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Iskandar Safa and Privinvest: From a Single Shipyard to Building Megayachts


Iskandar Safa recently sat down for an interview with SuperYacht Times where he answered key questions about his company Privinvest. The company has acquired the German shipyard Nobiskrug which is located in Rendsburg on the Eider River. Privinvest owns several other shipyards in France, Germany, the UK, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. Iskandar Safa’s company specializes in Super Yachts and Nobiskrug has helped play an essential role in growing their niche market.


Ultimate Luxury

The yachts build by Privinvest at the Nobiskrug shipyard are unlike any other. The owner and co-founder of the company, Iskandar Safa, discussed the fine details that make their ships stand out. Sailing Yacht A was recently built for Russian billionaire Andrey Melnichenko. The unique megayacht features eight decks and an underwater viewing area with 30cm deep glass. The design by Philippe Starck and finished product won at the 2018 World Superyacht Awards in the Sail-Assisted Motor Yacht category. Get Related Information Here.


Nobiskrug Now and in the Future

Privinvest has moved all of its yacht production from France to Germany. The move was intended to boost consumer perceived quality. Iskandar Safa has a trusted team that oversees the shipyard’s daily functions and offers sales assistance when requested. Nobiskrug currently has many yachts under production. Safa predicts more contracts, elevated quality, and breaking the 200m length barrier in the next decade.

Privinvest began when two brothers bought a failing shipyard in France. Within two years they turned the place around and began building a positive reputation. Iskandar Safa and Privinvest have grown their business to include megayachts, naval ships, and custom orders. The company offers stiff competition from its Asian counterparts that have ruled the market. Safa predicts further expansion and innovation as they work to please customers, elevate safety standards, and be eco-conscious builders. Refer to This Article for related information.


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The Future Is Bright With Highland Capital


Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment firm that is gaining in popularity with a wide portion of the population. In fact, they are already well-known enough to have almost $14 billion dollars in assets under management. The best part is, they don’t only take money from institutional investors, but also from the everyday Joe.

Highland Capital was founded on the principle that anyone should have access to various investment types. James Dondero is one of the founders, and he always found it to be unfair that some people just didn’t have the ability to access certain ways to invest while others did.

He decided that he would form an investment firm that was unlike anything else offered on the Street. He partnered up with Mark Okada in 1993 and the two got to work. Get More Information Here.

In order to make Highland Capital Management different, the pair decided that they would focus on investing in distressed assets with high yields. They would make their firm something that people seeking outsized returns would be drawn to. They didn’t want to just play it safe like so many of the other firms out there. It was time to offer something different.

The firm is credited as being the first to come out with software used to track loan debts. That same software is used by virtually everyone who tracks loan debt in the industry. Not only that, but they were among the first firms to get involved with “Consolidated Debt Obligations (CLOs)”. That was an innovative product that Highland Capital Management helped to pioneer. It might not have been around had it not been for these guys.

There is so much to love and admire about Highland Capital, and they continue to impress. The future is bright there, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Refer to This Article for additional information.


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Trends In Resource Extraction Are Benefiting GPB Global Resources Within Africa

Extractive trends, for many, are quite confusing, especially with regards to the 54 territorial portions, or countries, lying in Africa. This is the landscape in which GPB Global Resources is actually intending to launch a resource gaining operation. GPB is a promising oil corporation out of Europe, and it has found strength thanks to is Boris Ivanov, whose Managing Director prowess is undeniable. Working with GPB out of the hospitable Netherlands serves the Russian Ivanov’s resource team very well.

Legal frameworks have, within African resource scenes, some interesting dynamics. Uniquely, some of these territories are lacking the adoption of recognized or standardized legislation that would typically provide a more structured resource extraction process. South Africa and Namibia, however, are among the few with strongly established extraction legislation, lending themselves to smoother petroleum transferring agreements between not only local governments but also oil investors from abroad.

Having Ivanov’s background, one in foreign diplomacy, has been a boon for GPB Global Resources, and that is why they are endeavoring so well with regards to the foreign oil extraction processes abroad, and specifically in Africa. Recognizing and adjusting to African regulatory conditions has allowed GPB to clear such hurdles. Another aspect of this GPB resource success is their dedication to financing some new infrastructure developments in order to deal with the understandably remote nature of certain resource locations.

Infrastructure, in addition to legislative measures, is not the penultimate factor in providing extraction complications, though. The evolving trend of renewable energy is also playing into such processes more and more. Resulting from this cause, Boris Ivanov figured out how to stay a step ahead by placing more importance within GPB Global Resources on things like sustainability and geological modeling, as well as putting GPB’s investment power towards climate friendly resource investments outside of just fossil fuels.

Mutually, both African governments and the GPB Global Resources officiating executives understand how much emphasis needs to go towards transferring timely intelligence information to one another. Aiding in the avoidance of local conflict interference, such practices can smooth out the route for foreign oil extraction from particular countries.

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How Luke Lazarus Is Changing the World for Entrepreneurs

They say that starting a business has never been easy, but one renowned startup consultant is proving that the stamen is not entirely true. His name is Luke Lazarus, and he has been helping people to start businesses in various niches without experiencing the everyday challenges.

Although the firms that he often starts are not new, his approach is a unique one, and that is what makes the whole difference. For many years, he has been giving hope to budding entrepreneurs, and he is the brain behind some of the fastest-growing businesses. Here is how he makes things work.

Read: Luke Lazarus – Medium

Creating the Perfect Business Plan

Before starting any business, Luke Lazarus comes up with a plan and ensures that it is a comprehensive one. He says that it is not possible to venture into any field without having a blueprint. Unfortunately, many budding entrepreneurs do that and end up in unfamiliar territories.

Business plans should show what you want to achieve and what you should do to get it. It may not be easy to come up with one, but with some effort, you can hack it. You may want to enlist the services of experts in this field to iron out the things that seem too complicated to you.

Carrying Out Market Research

The entrepreneur also says that he does not go into any business without a proper understanding of the markets. You may have the best plan on how to create goods and services for your customers, but if you do not know how to sell them, you will be doomed.

Market research entails knowing who your competitors are. You may want to know the unique features of their products and why their customers like them. When you do it, you will know how to design your marketing campaigns so that you get a share of the market.

Understanding the Importance of Consultancy

According to Luke Lazarus, this is where most people miss the point. They think that they can go into business without consulting experts. However, they only find out when it is too late that they should have talked to someone.

Experts have experience in analyzing every niche, and so, they will tell you how to move forward. You will notice that they already know the challenges that your business is likely to face. Because of that, they will have some solutions that you can rely on. They can quickly help you to avert trouble before it nears so that your investment is safeguarded.

Luke Lazarus offers marketing startup consultancy to an international audience. Although he is based in Australia, he receives inquiries from far and wide. He has been providing these services for more than a decade. One of the highlights of his early life is that he earned an MBA at the age of 24.

Further Read: Luke Lazarus – Chief Executive Officer @ Luke Lazarus Consulting | Crunchbase

This achievement set him up for bigger things in life, and that is how he jumped into the business industry. His journey has been an impressive one as he moved from one milestone to another until the pint when he became a world-class startup consultant.

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Alejandro Betancourt Lopez

Alejandro Betancourt Lopez is known as a global entrepreneur around the world. His leadership skills have landed him to be extremely successful throughout his life thus far. He tends to surround himself with trusted individuals who tend to share the same mind frame and influential skills like he does.

The first step in Alejandro Betancourt Lopez journey was self-improvement. He knew there were things that he needed to work on within himself in order to be successful. Even though he was born into a wealthy family, he had his own sense of personal development. Intending to make a name for himself, Lopez obtained a double major in economics and business administration from Boston Suffolk University. Having this strong educational background has helped Alejandro Betancourt Lopez with innovation. Still residing in London, England he has work opportunities for people in the farming, real estate, finance, and international trade areas.

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Starting small, and with numerous hardships, mistakes, and struggles Lopez has grown through lessons. Personal development, learning from others, and sharing his experiences with others make him unique. His circle contained people who had the same intentions. For instance, if Alejandro Betancourt Lopez wanted to start a business, he surrounded himself with others who wanted to start businesses. This helped him a lot to stay positive and have a positive environment as well.

Embracing change and technological innovation has helped Lopez to succeed even after his failures and struggles. Accomplishing so much already and continuing his grandfather legacy Lopez doesn’t take anything for granted and has always expressed how grateful he truly is. Life is a challenge and he did not see his success over night. It did take a lot of hard work and dedication. However, he doesn’t mind sharing his journey with others because he wants to see everyone succeed and live a happy life.

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Maarten De Jeu On The Benefits of Investing In Commercial Real Estate

As business adviser Maarten De Jeu explains, there are a number of good reasons to invest in commercial real estate in the current market. Traditionally, commercial real estate was seen as an investment opportunity for only the wealthy because of the high cost of entering the game. However, smaller investors are now able to participate by pooling their money to form highly effective groups. 


Commercial real estate is defined as pertaining to any property or structure that is used to make money. Examples include warehouses, industrial parks, and office buildings. Residential real estate, by contrast, deals with houses, apartments, condominiums, etc. where people actually live. In general, a commercial real estate opportunity will be larger and more costly than a residential one, and that is why there has traditionally been a high barrier of entry to ordinary investors. Changes in property laws, however, are making it easier for groups of investors to have equity ownership of commercial real estate properties




Commercial real estate investments tend to be more stable over the long haul than investments in stocks and bonds. While the value of a given commercial real estate structure will fluctuate over time, it is usually much less controlled by the whims of the market than a stock or bond investment is. Because commercial real estate is generally a low-risk investment, it is an excellent hedge in any portfolio against more volatile holdings. A truism of economics is that commercial real estate tends to appreciate in value faster than inflation rises, and this makes it valuable during almost any economic period. 


Moreover, renting commercial real estate brings often brings in guaranteed income for decades. This creates an ideal situation where the investment has excellent long-term value while at the same time gives the investor infusions of short term cash on a monthly basis. If the owner is having problems renting units, they can make upgrades, renovations and other changes; in short, they have more control than they do when tied to an investment in a particular stock or bond. 


Leases in commercial real estate are usually for a year or more, and this means that the owner has a very non-volatile source of income. Furthermore, even when renters are making less money with their businesses than normal, they still need the structures they are renting to operate out of. Learn more:


Commercial real estate also has advantages when it comes to taxes. Taxes laws account for situations when the real estate depreciates in value so that the owner is not burned. Furthermore, deductions are available in different situations and a knowledgeable tax lawyer or accountant can often spot these.

About Maarten De Jeu


Maarten De Jeu is a business adviser who works out of Chicago, Illinois. With an MBA from Oxford University, he is an expert on international business. At home in Chicago, outside of his hectic schedule as a business adviser, he participates in various civic and professional groups and spends time with his family.

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How Sheldon Lavin CEO, OSI Group is Leading in Innovation

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer of the prestigious OSI Group. He is also the current chairman of the board of directors of the company. For the last forty years, Sheldon has been involved in the daily operations of the company. He has sacrificed all his sweet life for the growth of the now multinational company with branches from across all parts of the globe. The company started as a very small butchery at Illinois, Chicago intending to supply meat to the residents of that small city. The owner of the small business was a German immigrant whose motive was to feed his small family. The business was able to expand at a good speed. He was very patient and very keen to details. Visit to know more.

The young business was able to become a family business after the two sons could help their dad. They were very hardworking and this enabling swift business. The business establishment was given a name, Otto & Sons and thus starting to have wide coverage when it comes to supplying meat. After being in the business for around six decades, the company took a new dimension of meat supply when McDonald’s opened a restaurant in Chicago. They were given a contract to supply them with meat products.McDonald’s rate of growth was very happy and was able to continue expanding business with Otto & Sons. The business needed professionals to help them because they were on the expansion verge.

Sheldon Lavin was one of the most famous consultants in the downtown of Chicago. They approached him when they needed advice on financing. He was the best person because of the previous experience in the banking industry before establishing Sheldon Lavin & associates. He was a very professional business advisor by then and was very fast to help them get a loan. After a few years, Sheldon Lavin joined the company as a partner. After another decade, he bought all the shares and thus changing the company to OSI Group. His mission was to help the company as much as possible towards reaching new heights of growth and expansion. Learn More:

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Scott Gelb: Atonement

Scott Gelb assumed the leadership role of Chief Operating Officer after founders Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill scaled back their involvement in the company, to pursue other passions, explicitly stirring their interests back to game creation and production.

Gelb, though honored to be promoted to the COO position, found it challenging to conduct himself in a manner that was conducive to his new job. He allowed his bias and demeaning ideas to shine through.

As a result, Gelb jeopardized the safety of those he was appointed to guide and instruct. Gelb has since been atoning for his actions, by participating in leadership training courses at the advisement of his colleagues.

League of Legends, allowed Scott Gelb to pull from all of his skills, and funnel them into one project. Scott Gelb spent a short stint in the healthcare industry before finally settling into Riot Games. According to Riot Games, League of Legends for the “right project” for Gelb to showcase his expertise. League of Legends is just as much Gelb’s baby as it is Riot Games’ development team’s prized creation.

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Locationsmart Gives Businesses a Smarter Way to Operate

In today’s day and age, the capability to efficiently manage mobile devices and electronic interfaces is paramount when attempting to operate a successful business. This demand for efficiency is a strong influence for developers of consumer applications. Today businesses need a better way to manage things such as location insights, access controls, transaction verification, device profiling, and fraud prevention. Fortunately, LocationSmart provides business owners with all of these services through a cloud-based approach that operates through an API platform. Their technology grants its customers real-time location insights for all forms of electronic devices. Whether it be smartphones, laptops, tablets, LocationSmart’s services apply to almost every form of connected devices around the planet.


Responsible for the industries’ most complex form of location as a service, LocationSmart is by far the biggest LaaS company in the world. The company offers location intelligence for businesses relying on mobile engagement services through devices that are connected to both customers and employees alike. With a wide range of clients, from Fortune 500 companies to everyday start-ups, LocationSmart is considered to be one of the leaders in the cloud location services market for connected devices. A claim that is backed by the most comprehensive cross-carrier platform’s in the industry. Satisfying a range of needs and delivering on the promise of the farthest reach available in today’s market.


The expansion of both IP location and IP intelligence is essential when ensuring the prevention of online fraud. LocationSmarts IP based insights grant businesses information on the location of a device and whether it uses anonymous, proxies or hosting facilities. This service greatly increases a companies ability to both detect and prevent fraudulent activity before it’s too late. As a result, this increases the confidence customers have in that business’s ability to protect their private information. Overall improving the relationship and trust between the client and its respected customers.


It is safe to say that the role connected devices play in today’s business world is indisputable. LocationSmart offers access to real-time location data, a crucial necessity when establishing a successful company. Geo-targeted advertising, Copyright protection, management of traffic and network security, and I-gaming regulation compliance, are just some of the many services that LS offers. Making good use of the benefits that have come from technological advancements in asset tracking. Today’s level of connectivity almost sounds like something out of science fiction novel. However, LocationSmart is proof that regardless of how farfetched it may appear, the services they provide are a vital part of success for many businesses around the globe.


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