Alec Sellem Takes Time To Consider How Globalization Has Impacted The World

Alec Sellem is the creator and chief executive officer of Sellem Industries, which is a gold mining company based in England. He stays productive by paying attention to all of the immediate concerns of his company on a daily basis. Sellem is also involved with the construction of a sustainable refinery and has been participating in philanthropy by helping to build a village school.

Alec Sellem recently participated in an interview and was asked to talk about the aspects of global business that he finds interesting. He commented on the way that globalization has changed how people in the world interact but also noted that many regions and countries continue to retain their cultural differences. He remains interested in the way that ethics differ in varying regions of the world and wonders how globalization will continue to change the way that people from all over the world relate to each other.

Alec Sellem was recently invited to take part in a panel at the United Nations in New York to talk about the energy laws in Africa. He admitted that he found the experience very rewarding but that he had never spoken to such a large group of people. Aside from his speaking engagements, Sellem is happy to a part of a mining venture in Sierra Leone that has helped to improve the lives of people who live nearby. The infrastructure that his company has helped to create there has helped many people who would otherwise have a hard time fending for themselves.

Alec Sellem was born in France but studied in Africa, where he developed a love for the people and cultures of the continent. He has been able to use his passion to drive his desire to create a people-oriented business. Today, he divides his time between his family and his business, and he couldn’t be happier with how both are coming along.

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