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Life-Changing Lessons You Can Learn at the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre has been in operation since 1984 and has been providing people of all ages and backgrounds with the divine wisdom that they need to navigate through this lifetime. Kabbalah Centres around the world are open to anyone who is ready to discover these ancient teachings and receive healing spiritual guidance.

Kabbalah is not a religion but the mystical interpretation of Judaism. Instead of focusing on rituals and rules, Kabbalah aims to educate people about the ancient spiritual truths of the world so that they may lead better and healthier lives.

There are many ways that learning Kabbalah can transform your life for the better. We have picked three ways that Kabbalah can benefit you and even change your life forever.

  1. Find Your Soulmate

With so many online dating websites floating around the internet, it’s clear that many people are single and looking for that special someone. However, many of us feel that we may never truly find our soulmate.

However, Kabbalah gives us the tools we need to attract our soulmate and build a healthy relationship with them. Kabbalah teaches us that we all have a soulmate and that finding them is a matter of shedding our egos and reconnecting with our spiritual source.

  1. Learn to Live Life to the Fullest

Many of us are brainwashed by society to submit to stress and focus on superficial desires. Kabbalah, however, teaches us the realities of existence so that we can experience gratitude for what we have every single day.

  1. Discover Your True Life’s Purpose

So many of us feel unfulfilled in our careers. Through Kabbalah, we learn that we were all put on this planet for a specific purpose. By reconnecting with our spiritual source and studying the ancient practice of astrology, we can discover what our purpose is and begin living life in a more fulfilling way.


If you are ready to transform your life, contact the Kabbalah Centre today. Every Kabbalah Centre is filled with teachers who are ready to show you the secrets of the universe.

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Adrian José Velasquez Figueroa: Photo-Taking Tricks with Smartphones

Smartphone cameras are increasing in quality. However, you need more focus on the shoot than the camera for better quality. Below are the tricks to improve your shoot according to Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa.

1. When to use HDR mode
One of the most useful functions of the camera is the HDR mode. However, many of us don’t know how to use it effectively. For this reason, HDR takes simultaneous photos with varying brightness for you to choose the best. Therefore, you will get varied results. When you are taking photos in dark areas, you might consider using this feature.

2. Stand Still
However much this seems obvious, you might take blurred photos that look good on your camera scroll. When you bring them to your laptop, they may appear fuzzy. Avoid moving when you are taking pictures in sunlight. You can use both hands as the best way to proceed with taking still images. Ensure you take good photos without a tripod.

3. Use screen shutter
This is an extension of the previously-discussed skill. Some smartphones have physical buttons for making images. Avoid using this button. It’s hard to maintain still images if you are using this button. Use the screen photo camera to take still images. For better quality, purchase smartphones on] that provide still images.

4. Face the sun while taking images
Whenever you want to take images, you should never lose the light. For this reason, you may prevent the object from a better view at Image quality is also compromised if you don’t face light. Choose the correct position to take images. If you take indoor images, position yourself towards windows for more light.

5. Turn white or black photos noisier
Images taken in more light conditions generate unnecessary noise, visible pixels, for chromatic aberrations on Tumblr. Embrace the black and white as the best solution to this problem. You can slightly improve picture quality if you pass a greyscale noise on a noisy picture.

6. Control exposure
An image with numerous dark areas is disgusting. When framing, take a good look at light adjustment. You may have limited options. However, use a slight change in frames to improve quality.

7. Inspect Images
Take them to a friend for review. This is the best way to value their quality. Before posting them on Instagram, have a close review from a friend.

Adrian José Velasquez Figueroa is an executive based in Venezuela. He has held numerous positions in five business platforms in Panama. For over five years, Adrian José Velasquez Figueroa was elected president, treasurer, and director to five companies in Panama.

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How To Properly Care For Curly Hair

For those who have naturally curly, thick hair, maintaining a hair care routine that keeps hair looking shiny and feeling soft can be a challenge. Unlike those with straight hair, those with curly hair are more prone to dryness and frizz due to the hair’s unique shape.

The scalp produces natural oils which keep hair healthy, clean and protected against damage and breakage. These oils can easily distribute themselves along straighter, finer hair but have trouble distributing evenly down curly and thick hair thanks to all those twists and turns.

Therefore, it’s important to understand the unique hair care needs of the type of hair you were born with. Ladies with naturally thick and curly hair need to take some extra steps to ensure that their hair is soft and healthy.

It’s important to use hair products which do not strip your hair of these natural oils that keep it healthy and soft. Common shampoo brands that you can find in the drug store or Amazon use ingredients which actually damage your hair by removing these oils aggressively. These ingredients can seriously harm thick, curly hair over time, causing breakage and chronic dryness.

Try switching to a hair cleanser that does not use sodium lauryl sulfate but rather cleans hair gently and naturally. Many women with naturally curly and thick hair have turned to the Cleansing Conditioner by WEN. This product not only cleans hair without the use of harsh and damaging ingredients, but it also conditions hair at the same time to keep curly hair from getting dry.

Wen’s Cleansing Conditioner by Chaz Dean ( will keep your hair free of frizz and dryness thanks to natural moisturizers and botanical extracts like chamomile and rosemary which have been shown to reduce frizz and smooth the hair’s texture. Your hair will instantly become softer, healthier and much more manageable.

You’re encouraged to visit or Wen’s Facebook page for more information.


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