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Fashion-Tech: The Future

According to Christopher Burch, every decade has its own technological symbols or accessories. The 70s saw the birth of the double cassette player, the 80s brought the carry-on boom box, the 90s saw the intimate personal Walkman, and the new century brought the iPod. When technology becomes fashionable, it becomes trendy to wear that technology as an accessory. But there are designers on both sides of the aisle who are actively changing the world.

Recent years have seen some interesting marriages between technology and fashion. Anouk Wipprecht, the Dutch avant-garde designer, has created dresses to combine fashion and engineering. Her DareDroid dresses make drinks, and her Pseudomorph dresses are painting canvases that change with time. Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin created an inflatable bike helmet that looks like a scarf and detonates on impact to become an air helmet. It is a wearable technology that can save lives. Kevin Cannon and Ashwin Rajan has created the Frontline Gloves for firefighters that allow wireless hand gesture communications in hazardous low visibility and high noise situations. Recycling is another trend in fashion technology. SegraSegra used recycled bicycle tubes to make stylish clothing. Emma Whiteside made a gown out of recycled radiator copper. Tech-wearables can be good for the environment. Soledad Martin’s kinetic energy converting shoes can charge accessories like watches and cell phones.

Just like technology experts have stepped up to create wearable fashion, fashion designers have stepped up to make tech-wearables more trendy. Google Glass came with the stigma of wearing glasses. American fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg tried to help out with the situation. Her models wore them on the catwalk like any fashion accessory. A gesture like this can help the latest wearable technology gain wider acceptance. With more cooperation between the world of technology and fashion, functional tech-wearables can create an aesthetically-pleasing safer world in the future.

About Christopher Burch

Christopher Burch, the founder of Burch Creative Capital, has contributed to more than 50 companies during his 40-year career as an investor and entrepreneur.

ED by Ellen DeGeneres Online Store, Cocoon9, Poppin, and Niwiwatu are some brands managed under Burch Creative Capital. Christopher has also worked on Voss Water, Jawbone, Faena Hotel + Water. At the moment, Christopher’s company is working on lifestyle and consumer products. BaubleBar, Blink Health, Brad’s Raw Foods, Chubbies, Little Duck Organics, and Soludos are some of the recent brands.

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Brokers Go Ape over Town Residential Real Estate High End Sales

Entrails do not hamper the fast paced growth in the meatpacking district. Town Residential has become so impressed with the attraction to this area blossoming with new residential neighborhoods. It could be the banks of the Hudson or the price ranges but the brokerages are doing back flips with how excited buyers are and how many keep closing deals with them.


Andrew Heiberger describes the tendency of brokers to show potential buyers around in the “High Line.” Since 2010 the tendency has spurred on more of the same with purchases of spaces that are in the common vicinity of story-high park. Confidence in the growing trend resulted in the setting up of a brokerage office up on the second floor of a 7,100 square-foot office space on West 14th street. The lease will end in fifteen years so this Town Residential brokerage really has bought in to this area down by the Hudson meatpacker’s old jaunts. No one will boast as much about the airy sixteen foot high ceilings where thoughts of hanging puffy pillows for a cloud effect might cross the minds of visiting buyers. They are also made very comfortable in agent client meetings on the private office under the sky up on the roof deck. This deck is situated atop a three story office structure where surveying the landscape is a natural thing to do.


Andrew is making the brand he calls ‘Town,’ and easy feeling phrase when combined in its Town Residential brand name while being associated with the high sticker price tags on the homes that are being sold from this brokerage in the district. Agents, brokers and clients will fit right in as they convene to find the most attractive deal in housing. “This is the kind of space that really differentiates us from other firms,” says Heiberger. The outdoor space for meetings is the pride of this agency that feels its atmosphere sets it apart by far from other competitors in the greater New York West Village area. With that in mind, the plans into the future involve bringing in the West Village sales offices that exist as Thomas & Ingram brokerage. Teh merger is also taking place in offices from Horatio Street as Andrew is closing that office and reopening it under the same roof of the new lofty Town Residential at 446 W. 14th Street.


The vision at Town Residential according to Andrew Heiberger is one that has the entire West Side neighborhood banded together with the brokerage seated slap in the middle like an ant hill where the activity is determined, prosperous and refreshing. Agents are very up on the area surrounding them, known as the Hudson Yards all the way to TriBeCa.


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The College Savings Bank Of New Jersey Becomes A Dallas Asset

The College Savings Bank of New Jersey was just bought out by Nexbank of Dallas, and they are trying to expand the scope of services that they offer to all their customers. Buying this bank is a very good move for people who are trying to help their kids get through college, and it also expands the overall marketshare that Nexbank has. It was started as a local bank that might be able to help people in the area. They wanted to be a place where people could come for better banking services, and now they are trying to be a service to more people.

There are a lot of young families in Dallas that are in need of help with saving for college, and that is why they have purchased the College Savings Bank of New Jersey. They know that they can use this to help people who are most in need, and there are a lot of people who start savings accounts today with the bank. Nexbank can offer the services that were offered through the College Savings Bank of New Jersey, and they will now help people who are sending their kids to any college in America.

Someone who wants to make a change to their savings for college can come to Nexbank, but there are a lot of other options that people can take for themselves whether it be their loans for a car or house, possibly a loan to help with their business or basic accounts. Everyone who is in need of help with banking is better off at Nexbank because it is the place where everyone can get better service along with more options. Everyone who is trying to have a good relationship with money should try out Nexbank when they are a Dallas resident.

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Clay B. Siegall appointment to Board of directors of Mirna Therapeautics

Clay’s appointments as a director to the Boards of directors of Mirna did not come as a huge surprise to many as it is expected considering the kind of resume that Siegall has. Siegall will act as an external director as he is currently committed to his company, Seattle Genetics, in which he acts as the CEO, co-founder and happens to chair the directing board of the pharmaceutical company. Paul Lammers, the president of Mirna, couldn’t hold back his excitement in having Siegall sit among his board of directors. The occasion took place in the second last day of January 2016 and it is during the event that Paul explained how Clay’s contribution could possibly aid push the company to greater limits considering what he did with his own oncology firm.

Siegall later took to the podium to express how happy he was to have earned the position. To him, MicroRNA-based therapeutics, which is what Mirna therapeutics mainly specializes in, is an area of interest. The president of Seattle Genetics went on to mention that he badly wanted to work together with Mirna and help it achieve its long-term goals in trying to help patients that are in need.

With Siegall’s experience, Mirna definitely has a promising future. One look at his resume and you will be surprised by the amount of knowledge that Clay seems to have. He has a Ph.D in Genetics and a degree in Zoology, both of which he obtained from main stream universities in the United States. After working for a pharmaceutical research firm for six years, he left in 1997 and decided to found Seattle Genetics, a drug formulation firm that mainly deals with cancer cases. His company has over the years grown by managing to attract financiers, raising up to $650 million. Dr. Siegall. His management and leadership skills too seem to be on point as not only has he headed Seattle Genetics and drove it to where it currently is but has also sat in the directory board of Alder BioPharmaceauticals, which is a private firm that deals with biotechnology. This is to mention but a few of all the accreditations that Clay B. Siegall has.

Continue reading about Siegall:

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One Entrepreneur’s Compassionate Nature and Entrepreneurial Skills

Alexei Beltyukov has always been on the forefront when it comes to education. His story is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who wish to make a significant impact in the world. He has touched so many people with his ways of life and a rich historical background. Alexei Beltyukov has seen it all in his life and the road to his current success has not been a bed of roses in every expression of the phrase.

The graduate of a medical school was keen to listen to his inner passion that drove him to turn his back on a stable medical career to pursue a course in business. This was a great risk yet it turned out to be one of the best decision that the multi-entrepreneur has ever made. Today he owns several companies and at the same time he serves as a corporate adviser to several well established organisations.

According to Alexei Beltyukov, the Russian economy can be well rejuvenated if the federal government can take stern measures to acknowledge the roles of entrepreneurs. This includes putting in systems that supports entrepreneurs in their efforts to contribute to the general economy. He argues that the government has to be in real support of small businesses in Russia in order for the economy to grow. His economic skills have seen him rise through ranks and today he is one of the co-founders of the Skolkovo Foundation.

His expertise was sought after by the government to head this project that seeks to promote innovations, technology and entrepreneurial ideas in Russia. The government indorsed project was initiated to promote and include the small businesses into the national economy. Through this initiative Alexei has been able to spearhead the country in the right direction towards economic growth. He is well known for his generous personality and his initiatives in helping the vulnerable financially.

His new Website is famed as the world’s most ambitious self-help online education platform. The site has received a lot of good ratings from many of its users and this is seen as one of the many ways that Alexei Beltyukov has shown his empathy to students. He definitely values education and he has dedicated lots of resources in support of students. Alexei Beltyukov has demonstrated his compassionate nature through most of his foundations and companies that are mostly focused on service delivery and problem solving.

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Bruce Levenson: The Businessman And NBA Owner

The Atlanta Hawks have been steadily gaining momentum as they tear up the basketball court under the ownership of Bruce Levenson. He has seemingly supported the team through thick and thin and served as a good owner. But even though he was, it came as no big surprise when Bruce Levenson put the Atlanta Hawks up for sale to be the highest bidder to purchase. There were doubts about the whole deal and whether or not the business man would make money from it, however, economists did not agree on just how much the profit margin would be available for the business venture.

Bruce Levenson was falsely led to believe that he would receive upwards of one billion dollars for the sports team, but only time would tell the truth about how much the franchise was ultimately worth because the true value of any product or service is what a buyer is ultimately willing to pay for it. That is the key deciding factor, above and beyond market value or the sale of other similar comparable items in the area.

Tony Ressler took the prize with a winning bid of seven hundred and thirty million dollars. It was suggested that the fetching price would be between nine hundred million and one billion dollars making Bruce Levenson a very rich man, even more than he already was. Unfortunately, that did not happen for him. See:

Regardless, it is not a bad day at work to rake in that kind of money with such an investment opportunity of both buying and selling the Atlanta Hawks just one time. Bruce Levenson’s foresight can’t be compared to anyone else in the field of investment; his profit margins speak for themselves. And with that being said, ESPN sees the Atlanta Hawks franchise are showing as much potential and promise as they ever did.


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George Soros Has Come Back From Exile To Protect American Interest

Amid ongoing political environment in the country, George Soros is back from his political exile. In the political circle of the United States, George Soros became a household name as he invested nearly $27 Million to support John Kerry for becoming the American President, which didn’t happen.

Now, George Soros wants to help Hillary Clinton.

What Happened in 2004?

The massive investment raised eyebrows because most people only knew George Soros as one of the richest individuals in the United States who is famous for his mind-boggling investment decisions. Therefore, when Soros started to support initiatives for John Kerry’s presidency, everyone was surprised. However, George and his team knew what they wanted to do. They wanted to stop George W. Bush for becoming American President and ruining the lives of Millions of American and global citizens by going to war in Iraq and inflicting damage to the global regimes on Bloomberg. Instead, they wanted a gradual reform by pouring money to develop awareness by educational reforms in the developing countries. Unfortunately, the campaign did not result in the victory. Perhaps, it is yet another reason for the recent insecurity and political turmoil in many countries in the Middle East and surrounding region.

It is interesting to note that George Soros called the 2004 presidential campaign a matter of life and death because he knew that George Bush would disturb the World peace. After the election of George W. Bush, the billionaire, George Soros preferred a private life focusing on his investments.

George Soros Is Back

In 2016, it seems that George Soros is back once more. This time, he is even more eager to make a greater impact as he donated nearly $24 Million to Hillary’s campaign on Time. Analysts predict that the donation will likely increase in the coming months as the election day approaches. In fact, the recent funding campaign by George Soros has dual motives. First, it wants to stop Donald Trump from becoming an American President and pursue policy of intolerance and hate. Secondly, it wants to support initiatives and policies of Hillary Clinton that will help Americans come together to increase tolerance and gather awareness of their roles in a broader global society.

Already, George Soros has made it clear that Donald Trump is a bad choice for Americans. George has publicly denounced Donald Trump as a person promoting the agenda of ISIS by instilling hate among Americans on Therefore, he has sided with Hillary Clinton to stop Trump’s rhetoric. Interestingly, George is a long time friend of Hillary Clinton. In fact, recent actions of George Soros are not surprising because George has spent more than $13 Billion in the last three decades on matters pertaining to healthcare and education. His support of immigration reform, criminal justice reform and religious tolerance is clear and straight-forward.

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Investment Advising Can Be Of Enormous Help

Money is an important thing to have in life. With enough money, people find their lives easier. They need not worry about paying their bills or feeding themselves. People who save money in hopes of being able to buy a house, pay for a child’s education and enjoy an early retirement. While earning money may be easy, it is not always easy to see how to use money effectively in order to make sure their earned funds can expand and stay ahead of inflation.

Inflation can eat into a saver’s accumulated capital, making it hard for them to meet their plans. In that case, it is best to look for ways to find help. A Skilled investment advisor can offer many important ways to manage capital and allow people to see their capital truly work for them. They can also help any saver develop a specific plan that is tailored to their needs.

 Working With A Professional

A professional financial expert can also offer the kind of help that people need to figure out their finances in the short-term where they might want to save enough money for housing down payment. Many savers also have other goals as well. They want to think about the creation of nest egg that can let them earn money that may pay them dividends and allow them to supplement their overall paycheck each week.

An advisor can suggest all kinds of ways to help with this process both immediately and in a much longer term of time. Doing so means that people can be part of a worldwide marketplace of capital accumulation.

 One Person Who Knows

Someone who fully understands all area of finance is Richard Blair. Richard Blair  Wealth Solutions are an ideal place to turn to so that any given person can learn how best to manage capital. Blair brings a wealth of solutions that each investor can pick from in order to develop a capital plan of their own.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions is a full service investment firm that is based in Austin, Texas, one of the centers of finance in the entire American West. Here, his clients can consult with him and learn how it is possible for them to invest their capital successful in various kinds of financial vehicles. His help has been instrumental in the lives of many people who have greatly benefited from his specialized help.



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