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The most devastating hurricane season hit the Puerto Rico in this year. The residents plunged into one of the worst economic crisis after the Hurricane Irma hit the Island on September. 7th living hundreds of thousands of locals without power. In spite of the fact that significant recovery measures were being carried out, there were about 60,000 residents who were not yet connected to power.

Puerto Rico locals have had the goodwill from the American Red Cross that responded swiftly to tackle the catastrophe. Since before Hurricane Irma made the landfall, Red Cross has strategically placed its employees and hundreds of volunteers on the island. Red Cross organization has mobilized some stakeholders comprising of the corporate, federal as well as community partners to provide the essential relief assistance to the people. Some of the supplies include the repair kits, food, home, cleanup kits, insect repellant, water, hand sanitizer, and work gloves just to mention a few. Follow Glen Wakeman’s profile on Twitter.

Even though Hurricane Irma had destabilized communication infrastructure in Puerto Rico, Red Cross was doing every possible to aid in its reconstruction. They had taken measures such as shipping some satellite phones in addition to relevant technology to support the disruption experienced with the cell phone’s services.

In spite of the fact the Red Cross had done a great deal of commendable job in providing relieve, more help was required. They had raised over $55 million to counter Hurricane Irma and Maria effects, but the situation seemed beyond repair. There was need for more funds to steer the tedious relief efforts being taken. Read more on affiliatedork.com.

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Wakeman is the guy renowned that coaches other Chief Executive Officers on how to improve the management of their own companies. Besides, he is a respected investor, business executive, entrepreneur, and mentor. In other words, we can say Glen Wakeman wears many hats.

One of the significant lessons from Glen’s teachings is the willingness to assist the community. Presently he works as the Chief Executive Officer as well as co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Also, he is famous for a particular methodology developed by himself to improve and assess critical measurements of performance.

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