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Bernardo Chua Passion in Traditional Medicine

As innovation in modern medicine continues, traditional supplements are being modernized too. Medical experts in the realm of traditional medicine are carrying out research to develop medicinal products from natural plants. Bernardo Chua is a celebrated medical professional who mainly deals with traditional supplements. The main use of supplements is to add value to your body by providing nutrition elements that may be lacking in your diet.

Mr Chua learned about traditional supplements from his Chinese grandparents. He has been carrying out research to develop medicinal uses from Ganoderma mushroom. This type of mushroom can be found growing on logs, trees, and wood around the globe. The mushroom is highly valued in China and Asian countries for its medicinal properties. Mr Chua developed a passion for herbal medicine when he was a young man.

Bernardo Chua attended the University of Santo Tomas where he earned his bachelor of science. He submerged himself in the work environment as a purchasing manager in a family business. The whole family worked in the garment manufacturing plant. After serving in the family-owned business, Mr Chua moved to a local Filipino travel agency where he was responsible for the management of the firm.

His management skills started to manifest as he grew the business from a small travel agency to a large travel agency. Due to his expertise, he was invited to manage Gano excel which had just opened a branch in the Philippines. Leveraging on his knowledge and skills in herbal medicine, he marketed the company’s products in international markets. Some of the popular products he was dealing with are Ganoderma infused tea, coffee, and other supplements. Under his leadership, the company experienced tremendous growth as it expanded to North America.

In 2008, Bernardo Chua decided to start a traditional medical firm to cover the niche of Ganoderma product that was existing in the market. He founded a company known as ORGANO Gold. The company is now operating in more than 35 countries around the world.

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