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Oren Frank Upends Therapy As We Know It

Oren Frank is one of Talkspace’s co-founders and the online psychotherapy app company’s CEO. Since 2012, over 1,000,000 individuals found a licensed therapist through Talkspace, many of these people didn’t have access to a therapist near their home. Oren and his wife Roni founded the company because they believe everyone has a right to mental health care, regardless of where they live.

Prior to co-founding Talkspace, Frank was a successful advertising executive with McCann Erickson WorldWide. His business experience was invaluable in getting the word out about an app where clients can video chat or text message with therapists. His wife, who studied psychology, realized that only 30 percent of the population diagnosed with a mental health issue had access to therapy. The husband and wife team decided to address the barriers that existed.

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Talkspace began by offering group therapy, but they soon realized people were more comfortable with written messages. Today, the online psychotherapy app offers an Unlimited Messaging Therapy platform. Users can choose audio or video chats if they prefer these mediums. Frank says Talkspace is working well; data shows clients have the same outcomes as they do with tradition, in-person therapy at about one-third of the cost.

Frank recently announced champion swimmer Michael Phelps joined the Talkspace Advisory Board and will serve as a spokesperson. They plan a national television campaign to address the stigma associated with therapy. Frank candidly talks about his own experience with personal and couples therapy in interviews but he understands the stigma still exists.

As an entrepreneur, Frank likes to create a healthy work-life balance. He says he takes vacations, works reasonable hours and takes time to read and pursue other interests. He admits success only comes with a focus on eliminating a common barrier or problem, which is exactly what Talkspace does. Connect: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oren-frank-08619322/

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