Ara Chackerian; the Wilderness is a Hidden Treasure

Ara Chackerian is a conservationist and philanthropist. He believes that the wilderness has an important and crucial role to play in the life of humans. Ara Chackerian Says that forests and the wilderness, in general, provide a rich resource from which humans can derive social and health solutions. The wild is also an ideal location for recreation, athletic practice, and inspiration provides a serene environment. He is a frontline advocate for the preservation of forests. He has, therefore, made his contribution to the relevant authorities in terms of revolutionary ideas and material resources to ensure that conservation of forests is achieved. Ara Chackerian also holds that responsible harnessing of forest resources is one of the ways that conservation goals can be achieved. You can visit for more details.




Best Approaches to the Management of Forests



According to Ara Chackerian, it is best to deploy careful forestry tactics to sustain the diversity of the wildlife population in the forests. These techniques should also be designed to help to prevent forest decline due to natural threats including drought, serious storms, and fires. According to the experienced forestry expert, no two forests are ever alike. Consequently, there is a need for keen planning and customized conservation strategies for each forest segment and location. He points out Michigan as an area with unique forest conservation needs and that any conservation interventions in the forest areas in the area should be the type he calls “made to order”. The plans for conservation must meet the commercial and recreational needs while protecting the wildlife population in the forests. For more details you can visit






According to Ara Chackerian, there are specified wilderness areas that are ideal for certain activities. For instance, he points out that a forest that looks like a park and is filled with old trees distributed randomly far apart could be the best place for hiking, camping, and bird-watching-recreational-activity. Such places may not be the best for wildlife. Most animals prefer young tender vegetation for food and cover. It is, therefore, an area that demands a lot of skilled human input to ensure that such areas can sustain animals and encourage tourist activities and other recreational pursuits by humans. Chackerian calls for public participation in wilderness conservation decisions so as to empower the public to assist in conservation measures.






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