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How Gulf Coast West has Survived the Changing Oil Industry

In the past few years, the United States oil and gas industry has been facing challenges from the changing landscape of the global oil and gas industry. Many in the industry have been left with no other choice than to try out new business models and ideas in order to keep up with these new changes.

Be Open-Minded to Survive

Having an open mind when it comes to new ideas and ways to do things is crucial if a company is going to survive the ever-changing oil industry. You also need to be open to making big changes within your company.

Gulf Coast Western, a Dallas, is a Texas-based company that centralizes on the exploration and purchasing of national oil and gas reserves. Matt Fleeger, the president, recently recalled some of the challenges his company has gone through. Especially during the recession back in the early 2000s.

Fleeger said he had to re-invent how everything worked. From day-to-day operations in the company right down to his own personal daily habits, he renovated everything. Tiring as this was, it didn’t come without any benefit. It led to some pretty cost-efficient findings within the company. Some of which allowed the company to focus on key personnel instead of overhead costs. This is why the company has been a role model for growth in the industry.

Good Relationships are Essential

In the changing environment of the oil industry, there are a few things that a company can do to survive. One of those things is to establish good partnerships with other companies. Partnering with another company can be good in that it allows both companies to combine needed resources for both parties to survive any problems within the industry.

Fleeger recounts Gulf Cost Western’s partnership with Joint Ventures, an investment company that garners growth and profits on third party assets in prominent oil and gas companies. The partnership was what saved the two companies when the industry was going through some changes. It allowed them to absorb any pitfalls and come out on top.


In the end, in order for a company to survive changes, they must be open-minded to employing new ideas and changes. They must also have and keep good relationships in case there’s a point your company needs something and doesn’t have it.

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Academy of Art University: Networking is Vital to Success

Art and Design enthusiasts are invited to attend the annual event of Academy of Art University also known as the Spring Show 2019. Expect to witness impressive student work in over 40 areas of art and design in the academy’s event of the year. The final pieces of the spectacular artworks of their students are on public display until June 15, 2019. People of all ages are free to join their students, community members, mentors, industry leaders, and recruiters to see how Academy of Art University was able to turn their mission and vision to reality as well as helping students transform their passion into a profession. As an accredited art and design school, they have the power to educate their students formally and professionally. The Spring Show 2019 is taking place at 2225 Jerrold Avenue.


Additionally, the Spring Show 2019 has been an interactive and artistic experience for many people. Viewers are stunned with how the leading San Francisco art school was able to teach their students and prepared them once they enter the real world. Once you enter the exhibit, you will see a wide array of sculptures across the room and paintings posted on the walls. Academy of Art University values talent and hard work, and they were able to showcase it during the event. A lot of industry professionals were extremely impressed and attracted to the works of their graduating class. The graduating class of 2019 are composed of designers, architects, entrepreneurs, photographers, artists, and more. Each of them was able to successfully build their own creations. The Spring Show 2019 consists of fresh and innovative creations from the Academy of Art University, and other students from different universities are also welcome to see their collection.

Last but not least, the Academy of Art University knows the importance of having a well-established network. It is important in the lives of their creative geniuses which is why the annual event became their way of enabling their students to expand their network as well as building relationships with different professionals. Professional networking is necessary and it has always been an essential aspect of job opportunities.

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