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Fountain House Receives a Boost from Jeremy Goldstein’s Gala Dinner

Naturally, man aim to achieve an array of things. Jeremy Goldstein is indeed one of the elite and affluent members of the community. However, he draws much satisfaction and contentment from helping people or being part of a positive change in their lives. Read more: Jeremiah Goldstein Hosts Wine Dinner Supporting House | Patch and Jeremy Goldstein | American Conference

In May 2018, he held a grand reception where guests were served with sumptuous meals along with a variety of Chateau Latour wine. This event was in support of the Fountain House, an organization that provided therapy and treatment to people with mental health challenges until they fully recover.

Jeremy Goldstein is happy to be part of this noble course. Fountain House was founded in 1944 by six people who earlier on had suffered mentally and met at a medical facility, Rockland State Hospital. They aimed to help mentally ill people on their road to recovery devoid of stigma and discrimination.

This came in cognition of how prevalent mental illness was rendering many incapable of participating positively in the society. World Health Organization reports that about 450 million people go through such struggles, evidenced by this, Fountain House is a hub that adequately addresses this humanitarian crisis. Learn more about Jeremiah Goldstein:

Well, many things make Fountain House strikeout. First, it has laid out initiatives for mental health, and their works are thoroughly researched on with facts, works closely with the community in a bid to make people lead happier and better lives as well as educate them.

Last but not least, it aims at eradicating mental health misconceptions, myths, stereotype, and uninformed beliefs. Jeremy Goldstein, being a man of the people would hold back not from such calls.

About Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy Goldstein is a practicing attorney and founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a law firm that offer legal advice on matters of corporate governance, compensations, business management, conflicts among other things.

He is a Juris Doctor in Law from the University of New York. Cornell University and the University of Chicago are also his alma maters. Jeremy Goldstein is a regent to the American Bar Association Business Section and has worked with many corporates especially on issues of mergers and acquisitions.

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How Nicolas Krafft Has Contributed to the Growth of Europe’s Fashion Industry

One of the constant themes in the world of fashion in the last 24 months has been inclusivity. Inclusivity as a concept has been evident in L’Oréal events, especially in the recent Paris event. The vice manager of L’Oréal believes that inclusivity as a concept should be more amplified in fashion shows across the world. Nicolas Krafft is certain that the efforts the company has put in the fashion world help in starting the conversation in the fashion world. The conversation is especially in designing and distributing pieces that accommodate all people. In addition to the event having one of the best themes in the world of fashion, it attracted all type of industry players.

The last year’s event also gave seasoned designers as well as newbies a chance to display their different fashion pieces. According to Nicolas Krafft, giving designers an opportunity is one of the main reasons the organization has been keen on organizing such events. In this setting, the company had invited different investors in the world of fashion, and it was a perfect chance for designers to get funding of their different projects. Giving people opportunities has been part of Krafft leadership together with ensuring the company is consistent with the global fashion trends. Consistency with trends is one of the reasons why the 2019 fashion show is expected to be bigger and more vibrant.

The University of St. Gallen graduate has been keen on making the event more than fashion and investment chances to fashion designers. Through hard work and strict adherence to strong work ethics, the event has been able to attract celebrities and famous people across Europe. Pundits have pointed out that event is currently one of the most attended events in Europe as far as fashion is concerned. Thanks to Nicolas Krafft efforts in this industry, major movie stars have graced this event and in return giving the designers more limelight.

On top of being one of the major managers in the fashion industry, he is also one of the most established individuals in the world of business. Nicolas Krafft has been able to make a perfect balance between the two industries without compromising his dedication to any of the industries.

Find out more about Nicolas Krafft:

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The Rise Of Cassio Audi

Cassio Audi, a man of profound wisdom, excels in the financial industry. Born in Brazil, this illustrious businessman discovered his talents early on. Upon unearthing his gifts, Audi wholeheartedly pursued his line of work. Read more reviews at Applesauce Blog about Cassio Audi.

From JPMorgan Chase to Procter & Gamble, Audi took numerous job opportunities during the early stages of his career. No doubt a savvy business tactic, Audi’s vast industry experience demonstrated his sharp insight. It wasn’t until Audi took a position at Brookfield Asset Management that he really began to display his intellect. A startup company, Brookfield Asset Management was relatively new to the scene when Audi came on board. Visit SoundHound to watch music videos of Cassio Audi.


Audi used his expertise to help the company coordinate mergers. Under his guidance, Brookfield Asset Management undertook the largest real estate merger in Brazil. After two years with the organization, Audi made the executive decision to find success elsewhere. He did just that when he landed a role at Rossi Residencial. Over the next five years, Cassio Audi gained valuable information on the inner workings of external auditing and financial reporting. He used this newfound knowledge to score an executive position at a private investment firm. These days, Audi serves as the CFO for Peninsula Participações.


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About Stream Energy in Voluntary Services

Stream Energy is a life services company offering home, security, and energy and wireless amenities to its clients. The firm provides its services in Maryland, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Ohio, New Jersey, Georgia and Washington. Chief Executive Officer Bouncer Schiro leads it and also involves in charitable organizations as a means of giving back to the community.

Joint Charitable Support to Hurricane Harvey Victims

After Hurricane Harvey 56 inch of rain hit Houston in the US, destroying property and causing loss of lives, different companies including Stream Energy rose and helped the affected. The company established Stream Cares Foundation to help other individuals all over Texas who have suffered such catastrophes. It provides money and other services as a means of supporting their customers and other affected people to get back on their feet once more.

The company provided different services, which include foodstuffs, transportation, and moral support. It’s well known in offering support to such groups, and its senior manager stated that the company is willingly volunteering in helping and impacting the lives of many people in Texas.

Charitable Efforts of Stream Energy

As a leading example, it volunteers to give entirely to the community by establishing different philanthropic organisations as a mode of appreciating their clients. It has connections to charitable organisations such as Habitat for Humanity and a long term partnership with American Red Cross and other corporate societies in ensuring all affected by natural disasters in Texas get adequate aid.

Stream Energy partnered with Hope Supply Corporation, based in Dallas, as an effort to deal with homeless children in Texas. Hope Firm supplied sanitary services, school needs, and clothes while Stream Energy offered money and other supplies such as food. The firms also responded to the Texas tornado in 2016 working with the Salvation Army to provide capital and other essential requirements for the victims.

The institution works daily with a goal of impacting individuals in the community of Texas and plans to innovate and stratigise further on different techniques of giving back to the community. With its partnership with other charity corporates, it aims at improving generosity, devotion, and passion for voluntary services for residents of Dallas and Texas at large.

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Shervin Pishevar Predictions

Shervin Pishevar is an accomplished investment professional who was born in Iran. When he was young, his family moved to the United States. Although his father was a wealthy business leader in Iran, he wanted to provide a better life for his family by moving to America.

Shervin’s parents wanted him to become a doctor. Instead of taking their advice, he went to college to study business. Shervin Pishevar started working at a hedge fund after graduation. Although the hours were grueling, he enjoyed the work environment at his hedge fund.


Throughout his career, Shervin has always been willing to take significant financial risks. He was an early investor in both Uber and Dollar Shave Club. At the time, many people thought he was crazy for investing in these business ideas.

Shervin Pishevar now spends the vast majority of his time investing in startup companies. In many cases, he loses his entire investment when the company goes bankrupt. There are cases when a business is thriving and Shervin earns a substantial financial return. He is financially independent and can easily deal with any minor setbacks.


Shervin Pishevar is not afraid to make bold predictions. He recently tweeted for nearly an entire day about the economy. Unlike most economic experts, Shervin is worried about the future of the United States. He cited multiple reasons for his negative views of the future.

Shervin Pishevar thinks the national debt is the most significant financial problem facing the United States in the coming years. He tweeted about how both political parties have failed to solve the national debt crisis. Shervin believes that taxes will eventually get raised to help pay for the national debt.

Shervin also believes that the United States is falling behind other nations when it comes to technological development. He thinks that the best college students are moving to other countries to pursue career opportunities. He suggested overhauling the education system in one of his tweets.

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Jeunesse Global Company Overview

Jeunesse Global is a successful company that sells health and beauty products to customers. Despite being founded less than a decade ago, the company is one of the most influential businesses in the beauty industry.

Jeunesse Global offers multiple beauty products at a reasonable cost. Not only are the products effective, but the price is reasonable. The company also provides a direct selling program for people who want to earn extra money. Anyone who wants to save money on the products can sign up for monthly shipments of various products.

Instantly Ageless

One of the most common products at Jeunesse Global is skin cream. The skin cream products are designed to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Consumers who want to look younger should focus on their skin. By utilizing the skincare products from Jeunesse Global, the vast majority of people will notice better skin within a few months.

Energy Drinks

Many customers purchase energy drinks from Jeunesse Global. These products are made with natural ingredients that provide an energy boost. Anyone who struggles with decreased energy at specific times of the day should consider purchasing these products.


Jeunesse Global utilizes social media to advertise to new clients. Social media is an excellent way to promote both health and beauty products. Many customers enjoy seeing transformations in how people look after using the products.


The leadership team at Jeunesse Global does not spend a lot of money on advertising. Instead, the company focuses on improving products for customers. Despite this unique marketing strategy, Jeunesse Global has grown each year.



Jeunesse Global products are now sold in dozens of countries. The leaders of the company want to continue expanding the company to new nations.

New products will be available this year for clients to buy. Many customers have asked for new products, and the company’s leaders are excited to unveil the products in the coming months.,-FL-jobs.html

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Heather Parry Focus on the Film

Regarding Héather Parry We have a lot of items that all of us will work about now. We’ve a humor developing upon Netflix known as The After Party. It really is sort of such as a hip-hop Superbad. It offers cameos from Frénch Montana ánd DISC JOCKEY Khalid. It is extremely different from A Star exists, but again it really is artist-based articles. ”

Anytime I wátch a film, whether it’s the rating or the sóng I believe the background music is vital that you the film generally. We are hearing the artist ánd we’re hearing the market. That will know what we make.

A Star Is Born

That’s the fantastic part of Live Country Shows on thé documentary front side. Wé financed those documéntaries. When it emerged time, Smoke and We visited different outlets, spoké to differing people, and demonstrated differing people film production company. Due to what Apple would do and thé method these were likely to support this, wé selected Apple. Wé also like Jimmy Iovine and Lewis Jackson. That they had a really gréat plan.

After we hád produced Coo, we demonstrated it to a few customers and Netflix was included with the strongest advertising plan. And thát’s exactly where you can move, whether your companion is usually Smoke or whoméver. Colin finished up straight getting in touch with HBO ánd stating ‘I believe you guys should view this. ’ It really is being able tó help to make a thing that the designer, thé movie director, and Livé Nation almost all feel excellent about and after that determining in which the greatest place for this can be. You gét to concentrate on the film rather than what release daté they will provide us or something.

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Unroll Me Now on Android!

And apart from the moving, the ápp also enables you to manage a listing of all your subscriptións and go through your Rollup. Well, Unfold. You merely got for connecting your email accóunt, then make use of Unroll Me. To become clear, a person with a smartphone could easily get the advantages of the service already. Do many people genuinely have enough subscribers to accomplish much moving? I personally say the common consumer has a lot more than 62 subscribers on the register.

“I’m extremely confident this is actually the best way to eliminate clutter from your own inbox, ” Hedaya sáid. The theory can be to carefully turn to handle your subscriptións right into a fun, Tinder-style conversation, where you swipé remaining to unsubscribe, swipe up to include a publication tó your daily rollup and swipe to simply maintain this in a yóur inbox. I’m featured to unsubscribe towards the email messages yóu didn’t need and roll-up the rest right into a single daily digést. Unroll Me Works with ease.

However, CEO Jójo Hedaya is especially pleased with his téam’s application interface — first released in iOS and today upon Android. Google Android users will now have the ability to battle spam and take care of théir email subscriptións using the brand new Google android application from Unroll Me. That gót me personally into warm water earlier this season, and as a reply, Hedaya offers vowed to become more clear. Unroll Me’s additional providers, the Android application is designed for free — the business is usually possessed simply by Rakuten/SIice and makés the cash from consumer data.”

Unroll me, a free of charge device assisting to organize your subscriptións in mins! It had taken mé four mins to unsubscribe tó 64 guides, only keeping 27. We are all upon numerous e-mail lists, and acquiring control of it could make a great difference on your own Mailbox. Unsubscribé immediately from no matter what you do not wish. Once you indication up, see á set of all of your subscription email messages.

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Peter Briger The Well- Rounded Businessman

Peter Briger has been on the Board of Directors for Fortune Investment Group since 2006. Peter Briger is currently a principal and Co-chairman of the Board of Directors and he was elected for this position in August 2009. Peter Briger takes care of the real estate and the credit department for the Fortress Investment Group. Mr. Briger is well-educated he attended Princeton University and graduated with BA. He also attended Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and he graduated with an MBA. Prior to joining the Fortress Investment Group Mr. Briger worked at Goldman, Sachs & Company for 15 years. Peter Briger also is a philanthropists he serves on the board of a non-profit organization called Tipping Point. This organization assist low-income families in San Francisco. He also sits on the board of Caliber Schools these are charter schools that prepares youth for success in college and life.

More about of Peter Briger at Bloomberg

The company Fortress Investment Group was very successful before the arrival of Peter Briger he just helped to take the company to the next level. Peter brought something unique to the table he had an understanding and a connection to the Asian financial sector and his leadership. Peter Briger made some very big moves in 2006-2007 on the real estate side of the investment firm. The company purchase Intrawest, which is a Canadian ski resort company. The company also purchased Penn National Gaming, which operates casinos and horse racing venues, doing this 2006-2007 time period as well. Mr. Briger is listed as one of the top business professionals in the world by the Forbes 400. Mr. Briger has had a great career in every aspect of his life from education to professionally. He has accumulated billions of dollars but despite the money is still very active as a philanthropist. He gives back to the community and helps to educate and uplift the youth preparing them for success. A person of this stature who is this humble it speaks volumes about his character.



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An Exciting Lone Placement Has Recently Been Announced By A Know Dallas Banking Firm:

It has recently been announced that Sandler O’Neill and Partners, L.P. served in the capacity of lone placement agent in a massive deal that was just completed by Dallas bank NexBank in regard to a $54 million private placement. This exciting new private placement is in regard to fixed to floating notes that are of a rate subordinated nature. These notes were available to clients such as those with a high net worth as well as NexBank’s extensive institutional client base. These proceeds will be added into a total pool of $283 million that NexBank has raised since the 2016 calendar year. These funds were raised in the area of equity and the area of debt. The plans for this funding is to put it toward important corporate purposes.


According to, this massive deal from NexBank closed on the 19th of September in 2017 and the non-callable notes will reach their date of maturity on the 30th of September in 2027. The interest rate is set at 6.375 percent. This is for a term of five years. Registration or an exemption of an applicable nature will be required in order to sell or offer these notes.


This new offer that NexBank Capital released is just another example of the firm’s commitment to providing outstanding services to its extensive client base. The firm prides itself in its offering of institutional services as well as top-rate mortgage and commercial banking services. A dedication to its clients in all areas of its business has come to define NexBank over its long history that goes back to 1922.


NexBank has two full-service branches based out of the Dallas, Texas region. These are located at Mckinney Avenue and Luther Lane. Today, the company’s total assets ad up to over $8 billion. This figure was as of the 30th of September for 2018. The prestigious executive team at NexBank consists of CEO John Holt. He also serves in the role of President. Chief Operating Officer is Matt Siekielski and Stacy Hodges serves as the firm’s CFO and CRO. The team is rounded out by its Chief Credit Officer Rhett Miller.


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