Alec Sellem The Energy Conservation Expert

Alec Sellem is a European businessman who is the founder and chief executive officer of Sellem Industries LLC. His firm is currently based out of London, England. The success Alec Sellems company is based off of strategy and his strong partnerships with other energy conservation professionals. These partnerships has opened up doors for Sellem Industries LLC to garner profitable deals in Latin America and Africa. Alec Sellem is extremely knowledgeable about mining and energy on a global level. He also has vast experience in doing business in Africa because of this experience he was chosen to speak about environmental issues of energy development and the exploitation of African resources. Alec Sellem will be speaking on these issues at a United Nations meeting in New York.

Alec Sellem will give a short presentation on human rights in countries that are trying to grow and develop. He would do this presentation in front of every leader that will be attending this United Nations conference in New York. Once he gives the presentation to educate everyone in the room he will take questions and the room will be opened up for discussion on the top. The reason why Alec Sellem is speaking about this topic is because he was chosen to speak by Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University and the United Nation. He was honored to be chosen but at the same time he was proud to speak on the topic because he thinks the African people human rights should not be violated and he wants to bring solutions to change or at least improve the conditions of mining in Africa. The goal of the conference is to assess how the current energy law that is in place in Africa is effective and if it is not effective they want to try to bring better solutions.

Alec Sellem has built a large mining company that operates in Latin America and Africa. He built this company without trying to violate the human rights of the natives of the land. He was successful with doing this. So the United Nations wanted Alec Sellem to educate the other leaders of the world at the United Nations meeting in New York on how to do the same.

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