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Isabel dos Santos on Working as Hard as She is Able

One of the primary reasons for Isabel dos Santos’s success in the Angolan market is that she does not take no for an answer. Unless she feels that an interaction would harm others or impact other businesses in a negative way, she does not stop pursuing her ideas. In her mind, it is important to stay up to date with what is happening around you, and one of the best ways to do this is to follow the threads you find until they run out. Isabel dos Santos believes that people are far too comfortable in the modern world with lacking knowledge on the current affairs of business.

Because of this, they tend to lose sight of what matters most to where we are headed as a planet. If they do not have access to this information right in front of them, it can be hard to imagine just how important it is that we all stay on top of things. Isabel dos Santos has been working to counteract this trend of business ignorance lately by encouraging people in her country to educate themselves as much as possible. In her opinion, because of the modern world of technology, it is only logical to keep yourself familiarized with the inner-workings of the world around you. If you do not, then things will not stop progressing simply for you. This is the ideology Isabel dos Santos demonstrates with regards to technology as well.

When she sees that something is headed down a new path, she follows it. It is important as a businessperson to be aware of where technology is headed, as every business is affected by these developments. This may be why technology companies are generally the most profitable in the world. Isabel dos Santos has been staying up to date with the developing world around her not because she believes that she needs to necessarily but because if she does not, she knows she has a lesser chance of staying afloat within business. This is something she absolutely refuses to face, and because of this, she will work as hard as she is able for as long as she is able.

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Bhanu Choudhrie On Learning From Success

Bhanu Choudhrie has many things that he would be able to share with those who are interested in learning and listening to someone who has the advice and experience.

Bhanu Choudhrie knows that one can go farther in life if they are able to reach out, learn from others. Bhanu Choudhrie knows this because he has learned much from his family who was in business as well for a majority of his life.

 Bhanu Choudhrie and Different Success Stories to Learn From

There is a lot to learn from how Eifrem brought Neo4j to the forefront and made it such a success. That is especially when he was considered a technical creator and not an entrepreneur by conventional standards at the time.

Since the moment Eifrem conceptualized Neo4j to the time he launched it to the public, every step by him and his team holds a lesson within it. It is a great guideline to follow for those who want to create a product or service and launch it to a level of success that they aspire to achieve.

If you are a budding entrepreneur or creator who wants to get the most out of their ideas, then Eifrem and Neo4j’s story would help inspire you to achieve your objective.

Without any further ado, here’s how Eifrem created a stellar product out of nothing but his mind and created one of the world’s most used database software to date.

  1. Making Your Way While Going Against the Tide

The professional recently took to a popular podcast to discuss his life’s journey and his efforts into making Neo4j the success that it is today.

Similar to most tech-based entrepreneurs, Eifrem didn’t have his success handed to him on a platter. But unlike most of his peers, he faced even more difficulties due to being different from “different” itself.

Instead of wanting to develop a business, Eifrem always wanted to create products. He was more of a solution provider than a marketer. Yet, fate had other plans for him. It had to make him a source of inspiration for many entrepreneurs who would one day follow into his footsteps.

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Oren Frank Talks Failure and Ideas

According to Oren Frank, focusing is the most important things you can do when it comes to trying to grow your business. The co-founder of Talkspace tries to be deliberate about the goals that he has in order to ensure that it can be delivered on. Sometimes, the CEO states that it is important to take a step back in order to get a better idea of the issue that needs to be addressed. By allowing himself to take a step back and focus on what matters, he is able to prioritize his actions and focus on what needs to be done.

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As an entrepreneur, Oren Frank has seen success but admits that he has had a fair share of failures in life as well. While failure isn’t something that people want to plan on, it’s just a part of business and life in general. When making mistakes, making them early can be a good learning experience that can prevent you from making them in the future. In fact, trial and error is one of the only ways that Oren Frank has been able to move forward in some cases.

Ideas are important and while Oren Frank values them, he understands that it’s important to be able to criticize them as well while you are cultivating them. This can impact the final outcome and help ensure that your company is able to get the results that they are looking for. Ideas can be had at any time, but that doesn’t mean that they are all good ones. Execution is the most difficult part when it comes to ideas and it requires a great deal of focus as well as discipline to be able to go through with them. The inability to follow through with ideas is where many companies have failed.

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The effort that OSI Group is making to take over the global market

Only a small percentage of people will even bother to know where the food they get at the supermarket comes from. Similarly, even those that dine in restaurants will not care to know who supplies the food. The production of food is one critical thing, and it’s a good idea that someone knows of the various entities that offer the services of food production. One of the leading companies in the sector of food production is the OSI Group. For over a decade the company has been offering its services to the people, and now they have set their main headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. From the time the company was founded, they have grown to become a global brand in the sector of food production.

As for now, the company has over 65 facilities located in 17 different countries all over the world. Some of the products that the company has perfected their skills in are the production of protein items, pizza, dough products, vegetables, among many other foods. Most of the products that the company produces are used at significant restaurants in many parts of the world. Despite the company being in the high command of different markets, they are still seeking to get other new markets. To offer the best OSI Group McDonalds has to purchase various facilities. The reason why in 2016, the CEO of the company oversaw the purchase of Baho Food. The latter is a company that offers their services in different parts of Germany and the Netherlands. The reason for the purchase is so that OSI Group McDonalds would get control in the Europe market. The good thing is that Baho would offer that because in Europe they already had a presence in 18 countries.

According to the president of the fferent parts of Germany and the Netherlands. The reason for the purchase is so that OSI Group McDonalds, the key to their success over the years is they pay attention to the local consumers taste since they are different in all the states. The reason why OSI Group McDonalds always strive to ensure they have a better understanding of what the market needs. Their contribution has not gone unnoticed since in 2016 OSI Group McDonald received the Glove of Honour Award. OSI Group acquires Baho Food

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Bhanu Choudhrie Is Doing Exciting Things In Business

While investing in emerging markets may come with a lot of risks, the strategy has paid off well for Bhanu Choudhrie and his company C&C Alpha Group. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the venture capital firm also has offices in the United States, India, and the United Arab Emirates. Since Bhanu Choudhrie founded the company back in 2001, the billionaire has managed to grow it into an investment giant that is known on an international level. While the company that he runs is impressive enough, he has been recognized for the efforts that he has made on a personal and business level by organizations such as the Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. In 2008, the billionaire was named the Entrepreneur of the Year.

A diverse portfolio is something that has kept the business of Bhanu Choudhrie going strong over the years. While C&C Alpha Group may invest in a variety of different industries across the globe, they also know it’s important to invest in a strong and diverse staff that will help build the company even more. He knows that a strong team can bring a business to the next level and he enjoys being able to recognize the efforts that his team makes on a regular basis. Some of the industries that C&C Alpha Group has invested in include banking, health care, aviation, Bollywood production companies, and many more. Each investment gives Bhanu Choudhrie another opportunity to meet interesting people around the world which is something that he appreciates being able to do.

When asked about the biggest investment risk that Bhanu Choudhrie ever took, he brings up when C&C Alpha Group made the decision to buy an airline based in India. Air travel was not popular at the time in the country and most people used long train rides to get to where they needed to go. While the investment may have been a large risk, he managed to help grow the airline industry in India to what it is today. Business acumen runs in his family as he comes from several generations of successful businesspeople.

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Knowing Andrey Andreev


Andrey Andreev is an entrepreneur of Russian origin. He was born in 1974, and he is the founder of Badoo, a dating and social discovery network whose headquarters are in Soho, London. Apart from Badoo, he also owns other internet businesses like Mamba, Begun, and SpyLog.

Personal Life

Andrey Andreev showed great interest in communication technology at an early age. At the age of 10, Andreev assembled a radio using electronic hardware collected from his family home. He used this radio to chat with his friend, who lived a block away from him. Since then, he has focused his energy on developing products that have transformed the communication technology sector.

Before his innovations, Andrey Andreev was studying management at one of the local universities in Moscow. The decision of his family to move to Spain in the 90s prompted him to drop out of university. However, before dropping to establish his own company, he worked as a partner in one of the public relations and advertising companies in Russia. Andreev relocated to Spain in 1995, but he often visited Russia.

Andrey Andreev’s Establishments


Andrey Andreev set up his first business, Virus, in his home country, Russia. In 1995, he set up the online store that was involved in the selling of computer accessories and computers through the internet. The business was sold in 1997 for an unrevealed amount of money. Andreev went ahead and established another web-tracking business by the name SpyLog. This was established in 1999, and it helped webmasters in tracking their site visits and the habits of their track users on the web. The business proliferated despite the existence of other established competitors like Rambler (Contactout).

In 2002, a contextual advertising firm known as Begun was set up by Andreev. He ran the firm for two years and in 2004, he decided to sell the majority of the firm’s shares to FINAM, a Russian investment firm. He founded Mamba the same year. Mamba remains the most famous dating site in the whole of Russia. It has about 8 million users. A majority of Mamba’s shares were also sold to and FINAM in 2006.


He is a businessman who has a los of focuses and interests. Andreev is the founder of Badoo and focuses his time on identifying upcoming team leaders and coworkers. He helps upcoming entrepreneurs realize their dreams using Badoo’s world-class infrastructure. He is currentlyworking among various charitable projects. He also helps in creating leading connection apps using his experience from past innovations.

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Ryan Seacrest, Radio, Television and More

Ryan Seacrest isn’t a comedian by any stretch of the imagination. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t make people grin regularly, however. He’s been making people at home grin widely since commencing his role in 2002 on “American Idol.” At that moment, American Idol was a big turning point in American society. It was an entertainment competition that was part of the reality television umbrella (Blogwebpedia).

People watched American Idol any time they wanted to think about doing well in the entertainment industry. They watched it any time they were in the mood to savor Ryan Seacrest’s pleasant vocal tone, too. It’s no surprise that Ryan Seacrest is such a big component of entertainment these days. People are drawn to his genial visage. They’re drawn to his voice with just as much zeal.

“Live With Kelly and Ryan” is a New York, New York morning program that has many devotees in all sections of the United States. People who appreciate Kelly Ripa’s track record as an indefatigable television hostess often make a point to view it. People who simply like thinking about news stories that involve the entertainment industry frequently make a point to check it out as well.

“On Air With Ryan Seacrest” is the title of an acclaimed radio program. People who want to be in the know often make a point to listen to it. On Air With Ryan Seacrest is chock-full of interviews with all sorts of respected individuals. It’s chock-full of engaging and enthralling podcasts of all kinds as well. The radio program embraces all types of people in pop culture.

It has warmly embraced Taylor Swift, one of the biggest icons in the music field these days. Swift has been a significant entertainment icon for more than 10 full years at this point. The radio show has also teamed up with Jennifer Lopez. Lopez is basically a triple threat in entertainment, she is able to sing and churns out infectious and lively tunes all of the time. She does a lot of dancing. She acts any time she can as well. People frequently think about Lopez and all of her television credits teamed up with Ryan Seacrest thanks to what a lot of children end up feeling support.

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Dan Bethelmy-Rada and the R.A.W Products

The Global Brand President of Matrix, Dan Bethelmy-Rada, has been working on a new range of hair and skin care products that are completely natural in all aspects. Bethelmy-Rada began working on this new line of products after discovering that there was a high demand for these natural products across the globe. Bethelmy-Rada learned that currently, most consumers are not interested in products that contain an element of naturalness; instead, they are interested in those that are entirely natural. Consumers are in demand for hair and skin products that do not affect their hair nor skin did not harm nature. Matrix under the leadership of Dan Bethelmy-Rada decides to work on R.A.W as a way of responding to customers wants.

Matrix is working together with L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program in their efforts to make R.A.W a reality. Matrix is taking specific measures in the creation of R.A.W. They are designing products that are made of environmental-friendly packaging and processing methods. The R.A.W hair and skin care products are made of ingredients extracted from the environment and are chemical free. From Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s perspective, the elements used to create R.A.W easily get traced back to the environment. The products get manufactured as per the principles of green chemistry. Matrix research team learn about all processes and products used during the manufacturing process and identifies their life cycle. By learning the life cycle of elements used, the firm can quickly determine which products are require recycling and which features should be thoroughly used up.

Matrix obtains the ingredients used from vegetation located both on land and sea as well as honey. The R.A.W goods get packaged with containers that can easily be recycled. To obtain the most authentic products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada together with his team had to work fast and overcome several challenges. First, they had to make sure they did not tamper with the environment nor the natural habitat of living things. A significant issue that they eventually overcame is working to ensure that each stage of processing R.A.W was natural. Research had to be done to ensure that the processes used during manufacturing were the most appropriate.

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Rick Cofer Expounds on How Juvenile Sex Crimes Are Handled

Lawyer Rick Cofer, together with his numerous clients, have been facing the issue of determinate sentences in most of their daily cases. A very difficult and crucial question has emerged on the consequences of rigidly applying punishments to people without putting the various circumstances that they are undergoing into consideration. For instance, how can such an occurrence affect a child sex crime perpetrator?

It is well known that the cases for underage children are far much complicated than adult cases. This is because the juveniles are still undergoing development. The lives they lead, and the decisions they make are mostly dictated by their families and their surrounding environment. It is also a fact that most of the teenagers do not have real-life experiences, and they are not mature enough to behave exactly like the adults. It is therefore so much complicated to deal with cases in which a young person is involved in a serious offense such as child sex offense. It is difficult to explain on how the society and also the legal system is going to judge the victim.

According to Rick Cofer Law, Determinate Sentence can be appropriately defined as a kind of a jail sentence that cannot be by any chance reviewed even a parole board. The major issue with this kind of sentence is that it is static in nature, and it can take up to decades. Rick Cofer Law further adds that juvenile sex crimes are listed among the most serious crimes that involve the use of the Determinate sentence. It covers assault to either a teen who is below 14 years of age, a person with a disability or an elderly person.

Rick Cofer also explains that the sentencing for a juvenile sex offence usually constitutes of two major components which include the original sentence and also the registration of youth as a sex offender. For a young offender, they are provided with either of the three major types of sentences, namely, determinate sentence, indeterminate sentence, or even probation. The determined sentences for juvenile sex crimes also come with some drawbacks.

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Interview With Edwin Miranda

The CEO and Founder of KOI IXS Edwin Miranda pushes boundaries of the possible and helps many brands move even further. KOI IXS is a full service marketing agency that has continued to grow. Edwin Miranda speaks on his success of his company. When he got the idea of his KOI IXS he was a mere 21 years old. Since then his company has grown and helped many inspiring entrepreneurs gain success. He says that giving his clients the strategies they need to succeed is what drives him to stay focused with his company. Starting his day at 5:30 AM, Edwin Miranda doesn’t stop. He enjoys routine and before having breakfast checks his email from his clients or projects he is working on. He follows up with his breakfast and exercise and then spends some much needed quality time with his family. By 7:30 in the morning, Edwin Miranda is headed to his daily meeting to start the work day. He says that being passionate about his ideas is an essential ingredient of his success. Without passion, he continues he would not be able to bring his ideas to a reality. Edwin Miranda talks about habits that make him successful. One of these habits are waking up early. He says that his usual day starts at 5:30 in the morning but many days it begins even early. He truly believes in the old saying “The early bird catches the worm.” Edwin Miranda says that if he could give his younger self advice it would be to be bold, passionate and to make mistakes. He says by making mistakes it gives opportunity for growth.

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