A New Black Hole Is Discovered And It Is Growing Fast

The thought of black holes brings Steven Hawkins to mind. The great physics professor cut his teeth on black hole research and of course, the question of time. The definition of time is the duration of objects, and the question that is on everyone’s mind is, are black holes considered objects? Or are they what’s left of an object when it collaspes The other question is, does time react the same way in space as it does on this planet? Some experts say we are using our measurement of time and applying it to space. There are a lot of holes in that measuring process, and black holes are proof of that.

The massive black hole in question is big, and it is getting bigger fast. Scientists say it is 875 million years old, but they can only see it at 12.8 billion years because it is so far away. Flavio Maluf says that the theory is the farther away an object is in space, the older it is. The universe is expanding outward, but black holes expand inward, so what the heck do we really know?

Scientists believe black holes are born when stars collapse. That started about 100 million years after the big bang, but this new black hole shots big holes in that theory. The truth is the birth of black holes is still a mystery, and this discovery proves that fact.

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