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Maarten De Jeu – The Leader And Founder Of SVM Business Advisory

Science, technology, and engineering are integral parts of the future. In order to inspire the next
generation of thinkers, inventors, and builders innovators look to the youth. One such innovator is
Maarten de Jeu, a successful financial advisor based in Chicago. His time at the Museum of Science
and Industry (MSI) has led to the Science Spins program. It is a program dedicated to the
education the general public on history and science of the bicycle. Today MSI has used the Farrell
Fellowship to further the expansion of education in science, technology, and engineering to teens in
Chicago. Learn more: https://www.behance.net/maartendejeu

Teens accepted into this prestigious fellowship can expect five weeks of training. They will receive
education on leadership development, public speaking, and science. Having hosted America’s Got
Bubbles in 2014, 40 teens helped demonstrate the chemistry of bubbles to the public. They did a
tour of 17 public library’s and helped cultivate a strong engineering culture. Participants can expect
high levels of community engagement. Their activities will take place in both the neighborhoods
and the museum itself. They can also expect to inspire education and learning in young children
during their five weeks. Examples of the past include crafting model rockets from newspapers.
They launch the engineered rockets carnival-style in a high striker game. The chief goal of the
Farrell Fellowship is to cultivate a culture of science, technology, and engineering. They hope to
achieve this by teaching teens, who in turn teach younger children the thrills of discovery and
The previous co-chair of MSI, Maarten de Jeu received his education in both the Netherlands and
the United Kingdom. He completed his M.A. in Public Administration from Leiden University and
continued his education Said Business School at the University of Oxford. Among these degree’s he
holds an executive MBA from Oxford and graduated first in his class. Maarten de Jeu’s eclectic
education has allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks of as a corporate analyst. His time is
split between his professional life and giving back to the community in which he lives. Currently, he
is working with the Economic Club of Chicago, Chicago Council of Global Affairs, and the Economic
Club of Chicago, among many others. His dedication to his work and community has proven to be a
success. He is an innovator that has proven his dedication to the education of future generations.
The Farrell Fellowship is just one example of many of his vast influence.

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Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda: Choosing A Marketing Agency

Are you researching marketing and advertising agencies in Puerto Rico? Do you want to reach your prospects and grow your business? You can achieve the success you desire if you have the right team by your side.

Edwin Miranda is a leader in the industry and he owns a successful marketing agency in Puerto Rico. Marketing agencies help businesses to take the right steps towards their goals and have trained professionals.

There are many advertising and marketing agencies out there but you need a team that has an established history of rendering outstanding marketing solutions to the client.

Edwin Miranda and his marketing experts are fully committed to helping entrepreneurs and businesses attract the right audience, increase sales and take their business to the next level. His marketing agency, KOI IXS, is fully equipped to address the needs of a wide variety of clients and has been around for many years.

As a leading marketing agency in Puerto Rico, KOI IXS has access to excellent resources and industry connections, which enable its professionals to render the required services to clients without hassles.

Edwin believes in the power of performance marketing and has systems in place to help clients gain massive exposure, create meaningful customer engagement, and increase their customer base.

Edwin Miranda takes the time to evaluate his clients’ marketing and promotional needs before deciding how to implement their campaign. Edwin can help you get noticed in the marketplace and take your business to the next level.

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