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Progressive Entrepreneur Seymour Segnit Solves The Charger Problem


Seymour Segnit is an entrepreneur who never gives up. Seymour Segnit recently reached his goal to raise money for his new invention MAGFAST. The Crowdsourcing campaign that he set up collected $300,000 in support of Seymour Segnit’s cutting edge product, making it possible to produce these out of the ordinary chargers.

MAGFAST is a family of chargers designed to reduce environmental waste and the need for extraneous cables. Seymour Segnit has developed chargers for a variety of products such as car batteries, power banks, wireless devices and even Apple products. To help even further with helping the environment, he has promised that a tree will be planted for every MAGFAST that is sold.

Seymour Segnit’s idea for MAGFAST was born from his own frustration with trying to find chargers for his various devices. Seymour Segnit realized that there must be a better way, and he came up with the idea of using magnets in a single wall unit to charge devices instead. The idea is catching on, and now that he can put the MAGFAST into production, the chances are good that they will become a household name.

It’s not surprising that Seymour Segnit is the mastermind behind the MAGFAST’s brilliant design. His experience with internet marketing and interesting career history speaks to his originality and outside the box type of thinking. Seymour Segnit was a co-founder of a start-up in Silicon Valley, worked for well-known companies like Saatchi and Saatchi, and spent time on-air for a popular London radio station. Find More Information Here.

Seymour Segnit has shown his worth when it comes to making things happen. The MAGFAST is well on its way to becoming a product every household will want. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Visit his profile on


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ClassDojo Continues To Demonstrate That It Is A Learning App That Really Makes An Impact:

The ClassDojo learning app continues to prove what it always has. This is the fact that teachers who utilize the unique learning app see results. A big part of this is related to the improved communication that they enjoy with their students and their student’s parents through the use of ClassDojo. Since its 2011 launch, the ClassDojo app has consistently performed well. This has led to its introduction in many classrooms across the United States. Another great aspect of the ClassDojo app experience is the fact that it can be made use of in the classroom and in the time that is spent outside of the classroom.

When teachers and students make use of the unique ClassDojo app, they gain a valuable tool that allows them to work on the learning elements that they want or need to. The app itself is primarily a platform that allows for the classroom teacher to have strong communication with parents. This can have a dramatic impact on learning outcomes. Teachers who utilize ClassDojo also love the fact that the unique app helps to communicate valuable values such as empathy to the students who are involved with its use. These factors all add up to continuing to prove the value that is gained with the use of ClassDojo.

Contact ClassDojo:

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MaurícioMendonça Godoy’s Wealth of Experience in Business

MaurícioMendonça Godoy is known for his outstanding record in the investment department. Over the years, he has proven himself to be one of the most influential investors in the world. It is his style in particular that people take an interest in; while many others within the field simply allow themselves to take massive risks and put their whole company on the line, MaurícioMendonça Godoy takes a more tactical approach to the industry. He believes that analyzing what stands before you thoroughly before you act is the necessary approach in almost all settings of his industry, and it disappoints him that so many people find it difficult to act with caution when in business. For him, however, it has always been a matter of second nature to approach various topics with the carefulness they require.

This is why his approach to the field of the construction industry is different than his approach with the business industry. Being that he is a very traveled and experienced man, he knows that every approach does not work in every situation, and he wants to make sure that the pathways he take are able to present a future for him in the long-run.

MaurícioMendonça Godoy is the type of person to put an extreme level of pride and care into his work, and he will do whatever it takes to ensure that the work he invests will have a positive effect worldwide. He wants the rest of the world to know that his resolve is strong, as he knows that this will ultimately determine how successful he is in future prospects.

The peoples’ expectations of the world of business are often very indicative of how well they are going to perform. In many cases, it is an example of a self-fulfilling prophecy; when the public prepares for a disappointment, this tends to be what they get. In the case of MaurícioMendonça Godoy, however, they have been working to accept him within the field and give him all the tools he needs in order to create successful business practices. Because they are so receptive of him, it is likely that his career will last quite a long time.

For details:

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MAGFAST Lets You Say Good-bye To Endless Wires

Started in 2018, MAGFAST was built out of necessity from its founder and inventor Seymour Segnit, when he was trying to find the correct chargers for his family. Since he could not find what he was looking for, he chose to make it himself. Seymour received his degree in engineering at Oxford University. He has had a diverse career, working at Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy & Mather. He also worked at London’s largest radio station as an on-air personality. He has had experience as a co-founder in another startup and also worked at another USB charger company.

MAGFAST chargers offer a solution that is wireless. Instead of wires, components connect to each other with magnets. The compatibility that is needed between devices is built into the device. It has the ability to charge numerous devices at one time.

MAGFAST contains two power banks. It is able to handle two devices on the left and two on the right. MAGFAST also has an extremely powerful charger. It is actually strong enough to give your car a jump-start despite being so small and portable. The USB charger gives you the advantage of being able to charge your devices when you are on the go. The MAGFAST Air is a charging stand. You can put it on your desk, as a place to charge your devices. It can also attach to the MAGFAST power bank magnetically.

The website for MAGFAST indicates that shipment for the product begins in late 2019. Since MAGFAST is crowdfunded, they have a wonderful gift for those that join to support it. They will receive a free gift and a tree is planted with the idea of making providing benefit to this planet called earth.

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Betsy DeVos and Influence

People often do not think that they have guts. It can be hard to come across individuals who are as fearless as Mrs. Betsy DeVos is. She’s had a bold and fearless reputation in the United States for a long time, too. There are truthfully many individuals all around the globe who view her as being someone who has a lot of courage on her side. Courage isn’t at all a brand new concept to this lady from Michigan. Courage is something that’s been close to her for her entire existence. She may have developed a courageous attitude thanks to her dad. Her father was named Edgar Prince. He was a major force in the industrial division of the United States. Working as an industrialist was a career that made him feel positively about himself and about his place in the sun. DeVos has never had any shortage of excellent role models in her life. Who is her outstanding role model as of now? That role model may just be Mr. Richard DeVos. She calls this man “Dick.” That’s because he’s her husband. They don’t have to be formal around each other. Why does DeVos look up to this man? She has every reason in the world to look up to him and all of his actions. He’s tackled a broad assortment of roles throughout his enriching existence. He’s served as a businessman for companies like the Amway Corporation and the Windquest Group. He wasn’t just an Amway Corporation staff member, either. He was actually the individual who was in charge of all of its operations. He was labeled as being the vast company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Although Dick is a bona fide business wizard, he has proficiency that involves many other sectors in this world. He grasps political matters of all sorts. He grasps cultural, artistic and philanthropic ones all the same.


DeVos enjoys getting up in the morning. She never dreads it at all. She doesn’t have to dread it. That’s due to the reality that she cherishes her position at this moment in time. President Donald J. Trump is the American politician who provided her with an opportunity that was extremely rare. That opportunity was to function as America’s devoted Secretary of Education. She’s been devoted to the gig since the first day she got it. She’ll never tire of it and all of its varied responsibilities. She feels positively giddy any time she even walks close to her office and desk.


This woman doesn’t have to worry about anything in this world. That’s because she has self-confidence in droves. Her self-confidence is innate. It’s something that she earned on her own. It comes naturally to her. She doesn’t sit around waiting for other people to come to her rescue. She likes to take action and initiative. She’s been a tireless figure in American society for more years than many people can count. She’s going to be influential in the nation for many years to come.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

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The Academy of Art University continues to foster next-generation of fashion talent

The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University held its 21st runway show in September of last year. The University’s mission is to prepare these aspiring professionals in the fields of design, communications, and the arts. In order to accomplish that goal, students showcase their talent at fashion shows such as New York Fashion Week.

In 1929, the Academy of Art University was founded by Richard S. Stephens to give students the opportunity to be successful in advertising art. Then in 1951, Richard A. Stephens took over the university from his father and in 1992, the family tradition continued with daughter Elisa Stephens as she established herself in the role of university president. Since her tenure, the university has increased in student numbers and in 2005, the university started participating in the New York Fashion Week.

The growth of the university continued with the last runway show exhibiting recent graduate’s work. Graduates of the school debuted five collections for women and two collections for men. Two groups of graduates collaborated to show their talent on stage at Skylight Clarkson Square, the official arena for New York Fashion Week.

During fashion week, all the hard work paid off. Simon Ungless, the Executive Director of the School of Fashion, commented that each graduate showed their individual talent, but they all worked together to form a full collection. Audiences were impressed with the range of diversity from each of the designers that showcased silhouettes and craftsmanship techniques.

The Graduate Director of Fashion at the Academy exclaims that these are the designers that will lead the next generation of creative influx in the field. The Academy of Art University continues to foster emerging talent, who are privy to state-of-the-art facilities and curriculum tailored in several areas of study. Students exposed to training at the university increase their chances of success as the company has a history of companies like Apple, Nike, Zynga, and more that end up hiring talent from the school.

All the hard work these students did is showcased within 15 minutes on the runway, but the exposure to potential career mentors is well worth the hours, workshops, internships they go through to prepare for this moment.

Read more here

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Profile of Business Consultant Luke Lazarus

There are many people who start businesses every day. These individuals often have dreams of building an enterprise and controlling their financial future. While many people who start businesses have dreams of financial independence and freedom, very few actually succeed. In fact about 90% of all businesses are likely to close down within five years.

While this statistic may seem discouraging, there are ways to minimize the chances of this happening. One way in which independent business owners can avoid closure is by receiving assistance from professionals such as business consultants.

A business consultant is a professional who specializes in helping businesses find ways to solve their problems. One of the top consultants in Australia is former entrepreneur Luke Lazarus.

Prior to starting his career in business, Luke Lazarus went to college and completed a couple of valuable educational programs. Luke first attended college in Melbourne where he finished an undergraduate degree.

After completing a four year degree at the University of Melbourne, Luke then went to business school in order to advance his education.

He finished a graduate degree in business administration within a couple of years. After finishing up his education, Luke went on to become an entrepreneur.

During his career in business, Luke founded four businesses. He started up his first business shortly after graduating from business school. After establishing a valuable and profitable business, he sold it and made a considerable sum of money. Luke would then start up and run three other highly successful businesses. He sold each of the remaining three businesses and earned millions of dollars. This allowed him to become financially independent. While he was able to retire, he still wanted to be involved in business. As a result, he decided to become a business consultant. Read more: Luke Lazarus | F6S and Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer

When Luke Lazarus began working as a business consultant, he looked to make a positive impact on all types of entrepreneurs. Luke used his experience and expertise to guide all of the business owners that he worked with.

Under his guidance, a lot of business owners were able to find ways to improve the quality of their products and services, develop more effective marketing campaigns and better manage their financial resources.

Today, Luke helps all types of businesses that include small family owned businesses to large corporations.

Since becoming a business consultant, Luke Lazarus has emphasized the importance of business plans and presentations. These business plans and presentations are essential for getting capital from both lenders and investors.

A business plan is also used to help entrepreneurs refer to a source which can keep them focused on their goals. With presentations, businesses are able to convince other parties to buy their products as well as investors to provide them with more additional funding.

During his consulting career, Luke Lazarus has proven himself to be a highly effective business consultant. Under his guidance, many entrepreneurs have been able to improve operations, develop better products and services and also increase their profits.

For the last several years, Luke has become one of the most dependable business consultants in terms of getting positive results for his clients. Check out his Instagram page.

Learn more about Luke Lazarus:

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HCR Wealth Advisors Brings Some Insight Into The Direction Of Two Critical Investment Markets:

HCR Wealth Advisors is a firm that provides valuable insights to its clients. This comes in several forms. One of the areas that the RIA firm works to assist clients in is in the area of planning. Coming up with a sound plan to achieve financial goals is critical for anyone who aims to get where they want. HCR Wealth Advisors provides advisement in the crafting of financial plans and has earned the trust and respect of clients for many years in this regard. HCR Wealth Advisors also provides insights into the direction that the market is heading. Providing education is a big part of what the team at HCR is all about and the integrity with which this education is provided has helped to bolster the firm’s reputation for integrity and transparency.

On the topic of HCR Wealth Advisors providing valuable market education, the firm recently provided some deep insights into the current trends of two important investment markets. These are the markets of bonds and stocks. The two markets have seen different trends recently and this can be a point of confusion for investors that are looking to secure their financial futures. The HCR Wealth Advisors team is working to add some clarity to what can be seen as a confusing topic.

The constant debate in the world of investment is always between the bull and the bear. This debate seeps into market trends in both the stock market and the bond market. These two markets have shown different types of performance as of late with the stock market showing a particularly strong recent trend. The trends in the bond market might seem less encouraging as current bond yield actions might cause concern for some. One thing is certain, this is the fact that these two markets are currently in different pricing trends at the moment. Analysis by the team at HCR Wealth Advisors does show that there could be some future slowdowns that are upcoming. This does not give a certain indication of a major downturn however and there still is plenty of reasons to be optimistic about where things are headed for the future.

This article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice. HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

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How Genucel Can Help Reverse Your Age

As we get older and start to age we start to lose the body and look that we have come to know. This is what happens when you get older and it is perfectly fine. But that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to look and feel nice anymore. It is okay to use an anti-aging cream to get rid of Wrinkles or Fine Lines. But before you do, you should know the difference between the two.

A dermatologist based in New York, Dr. Joshua Zeichner, has come out to explain why we have wrinkles and fine lines to begin with. He says that the two things form because of the same reason and that reason is that when we get older, our faces are less able to “bounce back to its original shape,” after it has been folded. He also says that you can help prevent Wrinkles and Fine Lines if you have a good skin care routine and try to protect it when you go outside in the sun.

According to realtyhop, the difference between Wrinkles and Fine Lines are all about the depth of the lines. Wrinkles are lines that are deeper and stay with you no matter what you are doing at that moment while Fine Lines are still on your face, they are less visible and will only appear more defined when you make a specific kind of face like when you laugh, cry, or get angry.

Luckily, with Genucel products, you can make these two things a lot less visible and virtually disappear when you are out running errands. The best thing to do is, if you haven’t already, start a skin care routine. Wash your face with a gentle face wash, wear lotion with SPF when you go out into the sun. You can also try Genucel by Chamonix. It is an anti-aging cream that will help you look younger while keeping your skin healthy. And you should drink more water as that can also help your skin remain healthy and make you look younger for longer.

How Genucel’s Anti-Aging Technologies Are Winning The Day (UPDATED)

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Russell Gimelstob Turned Aspirations Into Reality

Not everyone that has a desire to achieve their goals actually fulfills them. Russell Gimelstob is an exception! His career path led him to the Real Estate industry. Due to his phenomenal work ethic and professionalism, Russell Gimelstob was able to work his way up in various positions within companies which is not typical. So, who is Mr. Gimelstob and how did he contribute to society?

Dedicated His Time

Mr. Gimelstob is a professional well respected throughout his career. He dedicated over 14 years with a company known as Investment Committee of Dune Real Estate Partners. Russell’s hands stayed busy by fulfilling various positions within the company as Head of Acquisitions, Partner, Managing Director, and Member.

As a strategist, Russell was able to complete difficult Real Estate transactions as a borrower, developer, lender, owner/operator, and joint venture partner, through both debt and equity. Did Mr. Gimelstob have prior experience in the Real Estate Industry prior to Dune Real Estate? The answer is yes! It would be fair to say Russell Gimelstob used his past experience with former employer Goldman Sachs Real Estate Investment Banking Division to mold himself into the professional character he developed while working for Dune.

Heart for Giving

It’s not uncommon for those who succeed in life to have a heart for giving. Mr. Gimelstob shows his appreciation for funded programs such as The Valerie Fund. He actively supports the program for its kindness in caring for children with cancer and blood disorders.

What Isn’t Russell Good At?

Most successful individuals have an athletic background. Staying in shape has been a key factor for Russell. At the age of six, Russell knew he wanted to play tennis. So, he did. Russell Gimelstob continued playing tennis while in high school and led the Newark Academy team to many state championships. His father having an athletic background clearly played a bit of a role in Russell having the ability to succeed in various sports activities. What makes one successful anyway? I’m no rocket scientist but I suspect it is the willingness to take advantage of opportunities when you see them.

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