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Article Title: Who Is Richard Liu?

Richard Liu is the CEO of a Chinese e-commerce company named JD.com. Mr. Liu wanted a way for customers to have a fast and great shopping experience either online and offline. He acquired bachelor’s degree in sociology from Renmin University.

JD.com was established in 2004. Under Mr. Liu’s leadership, the company has a firm policy toward people who counterfeit. They also have same day and next day delivery service that expands to over 1 billion people. Mr. Liu was listed on the Fortune’s list of World’s Greatest Leaders. In 2016, JD.com was listed on the Fortune 500 list.

Ricard Liu hopes to expand the Chinese e-commerce company by having recyclable packaging and sustainable farming. He has been working with other European companies on bringing more wines, Spanish foods, and beauty products to JD.com.

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