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Ashley Lightspeed’s Career of Prototyping

Ashley Lightspeed grew up wanting to emulate her father and become an architect. She spent many hours of her childhood building and drawing designs. After going to Duke, Lightspeed decided she wanted to go into business building rather than architecture. After graduation, she landed a consulting job at Bain.

Bain gave her several year of experience and the drive to want to learn something in Silicon Valley. She joined Thumbtack as a Category Manager supporting customer growth in Weddings and Events. Prototyping was a big part of both Bain and Thumbtack for Lightspeed, and she believes that prototyping allows one to “fail fast and iterate faster”. See more of Ashley at medium.com

Ashley Lightspeed’s next business move was towards venture capital. The idea of being able to see and support trends before they happened piqued Lightspeed’s curiosity, so she studied at Stanford and focused her attention as a consultant to startups and thinking about starting her own business.

At Lightspeed, Ashley Lightspeed’s role is in consumer investing, which allows her to work with start ups to achieve their growth strategy. Her early interest in craftsmanship allows her to create and build start ups but also put care into creations and business helping start ups. Lightspeed’s insights into the female-driven consumer retail market, which is the core of the United States economy, have been invaluable to boot.

Ashley Lightspeed works full time at Lightspeed, but still gets to flex her consultant role muscles while she meets with entrepreneurs throughout her work week and helps them achieve growth goals and sustainability. Lightspeed uses journaling as her way to self reflect, organize her thoughts and make sure her life is lived in a purposeful way. Lightspeed believes that being flexible and being able to pivot are two essential skills of an entrepreneur. Lightspeed credits the ability to pivot as one of the marks of a successful entrepreneur.



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Rodrigo Terpins Drives Toward More A More Sustainable Timber Industry

Over the past two decades or so, Rodrigo Terpins has been well known as one of the best rally car drivers across Brazil. The respect he’s garnered in the industry shouldn’t be surprising, given some of his accomplishments. One of the most recent of these was at the 22nd annual Sertões Rally in 2018. The Sertões Rally has always been well known as one of the toughest circuits across Brazil. All told, the circuit spans 2,600km and encompasses seven cities across two different states.

This distance also includes a variety of different terrains; each of these is difficult in themselves, nevermind when they’re taken one right after the other. Furthermore, many people had misgivings about Rodrigo Terpins car; they questioned the cars suspension alignment and whether or not it would make the distance. Not only did it do so, but Mr. Terpins managed to complete the first leg of the race in less than two hours. He ended up finishing in third place in his division and qualified as eighth overall.

This was quite impressive considering that there were close to forty competitors in the Sertões Rally in the first place.Now, however, Rodrigo Terpins has also been focused on more environmentally friendly areas over the past decade or so. In 2009 he founded Floresvale to produce more timber that comes from certified sustainable and renewable forests. This was because Mr. Terpins realized that very little of Brazil’s forests were being harvested sustainably in the first place; this led to Mr. Terpins and his partners creating over 5,000 hectares of eucalyptus forests across a large area.

On top of this, Rodrigo Terpins has ensured that almost half of these forests are preserved. Currently, 2,400 hectares are dedicated to permanent preservation. As Floresvale continues to grow, it looks like so will this permanent forest reserve. The company manages these forests across a few different cities, most notably Queluz, Silveiras, Monteiro Lobato, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Taubaté.

The vast majority of the wood that’s produced by Floresvale goes to the sawmills in the Paraíba Valley, which provides the majority of timber used in the likes of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Visit: http://www.empresassa.com.br/p/single-dino.html?title=tecnologia-a-favor-das-vendas-%E2%80%94-veja-alguns-dados-com-rodrigo-terpins&partnerid=69&releaseId=169728

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