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A Look At The Career Of Entrepreneur Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone is a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group LLC and is the principal. He is also on his firm’s Management Committee. He lives in New York City and Forbes ranks him as the 557th wealthiest billionaire in the world with a $1.8 billion net worth. His firm, which was founded in 1998, is a global investment manager with about $43.6 billion in assets under management. His company has more than 1750 private and institutional investors. Fortress Investment Group invests in real estate, credit, permanent capital, and private equity. As of the end of 2017 his company employees 953 people at its New York headquarters plus satellite offices around the world. After completing high school Randal Nardone attended the University of Connecticut. He earned two bachelor’s degrees, one in English and the other in Biology. He then attended the Boston University School of Law where he earned his J.D.

He started his professional career at Thacher Proffitt & Wood which is a New York City law firm. He made partner at this law firm and was on its executive committee. He then joined the financial industry at the Swiss banking giant UBS where he was a managing director. He then worked at Blackrock Financial Management where he was a principal. Fortress Investment Group was a privately owned company from 1998 until February 9, 2007, when it held an initial public offering. Institutional Investor named Randal Nardone’s company as the “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” in 2014. In that same year it was also named by HFMWeek as the “Management Firm of the Year”. Randal Nordone has been on the board of directors for a number of different firms over the years.

He has been on the board of New Residential Investment Corp. since it was founded, for example. He is also on the board of Eurocastle Investment Limited which focuses on investing in the European Union. In the past he served on other companies boards such as Springleaf Holdings, LLC, Aircastle Limited, and SeaCube Container Leasing Ltd. Since co-founding Fortress in 1998 he has also co-founded a number of other companies in the financial industry. Among these are FIG LLC where he is also the principal and director, Fortress Macro Advisors, Fortress Credit Corporation, and FM Falstaff Advisors, LLC among others.

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According to Many…”Teach to One is the Only One”

Teach to One is a quality program, it combines collaborative teaching with unique daily schedules, combined with Multi-Modal instruction for the best in class lessons. It is truly gaining ground as one of the most innovative Math related learning tools around.

Teach to One program differs from traditional Math classes by the fact it doesn’t focus on a “standardized one size fits all” teaching and learning approach to students. In the case of a traditional School, by and large the average class size is around 25-30 students, all the while attempting to follow the same textbook and teach at the same time.

Teach to One differs in the fact that your child’s curriculum is personalized according to their needs. Classes are 80-90 minutes long and students have constant learning and interaction with Computers. Currently available for grades 5th to 11th, Teach to One also has specialized learning techniques in measuring student progress as well as methods in Social and Emotional learning. Teach to One is definitely a New and revolutionary approach to personalized learning and teaching.

Although developed in 2011, the majority of Teach to One group of Founders includes many Members from the original “School of One” , New York City’s First award winning personalized educational program. Which back in 2009 was named one the Top inventions according to TIME. Soon after those members started new classrooms and Members Chris Rush and Joel Role soon formed a independent Non-Profit Organization. Hence School of One was born. Since it’s founding the results have been astonishing, in a recent report outlining a Three-Year MAP Growth of 14 Schools using Teach to One learning. It showed a 23 percent greater learning gain than students Nationally, and also showed a 53% growth above the national average.

So by theory and proof, Teach to One is a true educational asset and deserves the attention of all school districts and administrative bodies seeking to improve.


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How Much Does The DeVos Family Give To Charity?

For those who have never heard of Betsy DeVos, she has become a figure of education reform in the past five years. However, she started out much earlier than that. In fact, her work in education dates back to the 1980s when she was working on Republican campaigns with her husband Dick DeVos.


Betsy DeVos is now the 11th US Education Secretary. She was appointed to the position in 2017 under President Donald Trump. Her work within education reform has always centered around offering more opportunities to underprivileged children, but there have been criticisms of her work. Most recently, educators do not believe that public funding isn’t being used for private education. Still, DeVos has refuted this belief and pointed out that philanthropy has paved the way for students to choose where they want to go to school.


How has educational choice changed in the past few years? Throughout the 1990s, charter schools began to pop up. These were private schools that taught specific programs to high school students and lower grades. DeVos founded a charter school with her husband that would help students who wanted to become pilots. The school has been noted for its excellence in Michigan, but it’s one of the only charter schools in the state.


Other programs were proposed by Betsy DeVos in Michigan, such as the “Kids First! Coalition” bill in 2001. However, this didn’t make it into legislature. DeVos continues to fight for education reforms in all states, but she has publicly noted that there are only two states with real educational choice options that work.


Louisiana and Florida are the only states with full educational choice programs. Betsy DeVos has pointed out how successful these programs have been. Florida is the most successful because of how many programs are available, including a K thru 12 virtual school that anyone can attend.


Many students and parents love the idea of educational choice, but how does it work? Educational choice allows students to apply for another school. If accepted, they do not have to attend their zoned school. They can instantly transfer to a private school, virtual school, magnet school, or charter school. They can also choose to go into a homeschooling program.


While many students do not want to go to a violent school or failing school, educational choice is there to help students who also want to go into specific programs, such as a magnet program for pre-medical interests or a school for international studies. DeVos is currently working on expanding these programs.


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