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COO Paul Herdsman Shares His Interests In Golf And Fishing


Paul Herdsman of Boca Raton, Florida, is the Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global. Also a co-founder of this company, he manages the operations of the call center his company operates just outside of Montego Bay in Jamaica.

Paul’s background includes nearsourcing, outsourcing, sales, marketing, and operations. When not at work or with his family, Paul Herdsman can often be found engaged in one of his two favorite hobbies, fishing and golf. The first of these he took up as a hobby was fishing. Around five or six years old, he had asked his Santa Claus for a fishing pole.

Paul Herdsman wasn’t sure why he asked since his parents didn’t fish nor did anyone else he knew. He thinks he got the idea to ask for a fishing pole from a book he read or cartoon he watched. Once his parents took him fishing he knew he was hooked on it.

He didn’t take up golf until he was in college at Florida Atlantic University. He had wanted to try it for a long time but, with the other sports he played, he didn’t have time for it. The most challenging sport he has played by far, it was something he enjoyed from the get-go.

Paul Herdsman engages in both of these activities once a week each. Once or twice a year, he’ll go on an extended golf trip to play “bucket list” type courses such as The Old Course at St. Andrews and Carnoustie Golf Links.

If he had the time for it, he would do these hobbies three or four days a week. He hopes that his daughters join him in these hobbies once they are older. Both of them teach life skills such as patience and problem-solving.

This interview goes into his reflections on fishing and golf.


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