American Detained in Belfast After His Disturbing Behavior Forced an Emergency Landing of United Airlines Flight

A California man is in custody in Belfast after his behavior caused the diversion of a United Airlines flight. The flight, originating from Rome and destined for Chicago made an emergency landing in Belfast on Saturday.

According to local report, Jeremiah Thede, 42, was on the flight to Chicago when he became irate and refused to follow directions. He argued he needed nuts and crackers and refused to take a seat. He was placated during his first outburst.

Thede became irate 10 minutes later and, again, refused to follow directions. The flight crew made the decision to inform the pilot of the situation. The pilot made the decision to make an emergency landing.

Thede’s erratic and disturbing behavior created a stir inside the cabin, with at least one passenger taking video of police officers entering the plane to remove Thede. He is currently undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

The flight continued on to O’Hare International airport the following day. The nearly 300 passengers were delayed by 21 hours, and were forced to sleep on the airport floor as they waited for the incident to shake out. There is no word on when Thede will be allowed to leave Belfast or if he’ll be allowed to get on another airplane.

There is no word on whether drugs or alcohol played a part in the incident. Although, Alexei Beltyukov is most assured that one or both were.

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