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Niranjan Shah Has Built His Stellar Reputation Through Tireless Effort In Various Areas

Over the years, Niranjan Shah has built a consistent reputation as a philanthropist as well as a devoted member and donor to the Democratic Party. He is also one of the most respected and recognized names in the Chicago, Illinois region in terms of business success. For many years, Niranjan Shah served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at the firm he founded in 1974 known as Globetrotters Engineering Corporation. He launched the firm shortly after successfully obtaining several degrees in the field of engineering. These degrees were obtained in both his native country of India and as a part of his studies in the USA. He earned his MA in the Civic Engineering field at Mississippi. Globetrotters Engineering Corporation is renowned for its success in fields such as construction management, design of architectural plans, and facility management. The firm currently has some 250 engineering professionals under its employment and its growth has been directly related to the dedication put in by founder Niranjan Shah. He truly achieved his hopes and dreams through the creation of the firm. These were the hopes and dreams that he carried with him since he was a boy growing up in India. The success that he has garnered in his professional life has also allowed Niranjan to pursue his passions such as philanthropy and civic involvement.

Regarding the philanthropy of Niranjan Shah, this is something he has always felt passionate about. The success that he has achieved through his career has allowed him to be able to generously give back to his local community as well as the world as a whole. He has been incredibly generous in terms of giving back to his Indian homeland. Sending needed support to the country’s villages has been a major point of activity for Niranjan Shah over her philanthropic career. The tremendous contributions that he has made to the cause of charity combined with his successes as an immigrant businessman helped to garner Niranjan Shah the 2006 Ellis Island Medal of Honor.

Support of the Democratic Party has been a big part of the civic life of Niranjan Shah for many years. He has donated a great deal of money to the party over the years. This includes his activity during the 2016 Presidential election cycle. As early as h 2014, Niranjan Shah made major contributions to the election campaign of Hillary Clinton. This was a part of a major fundraising effort that was put forward by Illinois’ Senator Dick Durbin. As a major figure in the Democratic Party, Senator Durbin took it upon himself to champion the cause of helping to make Hillary Clinton the Democratic nominee and donors like Niranjan Shah were critical in making this happen.

Niranjan Shah has long been associated with the Clintons as he was one of the honored guests when Bill and Hillary hosted their fabulous New Years’ Eve fete in 2000. This was a legendary event that featured 960 guests that enjoyed Presidential level festivities to ring in the new year.

See Shah’s profile here https://www.xing.com/profile/Niranjan_Shah2

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Grupo RBS Buildws From A Single Brazilian Radio Station To Become A Global Media Giant

The work of Grupo RBS has often been difficult for the majority of people to pin down as most in Brazil believe this to simply be a media company. It is true the Grupo RBS brand has been one of the most successful in the delivery of radio, TV, and digital programming, but it is now about far more than just these areas of business. The initial development of the media brand was completed by Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho, but the following Chairpeople of the company has extended the reach of the business into new industrial sectors.

In 1957, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho decided to establish the Grupo RBS brand that was initially a single radio station, Radio Gaucho. The founder of the brand identified the radio as a sector of the industry that was underdeveloped in Southern Brazil that was largely rural at the time. The term Gaucho was even a name solely associated with the southern state of Rio Grande du Sol and was later changed when the company expanded into the state of Santa Catarina. Just ten years later, new radio and TV stations had been added before the first newspaper associated with the media brand completed its first run. To know more about RBS visit linkedin.com

Following the death of Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho in 1986, the next executive on line was his son, Nelson Sirotsky wh pushed for a new way of doing business to fit the time. The work of Nelson Sirotsky at Grupo RBS saw the establishment of Orbeat Music that provided recording opportunities for the bands and musicians of Southern Brazil. Sirotsky also moved into the logistics sector with the creation of the Vialog group close to the headquarters of Grupo RBS in Southern Brazil.

Nelson Sirotsky would remain in control of the Grupo RBS brand until his retirement in 2012 when he stood down as the Chairperson of the company. The Brazilian media company saw the new Chairperson of the brand, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been developing new areas of business interest in Brazil and into the rest of the world.


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