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Jeremy Goldstein: Wine Dinners for Fountain House

More than ten years ago, Jeremy Goldstein began his path to national recognition as a top corporate attorney. After earning his law degree, Jeremy Goldstein joined a premier law firm in New York. There, he increased his understanding of executive compensation and corporate governance. Before long, he specialized in mergers and acquisitions.

After making partner, he began noticing executive compensation consulting firms leaving their parent organizations and finding success as single entities. Their success inspired him to strike out on his own and establish his boutique law firm, Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, LLC.

Over the last ten years, he’s worked on every major transaction his firm’s handled, and his firm’s handled some of the largest corporate transactions in the world. He’s worked with United Technologies, Goodrich, Bank of American Corporation, Cingular Wireless Corporation, AT&T Wireless Services, J.P. Morgan Chase and Co. and Chevron.

Today, this lawyer spends just as much time helping his community as he spends working with clients or giving speeches. A few years ago, Jeremy Goldstein began working with Fountain House, a charity dedicated to improving the lives of those struggling with mental illnesses. Goldstein is not only a board member of the organization but he also hosts wine dinners to raise money and awareness.

His wine dinners are on top of the Nomad Hotel in New York and feature some of the finest wines one can acquire. This year’s gala will feature wines by E. Guigal and a meal cooked by top chefs; tickets are $5,000 each but it’s worth it. The event is honoring Jim Finkel, one of Fountain House’s chair members.

Fountain House has been helping those suffering from mental illness since 1944. It began as a support group and has since grown into a national organization with global partners. Last year, Fountain House brought together over 300 mental health experts for the first-ever conference dedicated solely to mental illness. The Healthier Longer Lives for People with Serious Mental Illnesses conference allowed everyone to discuss the future of mental health.

The World Health Organization’s Collaborating Centre for Global Mental Health attended the conference and shared some worldwide statistics about mental illness. The most shocking number at the conference was the number of people who will deal with mental illness at some point in their lives; one-fourth of the world’s population. Sadly, only 20 million adults address their mental health problems a year.


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