for Image Recognition Apps

Through using an image recognition app, the ability to find merchandise online becomes a lot easier. Of course, consumers do have to have an image in order to use the search and recognition app. Therefore, it is suggested to use the camera on a mobile device a bit more often than is usually the case. This way, a collective of images are available to employ for searches when the time comes to make a buy.

Anyone new to the concept of product recognition searches might end up being surprised to discover how easy the whole process is. An app is installed on a mobile device with a camera. Pictures are taking of merchandise. Then, the pictures are run through an image recognition search box on an affiliated retail site. Visual images that match the picture are revealed in the search results.

Again, to actually see any results from this process, consumers need to take pictures. Consider it advisable to take as many pictures of appealing merchandise as possible. No one says the items have to be bought right away. By stockpiling images, however, the pictures are available when clearance, holiday, or other discount-friendly sales days arrive. Taking pictures is not exactly difficult. Storing the images is not going to absorb a ton of memory. So, keeping the images in a special folder until the time comes when they are needed is not going to cause many problems.

Consider it very wise to use a top image recognition app. Slyce, a company based out of Toronto, offers a hot new image recognition app. Slyce is one of the fastest growing tech startups in the retail world. This is because the app it produces is easy to use and delivers solid search results.

Shopping becomes a lot easier and, possibly, less costly with a decent image recognition app. Installing a top one such as Slyce on a mobile device might be a good move for any consumer.

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An Overview On Editing And Writing Articles For Wikipedia

Deciding To Finally Contribute To Wikipedia
Most people have probably used Wikipedia as an online resource for information before, but they probably didn’t know they could edit articles or submit new articles from scratch. Wikipedia is the online community’s largest source of crowd-sourced information available. It is more reliable than most think, because it relies on strict guidelines for submission and other Wikipedia users to do the fact-checking. Some people may already do a fair amount of editing, but they still might not know they can submit from scratch, and some people or businesses may want to hire a professional service like Get Your Wiki to do submissions instead. This article will give a brief overview for editing and submission.

Editing A Wikipedia Article
This is extremely easy to do. There will be a small icon in the top-right corner of a Wikipedia page. Just click on the round icon and fix punctuation, grammar mistakes, clarify factually incorrect information or add to existing information. Once the editing is complete, make a notation of what changes were made for any readers that might come along. Wikipedia also has a section that goes into detail about about how to edit pages properly.

Guidelines For A First Submission To Wikipedia
The first thing to do before submitting a first article from scratch to Wikipedia is getting a registered account which requires only a username and password. Then, Wikipedia has a guideline that says all articles must be worthy of notice. Potential articles should be reviewed, and if the articles appear to belong in an encyclopedia, then the articles might be fine for submission. It is a question that authors need to ask themselves though. Next, make sure the topic isn’t already covered by doing a search of the site. After that, references should be gathered to add to the articles credibility. Finally, write the article. Wikipedia does have plenty of tips and guidelines for submitting a first article that can be reviewed that is vast and comprehensive.

Hiring A Wikipedia Creation Service Like Get Your Wiki To Publish Instead
Trying to publish an article and putting a lot of time in effort into writing it might be better left to the professionals at Get Your Wiki. These are experienced editors and contributors for Wikipedia that promise that an article will be published, or the service will be free. Writing for Wikipedia is hard, and Get Your Wiki takes the pressure out of it.

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Yeonmi Narrates her Horrific Experience in Her New Book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom

In her new book, In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, Yeonmi Park narrates how she managed to escape from one of the most cruel and repressive regimes in North Korea. Her brave story of survival is what has elevated her status as a leading human activist. In the book, Yeonmi details the horrifying escape through China, where she risked coming face to face with smugglers and human traffickers.

The book is a vivid narration of the plight of the people of North Korea who have struggled and suffered under the harsh regime. However horrifying the story is, it is still an inspiration. Yeonmi’s determination and hopes for a better future will resonate well with many readers. In the end, it makes you grateful for the freedom you already have.

Park was born and raised by civil servants in Hyesan, North Korea. She grew up at a time when everybody did and said only what the regime allowed them to. Even the tiniest of mistakes like watching a foreign movie could land you into great trouble. The regime was basically controlling every aspect of their daily life.

Life in North Korea was a bit better up until Yeonmi’s father got arrested for smuggling. Beyond that point, life was simply unbearable. Food had become scarce and they were now in the blink of starvation. This is when they made the big decision to escape North Korea. After escaping through china in a journey of hardship and struggle, Yeonmi and her mother finally made it to South Korea. Today, Park is the voice for those struggling for freedom not only in North Korea but also the rest of the world.

Park has become an influence and an inspiration to many people around the world. She has spoken in many forums including TEDx, the Oslo Freedom Forum and the One Young World Summit in Dublin. She also wrote for the Washington Post, and has had many interviews around the world including an interview with The Guardian. As an activist, Yeonmi of nytimes has volunteered to work in many programs like Freedom Factory Corporation.

Yeonmi’s new book could be summed up as a story about resilience of the human spirit. It is also a story of love and how it can help you overcome the worst of horrors and the most difficult troubles that life throws at you. Nothing is impossible when we train ourselves to love.

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What To Look For In The Best Lime Crime Makeup

Lime Crime is an up and coming makeup brand that has been hitting the entire industry by storm. Their products are made with super high quality and ensures lasting coverage with ease. Makeup nowadays has become more innovative and so every single brand that sells such products have been upgrading their quality non stop. Lime Crime however has always had superior quality and they are just getting better and better with time. Today I will share with you how to purchase the best Lime Crime makeup products so that you can leave with the best makeup the brand has to offer.

What To Look For In The Best Lime Crime Makeup

– The right foundation color

Your foundation is seriously the most important part to makeup mainly because it is the canvas. Make sure that you choose the right shade so that it will just look like your natural skin shade. Rule of thumb is to buy foundation that is 2 shades lighter than your hands if you are dark skinned and 1 shade darker if you are fair skinned. When it comes to application, it is crucial that you don’t apply the foundation in a circular motion, as it will go on your face quite unevenly. A downward motion will enable you to achieve the best possible coverage.

– Eyeshadows

The eyeshadow options at Lime Crime is quite impeccable. The pigmentation is unbelievable and they never seem to smudge so even if you have been wearing it for a long period of time, the application will still look flawless. Also, you don’t have to apply too much on because the pigmentation is such high quality a little will already go a long way. The best way to apply eyeshadow is with a brush, but using your fingers can also be done, you’ll just have to make sure that your hands are clean to achieve optimum quality of makeup.

– Lip products

All of the lip products from Lime Crime are so amazing. From the lip gloss to the lipsticks you will seriously not be disappointed from the colors and quality. The texture of each lip product is genuinely outstanding. They work extremely hard at coming up with unique colors and lip products, and you can see in their long list of items how diverse they are.

Doe is one of the most innovative and creative makeup artists in the world today. The company is very straight forward with how they approach their makeup, and you will find that Doe Deere of ideamensch is a hardworking woman with some of the best makeup available today.

What makes Doe stand out with her makeup line is the extravagant approached to makeup that they go after. Color and design wise, they are consolidate fly searching for colors that they want, and they always go for something different. Lime Crime is a top notch brand that focuses primarily on thick coating and strong colors, so if you need something to help you pop, this is the place for it.

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Provide Clean Energy

Andrew Wirth works in the hotel industry and the mountain resort. Andy is now the CEO and the President of the Alpine Meadows ski resorts in Olympic Valley CA and the parent company in Squaw Valley. He is also famous for being the grandson of Conrad Wirth , the latest US National Park Service Director and maybe more importantly Theodore Wirth’s great grandson. His famous surname made it easier for him to succede faster.
Andy has worked in the hotel industry and the mountain resort for 25 years. The beggining of his career was with Steamboat Springs Resort (1986) and he also worked for many different leadership and marketing positions at the Steamboat Ski & Resort Corporation and its other companies. In 2007, Andy was selected the executive vice president of Intrawest and a chief marketing officer. In 2010, Wirth left to be the CEO and the President of Squaw Valley, taking over the former CEO Nancy Cushing’s possition.
There is an op-ed was published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, and he said that just last week the Reno City Council voted to encourage the Clean Power Plan, which can be helpful for moving this country far from dirty coal power towardsrenewable and clean and energy. By voting, the council became another relevant individual in the area to pledge support for the Clean Power Plan, accompanying many private district companies.
A healthy, new, sustainable, healthy, growing and diverse economy is now upon them, enabling opportunity for all in the areas. They have just made a big progress in building their clean energy economy, and luckilly the companies making their place in the transition are keeping the quite the pressure on their elected officials and utilities.
The clean energy topic is very apolitical. In this case, it is about the reality of the non suitably poor quality air we breathe every day, the increased and drought forest fires. It’s about the unchangeable truths of this region’s donations and this carbon footprint to the climate woes of the hemisphere. This whole topic is that despite having accessibility to almost every best and geothermal and solar energy in the nation, people keep burning coal in order to have electricity at the Valmy coal plant. This also something that has to do woth opportunity — it’s about people having the chance to help with energy sourcing while some of the world’s leading companies are welcomed, such as Mikrosoft, Tesla and Apple. These companies are vividly providing people with the information that clean energy is a better future while helping to supercharge these areas economy with better jobs.
What these people are trying to do is thoughtful and they really are srious about reachin the “better tomorrow”. The only problem is, this is very hard to organize. So this is a way to unate you all, and join this quest for a truly better future for all of us.

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Utilizing LondonEscape For Your Traveling Needs

LondonEscape may be one of the best places for people to go if they have the desire to actually find some apartments for an extended stay in London. There are quite a few people that come to the area that have a desire to stay in London for more than a couple of days when they visit. This is what makes LondonEscape one of the better websites for discovering the budget studios or the rental homes that are designed for your holiday stay.

People that are traveling to London will realize that there are lots of options. There are some hotels that are considered luxury holiday spots. There are other bed and breakfast places for people that are interested in traveling to London and spending less for accommodations. There are an abundant number of options.

Visitors that come to London may have a desire to stay in an apartment with a service kitchen. The LondonEscape gives people access to areas that have kitchens. This allows the visitors that come here to save money. These apartment rentals will also give people access to better locations. Many of these holiday rentals that are found on LondonEscape are located in the heart of the city of London. There are rental spots in the high society area of Notting Hill. There are others in Camden Town and Earls Court. There really are a wide variety of places that can fit just about any budget. This is the beauty of utilizing LondonEscape. It caters to a spectrum of different travelers.

Those tourists that would like to visit and London and stay in a hotel will also have a plethora of choices available as well. Some people choose to stay in the Waldorf Hilton if they desire the upscale hotels. There are others that may want to visit the family friendly Continental Hotel if they are on a budget. The London area totally provides a wide listing of options that will make it easier for a plethora of tourists and business professionals to visit London. There are some properties near the Gatwick Airport while others are near the Heathrow Airport.

London is big, but most people will find that they do not have to worry about traveling very far. They can get rental apartments that are located next to many of the shops and restaurants if they plan their trip well before they make any reservations.

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