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Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory Blazing Trails for Up-and-Coming Digital Industry

Mike Baur’s Swiss Start Up Factory’s company mission statement says it all: “Provide young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland a top professional execution platform that guides them through a dedicated and business-driven process from A to Z with ambitious milestones. Bauer funded the company in 2014 at the age of 39 after nearly 20 years in Swiss Private banking, working up to an executive board member of a large private bank. The Swiss Start up Factory today is the leading independently and privately financed ICT startup support in Switzerland. The Zurich-based company accelerator looks for up-and-coming digital entrepreneurs to provide them with cutting-edge opportunities to grow their businesses from day one.
We run a three month-long start-up accelerator program in which we provide a unique platform of services, coaching, mentoring, an office space in the heart of Zurich, as well as an entrepreneurial network to achieve our ambitious goals.
With roots in Fribourg, Switzerland Baur continues to invest time and support both as a mentor and as a financial contributor. Baur has a MBA from the University of Rochester, New York and an Executive MBA from the University of Bern.
The Factory’s aim is to give a boost to young companies with roots in digital technologies by offering mentoring, coaching and industry expert advice, as well as provide networking with potential clients, partners and investors in the world market. “Through our partnership with Michael Hartweg we want to strengthen the innovative power and expertise of Switzerland in the field further,” said Baur. He added that it is his goal to make Switzerland the leading center for digitalization in the financial sector.
With digital transformation rising in Switzerland, conditions are prime for new entrepreneurs to grow and thrive in the climate, according to Guillame Dubray, founder of Fintech Fusion. With a large choice of coaching venues and start-up networks, collaboration between the top two businesses in the industry was inevitable.
Now combining forces, Fintech Fusion and Swiss Start Up Factory began working together to promote start-ups in the French and German areas of Switzerland. With a common goal of assisting start-ups at their inception, both will work together in the beta testing phase and help create a seamless transition into the market. The partnership will focus on Fintech, as well as other ICT topics. Universities, mentor network exchange, shared office space and joint events are the main targets for the partnership.
The need for the partnership was intrinsic. Baur added that “due to linguistic diversity and the cantonal and regional separation, Switzerland often lacks effective efforts to concentrate these very strengths and resources…This is just the beginning of strengthening the Swiss Startup ecosystem by fostering collaboration between regional players.”

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