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OG Juan Of Roc Nation Sports And His Close Connection To Jay Z

Roc Nation Sports is a branch of Roc Nation which is a part of rap mogul, Jay Z, empire. This part of Roc Nation serves the purpose of representing sports stars at the professional level. Roc Nation Sports provides professional players with high level agents who help to manage their career. This part of Jay Z’s empire is headed by one of his good friends. His name is Juan “OG” Perez and he is often referred to as OG Juan.

Jay Z has made many songs over the course of his long career. On some of his tracks he talks about the leading members of organization. They are not only leading figures within his empire, they are also his good friends. Jay Z’s empire is operated by Desire Perez who is the COO or Chief Operating Officer of his organization. She handles day to day business of Roc Nation to ensure that the whole empire is running smoothly.

OG Juan is Desire’s husband. He is the president of Roc Nation Sports. He has an important position overseeing the company’s business and operations. He has been working in this position for some time. Jay Z likes his friend OG Juan. He had recently treated OG Juan to expensive champagne for his birthday celebration.

Apparently, Jay Z believes that OG Juan is a competent individual since he is allowing him to run his organization. It is a good thing to have trusted friends sitting in positions of power over a person’s empire. Jay Z really likes OG Juan and wants him to be successful. OG Juan’s success ultimately means that Roc Nation will be a profitable and flourishing empire.

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Peter Briger and How Company Failures Could Be Rooted In Failed Executives

It may be safe to say that a company’s reputation is dependent on the executives running it. A bad CEO can bring a company down. A CEO or Principal that doesn’t understand the high value of making employees happy, falters. Further, the best companies today stand out because of great corporate culture and giving the right, ethical services to the clients. These are the kind of attributes that Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group always aspire to. Being the principal and co-chairman of Fortress‘ Board of Directors, Peter Briger needs to sustain such attributues, values and culture in order to grow his company to its highest potential.

The Forbes Billionaire List

It’s also a good indicator of one’s success if the executive is being ranked by the Forbes magazine’s billionaire list. For Peter Briger’s case, his Forbes Ranking went to as high as rank #962 in the World’s Billionaire’s List category of the magazine. There are a lot of factors that have brought him to such ranking, but it may not be a stretch to claim that this achievement could have been because of the largest acquisition that Fortress experienced. This happened when SoftBank bought Fortress for $8.08 per share, and that resulted to a total deal price of $100 billion. That’s such a big deal. That’s the kind of deal that makes it worthy for Peter Briger to at least be acknowledged by any media firm.

Details of Peter Briger’s Work for Fortress

Peter Briger became a solid part of Fortress 4 years after the company was founded. His main responsibility in the company was to acquire the best networks that could grow the assets of the investors of Fortress. He is also to make sure that he is able to be part of outreach programs that can teach people how to also start their own business.

With that in mind, he goes to Princeton University, the place where he graduated, and supports programs and funding projects to help future entrepreneurs get into the right path of business. All of these are just parts of the strategies, efforts and duties of Briger as he pushes the relevance of Fortress Investment in the finance market today.


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