Aside from the obvious good fortune of being able to vacation in London, a person traveling far away from their comfort zone needs to be sure of a safe haven so they can fully enjoy the experience of exploring a fascinating and historical city.

Previously, the only logical place to stay would be in a hotel. That might be just fine for some, but in truth, without being sure of exactly which one is the right choice is pretty much a hit or miss situation. The hotel is the one describing itself, and perhaps it isn’t quite objective in its description and once there, a person might be stuck in an undesirable location or room. However, there are viable alternatives available that provide unusual and safe options for a home away from home.

LondonEscape is a perfect example of such a service as it offers a variety of accommodations other than hotels. They pride themselves on their first hand knowledge of the neighborhoods and areas of the city and are familiar with all possible locations to fit the needs of individual travelers. They are delighted to offer budget to luxury lodging, from hostels to fully equipped apartments to boutique hotels. Not only do they know the districts, they also know the owners and have visited the properties.

There is unquestionable convenience of having a kitchen in a rented apartment or house, instead of always needing to eat out for every meal. A group of friends traveling together can enjoy the comfort of a house with bedrooms and a common room to relax and exchange impressions of one of the most interesting cities in the world. This also creates the chance to share an inexpensive meal in a homey atmosphere.

The staff at LondonEscape is available by phone, Skype, or live chat to discuss the fine points and recommend a perfect fit for each visitor to London, but booking can also be made online. Another company with the same features is World Escape. Both of these are associations that offer an excellent option for a worry free vacation with accommodations for quick visits or for a longer stay in London.

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