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Omar Yunes: A Great BusinessPerson

In the Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) that was held in Florence, Italy last December 5, Omar Yunes of Sushi Itto emerged winner for the contributions he made to the brand that he represents. Omar Yunes ventured into the franchisee business of Japan at an early age of 2 years. He is now the owner of thirteen franchisee units spread out in Mexico, Puebla, and Veracruz which represent a total of 10 percent of the total units run by the brand. Omar Yunes feels proud for he is just a representative of the whole group of 400 workers in the 13 units that he manages and the entire brand that allowed him to innovate. He says that the victory is for the whole brand.

34 countries sent their representatives to the 2015 edition. They include Portugal, Hungary, France, Argentina, Italy, Mexico, and Brazil. The edition evaluated the franchise based on its effect on the network and not the brand. Some of the areas which the evaluation was carried include the influence on the network, contributions based on knowledge, employees’ motivation, savings the invoice proposed together with the improvements introduced.

The Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) organizer, Diego Elizarrarras, said that Omar’s action as an important factor of change in franchising franchise relationship won him the highest award. His achievements enabled better management of information and improve clearer measuring of every unit through the implementation of control boards. Omar had also won the first place in the qualifiers. According to Elizarrarras, this award depicts how an active sector has claimed it right nationally and expanding its regional boundary and cut a niche in the international market. The CEO of the brand considered this victory as the collective efforts they put to provide hospitality, quality service, and excellent flavor to their consumers.

The second position was won by Ivan Tamar, the franchisee of the Prendamex in the Mexican chapter. He attained this position through the implementation of tools that helped achieve new marketing systems practices in the entire pawnshops’ network. The jury consisted of, the Mexican Association of Franchises, Universidad Anáhuac entrepreneurs of the sector and Entrepreneur.

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Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Education Fund Gala

More than $900,000 has been raised ahead of the predictions made by the Ubuntu Fund these funds will go a long way to assist many of the low-income students pursuing an education to pay for their fees. Andrew Rolfe facilitated the fund charity in London as the chairman. Andrew Rolfe has a vision for most students who come from the remote parts of the African continent. These are the children who never secure an opportunity to get a formal education in the region. This money will be spent in South Africa as it is the hub of a connection of all needy students all over the world. Andrew Rolfe commenced the Ubuntu Fund Organization as a sign that the world needs to empower all the children as they are the light of the future economy, if we do not have children who don’t have the necessary education, we will not cultivate the better business solutions for the modern world.

According to Andrew Rolfe, some of the money raised for the Ubuntu fund will be used to develop a clinic for young children who don’t have enough money to attend the expensive national hospitals. The Andrew Rolfe uses their resources and money to serve more than 400,000 disadvantaged children in Africa. They have always needed this seamless capability to secure fast income for income intensities. The Port Elizabeth Campus is the hub of all these students who do not get their institutional money as fees. This means that the organization bridges between their needs and their solutions as they are unique from one another.

When the founders of the Ubuntu Fund realized that there were hunger and other epidemic diseases like HIV that hindered most of these children from acquiring the needed education, they also expanded their reach to have in it their inclusion for home stability, nutrition, health, and much more. More than 300 well-known philanthropists and socialites in London have attended the Ubuntu Fund Seminar that depicts the true nature of this industry. However, it was the personal story given by Rabidyani Sinesipho that captured people’s hearts.

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Jason Hope’s Approach to the Internet of Things

As far as entrepreneurs go there are precious few as forward thinking and ready as Jason Hope. Hope is the founder of the mobile comms company, Jawa, as well as a hefty investor philanthropist. However, none of those titles really mean much to Hope as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur he is always looking to the future in order to try and take advantage of the next big thing. That next big thing might finally be here in the shape of the internet, smart technology, and how the two cross platforms in order to change our lives forever.

Jason Hope has been devout in his faith of the Internet of Things ever since the concept first started gaining traction a few years ago. Since then Hope has been one of the most avid investors of the technology in terms of touting the concept and pushing for its recognition from more mainstream audiences. This information doesn’t help you a whole lot if you don’t know what the Internet of Things is so with that in mind we will dig in and give you a great explanation.

For Jason Hope the Internet of Things is more than just next step in technology. The Internet of Things is going to be a fundamental shift in the way that the world works and how we interact with it. The Internet of Things is the connection of the internet to all of the objects in our daily lives. Think of the old cartoon ‘The Jetsons’ in order to get an idea as to how connected our world CAN get with technology with the right application and imagination. Now, expound on that and add the internet as a multiplier.

Smart technology is already a burgeoning fad within the growing technological world. However, smart tech is still largely focused on entertainment and luxury. Hope believes, and studies support him, that smart technology is going to branch out to become a true game changer. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the next great industry and market enterprise and it is his suggestion for companies to get involved sooner rather than later.

Respecting Jason Hope :

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George Soros, Donald Trump & The Ferguson Protests

It seems like there is a seminal moment for every generation when it comes to the fight for equality and justice. For many younger adults that moment came in 2014 in the city of Ferguson, MO. Michael Brown was an unarmed man who was shot to death by a police officer named Darren Wilson. The case immediately grabbed nationwide attention as the case further highlighted the issue of police brutality toward minorities. Protesters hit the streets to march, speak their mind, and push for justice and an inquiry. The protests captivated the nation and they couldn’t have happened without a man named George Soros. Learn more about George at Biography.

George Soros is an activist, philanthropist, and billionaire progressive activist. His work has come under an increasingly stronger microscope because he is one of the few billionaires out there actively fighting for justice and equality at all levels. Soros isn’t a household name among most people but then again, he doesn’t have to be — his work stands for itself. Where does George Soros come into play in terms of the Ferguson protests? Well, it all goes back to his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

The Open Society Foundations has worked closely with grassroots activists all around the world for the better part of the past 30 years. During that time span the OSF has donated nearly $12 billion to these activists in order to help promote social justice, equality, transparent government and more. In the year leading up to the 2014 Ferguson Protests the Open Society Foundation had donated nearly $33 million to established groups within the area. This money went straight into organizing and networking the protests that would capture the nation’s attention. Visit to know more about George.

The American political machine has grown increasingly clunky as of late with a more rigorous stress test than it is probably used to. The election campaign of Donald Trump put several things into motion that will surprise most people. Perhaps the most impacting of those things is the return of George Soros to the political realm. George Soros had largely been staying out of the public spotlight but the rise of Trump, the degeneration of national discourse, and the reality of a Trump-dominated Presidency spurred him into action.

George Soros has done it all throughout his career in politics. He has worked closely with presidential candidates and he has done his best to make sure that progressive policies are pushed going forward. When Soros saw how popular Trump was becoming, he knew that he had to act. Soros jumped full tilt into the 2016 Presidential Election by donating nearly $25 million to progressive and Democratic candidates. His effort helped to ignite a late push for progressives around the country.

Learn more:

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Real Estate Investor Nick Vertucci Discusses Housing Supply in California

California’s economy is booming and expert real estate investor and educator Nick Vertucci believes that the state government in Sacramento will have to act quickly to fill the growing need for affordable housing throughout the state. Annual targets for additional housing regularly falls short of the need and, according to Nick Vertucci, the estimate of 311,000 housing units delivered is not enough to provide housing for all Californians who want their own piece of the American dream.


California has the highest per capita income in the nation but also has the highest adjusted poverty rate. These two factors sometimes clash when it comes to providing affordable housing. Communities are reluctant to allow additional housing to be built largely because of their concern for the value of existing housing. As they push back against developers, officials in Sacramento are faced with the need to provide additional units while not widening rifts with constituents back home.


Property owners in California coastal cities have seen valuations rise nearly 75% in the last five years. While this has afforded them with a significant return on their investments, helped by property taxes that were capped by law, under 1978’s Proposition 13, many potential homeowners are either pushed out of the market because of rising prices or the limited number of new units.


Even in a strong economy with near record levels of prosperity there are people making six figure salaries that live in RV’s and have to drive several hours on their daily commute to work. Nick Vertucci believes the state is near a tipping point where the interests of community planners and those who are seeking housing will conflict. A bill that encourages additional lower and middle income housing has passed the state senate and is being negotiated between the legislature and Governor Jerry Brown.


Nick Vertucci, who owns a multimillion dollar real estate investment business and in 2017 founded NV Real Estate Academy, points out that the grass roots efforts on both sides of the issue, the communities and the government play a role in managing this important issue. Through his business and educational efforts Nick Vertucci teaches others how to invest in real estate and use those investments to control their own finances.

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Don Ressler transforms the online fashion world

There is a lot of good to be said about the fashion industry. Fashion derives its creativity from different times and history. It can have trends that change frequently but may plateau for some time. The fashion industry is all about creativity and addressing the needs of the market. While there are people that want just to wear clothing, others want clothing that is trendy and highly fascinating. One can have significant sales in their fashion clothing if people become very interested in their fashion items. Don Ressler has created the interest in his fashion brand and has come out incredibly successful.


Don Ressler is the person behind TechStyle and other successful fashion brands we see today. He has created a variety in the fashion industry. He believes that everyone should feel comfortable with the kind of clothing they wear. He does not want to design clothing for women; he wants people to enjoy the kind of clothing they wear. Among the things he has created is Fabletics. The brand has grown to help women and men appreciate their clothing and feel better about themselves. According to Don Ressler, people move forward when they feel better about themselves. That is one of the main reasons why Fabletics has grown to become an all-inclusive brand.


Don Ressler has addressed the market gap where of women with different sizes. One sure thing about the current fashion market is that it meets the needs for a particular size. People outside the size limit are usually left without the kind of clothing they hoped for. Fabletics has strived to become an all-inclusive brand that addresses the needs of all women. It allows women of different sizes to wear and enjoy something offered by the fashion retailer. People above a certain size limit no longer have to choose essential clothing. They can go for something that is amazing and fascinating. Most of the plus size clothing items at Fabletics are not available in other markets.


Don Ressler has strived to address the gap in the fashion market for men. Men are usually left out when it comes to fashion clothing. Don Ressler thus decided to open an FL2 clothing program under Fabletics. Fabletics has since gained many followers and even opened physical stores. The firm has opened up a new world of activewear and sportswear. Currently, Fabletics has several plans for expanding and getting into newer markets.

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Don Ressler Manages Both JustFab And Fabletics Wonderfully

The career of Don Ressler has been an active one in the fashion world where he has ensured the success of several different companies. He is currently the CEO of Fabletics and JustFab. These two online fashion houses work through the subscription market, and he is helping each company grow stronger. The strength and power that he has created within his companies helps women shop for the best clothes, and this article explains how he helps make the fashion world a more lively place.


#1: How Is JustFab Growing?


JustFab is a large online retailer that has sold subscription boxes to women every month. They take information from their clients, and they create fashion boxes that help women dress well. The company has created new subscription boxes for women the world over, and they are expanding their brand to ensure they may reach more women in more sizes.


JustFab sells shoes and accessories to women, and they ensure that every woman has a full outfit to wear. The purpose of shopping with JustFab is to ensure a woman is dressed well from head to toe, and Don has helped the company offer more sizes to more women.


#2: What Is The Fabletics Legacy?


Fabletics was started by Kate Hudson as a way to help women shop for casual clothes that will take them from the gym to their errands. Casual clothing is quite important for busy women, and Kate believes her brand will reach the working moms she wishes to speak to. The subscription boxes that Fabletics offers are only one part of the business model.


#3: Growing Fabletics With Store Openings


Don wishes to keep the company growing by opening new stores around North America that will sell their clothes to a working public. The clothing offered by Fabletics is quite important for women who are shopping for something simple, and they may see Kate working out in the clothes in her own commercials.


The Fabletics and JustFab names are in good hands with Don Ressler, and he has built both companies to go far beyond what was seen by their founders. Her is helping turn two major subscription brands into the best names of the day. Women may shop with the sites at any time, and they will find it quite helpful to use these sites to keep their closets full of clothing they are ready to wear every day.

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A Look At The Background And Career Of HCRC Staffing Founder, Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin’s Educational Background And Medical Career

Mr. Torchin holds a bachelor of science degree or B.S. in the subject of exercise science. He completed this undergraduate program at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware as pat of his pre-med requirements.

Brian then went on to study at the New York Chiropractic College located in Seneca Falls, New York in Upstate New York. He studied at the New York Chiropractic College beginning in 1992 and finishing in 1995. Upon graduation he earned a doctor of chiropractic degree or DC from the New York Chiropractic College.

After completing his medical studies and becoming a licensed chiropractor in the state of Pennsylvania, Dr. Torchin opened up his own chiropractic clinic. Mr. Torchin worked as a chiropractor for several years in the Philadelphia metro area before he decided to open up his own staffing company which he called HCRC Staffing. Brian Torchin remains a licensed chiropractor to this day.

The Founding Of HCRC Staffing

Mr. Brian Torchin left his chiropractic practice in 2007 to start up a medical staffing company which he named HCRC Staffing. In addition to being the founder of HCRC Staffing, he is the chief executive officer there as well.

His staffing firm is also based in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania greater area as where his chiropractic office was located in his previous job.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin formed HCRC Staffing because he realized an incredible need for reliable, quick and effective staffing services for the medical industry. Working as a chiropractor for many years, Dr. Torchin himself understood how hard it is to find medical support staff such as nurses, office assistants, therapists and other doctors for his practice.

HCRC Staffing has a goal of finding and fulfilling open positions at private practices, urgent care centers, hospitals, clinics and research facilities in 72 hours or less. This is a highly ambitious goal, but is one that has put HCRC Staffing as one of the foremost healthcare staffing firms in the country.

In addition to serving domestic clients and facilities, Brian Torchin recently expanded his staffing company to serve clients abroad. His firm is now a global staffing company that is dedicated to finding the best medical experts and office support staff for practices around the world.

You can also check out some of Brian Torchin’s publications on medical staffing and employee retention through his LinkedIn page.

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About Cancer Treatment Centers Of America:

The cancer treatment centers of America holds its headquarters in Florida. It is a national, profit seeking network that has five hospitals which operate in America. These centers use treatment like immunology, radiology, chemotherapy, and surgery amongst other remedies to treat cancer. Cancer Treatment Centers Of America was founded by Richard J Stephenson whose mother died from cancer and who wanted to seek holistic and special care for cancer patients.

Clinical Pathways Program And Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America use a program called the clinical pathways program. The clinical pathways program tries to come up with specialized care for its clients so that this eliminates the need for guess work and provides a more comprehensive cover which incorporates oncology research. This program helps to cure the patient with the latest research and methods available in the market. The best factor about the program is that the program is tailored to meet the individual needs of its clients.

Advantages Of Clinical Pathways Program

The main advantage of the program is that it tries to be objective and transparent in client service. The program tries to be efficient and effective in the quality of care that it provides by reducing the variation in patient care whereby each patient is treated with the best available remedy and by not being extra special to any of its clients. The program can also help health care insurance providers by coming up with a cost schedule which the patients can use accordingly.

The Future Of Cancer Care In America

The best feature about the clinical pathways program is that the practitioners have access to a universal library and they also have ample resources at their disposal. The oncology medical library also holds peer reviewed literature at their disposal.

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MB2 Dental Ensures Dentists Run Successful Dental Practice

Becoming a dentist is tough, but running a dental office successfully is even more challenging. People who are looking to make a huge name in the world of dentistry need to study from a reputed college and have excellent academic credentials to support their practice. However, one other criterion that is essential to run dental office successfully is seamless administration. There are many different functions of the dental office that collectively helps the dentists to get new patients, provide better dental services to the patients, and ensure that they keep coming back. As there are many dentists available out there, any lack of the services rendered to the patients means they would consider switching their dentist.

One of the biggest problems of most of the dentists is that while they are excellent at their job of providing a broad range of dental services, they are not exactly a tycoon when it comes to business practice or a great administrator. These are the two qualities needed to make sure that the dental practice is marketed well to attract new patients looking for dental service and to ensure that the administration of the office is seamless and streamlined. MB2 Dental is a company that offers a broad range of administrative services to the dental practice, whether they are run independently or not.

MB2 Dental understands the plight of the dentists who even after being excellent at their job are not able to treat as many patients as they would want or are not able to attract as many patients as they expected. MB2 Dental has a team of talented professionals who they can recruit at the affiliated dental practices and would take care of a wide range of aspects of running a dental practice. Some of the functions of dental practice that MB2 Dental would take care of includes billing, accounts, HR Solutions, cleaning and hygiene, appointments, marketing, following up, reception, customer service, taking feedback, reminder calls, and more.

  1. Akhil Reddy, one of the leading dentists in the United States today faced a lot of challenges initially when he started independent dental practice, but getting affiliated with MB2 Dental changed the course of his dental business entirely. Today, Dr. Akhil Reddy is able to treat more patients, market his dental practice more efficiently, getting interns with ease, and rest of the administrative jobs are taken care of without him having to worry about it day and night.

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