An Overview On Editing And Writing Articles For Wikipedia

Deciding To Finally Contribute To Wikipedia
Most people have probably used Wikipedia as an online resource for information before, but they probably didn’t know they could edit articles or submit new articles from scratch. Wikipedia is the online community’s largest source of crowd-sourced information available. It is more reliable than most think, because it relies on strict guidelines for submission and other Wikipedia users to do the fact-checking. Some people may already do a fair amount of editing, but they still might not know they can submit from scratch, and some people or businesses may want to hire a professional service like Get Your Wiki to do submissions instead. This article will give a brief overview for editing and submission.

Editing A Wikipedia Article
This is extremely easy to do. There will be a small icon in the top-right corner of a Wikipedia page. Just click on the round icon and fix punctuation, grammar mistakes, clarify factually incorrect information or add to existing information. Once the editing is complete, make a notation of what changes were made for any readers that might come along. Wikipedia also has a section that goes into detail about about how to edit pages properly.

Guidelines For A First Submission To Wikipedia
The first thing to do before submitting a first article from scratch to Wikipedia is getting a registered account which requires only a username and password. Then, Wikipedia has a guideline that says all articles must be worthy of notice. Potential articles should be reviewed, and if the articles appear to belong in an encyclopedia, then the articles might be fine for submission. It is a question that authors need to ask themselves though. Next, make sure the topic isn’t already covered by doing a search of the site. After that, references should be gathered to add to the articles credibility. Finally, write the article. Wikipedia does have plenty of tips and guidelines for submitting a first article that can be reviewed that is vast and comprehensive.

Hiring A Wikipedia Creation Service Like Get Your Wiki To Publish Instead
Trying to publish an article and putting a lot of time in effort into writing it might be better left to the professionals at Get Your Wiki. These are experienced editors and contributors for Wikipedia that promise that an article will be published, or the service will be free. Writing for Wikipedia is hard, and Get Your Wiki takes the pressure out of it.

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