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Nitin Khanna ‘S Revolutionary Life And Times

Nitin Khanna is one of the names that is revolutionizing the way we view the concept of medical cannabis. Through the recent studies conducted on the benefits of a certain class of cannabinoids found in marijuana plants. Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is extracted and can be used in the treatment of chronic pain, certain skin conditions and even severe epilepsy. Nitin Khanna is one of the numerous investors that are at the forefront of the cannabis and CBD industry and is determined to grow the industry to an even bigger market share. Until May of 2018, Nitin Khanna was the CEO of Cura Cannabis solutions which had high hopes of becoming the leading provider of cannabis oil and other related brands throughout the United States.

Born in India in 1971, Nitin Khanna spent a lot of time in various business enterprises. Apart from his father who served as a colonel in the army, the rest of Nitin Khanna ‘s family was engaged in different businesses and this exposure built up an entrepreneurial spirit in him at a very young age. At the age of 8 Nitin Khanna was sent to boarding school. Nitin Khanna then migrated to America at the age of 17, and while in America he got an undergraduate and master’s degree in industrial engineering from Purdue University in Portland. His brother then joined him in the United States in the year 1999.

In the year 1999, Nitin Khanna and his brother went on to start a software company named Saber software. Over the next 10 years Saber grew to become the largest standalone provider of government services in the United States. It is known for providing services such as unemployment registration, driver licenses issuing and perhaps one of the services it is well known for is the election software which is used to manage all aspects of the election process in 21 states in the country. By the time Nitin Khanna left the company, Saber had grown to 1200 employees and an estimated revenue of $120 million. Nitin Khanna is currently the CEO of MergerTech which is a mergers and acquisitions firm that caters for tech startups that are looking to sell their businesses and expand.

Read about Khanna’s insights on execution based leadership

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Bhanu Choudhrie on Why New Businesses Need to Take Risks

Bhanu Choudhrie is a popular entrepreneur and investor, who has made a name for himself in the investment space ever since he started in it in 2001. Now nearing his two decades in the industry, the 40 year old investor has obtained the kind of respect that doesn’t come easy to anyone.

Choudhrie’s story comes as a mix of different experiences. But all of which have remained positive in his life and have made him the person and entrepreneur that he is today.

Whether it was his decision to complete his early education in India, or getting his bachelor’s degree from the University of Boston; whether it was his choice to go to Harvard Business School to complete one of its coveted management programs, or his desire to start his own business in his early twenties; all of these decisions have led to Choudhrie’s personal development and made him to be the successful entrepreneur that he is today.

Currently the founder and executive director at C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie helps startups scale by letting his firm act as their incubator. C&C Alpha Group also acts as an injector to those late stage companies who have hit a hurdle and want to be helped with some capital and/or expertise by a firm that specializes in corporate overhaul.

Through these practices, Bhanu Choudhrie helps such companies with the assistance of his exceptionally proficient staff, each of whom excel at their respective jobs. That is why, when Choudhrie took some time to advise new businesses to take risks, it was something that turned quite a few heads. Learn more about the group’s portfolio at

Here’s what Bhanu Choudhrie had to say.

Why Businesses Should Take Risks

Businesses need to take risks because they cannot avail lucrative opportunities if they play safe.

According to Bhanu Choudhrie, three out of five investments end up failing on an average basis. But that doesn’t stop businesses from keep going with their gut. If they fail, they fail. If they succeed, then they have added a success story to their roster.

Whether it is about a certain business model, a product, or a service, make sure to take risks when appropriate (given your finances and other factors), and just go where the ride takes you. This approach would help you achieve success even if you are also prepared for failure in your mind.

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Expert analysts Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is among the elite reporters in Brazil with expertise and real-world experience in the sectors he reports. Having a unique perspective in the area of infrastructure affords Felipe the ability to formulate great insight and fact revealing reports.

It was reported by Mr. Jens the huge R$44 billion economic stimulus initiative to formulate many projects and create thousands of jobs. These funds were used to develop over 50 projects across 20 plus sectors. Felipe reported these projects are to include job creations as a result of road work projects, airport projects, ports and the selling of various government ran organizations. These projects are plans for laying -and improving roadways totaling over 800 kilometers, which significantly improve the movement goods throughout Brazil. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Belo Horizonte is the place of Felipe’s report, where he shared the success of the public lighting project. The project is projected to be completed by 2020, and when completed will have completed the upgrade of all the public lights in the city, totaling an astounding 182,000 lights to LED lights. An LED light is much more efficient than traditional lighting, and this project is reported to save millions over the years.

The Light Rail in the state of Bahia is reported by Felipe to be implementing a major project to expand and upgrade the route. Felipe reported this rail system will cover 19 miles and will enhance the lives of over 1.5 million Brazilians. The LRV network includes 21 stops and will create jobs until its projected date of completion in 20131. Felipe also reported on the construction of four new prisons located Maranhao state planned by a coalition of public and private partners.

Mr. Montoro also reported on a vast infrastructure project in Piaui state, which will bring high-speed internet access. This internet upgrade project will include the implementation of fiber optic infrastructure to over 1,500 access points.




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Why Nina Vaca Is a Source of Inspiration to the Next Generation

In an apartment with only $300 and a simple Dell computer, Nina Vaca knew the power she had to change her destiny. With no entrepreneurship experience or the massive capital to launch a big company at once, Vaca established her business and started cold calling corporations. She offered IT services that she believed she could deliver. Her company, Pinnacle Group, began making tangible revenues and winning more clients.

In between marriage and raising kids, Vaca had to focus on building her empire. Although she had a few struggles along the way, she was determined to make a story out of it. Today, Pinnacle Group has grown into the status she envisioned and has broken into the billion-dollar club. Pinnacle ranks among the fastest growing women-owned companies in the world. Vaca earned recognition, and Barack Obama appointed her Presidential Ambassador of Global Entrepreneurship.

Vaca is Ecuadorian by birth. Her background exposed her to real struggles long before she made it. Vaca is determined to empower minorities, women, and youth to succeed in their careers or establish businesses. Through her involvement with the Dallas ISD STEM program, Vaca has reached thousands and helped them find their strengths.

In 2016, when earthquakes hit her home country, Vaca rose into action. She channeled donations, support, and other resources into saving lives and helping the victims rebuild their lives. Recently, she built 40 houses in honor of the homeless victims of the earthquake. Vaca has demonstrated the art of kindness and even founded a charity organization, Nina Vaca Foundation. The organization specializes in charity activities in different parts of the world.

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Alec Sellem Takes Time To Consider How Globalization Has Impacted The World

Alec Sellem is the creator and chief executive officer of Sellem Industries, which is a gold mining company based in England. He stays productive by paying attention to all of the immediate concerns of his company on a daily basis. Sellem is also involved with the construction of a sustainable refinery and has been participating in philanthropy by helping to build a village school.

Alec Sellem recently participated in an interview and was asked to talk about the aspects of global business that he finds interesting. He commented on the way that globalization has changed how people in the world interact but also noted that many regions and countries continue to retain their cultural differences. He remains interested in the way that ethics differ in varying regions of the world and wonders how globalization will continue to change the way that people from all over the world relate to each other.

Alec Sellem was recently invited to take part in a panel at the United Nations in New York to talk about the energy laws in Africa. He admitted that he found the experience very rewarding but that he had never spoken to such a large group of people. Aside from his speaking engagements, Sellem is happy to a part of a mining venture in Sierra Leone that has helped to improve the lives of people who live nearby. The infrastructure that his company has helped to create there has helped many people who would otherwise have a hard time fending for themselves.

Alec Sellem was born in France but studied in Africa, where he developed a love for the people and cultures of the continent. He has been able to use his passion to drive his desire to create a people-oriented business. Today, he divides his time between his family and his business, and he couldn’t be happier with how both are coming along.

Alec Sellem’s: Twitter.

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What You Need to Know About New Residential Investment Corp

New Residential Investment Corp was founded in 2011 and is the world’s largest REIT company for people looking to lower their mortgage rates. The company was founded by Wall Street expert Mike Nierenberg who felt that there was a gap in the market for this particular need. This option is allowing people to purchase mortgages for lower rates because the company is investing their money and time into developing residential properties and homes. The company has grown tremendously since they were launched in 2011 and it is why many people are making use of this real estate investment trust for their own needs. The way that New Residential Investment Corp works is by purchasing and investing only in real estate that offers residential housing. They do not put their time or money into malls, outlets or any other type of shopping mall.

Their main goal is to lower rates for potential homeowners. This is giving them the chance to easily and quickly lower their rates without it being a problem for them. You can find out more about this company easily when you learn what they are able to do and how they are making it easier than ever for homeowners to purchase properties that fit their needs and their budget. If you are looking to make use of the New Residential Investment Corp company, you can find out more about their business by visiting their site or checking them out on social media.

This gives you a chance to easily and quickly get the most out of this company and to see what other people are saying about them. This has allowed a lot of people to effortlessly get the mortgage rates that they want without it being a problem for when they need to actually afford the mortgage itself. There are a lot of people who are looking to utilize the services of this company and are finding New Residential Investment Corp to be one of the best investment trusts in the world. If you would like to learn more, be sure to visit their site or contact them with any questions that you might have regarding the type of work that they do. You will love being able to make use of a company that you can trust and get a home that is going to be a lot more affordable for you and your whole family.

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Steve Lesnard, Product Marketing in a Digitalized World

New digital and social platforms have changed the way people market their products and brands. While these new mediums have an array of benefits if they are not leveraged well, they can lead to failure. Steve Lesnard is well versed with digital marketing well and recommends some convenient ways one can use to leverage technology. If you want your marketing strategies to work, Steve Lesnard recommends having them focus on consumer benefits. Good marketing strategies are those that focus on the consumer and center around them. The marketing strategy also needs to add real value to the customer’s life. Lesnard recommends two principles that brands should follow when marketing their products. They are:

  1. Make it real

Consumers always purchase real products, and they can relate to daily. If your advert shows a product, it is not real to the customer and has no life. Digital mediums allow you to personify products and make them real through the use of videos. A good example is Yeti and how they used videos to showcase how their coolers can cool and warm drinks at any time. According to Steve Lesnard, a consumer that sees this will see first-hand how their products are of use to them and the value they have because they are brought to life through the videos.

  1. Keep it simple

Another principle that Steve Lesnard highly suggests is by keeping the marketing campaign simple but yet memorable. The message in the campaign should be clear enough to understand and yet still stick in the minds of the consumers. If the marketing campaign slogan or advert is complex, the consumer does not receive the message, and therefore, they are unable to comprehend it. Ensure that your message relays the benefits that the consumer receives once they use your product. A good example is iPod who relayed their benefit in the advert 10k songs on your phone. The marketing slogan should tap in into your consumer’s needs and their emotion to provoke action in them and make them purchase the product you are selling.

Ultimately, if you utilize digital mediums correctly, you can increase your sales and your target audience.

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Max Salk, Expert in Analyst Investments

Max Salk holds profession in finance and basics in history. He currently serves as the investment analyst in New York City. He started his career in Morningstar prior to PPM American compny where he served as analyst in investment for a period of ten years before joining New York city. Max Salk developed interests in finance during his days in collage. While serving at PPM, he expanded his desire in market whereby he carried several researches as well as giving investment ideas to support the way of living.

His interest in photographing gave him a robust idea to start his own company. During her days in college, Max Salk used to take several shots every morning. Thick foggy experienced in every morning gave him a cool effect. He could hardly leave his camera behind wherever he was going. He eventually developed a wide portfolio which was enough to launch his own website.

To bring ideas in life, Max Salk believes in proper planning as well as preparation of everything. Every idea he develops comes with a good plan despite being personal or work based. The plan guides him on proper layout what he wants to achieve. He also believes that it is until you try out something when you realize its output. Implementation of particular idea can result to a great something in future.

Max Salk encourages other people to utilize so many opportunities available in life. He adds that people should focus on a specific thing they really love to do, and develop goals to achieve their best. Success a process which takes time to be achieved, therefore, if one fails in a particular aspect in life, they should try others to see if it may have a positive impact in their lives.

As a successful businessman, Max Salk remains reliable as well as giving attention everything in detail. Being diligent and working to an extra mile to achieve his best has seen it have a positive impact in his entire business. When Max Salk is about to present anything, he does rather preparation to capture attention of his people.

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Purchasing New Residential Investment Corp Stock

If you have ever purchased stock in the past, you know how the market can fluctuate. Sometimes, you are on the winning side of it and at other times, you will find your stocks have plummeted. Finding a winning stock can be difficult, but, with time and a little research, you can choose one that will consistently go up. New Residential Investment Corp has recently gone public and is offering stock in their company at a very reasonable price. Industry insiders believe that this stock will only go up because of the stable company environment that New Residential Investment Corp has. New Residential Investment Corp was started over ten years ago by two friends who knew they wanted to invest in purchasing mortgages at reduced prices and collecting the payments each month from consumers.

They knew that in order to start this type of business, they would need to have financial backing from other investors. They began by asking friends and family members to make these investments and soon, many people were knocking at their door to give them the financial backing they needed. They were confident that they could make this work and in looking back, they were right. The company first began by purchasing residential mortgages from traditional lenders. Once they had a small inventory of properties in their portfolio, they began selling these off at a much higher interest rate. This allowed them to make additional purchases and increase their monthly revenue.

Today, the company has grown to include many residential properties along with some commercial and condominium properties. They still have a small list of private investors that they work with but the company itself has enough revenue to continue to expand its property list. When New Residential Investment Corp released its stocks about a month ago, they offered it at a much lower base price than was expected. However, the stock price grew significantly within a very short period of time. Confidence in the companies continued growth is what prompted this purchase of their stocks. Many people feel that the price will only continue to go up.

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All about Robert Deignan and his digital solutions

It is not always that you will find a company committed to solving its customers’ technical problems remotely. Considering the expertise and the hassle that goes into this feat, not many would want to go this road. However, this is not the case for one Robert Deignan who saw a business opportunity in solving user’s technological problems remotely.

Robert Deignan is one person who learns something and never wants to let go until he applies it practically. This is exactly what he did when he learned that so many users were facing difficulties trying to solve issues related to their electronic gadgets like computers. He co-founded ATS Digital services just for this purpose. However, it would be noted that the whole plot had started way back.

Born in Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Robert was a sharp kid from a young age. His talents in sports were exemplary and would occasionally be called for special sports appearances. In fact, he attended the Purdue University courtesy of a full football scholarship. After his graduation with a degree in Organizational Leadership, Robert went on to get employed at Miami Dolphins and NY Jets in 1997 and 1998 respectively.

After having worked at the two companies, Robert got an idea to venture into business and that is when he founded his first startup, Fanlink Inc. He was to expand later to the current position at ATS Digital Services.

The idea about ATS came about after Robert worked for an Anti-Malware company. In the course of their work, some users would complain of their machines failing to install the company’s software. On further probe, the company noticed that malware had been used to stop their software from installing. This is when the company came up with the idea of using a remote connection to solve its customers’ technical problems.

When Robert finally decided to venture on his own, he saw a business opportunity in the same model of helping clients solve their technical issues through remote connection. Together with his partners, they founded ATS Digital that hopes to make digital troubleshooting much convenient and less costly to the end user.

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