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Starbuck’s Adds New Livio Bisterzo Product

Starbuck’s is the biggest storefront coffee retailer in the United States. This is something that most people can just guess on their own because of the companies ubiquitous presence on the retail landscape of America. A lot of people don’t realize that the company is also a giant in the food retail business. That makes sense, though. You need to have something to go with all that coffee.

One area where the retail giant is trying to expand its food offerings is the grab-and-go type snacks that people love. These are especially effective at a store like Starbuck’s because of the nature of the business on Most people are either purchasing there in the drive thru or doing a quick “in and out” in the store. This means that this type of snack is perfect for that business model.

On top of that, Starbuck’s customers are health-conscious a lot of the time. This is why Starbuck’s is looking for a great quick snack that also has great implications when it comes to health. They seem to have found their latest product to fit that mold in Hippeas.

Hippeas are a puffed snack that is chickpea based. It is a light and quick snack that is sold in bags and is easy to eat while on the go. Another great aspect of this food product according to Livio Bisterzo is that it can fit just about any diet plan or dietary concern that just about anyone has. The snack is gluten-free, vegan, and it is even kosher. This means just about anyone can eat it safely.

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It also packs a pretty good nutritional punch given its size. Each serving of the snack product contains about 100 calories. It also provides the consumer with 3 grams of protein. The snack is light and healthy and even has some good nutritional value to the consumer as well. These are all things that Starbuck’s was looking for in its next snack product.

Livio Bisterzo is the CEO of Green Park Holdings that is behind the idea for this snack product. He was looking for something that would fit the exact mold that was described earlier that Starbuck’s was looking for. He had been in the food industry in some capacity for the 7 years in the Los Angeles area. He had the idea for this about a year ago.

Livio Bisterzo has hit the mark with his latest offering. The snack will be offered in over 7,000 Starbuck’s stores nationwide when it hits shelves. It will be offered in two flavors; Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita.

Learn more about Livio Bisterzo:

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Step Away from the Wallet with Wengie’s Cost-Effective Beauty Hacks

Think about it for a minute: How many important beauty steps do you skip as a result of low funds? Probably quite a few, right? Thankfully, beauty advocates, like YouTube personality, Wengie, work tirelessly to compile some useful hacks that save women time and, certainly, plenty of money! To sweeten the deal, most of these tricks incorporate the use of common household items.

1. Non-Traditional Hair Color? Make Your Bobby Pins Match Easily!

Surely you have noticed Wengie’s flawless purple, blue, and pink hair, but you might not know the tricks behind how she keeps it perfectly styled yet with unnoticeable tools. Traditionally, bobby pins are brown and black, so to get those funky colors, Wengie simply paints them with nail polish. The end result? Secret styling tools, of course!

2. Remove Your Nail Polish with This Kitchen Staple

Imagine using a kitchen sponge in your beauty routine in a way that is not for cleaning, but instead helps remove that pesky nail polish off of your nails. Take a small mason jar, cut the sponge to size, fold it inside, and then pour polish remover over it. Make sure that you left a spot to stick your nails in, though!

3. Make Your Own Makeup Remover Pads

High prices often result from the use of unnecessary packaging, so it is best to simply make your own product, but with the same ingredients. Take a zip lock bag, put some drug store pads in, and pour makeup remover in the bag. Close it and shake it up for simple, ready to use cleansing pads that are perfect for when you do not feel like washing your face or even for traveling.

4. Ditch the Cleaner; Use Coconut Oil

People are sometimes iffy about using any sort of chemicals on their skin, which is understandable. If you are one of these people, consider using coconut oil as a makeup remover. This oil not only removes even caked on makeup, but leaves your skin soft and full of vitamins as well.

5. Restore Moisture and Plumpness Easily

Remember those homemade cleansing pads? Well, make a separate bag, but replace the remover with toner. Once you do that, take two of the pads and place them on your cheeks before getting ready each day, as the pads will restore moisture and elasticity to your face quickly and easily.


Find out more about Wengie:

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Duda Melzer Shares His Dreams For Communications In Brazil

The career of Duda Melzer has been leading up to taking over for his cousin Nelson as the CEO of RBS Group. He has been dreaming of it since he was a boy because he was always happy to think about all the phone calls that went through the wires above his house. He knew that he would be a part of that company one day, and now he is the new CEO. The childlike innocence of Duda Melzer‘s dream helps make RBS Group a better company because it helps them reach all the people in Brazil.

There are a lot of people who will get jobs when RBS Group gets bigger, but it is all still down to that dream. People are going to have a chance to talk to each other in a way that makes them feel good about themselves.

The best part of this for RBS Group is that is makes the company seem more human to the public. The public wants to be able to see the company as a place where their conversations are actually taken seriously, and the public wants to believe that RBS Group will help them no matter what kinds of calls they need to make.

RBS Group is also all about how they can let people communicate on anything from a cell phone to their computer. The communication options have gotten a lot bigger in Duda Melzer’s lifetime, and he wants to make sure his company offers all those options to everyone.

Duda Melzer Takes Up His Role As The President of RBS Group

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Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory Blazing Trails for Up-and-Coming Digital Industry

Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory’s company mission statement says it all: “Provide young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated and business-driven process from A to Z with ambitious milestones. Bauer funded the company in 2014 at the age of 39 after nearly 20 years in Swiss Private banking, working up to an executive board member of a large private bank. The Swiss Start up Factory today is the leading independently and privately financed ICT startup support in Switzerland. The Zurich-based company accelerator looks for up-and-coming digital entrepreneurs to provide them with cutting-edge opportunities to grow their businesses from day one.
We run a three month-long start-up accelerator program in which we provide a unique platform of services, coaching, mentoring, an office space in the heart of Zurich, as well as an entrepreneurial network to achieve our ambitious goals.
With roots in Fribourg, Switzerland Baur continues to invest time and support both as a mentor and as a financial contributor. Baur has a MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.
The Factory’s aim is to give a boost to young companies with roots in digital technologies by offering mentoring, coaching and industry expert advice, as well as provide networking with potential clients, partners and investors in the world market. “Through our partnership with Michael Hartweg we want to strengthen the innovative power and expertise of Switzerland in the field further,” said Baur. He added that it is his goal to make Switzerland the leading center for digitalization in the financial sector.
With digital transformation rising in Switzerland, conditions are prime for new entrepreneurs to grow and thrive in the climate, according to Guillame Dubray, founder of Fintech Fusion. With a large choice of coaching venues and start-up networks, collaboration between the top two businesses in the industry was inevitable.
Now combining forces, Fintech Fusion and Swiss Start Up Factory began working together to promote start-ups in the French and German areas of Switzerland. With a common goal of assisting start-ups at their inception, both will work together in the beta testing phase and help create a seamless transition into the market. The partnership will focus on Fintech, as well as other ICT topics. Universities, mentor network exchange, shared office space and joint events are the main targets for the partnership.
The need for the partnership was intrinsic. Baur added that “due to linguistic diversity and the cantonal and regional separation, Switzerland often lacks effective efforts to concentrate these very strengths and resources…This is just the beginning of strengthening the Swiss Startup ecosystem by fostering collaboration between regional players.”

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