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Locationsmart Gives Businesses a Smarter Way to Operate

In today’s day and age, the capability to efficiently manage mobile devices and electronic interfaces is paramount when attempting to operate a successful business. This demand for efficiency is a strong influence for developers of consumer applications. Today businesses need a better way to manage things such as location insights, access controls, transaction verification, device profiling, and fraud prevention. Fortunately, LocationSmart provides business owners with all of these services through a cloud-based approach that operates through an API platform. Their technology grants its customers real-time location insights for all forms of electronic devices. Whether it be smartphones, laptops, tablets, LocationSmart’s services apply to almost every form of connected devices around the planet.


Responsible for the industries’ most complex form of location as a service, LocationSmart is by far the biggest LaaS company in the world. The company offers location intelligence for businesses relying on mobile engagement services through devices that are connected to both customers and employees alike. With a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to everyday start-ups, LocationSmart is considered to be one of the leaders in the cloud location services market for connected devices. A claim that is backed by the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform’s in the industry. Satisfying a range of needs and delivering on the promise of the farthest reach available in today’s market.


The expansion of both IP location and IP intelligence is essential when ensuring the prevention of online fraud. LocationSmarts IP based insights grant businesses information on the location of a device and whether it uses anonymous, proxies or hosting facilities. This service greatly increases a companies ability to both detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it’s too late. As a result, this increases the confidence customers have in that business’s ability to protect their private information. Overall improving the relationship and trust between the client and its respected customers.


It is safe to say that the role connected devices play in today’s business world is indisputable. LocationSmart offers access to real-time location data, a crucial necessity when establishing a successful company. Geo-targeted advertising, Copyright protection, management of traffic and network security, and I-gaming regulation compliance, are just some of the many services that LS offers. Making good use of the benefits that have come from technological advancements in asset tracking. Today’s level of connectivity almost sounds like something out of science fiction novel. However, LocationSmart is proof that regardless of how farfetched it may appear, the services they provide are a vital part of success for many businesses around the globe.


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Gulf Coast Western Reviews, and the Rapid Growth of the Energy Industry in the Region

The energy sector has been among the most turbulent over the past few decades; however, it has also been one of the fastest-growing. One of the leading companies in this sector is Gulf Coast Western, which has become a prominent, shining example for many. It is led by its president and CEO, Matthew Fleeger. Under the guidance of Matt Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has grown from a TX-based company to one that dominates the region. The company has offices throughout multiple states in the region including LA, MS, OK, TX, and CO. As a result, Matthew Fleeger has become one of the most sought-after executives in the industry.

Gulf Coast Western

Matthew Fleeger did not start off as the president and CEO of Gulf Coast Western. He started his career by attending Southern Methodist University (SMU), where he studied business. After this, he went on to work a variety of jobs throughout the energy industry. People quickly realized his talent and he became one of the most sought-after professionals in the industry. Even though he received a number of attractive offers, he always knew where his destiny was. He wanted to go back to the family business and work with Gulf Coast Western. As a result, he was welcomed back as both president and CEO.

Under his leadership, Gulf Coast Western has grown to become one of the most prominent companies in the industry. He has pushed the company to embrace new technologies that can completely change the way that energy is detected, mined, and purified. This has led to the growth of the company in the region. In addition to its dozens of wells and hundreds of drilling sites, Gulf Coast Western is also in control of plenty of other ripe lands that are ready for development. It will be interesting to watch this company continue to grow in the years to come.

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Prolific Entrepreneur Luke Lazarus Helps Startups Succeed

Starting a new company seems almost impossibly difficult in the competitive market that we live in now. Some estimates say that up to 90% of new startups fail within five years of their creation. Within this sea of unsuccessful entrepreneurs, there are a select few that seem to have the golden touch.

Read more: Luke Lazarus | F6S

These people are somehow able to start lucrative businesses one after another, while reaping the rewards of each along the way. One of these talented people is Luke Lazarus.

Luke Lazarus was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, to a middle-class family. With dreams of being successful in the business world, he started his first business at 8 years old and continued on this track ever since. He excelled in high school, achieving a nearly perfect 4.0 grade-point average as well as participating in several scholastic sports by the time he graduated.

Though he considered taking one of multiple full-ride scholarships being offered from prestigious U.S. universities, Lazarus chose to attend the Melbourne Business School.

After earning his MBA he went on to become a serial entrepreneur, spending a little over a decade creating a series of viable businesses from the ground up. He sold four of these businesses for a substantial amount of money, financially securing him for the rest of his life.

Rather than choosing to create more businesses to make more money, Lazarus realized that he felt the most fulfillment helping people reach their goals in life and business. He transitioned into becoming a business consultant, advising other startups on how to find success.

During his career, Lazarus has helped dozens of companies go from nothing to multi-million-dollar IPO’s. While his methods have often been described as overbearing, this tough-love approach has proven to be highly rewarding in the end.

Lazarus is very selective when it comes to choosing which businesses he will consult for – he generally chooses startups or struggling businesses, but a major factor is whether he sees potential in the client’s project.

He says that the most important thing to consider before even considering a business venture is to be firm and resolute in its core. He lends his skill in considering a realistic project scope while focusing on this central core.

According to Luke Lazarus, entrepreneurs should spend a lot of time thinking about their strategic vision and how they intend to implement it. The operation needs to have a sense of purpose before anything, or nobody else will believe in the product of mission of the business.

Lazarus attributes his success to maintaining structure in all aspects of his life, holding himself to a rigid and balanced daily routine.

Likewise, his approach to consulting is also highly structured. Among the functions that he assists with are shaping business operations, books, and messaging in a way that will entice venture capitalists and investors.

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Lazarus also helps with creating personal and emotional connections with both customers and stakeholders, as a means to bolster the company as a whole.

In the future, Lazarus is looking forward to exploring experience economy as a new consumer trend that he can help his clients capitalize on.

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Alexis Kennedy: Indie Games Guru

The job title of “indie games developer” is something many creative people would love to add to their resume. Alexis Kennedy found success in producing such games, and, surprisingly, he launched his career somewhat by accident. While awaiting the birth of his child, Kennedy took time off from his job as a software consultant. During that time, he took a chance at developing indie games. Success didn’t come right away. In his own words, Kennedy’s ventures “almost went bust” on more than one occasion. As gaming fans now, the winds of fate turned in a positive direction for the once-budding entrepreneur. He went to become the co-founder of Weather Factory and points to a career of successful Kickstarter campaigns and related games.

When asked about the challenges he and his team face, Alexis Kennedy provides an unexpected response, as he mentions “attention” presents difficulties. More accurately, it is not easy to get attention all the time. Indie game developers must capture consumers’ attention. Otherwise, the games won’t sell. Since independent companies don’t have the huge budgets the big players do, figuring out how to draw attention becomes a top priority. Indie outfits able to get their name and, more importantly, info about their games into the public square become better poised to do well.

Running an independent company sometimes comes with the challenge of operating outside of a formal office setting. Alexis Kennedy reveals the team members connect remotely. So, they don’t sit in an office under direct managerial supervision. Self-motivation becomes a vital attribute to completing tasks. Alexis Kennedy finds himself performing many duties himself. In addition to designing and writing games, he also works at managing the company. His efforts paid off as the company is a success.

By his definition, Alexis believes success comes in the form of making a decent living doing something you enjoy. More power to him.


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CEO Oren Frank Helps Over 1 Million Get The Help They Deserve

Oren Frank, who is a CEO as well as a Co-Founder to the Talkspace company, has invested a lot of his time in helping others. He has worked hard to make sure that his company is recognized as being one of the best to go to for clients in need of psychotherapy.

The platform that he helped create was intended to aid those who were not financially, emotionally, physically, or otherwise able to make it to regular appointments with a licensed therapist. There are many individuals around the world who are just not capable of paying their bills on time, or who don’t have transportation and therefore cannot go to a physical office for their treatment. However, Talkspace is now providing those individuals with the help that they need, as well as the support that they deserve.

In case you haven’t already noticed, it has become quite popular to see a therapist regularly. That is due to the rise in stress, disabilities, and addiction. However, everyone deserves to get the help they need, no matter what their problems are.

Talkspace has been helping their clients by saving them time and money for a years now. In this day and age it can be hard to find the time or money to do anything, and the last thing people tend to think about is how important their mental health is to their well being. That’s why a place like Talkspace is so great!

There are over 1 million clients who have been on the receiving end of help thanks to the licensed therapists working at Talkspace. The individuals that have helped out are one who had already given up on the hope of one day being able to get the help that they need. Everyone can benefit from se time at Talkspace, from single moms with hardly any income to those with disabilities that make it hard to leave their houses. Read More:

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Sergey Petrossov

Sergey Petrossov is an entrepreneur who loves private jets. Not only does he love jets, he also has a passion for the private charter jet industry.

Petrossov got started at an early age with his venture. After realizing that he was interested in technology while in college, he got involved with his first startup. A few years later, he was advising in the industry while he observed how things operating and developed ideas on how to make it run more smoothly.


His ideas turned into his business, JetSmarter. This app-based system involves becoming a member and booking private jets, group charters and travel on a private jet shuttle. There are offices London, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Zurich, and Moscow, as well as its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale. The jets take members on flights to Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, as well as plans to expand to South America, India and China.

Members can book flights around their own schedule with the greatest of ease by using this app. Petrossov views this as one of the best parts, the most rewarding thing about running such a business. He can improve the industry with his know-how and great understanding of it. Little did he know after only a few short years of experience with aviation that he would grow to be this excited and build a successful enterprise. He saw the frustration many people had with the way booking private flights and how it was all underutilized. With just a few ideas and talking to the right people (including support from entrepreneurs like Jay-Z), Petrossov was flying high with a truly worthy business model.

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Niranjan Shah Has Built His Stellar Reputation Through Tireless Effort In Various Areas

Over the years, Niranjan Shah has built a consistent reputation as a philanthropist as well as a devoted member and donor to the Democratic Party. He is also one of the most respected and recognized names in the Chicago, Illinois region in terms of business success. For many years, Niranjan Shah served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the firm he founded in 1974 known as Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. He launched the firm shortly after successfully obtaining several degrees in the field of engineering. These degrees were obtained in both his native country of India and as a part of his studies in the USA. He earned his MA in the Civic Engineering field at Mississippi. Globetrotters Engineering Corporation is renowned for its success in fields such as construction management, design of architectural plans, and facility management. The firm currently has some 250 engineering professionals under its employment and its growth has been directly related to the dedication put in by founder Niranjan Shah. He truly achieved his hopes and dreams through the creation of the firm. These were the hopes and dreams that he carried with him since he was a boy growing up in India. The success that he has garnered in his professional life has also allowed Niranjan to pursue his passions such as philanthropy and civic involvement.

Regarding the philanthropy of Niranjan Shah, this is something he has always felt passionate about. The success that he has achieved through his career has allowed him to be able to generously give back to his local community as well as the world as a whole. He has been incredibly generous in terms of giving back to his Indian homeland. Sending needed support to the country’s villages has been a major point of activity for Niranjan Shah over her philanthropic career. The tremendous contributions that he has made to the cause of charity combined with his successes as an immigrant businessman helped to garner Niranjan Shah the 2006 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Support of the Democratic Party has been a big part of the civic life of Niranjan Shah for many years. He has donated a great deal of money to the party over the years. This includes his activity during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. As early as h 2014, Niranjan Shah made major contributions to the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. This was a part of a major fundraising effort that was put forward by Illinois’ Senator Dick Durbin. As a major figure in the Democratic Party, Senator Durbin took it upon himself to champion the cause of helping to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee and donors like Niranjan Shah were critical in making this happen.

Niranjan Shah has long been associated with the Clintons as he was one of the honored guests when Bill and Hillary hosted their fabulous New Years’ Eve fete in 2000. This was a legendary event that featured 960 guests that enjoyed Presidential level festivities to ring in the new year.

See Shah’s profile here

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Grupo RBS Buildws From A Single Brazilian Radio Station To Become A Global Media Giant

The work of Grupo RBS has often been difficult for the majority of people to pin down as most in Brazil believe this to simply be a media company. It is true the Grupo RBS brand has been one of the most successful in the delivery of radio, TV, and digital programming, but it is now about far more than just these areas of business. The initial development of the media brand was completed by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, but the following Chairpeople of the company has extended the reach of the business into new industrial sectors.

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho decided to establish the Grupo RBS brand that was initially a single radio station, Radio Gaucho. The founder of the brand identified the radio as a sector of the industry that was underdeveloped in Southern Brazil that was largely rural at the time. The term Gaucho was even a name solely associated with the southern state of Rio Grande du Sol and was later changed when the company expanded into the state of Santa Catarina. Just ten years later, new radio and TV stations had been added before the first newspaper associated with the media brand completed its first run. To know more about RBS visit

Following the death of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1986, the next executive on line was his son, Nelson Sirotsky wh pushed for a new way of doing business to fit the time. The work of Nelson Sirotsky at Grupo RBS saw the establishment of Orbeat Music that provided recording opportunities for the bands and musicians of Southern Brazil. Sirotsky also moved into the logistics sector with the creation of the Vialog group close to the headquarters of Grupo RBS in Southern Brazil.

Nelson Sirotsky would remain in control of the Grupo RBS brand until his retirement in 2012 when he stood down as the Chairperson of the company. The Brazilian media company saw the new Chairperson of the brand, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been developing new areas of business interest in Brazil and into the rest of the world.

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Marc Beer: An Expert In Biotech Fundraising

Marc Beer has shown that he has a strong sense of entrepreneurship and desire to help medical practitioners and patients through the work that he is known for in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. When it comes to the world of medicine, having a good idea is not enough and it’s important to have the right people behind it to make it a reality and ensure that the solutions get to the people that could potentially benefit from them the most. There is a lot that goes into the entrepreneurial side of the health industry and Marc Beer believes that it’s important to try to enjoy the process. He studied business at Miami University before he got into the marketing side of the pharmaceutical industry.


Currently, Marc Beer holds several Chairman positions at companies including Good Start Genetics and Minerva Neuroscience. In addition to these positions, he has also been the Chairman and CEO of Renovia since 2016. In his position at Renovia, he has been working to help women who are living with different forms of pelvic floor disorders. Currently, there are not that many viable options when it comes to treating pelvic floor disorder and they are working to change that by creating new solutions besides surgical intervention. Through the work that he has done in his career, Marc Beer has managed to contribute to the improvement in the lives of patients throughout the world. Being able to have this positive impact on others is something that has driven him throughout his entire career. Learn more:


As an entrepreneur, failure is impossible to completely avoid at times no matter how much experience you have. When you experience failure, Marc Beer states that it is important to try to learn from it to help make future decisions. You will have to be willing to sacrifice to be a success and you also have to remain logical throughout the entire process no matter how much of an impact the situation may have on you emotionally. After failure, you have to be willing to get back on track and try again while staying focused on winning. By following his advice, he has managed to become a leader in the industry and an important member of the community.


Recently, the entrepreneur took on a new business role with LumeNXT and as of September 2019 is serving as the Chairman of the Board of the biomedical company. A co-founder of the company, Paul Rhyne praised him for the accomplishments that he has made during his two and a half decades in the industry in which he has helped multiple startups through his leadership. He believes that the entrepreneur will help the company that designs and produces illuminated surgical products to increase their profitability. The success that Marc Beer has had with fundraising in the past is one of the reasons why he was a candidate for the position at the company. With plans to introduce their products to different regions internationally, they are confident that he is a perfect fit to help with this rollout.

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Sheldon Lavin: From humble beginnings to CEO

Sheldon Lavin is the Chairman and CEO of OSI Group, a food conglomerate overseeing operations in 17 countries around the world. Sheldon Lavin attended the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and later Roosevelt University, learning accounting, finance and business respectively. He later found himself doing finance work for Otto & Sons Inc in Illinois in the early 1970s. When the company expanded to purchasing a meat processing plant, Sheldon Lavin found himself more involved with Otto & Sons’ ventures outside of just financial consulting. The company eventually began going by its abbreviation OSI, which is what its known by to this very day and eventually a partnership with McDonalds was formed.

Lavin became full operator and CEO by the mid 1980s as OSI continued its expansion around the globe including Asia and Latin America. Over the decades, successes continued to mount under Lavin’s leadership and guidance. As a result, OSI found itself the recipient of numerous awards, including the Sword of Honor and the Globe of Honor from the British Safety Council in 2013, 2015 and 2016. OSI’s growth continues as more acquisitions and partnerships such as the partnership with Impossible Foods in order to cater to vegans and vegetarians with the rise of meatless alternatives, showing a level of awareness and needs of the everyday consumer.

Sheldon Lavin was also presented the Global Visionary Award in 2016 as a result of OSI’s numerous awards and rapid yet consistent growth around world. This newly prestigious award honors visionaries and business leaders who have revolutionized their respective fields and lead their ventures to prosperous in addition to life changing results. Mr. Lavin became just the fifth person to receive this soon to be historical award, as he continue his decades long leadership taking OSI to even greater heights than previously seen.


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