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Dan Bethelmy-Rada and the R.A.W Products

The Global Brand President of Matrix, Dan Bethelmy-Rada, has been working on a new range of hair and skin care products that are completely natural in all aspects. Bethelmy-Rada began working on this new line of products after discovering that there was a high demand for these natural products across the globe. Bethelmy-Rada learned that currently, most consumers are not interested in products that contain an element of naturalness; instead, they are interested in those that are entirely natural. Consumers are in demand for hair and skin products that do not affect their hair nor skin did not harm nature. Matrix under the leadership of Dan Bethelmy-Rada decides to work on R.A.W as a way of responding to customers wants.

Matrix is working together with L’Oréal’s Sharing Beauty with All program in their efforts to make R.A.W a reality. Matrix is taking specific measures in the creation of R.A.W. They are designing products that are made of environmental-friendly packaging and processing methods. The R.A.W hair and skin care products are made of ingredients extracted from the environment and are chemical free. From Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s perspective, the elements used to create R.A.W easily get traced back to the environment. The products get manufactured as per the principles of green chemistry. Matrix research team learn about all processes and products used during the manufacturing process and identifies their life cycle. By learning the life cycle of elements used, the firm can quickly determine which products are require recycling and which features should be thoroughly used up.

Matrix obtains the ingredients used from vegetation located both on land and sea as well as honey. The R.A.W goods get packaged with containers that can easily be recycled. To obtain the most authentic products, Dan Bethelmy-Rada together with his team had to work fast and overcome several challenges. First, they had to make sure they did not tamper with the environment nor the natural habitat of living things. A significant issue that they eventually overcame is working to ensure that each stage of processing R.A.W was natural. Research had to be done to ensure that the processes used during manufacturing were the most appropriate.

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Sharon Prince – Earth Day 2019


Sharon Prince is the current President and Chair of Grace Farms, which was founded in 2009. Grace Farms is a non-profit foundation that is focused on faith and service, as well as nature, justice, arts, and community. Recently, on Earth Day (April 22, 2019), Sharon Prince and Grace Farms were in the news for some of the initiatives at the foundation. Because nature and justice are such an integral part of the foundation’s mission, it is no surprise that Earth Day programming is a big deal for them. The focus rests upon sustainability and restorative, especially in regards to climate change and recent news about the state of the environment. This year Grace Farms worked with the Nature Conservancy.


Together, they put on discussions and panels led by experts that discussed the state of the climate and what plans are in place to help create more sustainable life. There were also several educational programs run that focused on the importance of different elements within an ecosystem – which also reinforces the importance of sustainability. Because these different systems and elements in an ecosystem are so critical, it underlines the importance of protecting them in the long term. Go Here for additional information.


Grace Farms is also a beautiful, natural landscape that is home to a wide-variety of interesting wildlife. For instance, 75 different species of birds. Several expert led bird watching tours and walks were lead as part of the Earth Day celebration and education programs.


By given people the opportunity to see these and more natural elements that sometimes get lost in modern life, Grace Farms led by Sharon Prince is attempting to reconnect people to nature in a more personal way. She also views the Earth Day events as a marker for the beginning of a season of innovation, exploration, and discovery.


In an article with Gazetteday entitled “Vast Natural Offerings At Grace Farms”, Prince shared that the foundation aspired to preserve this site as a gift of open space, a peaceful respite for the community to enjoy and to encourage people to draw inspiration from nature, pursue justice, encounter the arts, explore faith, and above all, collaborate for the common good.


Learn more about Sharon on https://medium.com/@sharonprince


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Rick Cofer Expounds on How Juvenile Sex Crimes Are Handled

Lawyer Rick Cofer, together with his numerous clients, have been facing the issue of determinate sentences in most of their daily cases. A very difficult and crucial question has emerged on the consequences of rigidly applying punishments to people without putting the various circumstances that they are undergoing into consideration. For instance, how can such an occurrence affect a child sex crime perpetrator?

It is well known that the cases for underage children are far much complicated than adult cases. This is because the juveniles are still undergoing development. The lives they lead, and the decisions they make are mostly dictated by their families and their surrounding environment. It is also a fact that most of the teenagers do not have real-life experiences, and they are not mature enough to behave exactly like the adults. It is therefore so much complicated to deal with cases in which a young person is involved in a serious offense such as child sex offense. It is difficult to explain on how the society and also the legal system is going to judge the victim.

According to Rick Cofer Law, Determinate Sentence can be appropriately defined as a kind of a jail sentence that cannot be by any chance reviewed even a parole board. The major issue with this kind of sentence is that it is static in nature, and it can take up to decades. Rick Cofer Law further adds that juvenile sex crimes are listed among the most serious crimes that involve the use of the Determinate sentence. It covers assault to either a teen who is below 14 years of age, a person with a disability or an elderly person.

Rick Cofer also explains that the sentencing for a juvenile sex offence usually constitutes of two major components which include the original sentence and also the registration of youth as a sex offender. For a young offender, they are provided with either of the three major types of sentences, namely, determinate sentence, indeterminate sentence, or even probation. The determined sentences for juvenile sex crimes also come with some drawbacks.


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