According to Many…”Teach to One is the Only One”

Teach to One is a quality program, it combines collaborative teaching with unique daily schedules, combined with Multi-Modal instruction for the best in class lessons. It is truly gaining ground as one of the most innovative Math related learning tools around.

Teach to One program differs from traditional Math classes by the fact it doesn’t focus on a “standardized one size fits all” teaching and learning approach to students. In the case of a traditional School, by and large the average class size is around 25-30 students, all the while attempting to follow the same textbook and teach at the same time.

Teach to One differs in the fact that your child’s curriculum is personalized according to their needs. Classes are 80-90 minutes long and students have constant learning and interaction with Computers. Currently available for grades 5th to 11th, Teach to One also has specialized learning techniques in measuring student progress as well as methods in Social and Emotional learning. Teach to One is definitely a New and revolutionary approach to personalized learning and teaching.

Although developed in 2011, the majority of Teach to One group of Founders includes many Members from the original “School of One” , New York City’s First award winning personalized educational program. Which back in 2009 was named one the Top inventions according to TIME. Soon after those members started new classrooms and Members Chris Rush and Joel Role soon formed a independent Non-Profit Organization. Hence School of One was born. Since it’s founding the results have been astonishing, in a recent report outlining a Three-Year MAP Growth of 14 Schools using Teach to One learning. It showed a 23 percent greater learning gain than students Nationally, and also showed a 53% growth above the national average.

So by theory and proof, Teach to One is a true educational asset and deserves the attention of all school districts and administrative bodies seeking to improve.

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