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The Journey Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey Case with Joe Arpaio

Recently, there has been a lot of commotion in the public regarding the pardoning that was issued by president Trump to Joe Arpaio. Joe Arpaio is one of the toughest American sheriffs in Maricopa County, Arizona. One of the outstanding issues is the wrongful imprisonment of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, the owners of Village Voice.

A backdate of the story, ten years ago Joe Arpaio ordered some agents from Maricopa County Selective Enforcement Unit to arrest Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey from their homes. This was in the claim that the two individuals had revealed information relating to grand-jury investigations.

Lacey was the executive editor while Larkin was the chief executive officer for the Village Voice Media newspaper. The day they were arrested is the same day when they had published a report addressing the probe of grand jury through their newspaper publication in Village Voice Media, Phoenix New Times.

Unfortunately, the two were already under investigation by the grand jury. Joe was triggered by the fact that the two had been increasingly covering the aggressive law enforcement techniques that were used in his government since his inauguration to office in 1992. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin:

Some of the publications that were brought to the public included Joe’s numerous orders against the inmates and women especially the immigrants. According to the two, since Joe’s service in his office, many cases had been revolving around him.

A file that was disclosed in 2011 addressed the conditions that the inmates in Tent City went through and in the end, Joe was charged with violation of rights for immigrants and Latinos.

However, Joe defended himself, moved on with his work, and kept encouraging his employees to profile the people in their races. This practice moved on for a long time until people’s cry for abuse of power brought attention to the ears of the reporters. Read more: Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

This is when Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey came in handy and began exposing the American sheriff, Joe Arpaio, to the public. They wrote on several times about Joe until two agents that were sent by Joe arrested them.

As the two released information relating to Joe, most other newspapers were fearful until they found this piece by the two and more reports began circulating in the public.

The original work was done by Lacey and Larkin. The two were lucky enough to be released from the prison after 24 days and moved on to expose more on Joe’s corrupt ways. The lawsuit was settled at $3.7 million.

Following the entire occurrence, one might wonder how Trump got involved in all this. After the entire story, Joe was disadvantaged because he lost the re-election for a seventh term as a sheriff.

Moving on, in 2017, he was charged by the court with contempt during Melendres suit. In other news, Arpaio endorsed Trump’s candidacy as a president at his stages in election campaigns.

During these campaigns, Trump had mentioned that he would pardon Joe but the reason behind the pardoning is unknown. With that happening, it is easy to conclude that Trump was fulfilling his speech.

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Visit Apia Today! We Welcome You!

     Take a trip to Apia today! So much fun, so many great things to see, you will not want to leave. Beautiful beaches, scuba diving in the Apia underworld among tropical fish and Samoa shopping of incredible items of sheer excellence, trust and believe that you will have much to look forward to on your visit to Apia. Book a flight to the Fagali’l airport today.

The Fagali’l airport is one of two airports in Apia [Faleolo International is the other]. Among the two, the Fagali’l airport seems to have many advantages on the customer service side, as the character of its employees are phenomenal, definitely a representation of positive Samoan spirit. The Fagali’l airport takes its employees through extreme training in order to properly prepare them for the customer service battle experienced daily. So many difficult customers with a varied account of pressure, one would have to be strong, tolerable and extremely professional to handle the many behaviors of guests through a normal work day. The Fagali’l airport has proven customer service excellence over the years and has exceeded its competition in such regard.

The Fagali’l airport is located just a couple of miles from the heart of Apia. Apia is the largest city of Samoa and its capital. Within short distances, many fun activities surround the airport: yoga hiking, scuba diving, rock sliding and Samoan gift shopping. You can also take a visit to the mansion of, which is now called the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. Visit the Samoa clubs for dancing and a drink or two. And, of course, walk the many attractive beaches of the city. So much fun under the sun in a city that averages 85 degree weather all year long, yes, even in the winter time. Also, many Samoan restaurants are available serving the most delectable city dishes unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. Apia welcomes you anytime of the year for the experiences of a lifetime.

Book your flight today!

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Chris Burch: Exotic Island Resort

Chris Burch has been an active investor and entrepreneur for over 40 years. During this time he has played a role in the success of over 50 companies. Today he is most well-known for his philanthropic endeavors as well as his various resorts and hotels which he owns. Over the course of his life, he has taken part in the business success in a diverse array of industries. He has even had a wider effect in terms of his investments.

Chris Burch believes that the source of his success lies in his ability to combine the innovation and implementation of new and unique ideas. It is incredibly important to have an intuitive understanding of consumer behavior. If you are able to understand how a consumer will behave, then you will be able to ensure the success of your business in the long-term.

For example, one of the more unique ideas that Chris Burch has taken part of is a company that helps to fabricate tiny houses that are then shipped to consumers and assembled in less than four months. Read more on

Chris Burch originally began his entrepreneurial success while he was still at college. During his time at college, Chris Burch and his brother both invested $2000 in a clothing company. By the time that he had graduated the company was worth over $60 million. The success that had been generated was due in part to direct to consumer marketing plans and the ability to efficiently produce their products.



While it is obvious that Chris Burch has had success across the board of his life, there is one achievement that is perhaps the most amazing of them all. He has recently taken part in the purchase and development of an exotic resort in Indonesia on the Nihi Sumba Island ( This island is 250 miles southeast of Bali. The resort that he has developed on the island contains 27 villas. The resort itself has been ranked as the number one location in the world in both 2016 and 2017 by several publications.

The villas that are the main component of the resort are said to have been constructed using natural stone and teak wood. The idea that is behind the construction practices that have been used in the construction of the resort was developed in order to establish elegance in an unlikely location while also maintaining minimal disturbance to the ecosystems that surround the resort.

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The Impact Jason Hope Has In Slowing Down the Aging Process

With the health problems increasing day in day out, the need to look for a solid solution has also intensified. Many people across the world are suffering from different health problems and the need for a cure has continued to increase. While some people are suffering from some minor health conditions, others have life-threatening diseases. The worst thing about these life-threatening health diseases is that their impact on the communities is quite dramatic. However, there isn’t any single medical condition affecting people today that are not escapable. All medical conditions have a solution somewhere no matter the life habits, income, health level or geographical region. Aging has been described as the only condition that is inescapable.

Aging is a natural life process that occurs to everyone and most people consider it something unavoidable. The skin becomes wrinkled and rigid, the bones break down and eventually people grow old. High blood pressure, cancer, osteoporosis, and arthritis are some of the conditions that hasten the aging process. However, certain entrepreneurs and philanthropists such as Jason Hope approach aging differently. He believes something can be done to reverse or slow down the aging process. Jason has donated a lot of his money to various healthcare organizations that seek to combat the aging process and its effects.

SENS Foundation is among the charitable organizations he has supported for several years now. In December 2010, Jason donated about $500,000 to SENS Foundation. SENS Foundation is an organization whose main mandate is to help people access biotechnology, which would help them to prevent illnesses and counteract the aging process. SENS seeks to improve the quality of life and improve human health through new approaches. As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Jason delights in having effective tech advancements that reduce the aging process. He today lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has worked with Mobile Technology since 2004.

Jason Hope is a graduate of Arizona State University and he holds a master’s degree in Business. He is also a holder of a Bachelor degree in Science with Finance minor. After creating a mobile communications company, Jason Hope then focused on investments and philanthropy. He believes that the best way to secure the future is by investing in the startups. He has greatly helped the rejuvenating technology that aims at getting a profound solution for diseases like Diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, Atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s. Jason is a people-minded person and he is involved in supporting grant programs that empower entrepreneurs who are passionate and young.

Learn More:

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IC Systems- An Ethical Debt Collector

Since 1938, IC Systems has been operating a debt collection business that is second to none. This industry, also referred to as “Accounts Recovery”, centers around collecting debts for a variety of different industries. They do this through a number of methods, from simple and benign things like phone calls and emails all the way up to legal action against the delinquent account (Facebook).

This year marks the 80th year that they have been in business. So, to commemorate the occasion, we are going to take a quick look at IC Systems…in particular their high emphasis on ethics.

The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson, who set out to provide an honest, ethical form of debt collection that would give merchants an ethical recourse when faced with a client who refuses to pay. Despite the inherent unpleasantness of debt collection, you can look at their website and see that this company is all about ethics. They talk about it a lot, which I find reassuring. After all, most of have been in debt at some point. Considering that they have been nominated for 3 Golden Torch Awards from the Better Business Bureau (for ethics), it’s obviously not just talk.

One of the advantages of doing business with such a long-established company is that they conduct business almost everywhere. IC Systems is licensed to collect debt in all 50 states as well as Guam and Puerto Rico. This is important because many times, a person leaves a debt unpaid when they are moving to another state. This can be a problem if a collections agency is not authorized to collect in both states. To proceed under these circumstances would be a violation of a person’s rights.

In order to maintain compliance, IC Systems has a strict compliance risk management system, which is simply a program that audits all departments of the company for compliance with all applicable regulations. They also carry out training programs in order to help ensure compliance. They even have a separate and independent director and committee to oversee all auditing operations.

Such policies are probably why IC Systems has been around as long as it has, and why they will continue to outlast the unscrupulous.

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Jorge Moll and Emotion Control Research

Scientists have started an experiment using brain scans and training in order to help volunteers be able to train their emotions. The emotions they’re mainly focused on are ones of happiness. They are also hoping that these experiments will lead to new breakthroughs for people with mental illnesses and behavioral issues.

Jorge Moll talked about how other scientists have only experimented and looked at a few parts of the brain but, in order for the experiment to work, all parts of the brain need to be looked at. Not only will this let them see the results better, but they will also be able to see how each part relates to each other. Jorge’s team and him want to focus on the areas that are responsible for emotions and see how they relate to other parts of the brain.

At first, it took some time to get the computer to recognize these different feelings and the way they did this was by having people sit in fMRI machines and asked them to think about happy moments they had in their lives. The fMRI machine looked at the brain in real time. They were also asked to think about times of pride because Jorge Moll and his team wanted to look at different brain patterns that happen when different emotions are present.

Finally, they had 25 of these volunteers try to actually control these thoughts and it actually worked. The volunteers were then given pointers on how to continue training these emotions.

Jorge Moll is the President-Director and a member of the governing board of D’Or Institute for Research and Education in Rio de Janeiro (Twitter). At this institute, he is also the senior researcher and the head of Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup. Jorge Moll has received many awards, including: from 2004-2007, he held the award for Research Fellow NH, in 2008 he was elected the affiliate member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, from 2012-2013 he was elected governors board member of the International Neuroethics Society, and in 2005 he received the Visiting Scholar Award from the Stanford Neuroscience Institute at Stanford University. He completed his medical schooling in 1994 and his residency in 1997 at the same school, which is the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He then went on to get his PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from the University of Sao Paulo.

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Stansberry Research: The Strategy for Capital

When looking at the stock market, being an apprentice shows that you’re interested but need guidance to more research. Citizens may hear about the stock market and want to pursue classes; whether online or at a college campus. How would you feel to have someone that’s a financial genius plan a consultation with you? That sounds great right? Being guided to purchasing the right stock and investments can be a challenge but having a personal assistant tell you more in depth of what to do is always a better route. The right pathway is to seek Stansberry Research.

To look into “stock” terminology, the words aren’t clear to a novice. There’s plenty of words to understand such as: investments, investors, stock market, melt up, and melt down, and the famous “Wall Street Experts.” It seems that the spark turned into a marketing strategy that became successful on the stock exchange during 2009. Later on, it seemed to be the highlight of corporate social talks but didn’t become notable until 2015. Most that were interested started asking questions and seeking financial consultations (

Stansberry Research have that guided touch for the novice’s inquires. To understand research, there has to be some guidelines for one seeking the opportunity. What is distinguished about Stansberry Research is this company does the work for you. They strategically put packages together called portfolios to fit the new investor’s needs. Those portfolios information ranges from exchange-traded funds to capital gains. They can work with whatever you decide. The portfolio packages are capital, income, and total portfolios.

The smartest decision is to turn to the experts at Stansberry Research. You may not end up making the right decisions, and it could end up costing you a fortune. Stansberry can go to debate for you and notify you when there are any changes that you were not aware of. Placing together those strategic packages are the guidelines needed to create that trustworthy relationship. Their top analysts test the market to ensure that their is no guesswork anywhere in your investing.


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Anti-Semitism on the Rise, Asserts Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an author who sometimes contributes to the Jewish syndication In one of his blogs he has asserted that anti-Semitism is growing and becoming more commonplace in America in both the college system and just in general. Historically, he states, Muslims have always blamed Jews for being “overly powerful Zionists” who are the “cause of all the problems in the Middle East”. Piggybacking on this idea, someone at even the highest ranks of the “Women’s March” in America, Linda Sarsour, has made many many extremist positions and statements. This used to only exist on the extreme right of the political field but now it has extended even to the extreme left with Linda Sarsour. Adam Milstein asserts that she should not be at the forefront of the Women’s March because she has led a “Jihad against Trump” speech in which she has praised the extremist Siraj Wajjah, one of the co-conspirators of the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City. On top of that, Sarsour even praises the Saudi Arabian treatment of women.

As if this were all not enough in the world, Adam Milstein asserts that some campuses across America have even taken on anti-semitic positions themselves. At Tufts University there is typically what is called a “disorientation guide” for new incoming students, that calls for a condemnation of Israel as a state of white supremacy”. At NYU also, Israel is condemned 55 times in compared with the number of times with which Jihad extremism or even condemnation of Trump exists. The anti-Semitism also occurs in Chicago at the Dyke March for LGBT members and the “SlutWalk” which condemns sexual harassment. Anyone who was caught wearing a Star of David or displaying a Star of David on an LGBT flag were thrown out of the rallies, says Adam Milstein.

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Ara Chackerian; the Wilderness is a Hidden Treasure

Ara Chackerian is a conservationist and philanthropist. He believes that the wilderness has an important and crucial role to play in the life of humans. Ara Chackerian Says that forests and the wilderness, in general, provide a rich resource from which humans can derive social and health solutions. The wild is also an ideal location for recreation, athletic practice, and inspiration provides a serene environment. He is a frontline advocate for the preservation of forests. He has, therefore, made his contribution to the relevant authorities in terms of revolutionary ideas and material resources to ensure that conservation of forests is achieved. Ara Chackerian also holds that responsible harnessing of forest resources is one of the ways that conservation goals can be achieved. You can visit for more details.




Best Approaches to the Management of Forests



According to Ara Chackerian, it is best to deploy careful forestry tactics to sustain the diversity of the wildlife population in the forests. These techniques should also be designed to help to prevent forest decline due to natural threats including drought, serious storms, and fires. According to the experienced forestry expert, no two forests are ever alike. Consequently, there is a need for keen planning and customized conservation strategies for each forest segment and location. He points out Michigan as an area with unique forest conservation needs and that any conservation interventions in the forest areas in the area should be the type he calls “made to order”. The plans for conservation must meet the commercial and recreational needs while protecting the wildlife population in the forests. For more details you can visit






According to Ara Chackerian, there are specified wilderness areas that are ideal for certain activities. For instance, he points out that a forest that looks like a park and is filled with old trees distributed randomly far apart could be the best place for hiking, camping, and bird-watching-recreational-activity. Such places may not be the best for wildlife. Most animals prefer young tender vegetation for food and cover. It is, therefore, an area that demands a lot of skilled human input to ensure that such areas can sustain animals and encourage tourist activities and other recreational pursuits by humans. Chackerian calls for public participation in wilderness conservation decisions so as to empower the public to assist in conservation measures.






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Ian King: Offering Investing Insight To Banyan Hill Publishing

With so many business opportunities and investment offers, a lot of people get confused on which ones are worth looking into. The primary motivation of investors is all-common–to achieve financial freedom so that they can leave the unending climb to the corporate ladder, give more time to their families, and create wealth that will sustain them for generations to come.


However, a strong asset of any investor is having the right mentors who can guide him in profitable financial decisions. Such a company is Banyan Hill Publishing, which is known as a powerhouse newsletter offering financial advice for old and new investors alike. Follow Ian King at

Banyan Hill started in 1998 known as The Sovereign Society. One of the company’s main focus is to provide information about asset protection and organizing investments through making oneself knowledgeable in profit-making principles. The website targeted readers who are interested in international investment, diversifying their portfolio, and making profitable offshore businesses and bank accounts. Additionally, they also offered advice to other investment-related procedures such as having a second citizenship, protecting one’s privacy, and so forth.


The Sovereign Society was renamed as Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016, as they dug deep to give more actionable insights given by a team of investment experts. They include topics on asset protection, the creation of businesses and investment opportunities. These experts include Ian King, who is known for his expertise in the newest investments such as digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Visit Banyan Hill to know more about Ian King.



About Ian King

Ian King is a known former hedge fund manager. Throughout his career, he eventually became a cryptocurrency trader, after more than two decades of experience as an investment analyst. Mr. King’s innovative insights in the digital currency market have been featured on several financial news sites such as Fox Business News, Seeking Alpha, and Zero Hedge. As a senior analyst in Banyan Hill Publishing, he also started his own cryptocurrency investment product for the Investopedia Academy.


Ian King joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2017 to give insight on his knowledge about the cryptocurrency market. This is a very valuable information since the digital currency industry is relatively new and is highly profitable when done right. He serves as the editor of Banyan Hill’s newsletter called Crypto Profit Trader Service. Crypto Trader Profit Service is made for investors who want to keep up with the digital currency trends and learning how to secure their digital assets. Additionally, Ian King is a contributor to the Sovereign investor daily, by giving specific knowledge in cryptocurrency developments.


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