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Say Bye To Rubbish With Clearabee Rubbish Removal

Got a lot of junk sitting around your home that you want to get rid of? If so Clearabee London can help.


As one of the largest rubbish removal companies in London, Clearabee offers its customers more bang for their buck and some of the best response times in the industry. And don’t worry, unlike other companies they don’t charge a congestion charge and all extras are kept to a minimum.


With vehicles all over London, Clearabee is able to offer same day rubbish removal in almost all situations. They can be at your home or office within in a matter of hours and can have all of your junk removed before the end of the day. They even offer rubbish removal during the weekend.


The great thing about Clearabee is they provide Eco friendly clearances. In London they divert 100% of the waste collected from landfill. So not only are they Eco friendly, but they are also very affordable.


Scheduling rubbish removal is fast and easy with Clearabee. Simply call or email their customer support team and your appointment will be set up within a matter of minutes. Once your appointment has been made a team will come to your location and assess the area before giving you a final quote.


Once the price has been finalized they will immediately begin removing the rubbish. All rubbish will be removed in one go so that you can get back to your regular life as quickly as possible.


To learn more about Clearabee rubbish removal visit

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The CEO Of IDLife, Logan Stout

Logan Stout is not only the founder but also the chief executive officer of IDLife. As well, he is a tycoon, a humanitarian and a business proprietor. The fame of IDLife has intensified as people keep realizing the significance of the programs that the company offers.

Stout often travel to different regions of the globe to attend the events of speaking as he serves as a source of inspiration to many, and he is among the most desired crucial motivational speakers for different incidents. Notably, Mr. Stout intends to assist every individual to perfect themselves in all aspects with the confidence that fitness and nutrition are the key contributors to it.

Additionally, he is the Dallas Patriots organization’s founder. Through the aid of volunteers, the group provides reasonably priced camps, clinics as well as the private lessons meant for youngsters with the aim of realizing their optimal capabilities alongside baseball. Formerly, Mr. Stout was a professional football player. Then, he was able to coach youths’ teams at the same time giving service at the post of the youth minister. It is important to acknowledge the fact that Stout adores his family. It is for this reason that he finds it a pleasure spending time with them when he isn’t at work. It is at this point that he is in the company of his wife, their sons, as well as dogs. Logan Stout is presently recognized by many, and those who haven’t had the chance to watch him on television, they are most likely to hear or see his name in association with incredible accomplishments in a short while.

The establishment of IDLife was on the thought of modified fitness as well as nutrition. There exist several companies that encourage the use of one product or even a thin line of products as well as encouraging individuals to use them entirely without considering the personal health record or the present needs.

Under IDLife, there exist several products that fit the distinct combination of the health requirements of each particular individual. The reason is that everyone has his unique weaknesses and strengths physically. Despite the fact that some may encounter injuries, the rest are often genetic or a result of aging.

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Where Beneful Dog Food Differs from Other Pet Food Brands

Look more closely at the way that your dog eats their pet food. Are they gobbling down every ounce and then bursting around like they are a ball of energy? Chances are you are feeding your dog foods that are packed with fillers like corn and grains that offer them very little nutritional value. That is not the case when it comes to Beneful brand dog foods.

Compare your dog food with one of the more popular Beneful brand dog foods, and you can see those huge chunks of real farm-raised chicken accented with vegetables like spinach and pumpkin. Now sprinkle in some real blueberries and you can see why Beneful Walmart brand dog foods offer your pet 23 essential minerals and vitamins. Grain-free means you get abundant nutritional value without compromising taste.

Now take a look at how the Beneful brand dog foods are produced at the Purina facilities of wet food based here in the United States. Those workers who are aggressively performing quality checks on every bag that moves down the assembly line are pet owners just like you, and they only want the best for their dogs too. This is why Purina workers only feed their dogs the same as they are producing.

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The Bottom-Up Investing Approach

By capitalizing in an S&P 500 passive index fund, Warren Buffett has wagered $1 million to a charity claiming that he will make better returns to his investment compared to a group of hedge fund managers. The bet is to be decided this year, and it is likely that Mr. Warren will collect. His investment strategy is correct since the expensive and mediocre funds can short-change investors. Through his bottom-up investing approach, Mr. Buffet gets to analyze companies and later come up with a durable, satisfying portfolio to learn more: click here.

However, Mr. Buffet is not entirely correct. It is true that in most industries, consumers need to be aware and keep away from product labels. In most cases, most mutual funds will end up providing poor services thus making poor returns. This gets to happen when the clients have not fully understood the risks they will be exposed to or even what they ought to expect. The availability of these unknown risks is something which can also be noted when using the passive index investments.

For most people who might be considering retirement, this will not be the safest option. The markets get to change from time to time thus leaving passive index investment vulnerable, thus not making it a favorable cushion for down markets. Over the years, trillions have been invested in the passive index; however, only a few of these investors know of the risks which they are exposed to. It would be much better that when planning on investing, you consider something which will make you money even during the bad times.

Tim Armour’s Perspective on the September Market Selloff

In the recent years, the global stocks tumbled, this is due to the investor concerns about the slow economic growth in China. The sharp decrease in the Chinese stocks and the currency devaluation has brought about fears that China might be deteriorating.

Mr. Tim, therefore, has his perspective on the selloff which was triggered by China woes. He claims that, since China accounts for more than 15% of the world’s GDP, this was a great impact on the global economy. Therefore, most of these negatives end up lowering commodity prices and well as oil.

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Goettl’s Tips and Tricks to Beating the Heat for Low Cost Even in Northern California

Since the invention of the first AC unit cooling systems have become less and less of a luxury and more of a necessity. Staying cool and comfortable is priceless to most Americans and going with air conditioning for any prolonged period of time when the temperature is high can feel like torture.

The problem with keeping your cooling system running is that your utility bills soar. Luckily, many people only have the need to do this during those blazing summer months. However, those who live in tropical, humid climates like Northern California, have to pay the price to beat the heat year round, or so they think. In reality, there are a few ways you can maximize the effectiveness of your air conditioning system thus, becoming more energy efficient. Goettl has compiled a list of Ac system tips and tricks.

Weatherize Your Home

The more weatherized your home is the less energy your cooling system will have to expend to keep you cool. It’s always a good idea to check on the conditioning of your home’s insulation and replace worn out insulation if needed.

Apply Window Film

This is a very affordable way to help keep energy costs down. You can even apply tint film to deflect away the powerful rays of the sun.


It is in every homeowners best interest to have their cooling system professionally tuned up at least once a year if they want to continue to stay cool free of any hassle.

About Goettl

Goettl, an HVAC provider has remained as one of the leading companies in the industry despite being founded nearly 100 years ago. Founded in Mansfield Ohio by the Goettl brothers, it became a big name in the industry once it relocated to Phoenix, Arizona following the Great Depression. In Arizona it became known as a pioneer in the mass production of evaporative coolers.

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Troy McQuagge | The 2016 Recipient of ‘CEO of the Year’ from One Planet Awards

Troy McQuagge was the winner of 2016’s ‘CEO of the year’ Gold Award for his excellence in business operations and management. He was awarded by the coveted yet distinguished One Planet Awards, which annually recognizes companies that excel in their respective industries. As a premier global award, One Planet Awards are globally inclusive, and organizations from different corners of the world are eligible to participate. They must, however, submit their nominations on time to be included. They may be startups, publicly- or privately-held corporations, as well as for- or non-profit organizations.

Troy expressed his happiness and honor to receive both peer and industry recognition in the form of One Planet Awards’ gold win. He, however, added that in reality, his win was as a result of the combined team efforts of USHEALTH Group employees. He then dedicated his award to his team saying that it belonged to them.

According to Troy McQuagge, winning the award was a pat on the back for all the hard work his company has done so far. USHEALTH Group remains committed to solving present healthcare affordability problems by coming up with comprehensive, innovative, and affordable covers that grow as national healthcare needs do.

One Planet Awards

The One Planet Awards seek to identify and motivate well-performing companies in different industries across the globe. They recognize professional and business superiority in various categories including business executives and teams, new products or services, public relations, corporate communications, marketing, as well as organizations. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group is a Texas-based insurance holding company headquartered in Fort Worth. It offers a variety of innovative yet affordable health insurance products. It focuses on self-employed people and small business proprietors. It combines its employees’ and agents’ talents to market highly competitive but profitable insurance products.

Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is not only the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. but is also a member of its board of directors. He joined the USHEALTH family in 2010 as the Head of USHEALTH Advisors (USHA), a struggling captive distribution agency of the group. He formulated an action plan and soon enough, he successfully retooled USHA into a globally respected agency. His successes saw him promoted to head the entire USHEALTH Group in 2014. Since he took over the reins, USHEALTH has achieved unprecedented success, profitability, and tremendous annual growth. Today, it is a highly successful company operating in the health insurance industry.

Troy holds a University of Central Florida B.A. degree. After graduating in 1983, he joined Allstate Insurance Company. He then worked for United Insurance Companies Inc. in its Student Insurance Division. He later worked for UGA and HealthMarkets’ Agency Marketing Group before joining USHEALTH Group.

Read more:

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A Scion of Quality Health Insurance Affordability and Accessibility

The success of USHEALTH Group, Inc. as one of the leading providers of health and life insurance policies in the United States is built on three fundamental pillars: effective leadership, customized services and niche marketing. The company’s multi-tiered management is marked by highly experienced and visionary leaders led by Troy A. McQuagge. The multiple award winning executive has guided the company as its president and chief executive officer. Executive responsibilities and duties are then diversified to several dockets down to the subsidiaries level where the company has appointed executive leaders to oversee their operations.

These leaders have combined their experience and knowledge to help USHEALTH Group develop unique strategies. These strategies have been crucial in the company’s ability exploit numerous niche markets within the insurance industry with unrivalled success. In addition to the general insurance landscape, USHEALTH Group is a specialist in insurance services provision within the small business sector. Moreover, they offer comprehensive health and life insurance coverage for self-employed individuals who have been maligned by most of the mainstream health and life insurance plans offered by many key industry players. Their comprehensive plan for this industry cushions their clients against financial uncertainties, which are common within the niche market. Additional, their clients enjoy all the benefits of insurance cover including coverage for disabilities and preexisting conditions. This niche marketing is an example of the company’s commitment towards delivering high quality insurance services that are customized according to the needs of the clients.

Award-Winning Service Delivery

The health and life insurance industry in the United States is very competitive. It is marked by numerous large corporations with remarkable talents and huge financial muscle to stake a claim of the market shares. To carve out a name for itself from the crowded field, USHEALTH Group has adopted strategic management policies centered on its motto of giving hope of a better life for its clients. The company ensures that their customized services are not only affordable; they are also accessible and dependable. Quality, affordability, accessibility and dependability are achieved through the establishment of numerous subsidiaries and affiliates spread across the country. USHEALTH Group also has several licensed insurance agents who are found in several counties and cities across the country.

As a believer in diversity, USHEALTH Group has also customized its customer care services. Each individual client as treated a unique entity with needs specific to them. Across its numerous subsidiaries, the Group has developed customer care initiatives that have been feted for their positive impact on customer satisfaction and experience. The excellent work of its customer care desk saw the Better Business Bureau award it a BBB accreditation of A + in addition to several high profile industry awards. Indeed, USHEALTH Group has joined an elite group of companies that have adopted a customer-centered management approach.


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Consumers Can Now Buy Gold and Silver through U.S Money Reserve’s New Website

U.S Money Reserve has enhanced their online face in a bid to offer better services to their clients. The company has spent enormous resources on the refurbishment of its website to enhance the customer experience while on the site and also to improve their service delivery.

The company has incorporated several new features and design on their new website to give it a new look. US Money Reserve Company has experienced tremendous growth for the last few years; therefore, it needed a site that benefits the status of a leader in the precious metal industry. The new features incorporated in the new website design also speak of the company’s core values of utmost trust and commitment to offering unmatched services to their clients. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

As one clicks through the company’s new site, you will easily notice an impressive new photography of the company’s notable and distinguished leader, Philip N. Diehl, who has been instrumental in steering the business to where it is today. Part of the new website’s look is a new coin gallery that seeks to affirm to individuals the importance of investing in precious stones. The primary focus of the site is to educate people on the importance of investing in government-issued gold and also improve their experience while purchasing precious metals with bullion.

While making his statement, Ryan Buchanan, the vice president of Brand and Creative noted that U.S Money Reserve now has a tool that allows the company to generate quality content across all platforms, enhance interaction with their clients, and also offer the best precious metals through a secure online platform.

Buchanan was tasked with the responsibility of overseeing the entire redesign process that includes the implementation of new applications and features focusing on educating consumers and making purchasing of precious metals easier. The new U.S Money Reserve online shop seeks to offer live competitive pricing on gold and silver bullion and bars. Besides, the firm offers PCGS certified coins and select products for the discerning precious metal purchase.

About U.S Money Reserve

U.S Money Reserve was established in the year 2001 and has since grown to become one of the largest privately-owned distributors of U.S, and foreign government issued gold, platinum and silver legal tenders.

The company has been focusing on helping thousands of individuals across the country to diversify their investments by purchasing physical precious metals. It specifically focuses on U.S. Gold and Silver coins, which have proven to be relatively stable when compared to other assets.

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The Investment Deals of Arthur Becker

Success in the New York real estate investment world depends on several things, most notably a keen eye for great opportunities, a sense of the market, and great timing. Investors who have these attributes stand out, as their investments tend to go very well. Investor Arthur Becker, who is the first to admit he’s been blessed with great timing, is one such investor. His most recent project, (his first from the “ground up” condo building) is 564 Washington Street. This 8-unit luxury building is on the market now at $52.5, and is expected to get its asking price.

A Silent Partner

Prior to this project, Arthur Becker was a silent backer of several properties, including 10 Sullivan St. His partners, Michael Stern and Robert Gladstone, eventually bought out his share in the successful property, trading him three adjacent buildings in the deal. Right now Becker plans to live in one of the properties and sell the other two. Before 10 Sullivan Street, he partnered with Michael Stern and Kevin Maloney in a Billionaire’s Row condo at 111 W. 57th Street. His good fortune with these deals has paved the way to an ongoing career as an investor in real estate. Arthur will balance that work with his interest in art, as an investor and as a working artist himself.

Moving On

Arthur Becker has long been involved in the arts, as he was married for 20 years to designer Vera Wang. They are now separated, but obviously, his presence in the arts is more than just a short term interest. His at home, on-site working art studio attends to his great passion for the art life.

In a report by NY Curbed, all of this came from Becker’s early investment in some startup companies in Silicon Valley back in the early 2000s. His eye for the “real deal” back then has served him well, and will keep serving him well into the future.

Check out


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From Ashes to Being a Great Adviser

In this digital era, it requires alluring adverts that will leave a mark in the consumer’s mind making them buy the product. Many companies are still lagging behind this discovery while some have already adopted the idea of creating attractive advertisements that have seen a massive increase in profitability index. Jose Borghi, a renowned advertiser and founder of Mullen Lowe, is one of the most influential advertisers in the industry who understands all the tactics and techniques involved in producing a thrilling advertisement.

Jose Borghi says that advertising was not his dream career until he got an invitation from his sister to attend a performance, which was a presentation of a display of commercial Vts at Castro Neves Theater. After the performance, Jose already knew which career he would pursue. The performance made him realize that advertisement is his calling. After completing his studies at PUC Campinas with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertisement and Propaganda, he knew he was all set to conquer the media world.Jose kicked off his career as an Editor working for Standart Ogilvy agency and later moved to FCB. After a while, he got moved to DDB, Talent, and Leo Burnette. Jose partnered with Erh Ray to form Borghierh, which they started without any Godfather or investor. In 2006, Lowe joined the partnership changing the company name to Borghi Lowe.

The recent merger between Lowe & Partners and Mullen Group changed the company name to Mullen Lowe. Andre Gome became the CEO and Jose Borghi the co-CEO.Jose Borghi has worked his way up, and he believes that success is not served on a silver platter. Through hard work and dedication, Borghi has won many advertising contracts in different companies which include; Honda, Delta Airlines, Protecter, Unilever, Asia Motors, Bunge Group and others. He believes that one should not rely on luck, but should work hard for a bright and fulfilling destiny.


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