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Vibrant Lime Crime Makeup Is Perfect For Springtime Beauty Trends

When it comes to spring, we usher in all kinds of newness, freshness and boldness.

Lime Crime makeup happens to exude those wonderful qualities, and if your makeup routine needs a much-added boost, then, taking a look at the cosmetics brand and all of its gorgeous color palettes will instantly seduce you.

Doe Deere is the CEO and founder of the makeup brand that she established on e-commerce in 2008. Reporter Expert has named the brand in their recent “15 Beauty Trends to Incorporate Into Your Spring 2018 Look…” article.

The makeup is often labeled as modern, bold, colorfully radical, a bit naughty and totally glamorous.

Doe Deere wanted to establish a brand that colored outside the lines and offered a vibrant option from the tired, boring beige palettes that most beauty brands offer at stores. Lime Crime was her answer and fit an empty space in the makeup industry.

At first, the makeup was all about the street, but the fan base started blossoming, and now, you can find the makeup at photo shoots, on TV sets and on the red carpet.

Doe Deere’s grunge beauty kits, the Venus collection, have become cult favorites and sell out quickly. These eyeshadow kits are full of unusual shades for the eyes; some colors are reddish, “orange-y” and like bruised fruits.

The newest kit is the Venus 3 Palette, and Reporter Expert is diggin’ the purple vibe because the shade is exquisite for springtime. The palette is following the very lush violet trend that is appearing everywhere. The Pantone Color Institute has been wild about their own ultra-violet shade of the moment.

The beauty of purple shades is their elegance and look for all skin tones. There’s something so girly about purple, and fans are blown away by the new Venus palette. There are currently four of these eyeshadow palettes; the others include the original Venus, Venus 2 and Venus XL.

In addition, Doe Deere adores wearing purple in her hair, and her popular Unicorn Hair Tints feature this striking shade.

Lime Crime makeup is for fearless women (and men).

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