A New Island Formed Off Coast Of Tonga

A newly developed island off the shores of Tonga could be the latest and greatest place to visit for tourists this year. Back in January of 2015 there was a volcano that kept erupting and the end result was a new black island out in the middle of the beautiful teal sea. According to an article found on reddit and written by ABC.net.au, this new island off of Tonga is about 1.3 km long and 250 meters high, but the soil is still fairly soft as it was only “born” 2 months ago. It is located just 65 kilometers off the shores of Tonga as well

Sergio Cortes used to have a profession as a photographer decided that he needed to venture out there to take some pictures. He found thousands of seabirds making the new land a home, and took some awesome pictures that are simply stunning and beautiful. Locals think that there can be money made off of this, giving visitors a chance to visit the new island on a boat tour. The photographer who went over there is named Mr. Orbassano, and he strongly believes that he and the people he went with over to the new island were the very first people to ever step onto it. That must be a fantastic feeling, because this is something bound to go down in their history books for years to come.

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