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Andy Wirth Fierce Opposition Against Olympic Valley Incorporation Force Backers To Retreat

So Olympic Valley incorporation backers have finally retreated, a Reno-Gazette Journal news release recently reported. This means Andy Wirth and the entire Squaw Valley community are now enjoying restful nights, right? Well, while they’ve overcome this hurdle, there’s a lot left to do. Surely, Squaw Valley Holdings CEO and president, Andy Wirth hasn’t denied this fact. In fact, he’s optimistic about the recent revelation and has a slew of developments underway to improve life throughout the region. With several obstructions, particularly the slew of natural disasters that enveloped along the North shore districts within the Lake Tahoe zone; survival of small business venture and winter escapes was uncertain for a moment.

The majestic Olympic Valley landscape is instrumental to the entire Squaw Valley community and surrounding areas. In fact, it’s home to some the most popular winter sports topography. Luckily, it has supporters like Andy Wirth who believes in preserving the natural beauty of this picturesque landscape. Surely, it was an expensive political battle on both sides. Wirth invested a generous fortune fighting in preserving Olympic Valley. His reasons for doing so was a thoughtful gesture since the incorporation would’ve had the meanest effect on businesses and residents alike. It would’ve resulted in higher taxation for the entire Lake Tahoe district.

Wirth strongly supports a greater vision of a more efficient Squaw Valley. He’s launched a mini-documentary series aired on CBS, which takes viewers on a virtual tour as he and his committed restore Lake Tahoe. Sierra Sun reported on Andy Wirth’s appointment as RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority) chairman, a revelation which happened in 2013. Two years into chairing the RSCVA, Wirth has embarked on numerous projects, which have greatly benefitted the entire constituency. With superior expertise as a directorate of international resort operation and management, Wirth is capable of success.

Powder, an online media house released news about the long-rumored gondola Andy Wirth promised. According to stories, this extension should link two pivotal ski areas. It’s rumored that it’ll include an air-lift connection, however, Wirth hasn’t remarked on the idea. The base-to-base gondola will connect Squaw Valley to Alpine Meadows, which are two of Lake Tahoe’s most prestigious ski resorts.

Wirth has remained committed to restoring prestige to the prominent Lake Tahoe circle. He’s an active catalyst encouraging the preservation of the natural environment, community resources, and transportation services. He’s fixated on improving quality life throughout the region for residents, visitors, and businesses. Wirth launched the Wounded Warrior Support initiative after surviving a near-fatal accident while skydiving. In an effort to advance rescue efforts, he launched this fundraiser to support the NSF (Navy Seal Foundation). With this organization, reuniting families with a stranded relative(s) is imminent.

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Andy Wirth Winning against Olympic Valley Incorporation

Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities have been hard hit by two significant challenges in the past few years as reported by Reno-Gazette Journal. One was a major drought that affected snow levels consequently causing a decline in profits for winter resorts as well as small business owners who rely on these resorts. The other was a political storm in the form of various entities that were trying to incorporate Olympic Valley.

However, the tide is turning for the residents as season storms have occurred earlier than expected this season. Also, another huge relief has come in the form backing down of the proponents of the bid to incorporate Olympic Valley. Hence, the resorts in the area have opened earlier than the other years.

One such resort is Squaw Valley Resort. This year, the resort has found major relief from these two developments. The thousands of dollars the company spent in efforts to oppose incorporation of Olympic Valley has not gone to waste. Andy Wirth is president and CEO of Squawks Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. He finds this great development fantastic news and reckons that the past four years have been difficult. Wirth was opposed to incorporation because it would have resulted in an increase in taxation and a decrease in services accorded to the residents. Also, the incorporation would have resulted in the isolation of the area from other communities in the north shore region. Those supporting the bid to incorporate Olympic Valley, however, deem Squawks opposition to have ulterior motives. Wirth does not agree as he reckons that the backers also used large amounts of money in their bid. His view, to oppose the incorporation, is supported by California Local Agency Commission. According to CLAC, the town that would be formed once the incorporation took effect would not be financially beneficial.

If there is anyone who knows this much about this business, it is Andy Wirth. According to his website, he has experience that spans more than twenty-five years in the ski business having previously worked in marketing at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation. Here, he worked his way to becoming the Chief Marketing Officer of Intrawest, Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation’s parent company.He exited in 2010 to become CEO of Squawks Valley and Ski Holding.

At Squawks, he has achieved some feats including being responsible for a seventy million dollar upgrade of the resort as well as brokering a merger with Alpine Meadows Ski Resort, which will see the construction of a gondola between the two resorts. And now, he plans to improve Squawks real estates. He is majorly involved in community programs as well as in philanthropy and wants the community to work on issues that are important to all its members.With Andy Wirth at the helm of Squawks, the company will continue to grow financially as well as be in harmony with the Lake Tahoe north shore community.


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What’s New About Solo Capital And Sanjay?

Sanjay Shah is a big time business person, entrepreneur, and philanthropist; the founder of Solo Capital and Autism Rocks charity foundation. Sanjay Shah is a British national, and he lives in Dubai with his family of three children and a wife. He currently engages in full-time philanthropic work in his Autism Rocks organization. Autism Rocks is an autism dedicated charity that raises funds to fund autism programs such as awareness and research. These funds are raised through live musical concerts that are organized by Autism Rocks in collaboration with famous musical figures like Snoop Dog, Drake, and Prince. Sanjay Shah also uses the charity organization to help children suffering from autism access professional help. He also donates equipment that is useful to autism centers to help them cater for autistic children. It was recently announced that Autism Rocks Board of Trustees had selected Pete Best and Will Best to join it. The two are very well known in managements and entertainment sectors. Pete Best is expected to play a major role in the management of the charity while Will Best is expected to handle the fundraising concerts as that us his area of specialization. Sanjay Shah has known the best brothers since they were friends in university and highly recommended them for the position.

Solo Capital is one of the best performing financial boutique firms offering proprietary trading, consultancy and sports management in the business world. Solo Capital as a firm that has managed to grow widely since its formation in 2009. The firm under the leadership of Sanjay Shah to be one of the most clients trusted and most profitable financial and investment firms. The firm has made a lot of profit in the market from its unique business deals such as the bet on the European Greece debt crisis. Sanjay Shah is the one who gave this firm much of its success though he is know retired from managerial duties in business. Solo Capital has also grown its operations to cover clients from all over the world. The firm shifted its operations from its headquarters in London, U.K to Dubai in its expansion move and also opened new offices in Hong Kong and Australia. Businesswise, Solo Capital, has grown by acquiring a famous natural resources stock brokerage firm, Old Park Lane. This is expected to mark Solo Capitals entry into the renowned natural resources industry which is known in the business industry for its high profitability rates.

Sanjay Shah also recently revealed the origin of his career during an interview. He was a medical student, but he quit to work as an accountant in the business sector. Before he became an entrepreneur, he had worked for firms such as Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley but he lost his job in 2009 from the 2008 economic crisis. This is when he decided to be a full-time entrepreneur and founded Solo Capital.

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Incorporation of Olympic Valley Fails

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley, a resort that is found at Lake Tahoe. Apart from being a hard working leader in this company, Andy is also a popular skydiver. He was appointed into this position several years ago, and since then, he was worked hard to make the place a good site for tourist attraction in the world. He has been working towards developing the area all, though.

For some years now, the CEO has had some problems. The resort is no longer working as usual due to some problems experienced for some time. First of all, the area did not get any rains for several seasons, and this resulted in a serious drought. Rains play a very important role in the Tahoe business, and this means that things have not been operating as normal. There are businesses that belong to people living in the communities close to the resort. These businesses depend on the resorts for their survival, and they have been affected too.

Apart from the drought, Andy Wirth had to deal political issues. The area that hosts several resorts, known as Olympic Valley was to be incorporated, and this was causing sleepless nights for Andy. His company had to spend a lot of money trying to battle the incorporation. If the incorporation of Olympic Valley was successful, the residents of the area would have to pay higher taxes. Services offered to the community would be impossible, and if they had to happen, they would be fewer than expected.

The New Year has started with some good news for Squaw Valley and the whole of Lake Tahoe community. The community is currently enjoying good rains, thanks to Mother Nature. Early storms were experienced, and they were accompanied by cold temperatures. This climate is favorable for the businesses, and this made them open before their normal time. This had never been experienced in the past.

Early storms are not the only thing the community is enjoying. The political tension that was ongoing due to the incorporation of Olympic Valley is no longer there. The people backing this idea were not successful, and the people can now settle in their businesses without worrying about paying extremely high taxes.

Andy Wirth is a popular skydiver. In October 2013, the player was involved in a skydiving accident that almost took his life. He landed on a vine, and this made him injure his arm serious. He lost a lot of blood in the accident, but he was rescued in time. After several surgeries, him arm was reattached, and after a lot of therapy, he was cured. He started an organization to help accident survivors to get their lives back.

Published on the Reno-Gazette Journal.

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Reviewing the Role Played by the Manse on Marsh in Assisted Living

As senior members of the society age, they become disillusioned and detached from events and people around them. Relating with younger family members and friends becomes challenging. To help them age gracefully, it is often advised that they be taken to centers of assisted living. Such facilities often have people of the same age. With people of the same age band around them, they can revel in their lives once again.

Assisted living facilities offer professional residential services to clients. This helps them enjoy their prime by making them feel important and giving them a sheltered and safe environment to live in. Taking care of an old friend or family member can be stressful in normal circumstances because one had to balance it with everyday tasks. Getting them into such facilities helps relieve that stress. One of the facilities where older members of the society can be taken care of is The Manse on Marsh.

Brief History about the Manse on Marsh

The facility is located in San Luis Obispo, California. This is a convenient location close to shopping malls, restaurants, libraries and churches. It promises a new model in assisted living for the aged. The center offers a distinct routine that ensures the comfort and well-being of residents by improving their quality of life. Residents have professional and pleasant care-takers who ensure that they have a one-of-a-kind experience. It is also a lively and compassionate environment where they live their lives to the fullest, interact and enjoy each other’s company.
Residents are provided with individuality, security and confidentiality; things they would not have if they were in the outside world .They are also treated with dignity and have access to individual caregivers according to their varying needs. There are also domestic doctors who ensure the healthcare needs of residents are addressed.

Residency models

ManseBlog outlines that residency at the center is either permanent or provisional. Both stays guarantees residents access to services offered at the facility. Provisional stays are for folks whose friends or families are unavailable to take care of them for a while. Permanent stays on the other hand are for those whose friends and family members are totally unavailable or unable to take care of them from home.

The models are similar in the sense that both offer thorough maintenance services. These include individual laundry services, chauffeured transport, a fitness center and so much more. Other amenities available include a dedicated 24-hour staff and wheelchair convenience to all residents. There is a wide variety of accommodation options. Clients can choose from a range comprising of one bed, two bed and studio apartments. There are also cottages where several residents can live together and companion suites where those in relationships can live.  The Manse Twitter has further information about what the facility can provide.

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The Good And Bad In The 2015 American Economy


The New York Times recently published an article that summarized some of the current GDP numbers that were coming in. There were several positive indicators. One piece of the good news is that the economic growth of the country did not slow down as much as people expected it to. The numbers were .4 percent better than what had been forecasted and was due to several reasons. The other piece of the good news is that consumer spending in January is at an 8 month high. In January alone, consumer spending increased by .5 percent. Economists are also expecting further strengthened consumer spending, which is significant news because this aspect accounts for two thirds of the economic activity. This makes it a likely possibility that the economy will recover well from the slowdown in the fourth quarter of 2015.

The gross domestic product numbers were also released. It showed how 2015 was a year of ups and downs. The year started out with a terribly low .6 percent GDP growth in the first quarter. The second quarter proved to be promising with 3.9 percent GDP growth. The third quarter saw 2 percent growth and the fourth quarter dipped down to 1 percent growth, which is still higher than the .7 percent increase economists were predicting. The reason economists were predicting .7 percent is because there was less of a downturn in business stockpiling than expected and this helped to curb the weaker consumer spending.

The article went on to describe how the Federal Reserve is watching inflation closely to know when they should raise interest rates. Economists had expected the Federal Reserve to hike rates 4 times in 2016 but this dropped down to 2 when there was a rough patch in the economy at the beginning of the year. The Federal Reserve has an annual price increase target of 2 percent. However, in December the increase had only been .7 percent and in January it only it 1.3 percent. This jump in numbers from one month to the next was big enough to get the attention of the Federal Reserve, though.

There are many firms watching the numbers come out from the Federal Reserve and other agencies that give numbers for the previous quarters and forecast for the numbers to come. One such firm is Madison Street Capital. Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that specializes in middle market companies. It provides services in five categories, including valuation for financial reporting, corporate advisory, asset management industry focus, financial opinions and business valuation. The firm provides these services in offices located in Chicago, Ghana and Haryana, India.

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