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Susan McGalla Says Women’s Business Leadership Is Not About “Breaking Glass Ceilings”

When describing what Susan McGalla is about, the words American Eagle Outfitters come to mind and now the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers where she currently serves as Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. McGalla has come through the ranks of regular employee to a respected female executive, but to her none of her work has been about “breaking the glass ceiling” as she says in her own words. She’s visited universities and business forums where she’s spoken to women entering the business world.

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McGalla says her career has simply been her desire to pursue her own dreams while not worrying about any attention her career has received from the public. She never received any preferential treatment as a young woman and never expected any during her business career either. She’s grateful though that her chance to lead the companies she has has helped changed people’s perspectives and ideas on just how the culture on the corporate world should be like.  More about McGalla on

Susan McGalla is originally from a small town in Ohio and is a graduate of Mount Union College. Not long after completing her education she entered the corporate world first at the Joseph Horne Company, a now defunct department store that was well-known in the Pittsburgh area. After leaving that company she started a 16-year career at American Eagle Outfitters moving from local department manager to the executive boards as Chief Merchandising Officer and president. Under her leadership there the company started a women’s division store and launched some new brands. In 2009 she joined the companies P3 Executive Consulting and HFF Inc. where she currently works in addition to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Check also .

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Julie Zuckerberg Rises To Prestige

Having began her higher education learning career first through attending the New York Law School before later going on to study Philosophy at the City University of New York Brooklyn College upon graduation from the New York Law School, Julie Zuckerberg quickly went on to establish herself in the area of her field due to hard work and dedication to her passion. Thanks to these elements of her character, Julie Zuckerberg unsurprisingly soon became a vital part of the team at Hudson starting back in November of 2002 where she stood as the Director of Candidate Placement for the following five years before leaving in the October of 2007 to grow in her experience through joining Citi in a wide array of arenas. Donning hats such as that of the Vice President, Executive Recruiter, and NA Professional in the area of Executive Recruitment, Zuckerberg managed to hold her team together with an admirable clearheadedness that inspired her coworkers to push forward to greater heights through out her entire career at Citi from her first step on to the team back in October of 2007 through till November of 2013 when she again decided to push herself harder and further than before to see just what all she could manage to amount to should she dive full force into the deep end of her field. After a grand total of six years and two months working for Citi in the Greater New York Area, Julie Zuckerberg stepped up to the plate as the Experience Hire Recruiting Lead and Corporate Vice President of the New York Life Insurance Company which she used as a stepping stone into her greatest career move yet in taking life by the throat and officially becoming the Executive Recruitment Lead in the area of US Talent Acquisition for the Deutsche Bank in April of the year 2014 all the way through unto today where she continues to stand as the leader in both the negotiation and development of United States Asset Management as well as making sure to provide unique directions in strategy while she coaches the recruiting team of the firm. Having developed exemplary skills through out her career in the areas of strategics, conflict resolution, sourcing, utilizing Applicant Tracking Systems, and Onboarding, just to name a select few out of many, Julie Zuckerberg proves that a strong work ethic and an unstoppable spirit alongside the bravery that fuels passion to be turned into action is the exact ingredients needed to create an unstoppable leader. Making point to not only lead in the realm of business but also in stepping up around her community, in groups like that of Ethics – Ethical Professionals as well as the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, Julie Zuckerberg makes a point to take notice of the realities around her and actively assist in the pursuit of a far more productive and progressive tomorrow through the proper practice of what is socially accepted as ethically inclined manners and matters alike.


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Stem Cell Therapy : The Best Lung Disease Treatment

Of all the modern treatments we have today, stem cell therapy is one of the best forms of treatment for lung disease. The Lung Institute utilizes autologous stem cell therapy to treat patients ( who are suffering from lung disease and conditions. This means they will use cells from your own body to treat the conditions.

There are two ways the stem cells can be harvested for autologous stem cell therapy. Blood venous is the most common method and is preferred because it’s easier to perform and isn’t as painful. Bone marrow, on the other hand, can be a little more painful than blood venous. Which method is best depends on a couple of factors. For example, blood venous contains fewer stem cells but may be sufficient for some people. Bone marrow contains more stem cells and may be ideal for those who have a chronic and severe disease or damage to the lungs.

After the stem cells have been harvested, they will go through a filtration process. According to Cedars-Sinai, this process will divide the stem cells from all other cells. The concentration of stem cells will then be injected back into the bloodstream.  In this treatment, that is a good thing. You can learn more about how stem cells treat lung diseases here.

The Lung Institutes staff are highly trained and experienced to handle such lung conditions. Many find that it’s better to seek out such treatment centers because their focus is entirely on the lungs rather than multiple areas of the body. The Lung Institute can treat these conditions whether you had it for years or if you’ve just received your diagnose.

You can find one close to you here. While most patients qualify for stem cell therapy, not all will patients will qualify which depends on which lung disease you have, the extent of damage, and your medical history. To find out if you qualify for stem cell therapy through The Lung Institute, you can request a free consultation.

Read what patients has to say, visit the Lung Institute’s testimonials page.

Subscribe to the Lung Institute YouTube channel.


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How Sujit Choudhry has gained Expertise in Comparative Law

Sujit Choudhry is a top law scholar who started Democratic Transitions, which is a university-based law research center. He serves as a faculty director of the foundation, which has been focused on developing knowledge that can be used in forming constitutions across the globe. The institution is the first and the best of its kind. Sujit currently serves as the law professor at the dean of faculty at Berkeley law. He is significantly acknowledged for his unparalleled knowledge of comparative constitutional law. Choudhry has successfully assimilated a variety of researching programs and has sufficient knowledge of various legal processes. He has been offering his service to countries such as Jordan, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, and Nepal.  Read more on



Sujit Choudhry has been focused on dealing with organizational matters that constitutional law and development. He has also facilitated the development of law structure that can be essential in the violent political approached into democratic and peaceful negotiations. The designs that he has established have significantly assisted in uniting various communities that have disagreed due to ethnical backgrounds. It also helps societies to change from restrictive rules to democratic regimes. Professor Sujit Choudhry has gained recognition since he has successfully published several working papers, articles, book chapters, and reports. He is one of the United Nations Mediation Roster’s members and has been offering guidance to the World Bank.  Check this on


Comparative law is the examining of various legal systems that are used in governing nations to determine their differences and similarities. The laws that the field is focused on already exist and they include Socialist law, civil law, common law, Chinese law, Jewish law, Islamic, and Hindu law. Scholars who have been focused on the field have been trying to determine how the differences in various laws can be changed to ensure uniformity in legal structures across the globe. More on Choudhry’s


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In the current world, many people have been focused conducting research in the sector due the increased economic globalization, internationalism, and democratization. Professionals in the industry have been writing books that have made it easy for many people to understand comparative law. One of the main reasons why people study the field is to get a deeper knowledge of how legal systems can be modified for them to be effective. Activities such as business and international interactions can be bettered if people across the globe can have unified laws. Having one governing system will reduce misunderstandings between individuals from different nations.

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Maggie Gill is the Person behind the Success of Memorial Health Center

Maggie Gill’s Recognition for Excellence

There are so many professionals working in the health care system that makes life possible for the rest of society. Most people only know of doctors and nurses. There are a lot of people behind the scenes that contribute in ways that are absolutely necessary.

Maggie Gill is one of those professionals. With a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University, Gill is one of the leading experts in her field. She also has an MBA from Saint Leo University in Florida, and she attended the Wharton School and complete courses in strategic thinking and management.

Early in her career, Gill was the chief financial officer at Tenet South Florida Health System. Her performance at the facility was so outstanding that she was awarded the Tenet Outstanding CFO award on three occasions. She also worked at Palmetto General Hospital, North Shore Medical Center, and at Coral Gables Hospital.

In 2004, she joined Memorial University Medical Center. She became the center’s new vice president of finance and managed care. In 2005, impressed with her performance, Memorial University named her its new Chief Operation Officer. Her highest achievement at Memorial University came when she was named President and Chief Executive Officer of Memorial Health.

As the new leader of Memorial Health, Gill provided leadership to the many vice presidents, senior vice presidents, and physical leaders. Her responsibilities also included directly managing physician relations and government relations. She was also in charge of performing internal audits. As time went on, she began managing more of the facility.

She was put in charge of the Memorial Health University Physicians (MHUP). She oversaw the facility’s orthopedic and neuroscience programs and the Heart & Vascular Institute. She was also directly responsible for perioperative services, financial assistance, corporate communications, facilities management, and trauma services.

Recently, Becker’s Hospital Review named Maggie Gill one of its 2016 “135 Nonprofit Hospital and Health System CEOs to Know.” Every year, Becker’s Hospital Review releases a list of CEOs that includes leaders from the more successful nonprofit healthcare organizations in the country.


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Starting a Company Like Sawyer Howitt

When it comes to starting a company, many people are afraid to make a mistake. However, there are a lot of advantages to working on a plan that will help you drive results for the future. Sawyer Howitt is a leader within this industry, and he is working diligently on trying to invest for the future with his company. With all of his business ideas, he is hoping that some of them become great.

When starting a business, it is important to think about the long term impact of your decisions. Not only does Sawyer Howitt want to add value to other people, but he is also looking to invest in a variety of other areas as well. If you want to get started on a business plan that you have been working on, Sawyer Howitt is the person to go to. He has a lot of experience in this area, and can help you as well.

Connect with Sawyer Howitt on LinkedIn to learn more.

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Success Always Finds Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur who grew up in Michigan. His mother was a school teacher and his father was a structural engineer. After graduating from high school, he attended the University of Michigan where he obtained his undergraduate degree and his Juris Doctor. After college, he experienced his first taste of entrepreneurship when he teamed up with his college friend to buy an apparel company in Wisconsin.

The two would move on to create Starbelly in 1999, an early internet company. Starbelly was sold to Halo Industries in 2000 after experiencing quick success. Lefkofksy then co-founded InnerWorkings in 2001. This print procurement services company would also experience quick success and had a successful initial public offering in 2006.

In 2005, Lefkofsky and his friend Keywell founded Echo Global Logistics, a freight logistics company that received financing from one of the largest technology investors in the U.S., New Enterprise Associates. In 2006, they founded a media-buying technology company, MediaBank. MediaBank acquired one of the largest platforms in the industry, Datatech. New Enterprise Associates came through for funding again and a merger between Donovan Data Systems and MediaBank would occur in 2012, creating Mediaocean.

A year after creating MediaBank, Lefkofsky funded a new online collective action website with his own money and would help launch it.

In 2012 Lefkofsky and Keywell founded Lightbank, a Chicago-based venture firm. In 2014, Lefkofsky moved on to found Uptake, LLC and in 2016, he founded Tempus. Tempus is a technology company that gives doctors the ability to give cancer patients personalized care. Eric Lefkofsky is the company’s CEO.

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur, but also an active philanthropist. He founded the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006 alongside his wife to help support charitable causes from all over the world that support educational and scientific causes. The foundation has helped to fund more than 50 organizations since its founding. He is also a member of the Giving Pledge.

Lefkofsky sits on the board of directors at organizations like The Museum of Science and Industry, the Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and The Art Institute of Chicago. He is one of World Business Chicago’s board members and is a Trustee at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company.

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The Achievements of Rona Borre


Rona Borre acts as the chief executive officer

Rona Borre is a female entrepreneur from the US city of Chicago. She is famous for establishing a company called Instant Alliance which has recorded significant revenue since them. The company was established in the year 2001 and Rona Borre acts as the chief executive officer to date. She is passionate about helping other women in the community grow and often advises them on the issue. Among the things that Rona Borre believes in is the acquisition of talented workers and says that they are the difference between performing and non-performing companies. For companies to realize their full potential, they should employ talented individuals.  Read more on


According to,  Instant alliance is known for many things, but the most notable one is fostering a good environment with its clients. Because of her good work in business and community leadership, Rona Borre has received several awards such as the most influential woman in 2009 by business ledger as well as an award by the enterprising women magazine called the enterprising woman of the year. She received this award in the year 2011.


Bona Borre holds a degree in administration specializing in marketing from the University of Arizona. Rona has acquired skills in marketing, leadership and technical recruiting over the years. For her good work, she has appeared on several media platforms discussing her achievements such as USA Today, CNBC and CNN.

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The Brown Agency Provides Top Talent

Since its inception, The Brown Agency has been committed to providing high-quality modeling and acting talent across the film and fashion industries. Models and actors are well trained, experienced and professional. The agency prides itself on catering to the individual needs of each and every client. Whether you need buff fitness models for a convention or an outstanding actress for television pilot, the Brown Agency is dedicated to providing a top notch experience.

As a full service talent agency, the Houston-based Brown Agency is able to offer one top shopping to busy clients who need people to represent their brand across the spectrum of media. There is no need to get your print ad models from one agency and actors for your commercials from another, which several clients find extremely valuable in saving time and hassle. Perhaps the best benefit of working with The Brown Agency is that they get the work done, done well, and done on time.


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Can Whitney Wolfe Change Online Dating?

Whitney Wolfe sees a serious problem with sating apps. Sexual harassment is commonly reported by many women using dating apps but little is done to prevent it. She wants to turn that around with her dating app Bumble. Created in 2014, Bumble is changing the way online dating works. Women are always the first to make the move and that initiative is shaking things up.

Is Bumble The Solution

Bumble has an incredibly low rate of sexual harassment. Less than a fraction of 1% of all users report any sexual harassment. This isn’t easy to compare to other dating apps because few dating apps report on sexual harassment, but it says something is clearly done right. Giving women the initiative appears to have removed some elements that contribute to sexual harassment. With millions of Bumble users and hundreds of millions of successful matches the app is taking off. It doesn’t quite yet have the same crowd as Tinder but it is quickly growing in size and popularity.

About Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is an entrepreneur and the CEO of Bumble. She has spent her career developing apps for online dating and recently decided to create an app of her own. With her excellent management strategies Wolfe has made Bumble one of the most popular dating apps today. Beyond her experience as a CEO she is socially conscious investor who aims to improve the culture of the internet and end harassment.

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