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The Early Life of Sheldon Lavin

Most people know Sheldon Lavin as the man who is in charge of the OSI Group. This huge company has facilities all over the world that process meat and other food items. However, Sheldon was not always the super successful guy that he is today. In fact, he came from very humble beginnings. He grew up in a family that did not have a lot of money. His parents did the best they could and they were able to pay for Sheldon to go to college. However, he did not have the same childhood as many of his friends. Join and Connect linkedin to see Sheldon Lavin’s full profile.

Sheldon Lavin went to college and studied accounting. He enjoyed doing this and the number of career possibilities excited him. He worked hard in school. He graduated with honors and eventually got a job in finance. This is where he would make some discoveries that would open some doors for him. He began working with many small business owners in an effort to get these people financing for things they needed. He was very good at his job. He made many friends along the way. He would eventually encounter a man who was producing meat. Sheldon was curious about this company.

Sheldon Lavin began to spend most of his free time studying how this meat production company worked. He eventually decided that he wanted to try his hand at running the company himself. He asked the owner if he was interested in selling it. It turns out he was. The first decision that Sheldon made as the new CEO was to change the name of the company to the OSI Group. He felt that having a new brand was the right thing to do. Then he began to decide the future direction of the company that he was now in charge of.

Sheldon Lavin opened new OSI Group facilities all over the United States. These turned out to be a huge success. He then decided it was time for the company to go international. This made the company even more profitable than it already was. Sheldon has had an amazing life so far.

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