Dr. David Samadi: The Modern Surgeon

Dr. David Samadi was born and raised in Iran until he was 15, at which time he had to leave his home. Accompanied by his brother, Samadi started a new life without the rest of his family in Belgium. He attended school in Belgium and London, finally finishing high school in New York after moving to the United States. After high school, Samadi received a full scholarship at Stony Broke University. He earned a biochemistry degree there, and then received his master degree from S.U.N.Y., Stony Brooke School of Medicine. Afterwards, he studied at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and Montefiore Medical Center, then completed an oncology fellowship in proctology at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. He then completed a French robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship.

Dr. Samadi developed the SMART Surgery technique. The acronym SMART stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. It is essentially a recreation of the anatomic RRP technique on a robotic system. The robot is virtually a device that allows and assists in improved anatomic radical prostatectomy.

In order to make his knowledge more accessible to the general public, Dr. David Samadi created Dr. Samadi TV. It is a website that focuses on various aspects of health and wellness. He posts different videos and articles frequently. The topics of his videos range from “Myths & Facts About Prostate Cancer,” to “Effects of the Sun on Your Skin.” His blog contains posts about sex, food and diet, fitness and exercise, health guides and tips, and cancer. Samadi also has a strong social media presence with over 500,000 likes on Facebook and over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube. Among other successes, Dr. Samadi has been honored with the Vitals Patient’s Choice Award, and named among Castle Connolly Top Doctors, New York Super Doctors, America’s Top Doctors for Cancer, Best Doctors New York Magazine, America’s Top Doctors, and Most Compassionate Doctor.

Dr. Samadi has an influential role in the world of medicine. In regards to Mitt Romney’s cancer diagnosis, Samadi stated that he typically suggests that men use surgery over radiation. He encourages diagnosed men to find experienced physicians to help them make the best, informed decisions. In an interview with Ideamensch, Samadi revealed how his photographic memory allows him to bring his ideas to life. Dr. David Samadi continues to help others as he brings his knowledge and sharp mind to his work.

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Financial Advice from 30-Year Veteran David Giertz

As President of the Nationwide Financial distribution and sales division, David Giertz wants financial advisers to succeed. He started out in the business over 30 years ago with Citibank. He began working for Nationwide Financial in 1999. He has worked his way up the ladder the hard way, and he has seen a lot in his 30-year career.

And one of the mistakes he sees too many financial advisers make is ignoring Social Security. The Nationwide Retirement Institute surveyed 900 people close to or in retirement, and most of their respondents said their advisers did not bring up the subject. However, it is essential because Social Security can make up to 40% of a retiree’s total income after they leave their work.

For example, many people begin receiving Social Security at what the law calls the “early retirement” age of 62. That looks good to many people. They forget their full retirement age is from 65 to 67 depending on their date of birth, and they permanently lower their monthly benefit amount for every month they file for retirement prior to attaining their full retirement age. And working beyond the full retirement age will further raise their amount of their eventual benefits, up until age 70. Many people do not realize they need to delay receiving checks until they turn 70 if they want to maximize their Social Security income. There is no good reason to delay after attaining age 70.

Also, many people don’t realize the government taxes Social Security checks if they receive enough other income. Some people begin receiving checks and yet continue working, and this can put their total income above the level where it must be taxed. That is the kind of situation financial advisers should help people understand and avoid.

David Giertz started out at Citibank as a Financial Services Adviser. Since taking over as President of the distribution and sales at Nationwide Financial, he raised total sales from $11 billion to $17.8 billion.

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Adam Milstein: The Successful Philanthropist

Jewish communal organizations serve Jews in different capacities including their welfare, religious and social needs. The U.S. Jewish communal organizations are struggling to maintain their relevance by evading hefty budgets. Even so, it looks like one group is loaded with funds and proper leadership to keep it afloat in the challenging state of economy. This Israeli start-up challenges other communal organizations to adopt new investment methods. Read more about Adam Milstein at Bloomberg.com.

The IAC Foundation

The Israeli –American Council just hosted its yearly conference to provide insight regarding finance and how to maintain one’s reputation in the community. The event was held at the prestigious Walter E. Washington Convention in Washington District. Many Israel diplomats are familiar with this venue. Initially, events like Christians United for the people of Israel and yearly conferences of American Israel Public Affairs have been held in this venue. While the two events rarely receive many attendees, IAC has tremendously, grown to accommodate thousands of people. The event has attracted Jewish organizations, philanthropists and government officials.

Societal Contribution

IAC cares for about one million Israelis who reside in America. Most of the immigrants moved to the U.S. in the 1990s, seeking financial stability and improved living standards. These people embraced their culture by joining support and social groups. The groups share knowledge regarding cultural differences, their native language and their roots. They never stopped being patriotic.

Visit: http://www.jpost.com/Author/Adam-Milstein

Leadership through Adam Milstein

Like any other foundation, IAC has a leader. Adam Milstein founded the organization. He is in charge of making critical decisions on the direction it takes. Milstein uses this organization to maintain cultural ties between immigrants and their families back in Israel. He also uses it to strengthen their ties as Israelis who reside in America. Being a foreigner in America, his responsibility encompasses improving the community. One way through which, he has done that is by creating trading opportunities between Israel and America.

Additional Information

Adam Milstein is a dedicated philanthropist. He cares about people. That is why he founded supportive groups to better the lives of Israelis. He is a real estate proprietor who works at Hager Pacific Properties. As the managing director, he aligns the administration to provide better services to clients. Adam Milstein also is also the head cheerleader of the Milstein Foundation. Visit JTA.org to know more about Adam Milstein.

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Lacey and Larkin on why Arpaio pardon was travesty of justice

Michael Lacey and Him Larkin are two journalists from the state of Arizona. They are also popular human rights activist in the state. Much of their attention is focused on coming up with ways of assisting the immigrant community in the county who have for a long time been targets of racial profiling by the administration and politicians.

The state of Arizona records the highest number of immigration cases in the country due to its proximity to Mexico. Vey many Latinos have been using the porous border of U.S and Mexico to sneak into the United States in search of greener pastures. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

The state of racial profiling, however, has been too much according to these two journalists who have spent years recording crimes that are committed on the immigrants’ community. In the last decade, there was high number of crimes that were committed in the county of Maricopa following the actions of County Sheriff Joe Arpaio Joe Arpaio who came into office in 1992, was notorious for using extra-legal means to punish immigrants who were found in the country illegally.

In the state of Arizona, there were a high number of casualties who had suffered under his administration. Larkin and lacy were part of the victims of his crimes who have lived on to narrate the story.

According to Michael Lacey, Joe Arpaio is perpetuated some grave crimes while he was in office. Some of these crimes include sex crimes, deaths, and torture in concentration camps. Joe used his powers to obstruct justice meant for the poor especially children who were sexually abused in the name of a crackdown on illegal migrants. There were also inmates who died in prison following beatings by officers who were under the instruction of Arpaio. Some inmates were strangled while others were beaten to death by rogue officers.

As if that was not enough, Joe created concentration camps as a solution to the overcrowding jails in the state instead of building new ones. Money which was meant for building new jails was channeled to other programs. The concentration camps used were inhabitable and had the worst conditions ever.

Joe Arpaio is also accused of ordering his officers to go round the county looking for Latinos who were in the county illegally. Those who were found to have been in the county without necessary documents were deported back to their country.

Joe Arpaio was the law unto himself. He used his powers to prosecute and convict immigrants even without taking them through the court’s system.

Joe Arpaio is however lucky to escape prosecution after his ally president Donald Trump pardoned him. In one of the most saddening decisions in the history of human right activism, Trump used his powers to recommend acquittal of Joe Arpaio who in July 2017 was convicted of ignoring court orders. He was due to be sentenced in a month’s time before his pardon was executed.

Lacey believes that this action was taken by Trump to shield Arpaio from sentencing because he had supported him during the elections.

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Understanding the Market with Southridge LLC

When it comes to handling your finances, a financial advisor comes in handy. This is because in as much as you may have the right idea, allocating funds come with challenges. Southridge Capital is a private firm specializing in financing, the development of business strategies and restructuring. The company was established in 1996. At Southridge LLC, the team commits to catering for your financial needs. Until now, it has provided excellent financial services to over 1,000 clients. Southridge LLC is located in Ridgefield, Connecticut.


When it comes to managing hedge funds, Southridge LLC has a committed team that is not only experienced but also dedicated to making sure that clients are satisfied with the provided services. The company is experienced to the point of handling over 250 public companies. This gives it a unique understanding when addressing loans and the required interest rates.


Southridge Capital advises corporate firms. The insight comes from an expert team that has worked with growing companies for decades. The team can also advise clients on organizational financial issues. From public to individualized companies, Southridge LLC is always ready to handle issues as they come.

Financial Analysis

Southridge LLC is prominent for creating highly detailed, financial statements. These statements are based on operational assumptions. Aside from that, they are analyzed uniquely. The teams in charge of this analysis are qualified to estimate cash needs by determining the appropriate valuations encompassing the enterprise value.


Once in a while, companies need to reorganize their financial structure. This stage includes streamlining the manufacturing processes, reviving product lines and brands in addition to incorporating management changes. Southridge LLC commits to handling a company’s restructuring needs by offering the right advice. In other cases, a company may need to file for bankruptcy. Southridge LLC provides the right advice in such situation. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Credit Enhancing

Southridge LLC understands that companies rely on creditworthiness for loans. Therefore, the company helps such companies to enhance creditworthiness. This is achieved by converging ideas from creditors in order to eliminate debts. Southridge LLC understands the value of working with companies to earn stellar reputation.

Read more: https://www.newswire.com/southridge-partners-ii-formerly/188538

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Race like a champion – the Michel Terpins story.

Michel Terpins, is the elder half of the Terpins, when the brother’s came together to found the Bull Sertões Rally Team, they instantly became one of the most easily recognizable rally drivers in Brazil. His ease of recognition has been a long time in the making since his days in the cross country championship. He may have began his career as a rider competing in the cross country championship from a tender age but would rise to become champion in the cross country soon after and then retire. This to the cross country team came as a surprise because he would then move from the cross country championship into rallying something that those who knew him had always expected. One of the main reasons for this was his brother Rodrigo he has always encouraged him to join the rally scene where he was sure he would also do well. The brothers have been very active in the Brazilian rally arena especially the Sertões Rally. Here they have been part of the organizing teams over the various editions taking on more prominent roles as the years go by.

The Team which has been their team of choice since its inception has seen them participate in championships all over Brazil. It was thus no coincidence when they drew the attention of MEM Motorsports one of the best racing car developers in Brazil. This partnership would mark the beginning of a relationship that would see future championships created in that instance. The coming together of MEM and The Rally Team would see other sponsors swiftly jump on board as it had become a marriage of one of the best competing teams and car developers. The T-Rex which competes in the T1 prototype category has over the years undergone numerous modifications in a bid to improve its safety and handling capabilities. One of the major improvements was to its transmission after its first participation in the 22nd edition of the Sertões Rally. The challenging terrain had seen the T-Rex develop gearbox related problems as well as a failure of its rear suspension. These improvements go a long way in ensuring that the teams are well prepared for future editions.

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Making The World A Better Place With ClassDojo

There is no surprise that education and technology usually go hand-in-hand. There are many ways that education ties in with technology and the other way around yet there has not been many companies to really take it to the next level. The age of Ed Tech is on the rise, as more education technology entrepreneurs are finding new ways to implement their ideas and to make companies that will generate billions of dollars. There has been a recent Upswing and take investments in the United States, which by today’s standards is reaching $1.4 billion in investments. There are many things that the education technology companies are having a common these days. They are making the learning experience fun for children and educators they making it easy to communicate with not only the children but their parents as well.

There is one company that in the way revolutionize the way technology and education interact. ClassDojo is a new education startup that is building the community among educators, parents, and children. ClassDojo is used in 90% of elementary schools in the United States. This education startup is making classroom is not only a great learning experience, But is also making a happier experience. ClassFojo is a mobile application that connects parents, students, and teachers. It creates a positive culture that allows parents to discuss their students’ education with the children in mind. Teachers can share moments with parents and allows him to message the parents and let them know how the children are doing. Many things can be shared on ClassDojo. The application allows the user to have various tools that are used to display activities and also displays multiple children in an educational group. If a parent is concerned about their child’s work they can always contact their child’s teacher via the ClassDojo app. One of the great things about the ClassDojo app is the ability to translate text messages into a variety of languages. This application is an international application that can go through different stages and broaden the horizons of many parents, students, and teachers.

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Doe Deere and Lime Crime

Lime Crime Cosmetics by Doe Deere is hugely successful thanks to vibrant, eye popping colors. This is a business woman who knows her makeup and consistently churns out just what fans are looking for.

Born in Russia, Doe Deere always had a love for makeup and fashion. She would do all of her friends makeup at slumber parties and dress up like witches. It was this fun loving spirit that would follow her well into adulthood and bring her success in the cosmetics industry. She left her home country at just 17 years old and settled down in New York City to start her dreams. She is so awesome, she even had her own band named Sky Salt. She met her now husband in the band and he is currently the president of her company. Lime Crime was officially launched in 2008 with nail polishes, lipsticks and eyeshadows in an assortment of colors.

Doe Deere’s all time favorite part of the day is mornings. She always rises at 8:30, drinks a large glass of water to stay hydrated and goes into her morning routine. She breaks her fast every morning with fresh fruit, yogurt, and her favorite meal: grits. After indulging in self care, Ms. Deere is off to answering business emails and chatting with employees.

Besides being the mastermind behind one of the greatest cosmetic lines to hit the shelves, Doe Deere is a regular girl who loves to apply her makeup to her favorite songs by the Beatles. She washes her hair at night so that by morning it is dry and ready for her signature colorful, bouncy curls. She has impeccable skin care and always makes sure to apply moisturizer before she does anything else. One can tell by her luminescent, youthful skin just how serious she is about hydration. She truly seems like the type of girl who still enjoys an amazing slumber party with friends!

Doe Deere is so down to earth and personable, making the world fans of her as well as of her makeup line. It is safe to say she is on her way to being an icon within the industry as her style has inspired so many all over the world. Customers and fans alike can find those must have products through her company website. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for news on new products and colors. Learn more:


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Burch Creative Capital: Their Name Says it All

Burch Creative Capital was founded by Christopher Burch and is based in New York. It is heavily influenced by Chris’s 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. Just as the company’s name implies, Chris’s business ideas are unique but are also created in conjunction with his sound financial skills. This strategy has produced in excess of 50 companies that reflect his creative philosophy.

Chris’s unique approach to business also comes through his gift choices for loved ones. He states that he enjoys giving gifts that loved ones would not normally buy for themselves. They include the Snowe Home Candle Set, Trademark Cooper Cage Tote, Barbour Gisburn jacket, goodies from Fatty Sundays or Pretzelables and the U.S. Jaclean Zero-Gravity massage chair. Recipients may also receive notice of charitable donations given using their name.  Check releasefact.com for a related article.

Chris’s desire to encourage others not only shows itself in his gift choice of charitable donations, it also comes to through in his business ventures. He desires to utilize his resources and knowledge to assist other creative-minded entrepreneurs. This is what inspired him to found his company. He continues to fund other businesses to bring amazing products to the world such as those in the organic food and hospitality industries.  Additional article on architecturaldigest.com.

Specifically, Burch Creative Capital’s portfolio includes ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon 9, and Poppin, to name a few. The company is branching out to include consumer products such as BaubleBar, Brad’s Raw Foods, and Little Duck Organics.  Related article here.

Chris Burch believes that the way to conduct business and launch products such as the ones mentioned above is to combine creativity and productivity. For instance, he believes that businesses should allow a certain amount of time for brainstorming for each idea. Then, employees should be encouraged to create and work together by writing down ideas or sketching thoughts as they are meeting. Finally, Burch believes employees should keep a notebook or pad next to them as they are working in case ideas come to them in the moment.  More of his views in this link on entrepreneur.com.

Burch Creative Capital’s values of imagination and creativity can be kept alive in an environment such as previously mentioned. This leads to creating products that make a positive and lasting influence on consumers.

Take a quick trip to his famous investment on http://www.businessinsider.com/chris-burch-nihi-best-hotel-in-the-world-2017-7

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Susan McGalla and Her Leadership

There are so many organizations in the United States that fail to recognize their female demographic and their potential to rise to C-level status within their company. It was proven that companies that practiced more gender-diversity had a fifteen percent more chance to outperform those that did not. The statistics also revealed that businesses that were ethically diverse outperformed other companies by thirty-five percent. The overall performance of both ethnic and gender-diverse companies were due to having more of an open-minded approach towards new ideas and working with many different perspectives. The female workforce in C-level positions are still almost next to nil compared to their male counterparts.

There are some success stories out there and Susan McGalla is one of them. She is the current Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Prior to her current leadership role, Susan McGalla started working as a divisional merchandise buyer for American Eagle Outfitters. She recalls that the company’s top positions were all dominated by males. She used her skills in marketing and swiftly moved up to managerial positions that ultimately led to her role as the company’s president before she left. As encouraging as this story is, many women leaders are now looking towards support networks where they can share what’s trending in their industry and more.

Susan P. McGalla is an executive consultant and the vice president of business strategy and creative development for the American football team, Pittsburgh Steelers. She was born in East Liverpool, Ohio and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing after graduating from Mount Union College in Alliance, Ohio.

In 2009, she left American Eagle as company the president and launched her own private consultant firm that cater to retail fashion and financial investment industries. She is a member of the Board of Trustees for the University of Pittsburgh.

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