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Sergey Petrossov and the Genius of JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Although private jet travel has long been thought of as a luxury reserved only for the rich and famous, JetSmarter has opened up to the market to reach beyond the 1%. At just 28-years-young, Sergey Petrossov sits proudly at the helm of JetSmarter as its founder. His motto? “When you go all-in as an entrepreneur, you don’t look back.”

And let’s face it, Petrossov has a lot of brag about. In December 2016 alone, his innovative company raised a total of $105 million from investors. And these weren’t just any investors, but a string of highly impressive ones, ranging from the Saudi royal family to Shawn “Jay Z” Carter.

So what exactly is JetSmarter? It’s a private jet marketplace packaged as an app, based in Fort Lauderdale, and with a valuation over $1.5 billion, making it a ‘unicorn’ within the venture capital scene. The goal of the app is to make private jet booking simple and affordable. This high level of success makes one wonder exactly how Sergey Petrossov managed to achieve all this at such a young age.

According to Sergey Petrossov, the inspiration for JetSmarter struck him in 2009 when he was pondering inefficiencies in airline travel. Upon trying to book a private flight for him and his friends, he encountered a lot of paperwork and run around. Of course, he thought, there must be an easier way!

After thinking up creative solutions, Petrossov realized that he had found a way to allow more people to fly privately, which not only yields a more comfortable flight overall but also allows travelers to skip through long TSA lines and avoid commercial airports altogether.

In just it’s first two years, JetSmarter had already been downloaded over 300,000 times, and Sergey notes that the average price of a chartered flight is around $23,000. Over 1,000 flights were booked in 2014. Of his success so far, Petrossov says that he and his team feel they are ahead of the curve in terms of their product’s innovation and they are looking forward to dominating in this space. He certainly feels like a pioneer!

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Dr. Sam Jejurikar Helps Children In Bangladesh By Performing Cleft Palate Surgery

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon who works in Dallas, Texas. Known for providing quality care to his patients, he is also known for donating his time and skills to help others. He volunteered for Smile Bangladesh, for instance. He is also a public speaker who has impressed upon other plastic surgeons the importance of following best practices and treating patient safety as the number one priority.

Smile Bangladesh is a nonprofit that provides people with free facial cleft deformity surgery. In addition to helping people in Bangladesh, they provide this surgery in other developing nations as well such as Sri Lanka. This organization was founded by Dr. Shahid Aziz in 2010. Many of the people they help are children.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar volunteered for Smile Bangladesh in March 2019. Around 300,000 people in Bangladesh have cleft palates. There are only 30 surgeons in Bangladesh who are qualified to perform this type of surgery so they can’t possibly help everyone. They thus have to rely on outside help. A cleft palate isn’t just a cosmetic issue. People with cleft palates have difficulty eating and speaking, and it can lead to other health issues.

Another type of surgery that Dr. Sam Jejurikar is well-known for is gluteal augmentation, more popularly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift. This type of surgery has been popular in Brazil for decades. It is becoming more common in the United States and he is one of the few experts in this surgery in this country. If it’s not done right, this type of surgery is dangerous.

He is a member of the Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force. This organization is developing practices that make Brazilian Butt Lift surgery safer. Along with other plastic surgeons, Dr. Sam Jejurikar lends his knowledge to improve patient safety in this type of surgery.

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American Addiction Centers: Fight Your Fears

A lot of addicts out there struggle with getting help. That is the hardest part for them, and it probably always will be because of the way people view those that have an addiction. They don’t view them through the eyes of being sympathetic and understanding. Instead, they look at them as just another drunk or junkie that can’t get out of their own way.

For the person with an addiction, they want to be able to look someone in the eye and tell him or her about their problems. They don’t want to keep it bottled up inside. This is not the way to get the help they need. Instead, it is only going to create more problems for them in the future.

It’s a vicious cycle, and it is one that the AAC (American Addiction Centers) is hoping to break sooner rather than later. They have seen it firsthand because they deal with addicts every single day. They have centers in states such as California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Rhode Island.

They are looking to grow and open up even more centers in the future, especially as they battle AUD (alcohol use disorder). This should not be a problem for them because they are doing a great job at helping people. They are doing so good that their success rate is double the national average.

Many people wonder what their big secret is or how they are able to do this. It is because they think outside the box. When it comes to health care of any kind, so many people are quick to just read from the manual or the handbook. They don’t have any original ideas to bring to the table. Read more: American Addiction Centers Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers Offers Insight Stages Alcohol | AliveNewsPaper

That is the wonderful thing about their co-founder and chairman, Michael Cartwright: He listens to everyone on his staff. He likes to be very involved with the AAC. He used to deal with addiction issues in the past, so he knows what comes with it. Because he has this knowledge, he is able to present a unique perspective to the AAC.

He can discuss what has worked for him in the past and what has not worked for him. He speaks from experience. Experience is something you can’t put a price tag on, that is for sure. It is something that people either have or don’t have when it’s all said and done.

He also hires people that are currently in recovery as well. With recovery, it’s an ongoing battle, and if they can help out one of their fellow warriors in recovery, it makes them feel good. They feel on top of the world because they are giving back and contributing something very valuable to those in need of some assistance and relief.

Learn more about American Addiction Center:

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Empiricus is a Brazilian company founded in 2009 with headquarters in Sao Paulo established by professors Felipe Miranda and Rodolfo Amstalden together with Link Broker partner Marcos Elias. The three formed the company with the support of former bank director to Brascan and BNP Paribas, Caio Mesquita.

Three years later, Marcos later left. Empiricus focused on the publishing of finance and investments content as well as partnerships. Investments content offered by the company includes fixed income, investment funds, cryptocurrencies, real estate funds and equities.



This company has been engaged in several partnerships over the year.

The first partnership was with American group Agora a consortium that united financial content publishers in over 16 countries. Another partnership has been with Quantum a financial information firm. The partnership was aimed at seeking funds.



Empiricus’ following has increased gradually nearing a 2 million free readership and over 200,000 paying subscribers by 2018. This has been because of the local application of business regulations to the international market. In the year 2017, the site had a following of 180,000 a six-fold increase from that of 2014. Go Here to learn more.

In 2016, the company accumulated revenues of about 154 million reais and even went ahead to purchase of the website, The Antagonist for 5 million reais.. View Additional Info Here.


Empiricus controversies

Empiricus has had its share of controversies from advising people to invest in Eike Batista’s company. Others controversies include:


  • Felipe Miranda, a partner at the company that assaulted a competitor of Suno Research during a public event. A website gave Empiricus a “regular” rating that showed only 33.9% of claimants would still do business with the company again.
  • Marcos Elias, who had left earlier came was to claim gains that might have been accrued years after his departure. The gains were huge as a result of the company’s first partnership. The judge, Maria Carolina that listened to the case denied Marcos such the benefit of enjoying such benefits. In September 2018, Marcos Elias, the former partner was charged and arrested with embezzlement of over $750,000 after the FBI did an investigation.


See also:


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Omeed Malik vs IPO


Born in New Jersey to an Iranian mother and Pakistani father, Omeed Malik has carved out a long career for himself in the finance industry. Malik received his collegiate education from two different universities as he went to Emory Law School to earn his law degree and Colgate University for his bachelor’s degree. Omeed Malik’s career began as he was appointed as a spokesperson for late New Jersey Representative Donald Payne.

Omeed Malik then was hired as a corporate lawyer at New York firm Weil, Gotshal, & Manges, later joining MF Global. After MF Global, Omeed Malik was then hired by Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he had an ugly split before moving on in January of 2018 to start his own advisory firm for hedge funds and alternative investment managers.

As founder and chief executive officer of his very own firm Farvahar Partners, Omeed Malik has enjoyed very much success and was even asked to make a cameo appearance on Showtime’s hit television show Billions, an opportunity which he of course accepted.

Omeed Malik drive and entrepreneurial prowess has allowed Malik to build a knowledge-based empire where he uses his experience to continue to uplift himself as well as uplift very many others around him, too.

As a veteran in the merchant bank investment world, Omeed Malik believes he knows exactly what it takes to succeed in this world. In a Fox News interview on May 19th, 2019, Omeed Malik gave everyone a peek inside of his mind as Omeed shared his insights on many different topics in the realm of finance and business.

Omeed Malik discussed many of the investments Farvahar Partners has made in the public and private marketplace. Speaking with Charlie Gasaprino of Fox News, Malik spoke on “Shadow Markets”, IPOs and many other topics in the finance world. The interview is clearly a must watch for those looking to learn from a true expert.


Go Here to view his interview on Fox Business.



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The Next Stages For Mark Holyoake


There is going to be a shake up on the board of the Iceland Seafood International (ISI) company. Two board members are set to step down while another is set to rise to that board. Mark Holyoake and former ISI CEO Benedikt Sveinsson are stepping down to make room for the addition of the former CEO of Icelandic Group.

There is a scheduled meeting in Reykjavik to take place on February 2, 2020 to confirm these changes and to nominate another individual for the remaining board position. There are a few good names that are being tossed around as potential board members including Jakob Valgeir Flosason and Liv Bergthorsdottir who are both top corporate individuals at some of the most powerful companies in Iceland. See This Article for additional information.

There have been a lot of changes at ISI beyond these board changes. Earlier this year the company announced a new CEO would be leading the company. They have also acquired a company known as Solo Seafood in September of 2018 which helped them reach into even more markets than they had before.

While there has been plenty of news for the company it is all in a day’s work for Mark Holyoake. He has seen these kind of things before and has continued to find value in the food industry. Mark made some of his savviest financial moves in the industry when the rest of the world was in the last major recession.

He found companies that were on sale for a good price and he snapped them up. Working in Iceland in particular during the recession was a particularly savvy move. Holyoake is seen as a visionary in the industry and it spells good things to come for the company.

The brand is looking to expand into even more countries and regions of the world in the coming years as they attempt to continue their dominance of the seafood space.

Mark Holyoake derives his inspiration to be better through other successful entrepreneurs’ journeys like that of Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma. He also cites his determination to win even after challenges and failures. Apart from business, Mark has a beautiful family, married with three daughters.


More on


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Jeremy Goldstein’s Role In Providing Solutions For Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein, a New York-based attorney, has parlayed his talents to find a variety of solutions for multiple topics. This man has an extended educational background in business and law. Goldstein was able to attain a J.D. from New York University School of Law. In addition to that, he would graduate with the highest of honor by earning a B.A. cum laude from Cornel University. He has a specialty in corporate-governance matters in which he uses this knowledge while working at his own law firm. This firm is known as Jeremy. L. Goldstein & Associates.


Executive compensation is another sector of business that Goldstein has supreme knowledge in. This extraordinary man basically advises other entities on their career goals, objectives and future growth. Compensation committees, CEOs and management teams have all followed the guidance of this New York-based lawyer. Goldstein has also worked with some of the largest transactions and largest companies of the past decade. This includes:


  • P. Morgan Chase


  • Merck


  • Bank One


  • AT&T Corporation


  • Bank of America


  • South African Breweries


  • Goldman Sachs


  • Verizon Wireless


  • And many others



Jeremy Goldstein is an avid supporter for fighting mental illness in all of its shapes and forms. Mental illness affects hundreds of millions of people across the board, and there isn’t a single ethnic group that’s immune to these issues. It is estimated that over 450 million people suffer from some kind of mental disability. On the other hand, Goldstein serves on the Board of Directors for a special organization in New York. This organization houses up to 500 individuals who struggle with mental illness. Fountain House is dedicated to the teaching and training of mental-illness sufferers.


Fountain House just so a happens to be nonprofit, and it relies on the funding of others. Jeremy Goldstein does a great job of bringing in capital via win dinners. He’s been doing this for a number of years, and he has accomplished his goals while helping others.


Connect with Jeremy Goldstein on Linkedin.

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Get the best Protein Supplements from ViSalus


When you visit a healthcare professional, they will always want to know whether you have a balanced diet. The foods you consume will determine your overall health. When the food is taking in the wrong portions, you will start to get side effects too. In the United States, many people are battling obesity and weight issues. Being overweight comes with so many health problems. Heart diseases, diabetes, and cancer, will mostly affect the people who are overweight and obese. Your heart will not function well when you have too much weight. To be on the safe side,

ViSalus is giving its global customers insightful tips. The company blog shared some information concerning proteins.

ViSalus is a company that focuses on healthy lifestyles. They were started in 2005, and have been pretty successful through the years. They are most well known for their “Body by Vi Challenge”.

When you are going through your daily routine, the body will demand the right amounts of proteins. Protein will regulate the metabolism in your body, and it will ensure that your body tissues grow perfectly. Important enzymes and hormones in the body will come only after an individual starts taking the right portions of proteins. When you start increasing your protein levels every day, you stand to get other health complications. Protein is one of the minerals that do not have storage in the body. Go Here for related Information.

This means that you have to adhere to the right guidelines. Your skin and overall health will reflect the amount of protein you have ingested. Your calories should never go beyond the recommendation of healthcare professionals. See This Article for additional information.

ViSalus has offices in many parts of the world, and their primary goal is to give you all the nutritional supplements. Protein supplements in ViSalus are not expensive, and they solve all your body nutritional needs. The experts use the right amounts of protein when making the supplements, so clients should only take them at any time of the day.

Apart from taking supplements, it is paramount to eat the right foods. Protein is a component in most of the foods people eat daily. Some foods, however, have too much fat, making them dangerous for the heart. Plant proteins, on the other hand, offer the right calories in your body, and they do not pose any risks to the body.


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Gumps Re-Launch Autumn 2019


Gumps of San Francisco has been recently acquired and is scheduled to open under new leadership this fall. This unique, iconic home retail and gift business has a new owner John Chachas, a New York investor who began working with the company in 2007. Gumps once family owned by founder Solomon Gump is staying with its family tradition.

Gumps will be opening a temporary location in San Francisco for the holidays this fall as well as an online e-commerce business. Anne Chachas, Executive Vice President says, “We believe this iconic brand has a unique ability to curate an exceptional product that can once again delight clients for years to come.”

The company has served millions of clients since it was founded in 1861. As a home textile, home decor retailer, the company sells furniture, jewelry, accessories and features some designer goods such as Buccellati and Hermès.

Gumps has also kept collections of pearls, gemstones, crystal and china. For over a century, Bay Area families and tourists have stopped to admire some of the exquisite treasures that the store has to offer.

Antoinette Gump a great granddaughter of the business’ founder has helped with the re-launch and transition. The family of John and Diane Chachas will be in charge during this period. Johns three children Anne, Christopher and Jack will be available for Gumps during the 2019 holiday season. See This Page for additional information.

Shoppers may miss the stores famous Buddha. It used to display a bronze painted statue at the Post street location. Now that Gumps has moved to become e-commerce older customers will miss the old Buddha Statue seen in Gumps photographs.


Additional reference article:

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The rise of under the governance of Richard Liu

In January 2018, Richard Liu attended an interview headed by Davos-Klosters in Dallas. Liu believes that although he is busy most of the time, he found time for the discussion to get an opportunity to hear from other people in other parts of the world. In the interview, he brought out unique strategies that he used to develop his company. Richard Liu is the originator and Corporate Executive of JD.Com. is a reputable e-commerce enterprise with a net worth of $11 billion as of the current Forbes news.

During the interview, aided by interpreters, Richard Liu brought out the meaning of the company in full; he said that the name of the company came from the first letters of his first name and the last letters of his wife’s last name. Liu started his career after his Sociology Degree. After a series of jobs with the degree, he realized that the salary he received was not what he had been dreaming for; so, he enrolled for another degree, this time computer programming. He extended the knowledge through a certification called EMBA from an International School.

After the new studies, Liu was able to secure a job as the director of computer and business at Japan Life for two years. In the interview, Liu brought out the challenges he went through in his childhood, stating that his parents had to sell coal in the street markets of China to raise him. At first, Liu tried various businesses before settling to selling magneto-optical products from a 4 square meter shop. He was committed to getting money to cater to his grandmother’s medical expenses.

Within years selling the optical products, Liu decided to expand his territories to more shops in the market. At some point, the SARS situation came in, and this forced him to close most of his shops. This created another opportunity for his business as he immediately enrolled in an online store. He believes that the new company was more profitable, less costly, and efficient. Today, is one of the biggest online platforms, selling millions of products around the world.

Richard Liu’s: Twitter.

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