Adam Goldenberg, An Entrepreneur with a Magic Touch

Adam Goldenberg has been an entrepreneur since childhood. At a tender age of 15, he started an advertising network of gaming sites known as the Gamers Alliance. This form of initiative and entrepreneurship was later to propel him to higher heights of achievement in the corporate world. Goldenberg sold the company before he graduated from college and joined Intermix Media which was the parent company of Myspace and Alena. At Intermix Media, he was promoted to be its Chief Operating Officer and became the youngest COO of a publicly traded company. While working as the Chief Operating Officer at Intermix Media, Goldberg had the privilege of meeting Don Ressler who later became his long-time business partner.

After Intermix Media was sold, Adam Goldenberg partnered with Ressler to start a new venture which they named Intelligent Beauty. Adam and Don are currently the co-CEOs of JustFab inc. which they co-founded in 2010. This is a reputable global subscription e-commerce company that currently enjoys membership of more than 35 million members worldwide. In the recent past, the company has recorded significant growth by expanding into countries outside the United States and has ventured into Europe and Canada. JustfFab has many subsidiaries including Fabletics, Fabkids, and the ShoeDazzle at Together with Ressler, they conceptualized a new line of personalized online shopping that was vibrant and profitable.

They made online e-commerce services to become more fun, social and highly engaging. JustFab is a style community where each month members get a wide range of shoes, handbags, and accessories which match their taste for as little as $39.95. Together with Don on, they have been able to perfect the subscription model of e-commerce, and the revenues that are being generated are simply staggering. The traction that the company has achieved in 4 years of operations is commendable, and its style of doing business has been currently adopted in 5 countries outside America and is continuously expanding with new launches as is the case with the athletics brand known as Fabletics. Apart from partnering with Don Ressler, Adam is also a venture partner with Crosscut Ventures which is a venture fund that mainly targets the upcoming tech community in Southern California.

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    They came up with an idea where they combined social interaction with cutting edge fashion to provide e-commerce services that were affordable to its growing list of members. I have to say that some review is really what they need in order to care for their project.

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