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CEO Steve Ritchie Welcomes Shaquille O’Neal To The Papa John’s Family

Businessman Steve Ritchie has spent more than 23 years working for Papa John’s International, Inc. He joined this company not long after graduating from Seneca High School in Louisville, Kentucky. He started as an hourly worker at one of their locations and, after a couple of management positions, was hired at this pizza chain’s corporate headquarters.

He was named as the president of Papa John’s on July 30, 2015. On January 1, 2018, Steve Ritchie was named as the chief executive officer. He is also the director of Papa John’s international operations, a position he has held since February 4, 2019. He was compensated $5.65 million for these positions in 2018 with $3.7 million of this awarded as restricted stock.

Steve Ritchie recently negotiated with Starboard Value, a hedge fund, to have them invest in Papa John’s. This resulted in a $250 million cash infusion into this brand. The founder of Starboard Value, Jeffrey Smith, is now the chairman of the board. The money this deal brought in is being used to promote Papa John’s and to make improvements to its recipes. Starboard Value is the company that successfully turned around Olive Garden.

He also negotiated with NBA great Shaquille O’Neal. Steve Ritchie signed an endorsement deal with Shaq making him the new spokesman of this brand as well as its director. Shaq also bought nine Papa John’s locations in Atlanta, Georgia, in a joint venture partnership with the company itself.

Shaq is now endorsing Papa John’s on all of his social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Steve Ritchie said that he is looking to develop co-branded products with Shaq. This is thought to be new pizza recipes that will be advertised by Shaquille O’Neal. Steve Ritchie said that Shaq has a lot of experience in the food business that will be very helpful to his company. Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

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Clément Perrette Shares Why Whales And Dolphins Need Protection

Clément Perrette is a portfolio manager who actively trades fixed income investments. He has worked at RAM Active Investments as a senior portfolio manager since February 2016. Before this, he had applied his skills at Barclays Capital, Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, and BNP Paribas. He holds a master of finance degree from HEC Paris and a master of engineering degree from the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics of Grenoble.

He is passionate about sea life and the ocean. Clément Perrette shares that, after humans, dolphins and whales are the most intelligent animals on the planet. They have large, complex brains, languages, and rich social lives. Each dolphin and whale in a pod has its own name. Both of these species easily pass the mirror test and they are excellent problem solvers.

Despite how fantastic and intelligent these animals are, some nations hunt them for their meat. These are developed, wealthy nations that could easily fulfill their protein needs from other sources. The money that is brought in from hunting dolphins and whales could easily be replaced by other economic activities. Japan left the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and is once again hunting for whales in their waters. Clément Perrette says to bear in mind that whales are migratory so they don’t belong to Japan or any other country.

To highlight whales and dolphins and to protect them, Clement Perrette is deeply involved in the Ocean Souls film that is being produced. He expects filming to finish by the end of 2019 and for the move to release in the spring of 2020. He is one of the executive producers of this film along with Martin Moscovish, Barbara Bellini, and Bogomil Balkansky.
Details about the Ocean Souls film are listed on this website.

Contact Clement Perrette:ément-perrette

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Raffaele Riva Q&A Feature

idea mensch conducted this month a Q&A with Raffaele Riva. Riva is the Founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, and the interview story dives into Riva’s background, strategies and successes. The article also features some interesting tidbits about his life outside of the business world.

Before starting AUREA, Raffaele Riva worked for eleven years, as a managing partner for several advisory companies. He had many specialties. Among them were corporate financing and restructurings and mergers and acquisitions. He also excelled in cross-border transactions, estate planning and wealth management.

Raffaele Riva earned his education from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. He graduated from the Milan, Italy university with honors in 1987. Riva obtained a degree in Economics. Two years later he would become a Qualified Accountant, also receiving this education from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Canton Ticino Management Business School would be his next place of study. Here he would complete in 1997 a post graduate program in SSQUEA. After this program, Riva would again complete another post graduate program. This times his studies were in SUPSI at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland.

The 57 year old has dual Italian and Swiss citizenship. He speaks English, French and Italian. When not working, Raffaele Riva enjoys collecting contemporary and modern art. He is also somewhat of a wine connoisseur. Riva is a fan of the orchestra, and he also enjoys car collecting, diving, show-jumping, skiing and racing. He is a member of the London Reform Club and the Monaco Yacht Club.

Riva attributes much of his success to having a positive attitude and making sure that he provides value to his client’s lives. His can do outlook on life is reflected in his work ethic and the numerous successes that have come from his work.

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Matt Badiali Eyes The Cannabis Industry As A Solid Investment Opportunity In 2019

Matt Badiali is a writer and investment professional who serves with Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of the Real Wealth Strategist. His newsletter just recently started a digital marketing campaign that focuses on the legalization of marijuana. The Real Wealth Strategist recently included various investment eBooks related to the cannabis industry. These books talk about how regular investors can profit from the legalization of marijuana.

Matt Badiali is a finance expert and analyst who studied at Penn State University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in geology. He also attended Florida Atlantic University and earned his Master of Science degree in earth sciences in the process. He is one of the leading commodity experts in the United States and has been known to travel to different parts of the world to check up on his investments. Read more articles by Matt Badiali at Banyan Hill.

Matt Badiali makes sure that he loads the Real Wealth Strategist online newsletter up with valuable investment advice and tips. The newsletter is delivered to subscriber’s email inbox once a month and helps to clear up the fog regarding natural resource investments and commodities stocks. Badiali shares his thoughts and findings on investment opportunities in many fields including the mining sector, agricultural industry, precious metals, the lumber sector, mining, and cannabis sector. On top of offering people analysis and research into various markets, he also offers investors with tips related to specific stocks. Most of the stock recommendations point to commodity stocks that look stable enough for an investment.

Matt Badiali has also decided to share his own model portfolio inside of the Real Wealth Strategist. Subscribers can also listen to his podcast that comes out once a week and also have access to trade alerts. Badiali believes that investors who invest in the cannabis industry now may be able to profit from the sector before it blows up. He is expecting the cannabis industry to really make a move once medical marijuana has been legalized on a federal level. In the past, he has made many correct calls related to the direction that various industries would be heading in, and his views on the cannabis industry may turn out to be right, too.


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Stratford Shields Openly Communicates with His Clients to Get the Best Results for Everyone Involved

Stratford Shields is probably best known for privatizing the Ohio State University parking system for four hundred and eighty-three million dollars, which was awarded “deal of the year” in the non-traditional category from Bond Buyer. He has helped several other pivotal companies achieve financial success as well, including hospitals, municipals, and airports.

The question becomes, how does a man like Stratford Shields do what he does, how did he become so successful? He focuses on his clients to start with. Even when he is not traveling, he is in the office, considering how he can best serve his clients. Since he works across several sectors, often times he will compare notes to see if something successful for one client would be successful for another. He brings to life these ideas by talking to his clients and considering the pros and cons along with them.

He believes that thinking the way we always have means nothing will ever change and that we must pay attention to the details. This helps Shields stay organized and focused in order to convey to the client exactly what he is proposing. That is the other key component to this- he communicates openly with his clients, making sure to follow up if he has a new idea. If they have an idea, then he will sit down and discuss the positives and the negatives with them until they reach a decision.

It is also important that we get back up when we are knocked down and to work only with those who want to work with us. They don’t want to work with you? Then focus on those that do. It will help keep the excitement going.

Stratford Shields’ favorite quote is, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts” by Winston Churchill and that sums his philosophies up pretty well.

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How Gulf Coast West has Survived the Changing Oil Industry

In the past few years, the United States oil and gas industry has been facing challenges from the changing landscape of the global oil and gas industry. Many in the industry have been left with no other choice than to try out new business models and ideas in order to keep up with these new changes.

Be Open-Minded to Survive

Having an open mind when it comes to new ideas and ways to do things is crucial if a company is going to survive the ever-changing oil industry. You also need to be open to making big changes within your company.

Gulf Coast Western, a Dallas, is a Texas-based company that centralizes on the exploration and purchasing of national oil and gas reserves. Matt Fleeger, the president, recently recalled some of the challenges his company has gone through. Especially during the recession back in the early 2000s.

Fleeger said he had to re-invent how everything worked. From day-to-day operations in the company right down to his own personal daily habits, he renovated everything. Tiring as this was, it didn’t come without any benefit. It led to some pretty cost-efficient findings within the company. Some of which allowed the company to focus on key personnel instead of overhead costs. This is why the company has been a role model for growth in the industry.

Good Relationships are Essential

In the changing environment of the oil industry, there are a few things that a company can do to survive. One of those things is to establish good partnerships with other companies. Partnering with another company can be good in that it allows both companies to combine needed resources for both parties to survive any problems within the industry.

Fleeger recounts Gulf Cost Western’s partnership with Joint Ventures, an investment company that garners growth and profits on third party assets in prominent oil and gas companies. The partnership was what saved the two companies when the industry was going through some changes. It allowed them to absorb any pitfalls and come out on top.


In the end, in order for a company to survive changes, they must be open-minded to employing new ideas and changes. They must also have and keep good relationships in case there’s a point your company needs something and doesn’t have it.

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Academy of Art University: Networking is Vital to Success

Art and Design enthusiasts are invited to attend the annual event of Academy of Art University also known as the Spring Show 2019. Expect to witness impressive student work in over 40 areas of art and design in the academy’s event of the year. The final pieces of the spectacular artworks of their students are on public display until June 15, 2019. People of all ages are free to join their students, community members, mentors, industry leaders, and recruiters to see how Academy of Art University was able to turn their mission and vision to reality as well as helping students transform their passion into a profession. As an accredited art and design school, they have the power to educate their students formally and professionally. The Spring Show 2019 is taking place at 2225 Jerrold Avenue.

Additionally, the Spring Show 2019 has been an interactive and artistic experience for many people. Viewers are stunned with how the leading San Francisco art school was able to teach their students and prepared them once they enter the real world. Once you enter the exhibit, you will see a wide array of sculptures across the room and paintings posted on the walls. Academy of Art University values talent and hard work, and they were able to showcase it during the event. A lot of industry professionals were extremely impressed and attracted to the works of their graduating class. The graduating class of 2019 are composed of designers, architects, entrepreneurs, photographers, artists, and more. Each of them was able to successfully build their own creations. The Spring Show 2019 consists of fresh and innovative creations from the Academy of Art University, and other students from different universities are also welcome to see their collection.

Last but not least, the Academy of Art University knows the importance of having a well-established network. It is important in the lives of their creative geniuses which is why the annual event became their way of enabling their students to expand their network as well as building relationships with different professionals. Professional networking is necessary and it has always been an essential aspect of job opportunities.

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Sharon Prince – Grace Farms – The Perfect Setting to Share Knowledge and Information


When Sharon Prince created the concept of Grace Farms it was a result of the area’s beautiful land. She also had a vision of bringing people from all walks of life into an environment where they can share knowledge and communicate.


Set on 80 acres of beautiful topography, Grace Farms provides the perfect setting. There are a number of on-site programs, and lecturers can engage their audiences through insightful topics. There are also a number of hiking trails where visitors that visitors can walk to experience the closeness of nature. Led by Sharon Prince, Grace Farms is a place where visitors can engage with art and discuss the merits of social justice.


Grace Farms is beautiful year-round. During summer months offer opportunities for catch-and-release fishing. Blooms are in full blaze and hiking trails beckon visitors to embark on short scenic adventures. Of course, there is no match for the beauty of New Canaan during the autumn months.


Grace Farms during the winter is nothing short of majestic. There are close to 1000 trees on the property that stand as sentinels when the leaves fall and the snow blankets the trees. Anyone visiting will find the perfect opportunity to take pictures and videos of the surrounding property. Refer to This Article for related information.


There is plenty of wildlife that remains throughout each season. No animals need to migrate. The area is perfectly contained and sustains itself. At the Farms, you can access lectures, share knowledge, and bond with nature. Sharon Prince envisioned a place where people could come together and share knowledge and information against an amazing backdrop of nature. Everyone who visits will arrive and leave with something valuable.


In an article with Gazetteday entitled “Vast Natural Offerings At Grace Farms”, Prince shared that the foundation aspired to preserve this site as a gift of open space, a peaceful respite for the community to enjoy and to encourage people to draw inspiration from nature, pursue justice, encounter the arts, explore faith, and above all, collaborate for the common good.


Watch some of Grace Farms and her videos on



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Eric Lefkofsky Introduces Data Analytics to Help Physicians Treat Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has been one of the key contributors to the most modern ways to address cancer. As the co founder of Tempus, Eric has been at the forefront of introducing a new system that can help healthcare practitioners find better ways to treat and cure cancer. Lefkofsky’s company Tempus has recently introduced data analytics to help physicians more effectively diagnose and treat cancer. With this new system Lefkofsky and Tempus has been able to make a considerable impact on helping healthcare practitioners better the lives of those currently suffering from various forms of cancer.

After developing the data analytics system, Lefkofsky and Tempus have been able to provide physicians with valuable information that can enable them to better treat their patients. Using data analytics has proven to be much more efficient compared to other methods used in the past when it comes to treating cancer patients. The process entails gathering data from large medical systems and then converting it into data that becomes a set of clinical records. As a result, physicians are then able to find the best ways to treat patients who are currently suffering from cancer.

With the data analytics system developed, Eric Lefkofsky decided to begin showcasing it to medical facilities. He would first demonstrate the new system to healthcare facilities that are tied to academic institutions such as medical schools. At these university hospitals, Lefkofsky’s data analytics system proved to be successful. These medical facilities were able to see the benefits of the system and then decided to use it as their primary system of helping physicians and cancer patients. After the successful demonstration of this new data analytics system, Lefkofsky began offering this to a number of other healthcare facilities in the community.

Eric Lefkosky is the co founder of Tempus which specializes in helping healthcare facilities and practitioners better treat cancer patients. His company provides systems that give information about cancer and how it can be treated. Along with being the co founder of Tempus, Eric has founded a number of other very successful businesses such as MediaOcean. Over the past several years, Eric has been affiliated with local organizations in Chicago such as museums and hospitals. Prior to starting his career, Eric attended the University of Michigan and graduated from its law school.

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Prada Enhances Jingdong’s Online Luxury Offerings recently partnered with Prada Group enhancing Jingdong’s online offerings of luxury items to its Chinese retail online market., China’s largest retailer, welcomed a flagship Prada store to its online retail site on June 17th of this year.

Prada is one of the most recognizable and trusted luxury brands in the world, and President of International Business at JD Fashion and Lifestyle Kevin Jiang said that this partnership showcases China’s expanding reach into the luxury market.

The June 17th launch date was an important marketing strategy as June 18th is a special date for Jingdong. It is the anniversary of the store’s founding. Often the anniversary is just referred to as 618, and the event includes exciting offers and promotions to its customers. This year in order to help celebrate the event, not only launched the opening of the Prada flagship store, but also launched flagship stores for the Miu Miu and Car Shoe brands under the Prada group.

Prada is featuring its fall/winter line in its flagship store on the Jingdong site. In 2018 Prada Group saw exponential growth for its online market, and the company is hoping to continue that trend. Prada Group wants to have all of its sub-brands available online by the year 2020, and this partnership with is a portion of that project, as it establishes the company’s presence in China. See Related Link to learn more. is well known in China as a popular and reputable business. Quality products, excellent customer service, same day and next day delivery, and even online and in-person payment options have all worked together to make China’s largest retailer. The company offers its customers a wide variety of products including cosmetics, apparel, electronics, and even fresh food, furthermore in the coming year 90% of its key brands are intending to launch new items.

A book entitled “The Story: An E-commerce Phenomenon” by Li Zhigang features the unique story of’s growth and evolution and the strategies and philosophy of its charismatic founder are featured in this fascinating book.


Visit their page on


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