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The Future Is Bright With Highland Capital

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment firm that is gaining in popularity with a wide portion of the population. In fact, they are already well-known enough to have almost $14 billion dollars in assets under management. The best part is, they don’t only take money from institutional investors, but also from the everyday Joe.

Highland Capital was founded on the principle that anyone should have access to various investment types. James Dondero is one of the founders, and he always found it to be unfair that some people just didn’t have the ability to access certain ways to invest while others did. He decided that he would form an investment firm that was unlike anything else offered on the Street. He partnered up with Mark Okada in 1993 and the two got to work.

In order to make Highland Capital Management different, the pair decided that they would focus on investing in distressed assets with high yields. They would make their firm something that people seeking outsized returns would be drawn to. They didn’t want to just play it safe like so many of the other firms out there. It was time to offer something different. View More Information Here.

The firm is credited as being the first to come out with software used to track loan debts. That same software is used by virtually everyone who tracks loan debt in the industry. Not only that, but they were among the first firms to get involved with “Consolidated Loan Obligations (CLOs)”. That was an innovative product that Highland Capital Management helped to pioneer. It might not have been around had it not been for these guys.

There is so much to love and admire about Highland Capital, and they continue to impress. The future is bright there, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Go Here to learn more.


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Maarten de Jeu Aids Clients in New Business Practices

The world of business as never been more open than at any point in history. Previous generations had to wait long periods of time between shipments and relay mostly on boats, but as technology, as grown so too as the means for creating international business connections. Maarten de Jeu is a centerpiece of this modern international expansion. He works closely with clients to bring their brand and facilities into new regions. As described in a Premiere Gazette publication, he lays out a series of guidelines for getting started. The hardest part of the process is simply taking the first step. 


Starting with a personal note, Maarten de Jeu entered the industry during a time of great economic potential. The turn of the century held some of the greatest opportunities for business up to that point. He got his start in the industry by becoming a master of two areas. First, he learned several foreign languages. Maarten de Jeu is a firm believer in doing business in the proper home region. Secondly, he attended the University of Oxford. It was during this period in school when he acquired the pieces to begin his own business. After several years of creating a business plan, he launched a personal firm in Chicago.


The SVM Business Advisory firm opened up many more doors for Maarten de Jeu. He quickly became well known among the circles of top company leaders, and he was famous for giving companies the leverage needed to build new locations abroad. The first step always begins by determining the situation in the country of choice. A country that is economically or stability challenged is more likely to have poor rates of return. While a country on the upswing yields a higher return potential. Maarten de Jeu wants his clients to understand that playing in a foreign land means going by a different set of rules.


A business has to be mindful of many aspects of their approach. Language and culture sensitivities are the biggest aspects and the ones most likely to get a company on the bad side of consumers. Similarly, there might be local regulations enforcing what can or can not be sold. Local market conditions might also play a role in the types of products that can be sold. Maarten de Jeu believes that a business that can navigate around all of these issues is likely to do well in the new market. Learn more: https://about.me/maartendejeu


Creating a foreign business branch is a sign of true strength and sustainability for a long term future. Maarten de Jeu sees the international business market as a frontier that is only beginning to emerge. He wants all of his clients well-positioned for the future.

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