Amazon Providing Instant Gratification to Prime Members

There is one thing that local stores had the upper hand on verses the internet retail giant, Instant gratification. Unfortunately for them, that upper hand is quickly diminishing. If you’re a prime member through and spend a minimum of $35.00, you will now receive same day delivery. If you don’t want to spend the minimum, you can still use the service for a fee of $5.99. Non-Prime members can also use this service, though the costs can be a good deal higher. The starting fee is $8.99 with an additional $.99 per item.

Of course, this is provided that you live in one of the major cities this service is offered and you purchase one of the items that is eligible. Sergio Cortes understands it can’t be offered to all now. There are between one and four million items available for this service, depending on how close you are to multiple warehouses.While this is potentially great news for those of us who procrastinate with gift giving or just want our items right now and don’t want to get out of our pajamas to go get it, it does seem like we’re getting closer to the downfall of local businesses and I’m not so sure that’s a good thing.

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